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Merry Christmas!

merrychristmasGood morning and a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good…? This will be brief as am busy t’day…as all y’all are too, I am sure.


OK, let’s get started…  BAG O’ COAL SEASON!


I’m providing this link to Richard Roeper’s Saturday column on his GOOF Awards, as he does a much better job with these folks than me.


THE WAYBACK MACHINE doesn’t have much save for a couple birthdays of note in…


1935,    Hall of Fame halfback from the Lombardi-era Green Bay Packers, Paul Hornung.


1952,    ChickenHawk 1st Class, William, “Li’l Billy Boy”, Kristol, Neo-Con extraordinaire. A man for whom no combat is wrong; no cause is unjust…as long as someone else is pursuing said cause and risking their lives or shedding their blood, just not his. He is though, a great cheerleader. Just ask any Iraq War vet.



-Sorry. I know. Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve.


Here’s the deal. The “Duck Dynasty” patriarch was quoted in a GQ article that homosexuality is a sin; so far…not bad as that’s his religious belief, but then he said that it’s also akin to bestiality. The first part is fine. He says it’s in the Bible and the Bible says it’s a sin. Fine. That’s his…repeat, HIS…religious belief. But equating that with having sex with animals is not.


He also said that back in the day, black folks down in Luzianna didn’t have it so bad; that he picked cotton, too. Uh-huh.


These comments got him suspended from the show.

Of course, the righty-tighty-air-raid sirens are saying how this is an abridgement of his free speech rights. No it is not. He made inflammatory comments which brought his employer, A & E problems, which has every right to suspend him. That he wasn’t fired is probably due to the popularity of the show and that it’s in the process of being filmed, now. They’re not blameless, either. In the show, Phil can - occasionally – come off as a condescending, wise-ass; saying some downright insulting things to the folks on the show…his family, in particular and the public, in general. He probably felt he could do the same with GQ. Sorry, Phil.


Look, I’m not saying he doesn’t have a right to his opinions. Just like a-holes, we all have them. That’s not it. It’s how we express them. I realize he doesn’t have The Bard providing his words as Antony did at Caesar’s funeral, i.e., “…the noble Brutus….” Still, he had to know this would cause a dust-up. He’s said he’s “…not an ignoramus…”, in that he has a degree from Louisana Tech. Well, any redneck worth his salt knows “…thar’s book larnin’ and thar’s larnin’…”. He’s now saying that he still spreads the word about sin. I’S NOT ABOUT SIN, PHIL! You made it something else when you said the LGBT-folks are some kind of sub-humans. You should revisit your words and, at the least, apologize. Though now, that’d seem hollow, at best. Oh well.






Let’s go with this for starters, shall we:



-Funny but while watching It’s A Wonderful Life” and “Scrooge”, I found myself identifying far more with George Bailey and Bob Cratchit than Henry Potter or good ol’ Ebenezer. Hope you did, too.


-Speaking of “It’s A Wonderful Life”, doncha think NBC coulda given us this classic with less than an hour’s worth of commercials?

Sorry. We have the DVD but still….


-As many of you will, I suppose, we’ll be spending most of the next several days visiting with family and friends; celebrating the birth of the Baby Jesus. One need not belong to any Christian or christian religion to value the life of a person who lived to tell us we should all live to help each other; that whoever has the least is the same as those who have the most and those who have more should help those who have less…not what passes as Christianity in some circles nowadays.






-Am starting with that, as that call which reversed a blocked field goal and possession in the Steelers favor, is getting some air, as it should.


That said, despite last week’s heroics, Matt Flynn has shown why Pete Carroll chose Russell Wilson over him, despite his multi-million-dollar free agent contract. Also, why – at least – two other teams cut him and Coach Mike McCarthy is still saying how much he’d “…like to continue to work with Scott Tolzien….”


Oh, it’s not just him. Their defense is – and has been so – so scattershot, it isn’t funny. They can make great plays then do the opposite in basic coverages. They miss tackles like they have a “no-contact” clause in their contracts…especially safety, M.D. Jennings, aka #43. A safety has to be a sure-tackler. The only surety about #43 is, if there’s a way to “whiff” on a tackle, he’ll find it.


Despite that and as bad as they’ve been…perish the thought…they could still make the playoffs with a win against the Bears, rightchere in ChiTown.


-I’d shrug that off but the Bears weren’t any better, last night. I picked the Eagles as they’re the better team, overall. Still, after the Pack lost, all they had to do was win. Didn’t matter if it was ugly, skanky, or stinky…just win and they win the Division. Not only didn’t they, they got their heinies handed to them. As bad as the Pack played, the Bears weren’t any better.


Obviously, when a team hangs a 54 on you, they ain’t much to say about your defense, neither.



-As badly as these teams played, the Lions are the egg-sucking-dogs of the division. They may be the most-talented squad in the division and are among those in the League. So, how do they lose to the 5-9…now 6-9…New Yawk Giants; at home; in overtime? I’ll tell you. It’s because they exemplify the H. Jackson Brown, Jr., quote: “Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards or sideways.”


So, it’s Packers/Bears on the FOX “Game of the Week”, next Sunday @ 3:25, CDT. The only reason I’ll get my ya-yas out is they have a chance to beat the Bears and keep them outta the playoffs. A sentiment Bears fans have…just in the opposite direction…I am sure. That said, neither team’s going anywhere. If either do better than “one-and-done”, I will be surprised.



-Joe’s Yets! screwed me – again – by beating Cleveland.


-Whitney’s Pats clinched the AFC East…again.


-Not that I minded, though I picked them to win, how did the ScheissBirds lose to the Cards, at home? There’s an ironically, ironic, irony attached to that game. By winning, the Arizona…nee St. Louis, nee Chicago…Cardinals kept their playoff hopes alive as they are now, 10-5. Somehow, if they and the Bears make it, the team old man Halas ran outta town may have the opportunity to run his family’s team outta the playoffs. If that happens, somewhere, my Dad will be smiling.


-How-in-the-heck did the Chiefs lose to the Colts; outside; in sub-freezing temps; at home?


-For now, Carolina seems to be for real.


-By losing to Carolina, the Ain’ts may have opened the door for the RedBirds. Yes, I typed “RedBirds”, not “RedTurds”, as if my guys can’t make it, I’d like them to.


-This isn’t all there is but we have visitors coming in a little while, so I gotta go.


I hope you all have a Merry and Blessed Christmas. I’ll see you on FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, when I should have bit more time. In the meantime; in between time, remember, any day we can look down at a rosebush instead of up at its roots is a good one.


Merry Christmas,


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