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Monday! It’s Monday

indexOK, we’re in early-stage ChiBeria this week,. No sense harping on that, so let’s get started, shall we?





It’s “National Baclava Day”.  This, basically, this is our Greek friends way of saying to us all, “…eef you doant have the diabtetes, you weel…”.


Now, for what’s happened on November 17th over the centuries, let’s consult to see what happened in…

375AD,  Roman emperor, Valentinius I, who after insolent behavior some by barbarian envoys, literally, busted a blood vessel and died of apoplexy. This guy  apparently never heard, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.


1869,   The Suez Canal opened…and a good time was had by all.


1913,   The first ship passed through the Panama Canal…and a gooder time was had by all.


1938,   The man who wrote and sang the song about “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, which occurred in 1975, one- week ago, today, Gordon Lightfoot, was born.


1965,   The battle of the la Drang Valley, on which the film, “We were Soldiers…”, was based, began.


1993,   On a date which will live in infamy, the U.S. House passed the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA. And a good time was had by all who don’t have to work for a living.




-Former ChiTown Mayor, Jane Byrne, died over the weekend. I always liked her. She wasn’t perfect but as a local pundit said, “She made Chicago fun”. It was she who began what has become “Taste of Chicago”, with what she called “ChicagoFest” at Navy Pier. She also envisioned making Navy Pier into a tourist-draw…not the rathole that it – literly – was. It now Is the #1 tourist attraction in the state. She began the free jazz, blues and whatever concerts in Grant Park. And, maybe the biggest draw, was her opening the City of Big Shoulders to Hollywood with “The Blues Brothers”, which made ChiTown known worldwide and is now utilized in numerous Hollywood films and TVshows. She suggested what we now call, “River North”, which tourists LOVE to frequent.


She was swept into town after “The Blizzard of ’79″, when the  “The Machine’s” guy, Michael Bilandic’s ineptitude was snowed-under, if you will.


She also passed the “sewer-tax”, which has been part of every ChiTowner’s water bill since she was mayor, among other things. No, she wasn’t perfect and these many years later, I’m sure I’ve forgotten others but all in all, I do believe she did more good than ill. RIP, Janie.


-This is serious. Some stent recipients may need to use anti-clotting drugs much longer. As one who takes anti-coagulants for something else, the importance of these cannot be minimized. I know some of you have had stent procedures.


-”A Billion Is Not Enough”. No, this is not a 21st-Century update on Jackie Suann’s cheap, trashy novel- cum – film, “Once Is Not enough”. I’s about a divorce in Oklahoma between a, “…multibillionaire energy tycoon…” and his wife who is suing him for D-I-V-O-R-C-E-. A local court ruled in her favor and granted her a settlement of, “…nearly $1 billion…”. It seems, though, that is not enough. Uh-uh. Now, I know, there are parameters which are followed and according to the article, she’s entitled to 6% of the couple’s $18,000,000.000.00, which works out to…are you ready…$1,080,000,000.00. OK, that’s a big number, so let’s try to simplify it. The court’s decree stated that she would receive, ahem, $7,000,000.00 per month, beginning in January. I know we have a family-law practitioner…and…I understand holding one’s position in a settlement negotiation. But really! $233,333.33 a day isn’t enough?



-AT&T smartphone users can opt out of AT&T’s “super cookies” program. Y’all may want to look into this.


-I know this is serious but this headline could have used better syntax: “Bird flu at chicken farm”.






-Watched “Apocalypse Now” on Sundance and haftasay, I believe they butchered it. My recollection is at the end, Martin Sheen calls in the air strike to destroy Kurtz’…Marlon Brando…jungle compound That’s one raging difference. If I am wrong, I will appreciate the correction.


Anyway, watching it again withy MBH, who’d never seen it, it still produces the result that ‘Nam was about as ridiculous an endeavor we’d ever undertaken…till then…and our guys really got a royal screwing-over.


-”The Newsroom”, HBO. This one’s taking a nosedive; hopefully it can pull out in time before it does a crash and burn. Yes, I do lean-left but not as far as the show’s creator/producer and chief-writer, Aaron Sorkin. That said, despite its occasional getting all soliloquied up in itself, the actors and based-on-true-events, storylines, are usually enough to hold my attention. Last night, I watched the opening two shows. Here are the “news-item” storylines: The Boston Marathon bombing; one of the staff coming in to possession of secret DOD documents from a source along the lines of Edward Snowden; A government official talking on his cell on a train, overheard and recorded by a news producer and a hostile takeover of the network. Now, you’d think in the two-hours those two-episodes ran, those issues would have been more than ample to hold us. They did…sort of.


The thing is…and I don’t know why Sorkin does this…but he seems to think if he gives each character their own soliloquy every few scenes or so, which are interspersed with 1940′s snappy repartee; witticism on witticism; talking through each other, works. It doesn’t. After the kid in the newsroom asked his “Snowden” for more info as “sourcing material”, he is informed that he committed espionage and treason. Now, isn’t THAT enough to hold an audience’s attention? Did they need to have some kind of “The Thin Man” dialogue interspersed with lawyers playing “dueling bon mots”?


I’ll probably watch as the cast…save, Emily Mortimer, who’s just a pain…is really good. But I can’t say for how much longer.


-”Homeland”, Showtime. Didn’t see it yet. Will tonight.


-”America’s Dad” now America’s creep? The guy who made ugly swearters a fashion choice; was a pioneer in moving black Americans out of bit parts and into starring roles on TV and in films, Bill Cosby, again finds himself fending off multiple-charges of raping young women many years ago. This has been all over TV and the papers. You can look up the details. But this is really bad news, as it’s not just one. Two women have come out, again, and there was another with whom he settled. Dang! This would be like hearing that Walter Cronkite was a commie.


-It’s “Holiday Music” time. Yes, I know, it’s a little early and yes, I said, “Holiday”. I did as I’ve come to differentiating between, say, Frank Sinatra singing, “Let It Snow” and Christmas music, e.g., “O Come O Come, Emmanuel”. Get it? Locally, 93.9 is doing “Holiday Music” and 103.1 or 103.5 (not sure) is alternating pop-tunes with Holiday tunes.


AND…NO…you do NOT have to listen to those stations if you think its too early for it. Pop in a CD or use your iPod instead.






-Wella! Wella! It seems DaBears and Packehs each benefited from playing teams which started 2nd-string QBs. First, DaBears.


With the stands missing a tad over 10% – 6,472 – who didn’t bother to show up, DaBears were able to have prevailed over the ViQueens, despite falling behind in the 1st quarter…again…10-0. On their first couple possessions, they seemed to have become “Who we thought they were”, ( to which I noticed one of our BFW-players has changed his moniker), what with goofy penalties…one on “Bad Jay” for unsportsmanlike conduct and 15-yards to a couple others, I’ll get to later.

The fact that they were playing a rookie QB who was starting – I think – his third game, helped. Had this been Detroit, New England or, another team they may have been staring down a 3-7 record and being slowly…ever so slowly…spit-roasted from now till season’s end by their fans. But, they turned it around, somewhat, and won 21-13. As the saying goes, the game wasn’t that close thereafter. The Vikes lone, TD came after a fake-punt/run for 43-yeards putting the ball on DaBears’ 7. From there on out, it was DaBears. Though, again, Bad Jay tossed a couple INTs and despite their having 330-yards passing and 138-rushing for 468 total yards, they were only able to score 21-points. Which may be enough next week but won’t their next four when they face Detroit, Dallas, Nawlins and Detroit.


Speaking of next week…This should be interesting. Not only is LuveeKravezit returning after having been dismissed as he didn’t make the playoffs with a 10-6 record, while his successor’s gone 12-14, since, which a much-improved “O”….but wait! There’s more. Not only is Luvee returning but more-than-once-spurned HC/DC applicant and former All-Pro D0back for DaBears, Leslie Frazier, is now Luvee’s D/C. But wait! There’s even more! Remember that guy so many folks said should be kept as insurance if Jay gets hurt, or if Jay doesn’t live up to his rep, or just to get rid of Jay or franchise him BUT keep Josh McCown, whom the Bears let sign elsewhere? That elsewhere was, ta-DAH, Tampa.

Will those personal axes they all have to grind be enough to get them past DaBears? Well, yesterday, they beat the ‘Skins…in D.C., 27-7. Remember, Luvee’s experienced “Bad Jay”. He should know how to evince that from him. This could be really interesting.


Stupid penalty-calls. So, sometime during the Bears first or second possession, right-guard, Kyle Long, barely moved his hips. Some of you may recall this song…



Well, he didn’t do no “Hippy-hippy-Shake”! he barely moved. Ref saw it; 5-yards illegal motion.


In the 4th quarter, Bears ball again, Brandon Marshall is flanked out to the right. D-Back has inside-leverage, which he sees. He begins waving his arms above his head, like he’s trying out for the next group of Honey Bears or there’s a bunch of gnats there or he’s sending semaphore-signals. No flag.


This isn’t a rip on the Bears. It’s on the officials.



-Then there was a game up north on The Frozen Tundra They Called Lambeau Field, where Rene’s Iggles came to play MyPackehs. I am not going to gloat as among other things, it’s bad form. Besides that, they did play the Iggs without their starting QB, Nick Foles. That said, they played an exceptional game, scoring 50+ for the 2nd consecutive week, while only allowing 20, seven of which were scored with 7-minutes left.


I do have a few comments.


On Julius Peppers pick-6, (too bad the guy can’t play D-anymore, huh, Phil Emery?),how the HELL did Sanchez NOT see him? It’s not like he’s Sam Shields or Tramon Willams. The Dude’s 6′ 7″, 287-pounds, and Sanchez threw it right to him!


The 27-yard TD pass from A-Aron to Jordy Neslon was a thing of beauty and a joy to have beheld, that was  as pretty as you could ever want to see.


As much fun these past two games have been to watch, I hope they don’t get ahead of themselves in Minnehaha next week, where Purple Jesus may return. More seriouser, though, is the following weekend, when Whitney’s and Emmanuel’s Pats travel to the Frozen Tundra. They hung 42 on the Colts, in Indy, last night. That’s gonna be a one tough mutha of a game for my guys.


Around the league…

That said, thanks to my Dad’s old fave team…when they still were in ChiTown…the Cardinals out-slugged Detroyit, 14-10 in the desert, yesterday, putting my guys in a tie with them, though for now, Detroyit owns the tie-breaker. Thanks, dad.


Bill’s 9ers got back into the Wild Card hunt, intercepting Eli 5 times for  a 16-10 win in Gotham City.


Hotlanta beat the Panties, 19-17.


The Yets! were off.


Our Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot! game had to be St. Louis starting a QB who never had in the NFL previously and then throttling of Denver, 22-7 and/or the Texicans taking out the Brownies, in Cleveland, 23-7.


Tonight’s game pits Pittsburgh against the Tennessee Tuxedoes. I need the Stillers to win. I don’t think I’ve picked them right once this year. Law of averages?

Sure hope so.


OK, have some stuff to do, so will say TTFN.


Before I do, many thanks for all the good wishes from you guys. It’s not serious but I’m on a second-round of antibiotics as, after clearing up the staph infection in my throat and lungs, now they’re working on my sinuses. I do feel much better, so far. Many thanks, again.


Remember, any day we awaken not looking up at daisy roots, it’s a good one.




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