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Mc D’s Workers Want Super Sized Paychecks!

Well, it IS FEEL-GOOD Friday but I don’t know about that “HOTCHA-HOTCHA, stuff. Woke up to a weather report of snow covering lawns in Rockford, a mere 90-miles west of us here in ChiTown. On top of that, MBH ‘n’ me just planted about 16, New Guinea Impatiens around Da Nest. That’s New Guinea as in the South Pacific…NOT a land of snow-covered lawns!

Jeepers! Fear not, the outlook for next week is for mediating temps…scraping ever-so-close to 80…while upper-60s or low-70s would be fine. We’ll just soldier on.



-There was a demonstration in the Loop over fast-food workers wanting higher wages.


This is a multi-faceted issue, which I don’t intend to get into today, save for this. The problem with this situation is that so many adults are out of work, many have taken positions at McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.


Think about that. These are jobs high school and college kids used to take to put a few bucks in their pockets. Think of stepping under the Golden Arches, say, 40-years ago. How many adults would you see working behind the counter? One? Two? Three, maybe? And they were “managers”. The rest of them were kids. And, kids who worked part-time, didn’t get paid the same as adults. But now, well that’s not FEEL-GOOD.


But let’s face it, if moms and dads lose their jobs and then can’t find another, they need to get some money, right?



The bad weather we’ve been experiencing across the country has put a dent in Wal-Mart’s bottom line…5%-worth.

That qualifies for a Schadenfreude kinda day. FYI…schadenfreude is a German word which means that one takes delight in the suffering(s) of another.


“Schadenfreu-doo-dah! Schadenreu-day! My, oh my! What a wonderful day!”



Besides the wildfires, L.A. had to deal with an oil-spill due to the failure of a pressure valve on a high-pressure oil pipeline.


See? What’s the deal in the Keystone Pipeline delay anyway? I mean, hey, it’s only farmland out there, right?





Time to check the almanac according to historynet.ocm an to see what we can see that happened on this date in…


955,    The alleged bastard son of Octavianus, Alberich II, was elected Pope. This space left open for your comments.


1770,   Marie Antoinette married future King of France, Louis XVI. Legend says she was so smitten, she lost her head.


1866,   Charles Elmer Hires invented…you guessed it, Root Beer.


1891,   Not to be outdone by Hires, the Hormel Meat Packing Co. introduced Spam.

Monty Python – SPAM




Preview by Yahoo



1920,   The “girl who would be a boy” and save France, Joan of Arc, was canonized as a saint. Interesting in that she was burned at the stake for heresy. Go figure.


1927,   The Supremes ruled that “bootleggers” must pay income tax. Yes…you read that right.


1928,   The first ever Motion Picture Academy Awards were held. The Best Picture went to “Wings”.



Did you know that today, May 16th, is “National Ride Your Bike to Work Day”? It’s 36-degrees in Chi, with snow on the ground out west.


So, am I the only one havin’ a laugh thinking of Mayor Tiny Dancer ridin’ his Trek downtown from his Ravenswood home?




Just saw an item that the “LeaningTower” in Niles, in front of “The Leaning Tower Y”, is in need of about $600,000.00+-worth of repairs. Thing is, it’s on private property but the town of Niles is being asked to foot the bill.

It’s about half the height of the real one in Pizza…that’s a Ralph Kramden reference…but still is a landmark. For those who have no idea about this, here’s a pic:


Google Image Result for

Google Image Result for http://media-cdn.tripadvis…

Website for this image Full-size image – Same sizex larger Size: 194 × 260 This image may be subject to copyright.
Preview by Yahoo







Jimi Hendrix. He’s just tellin’ anyone who’ll listen how ”Joe” shot his lyin’ cheatin’ ; messin’ round town woman.


Speakin’ of Hendrix…any Boomers gettin’ hacked off about the new release of that Michael Jackson album, recall if there’s anyone who’s re-released more post-passing away albums than his, I don’t know who that is/was.



-For our Non-Chis, Rosemont is the town which bumps right up against the eastern edge of O’Hare International Airport, through which visitors to our great city must travel for about 5-minutes…unless there’s a back-up leaving O’Hare; then it might take an hour. Da Nest’s about 7-minutes from there, which is nice, as their mayor has made great strides in making it an entertainment; dining; fun place to visit, keeping the conventioneers who are in his town

from heading to downtown Chi. Personally, I like it as I can get there; park; have some fun and get home with 15% of the hassle involved downtown.


Anyway, they just opened a wind tunnel ride at there MB Financial Plaza for any and all who desire to experience being “weightless”. Now THAT’s something I’d like…being “weightless”, that is.


Yes, I just endorsed a suburb over ChiTown.



No, did not see “Spidey”, yesterday. We will.


However, the Big Guy, “Godzilla”, got some pretty good reviews…3-stars from Richard Roeper; a B+ from Dean Richards on ‘GN; and generally good reviews online. I have always liked the Big Guy. Be it his civilization-melting-bad-breath; that ungodly roar/wail/scream/whatever.


SPOILER ALERT…Did read that he doesn’t make a real appearance for about an hour into the movie. That’s OK…not that we don’t see him but that now I know. This should be fun. Forgive the following…


“Who’s the nuked-up dude who’s got the world in a stew?




He’s a bad mutha…SHUT YO MOUTH!


But I’m talkin ’bout Godzilla!


We can dig it”


Once we see this, a review will follow.


“God’s Pocket”. This is one of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last films about a some secondary-level hoods in

Philly. I’ve seen mixed reviews, which means I’ll hafta see it before I say too much. That it stars Hoffman, John Turturro and Christine Hendricks bodes well. Maybe we’ll catch it as a first-show and get our “seniors” discount.


One thing intrigues me. The story takes place in 1978 and as noted in Roeper’s review, “…they can’t fix things by making calls on their smart phones or logging on to a computer”…and…”If you want to make a call, you have to find a phone booth or maybe walk into a bar and ask if you can use their phone”. That setting – alone – may be worth the price of admission.


“Million Dollar Arm”. Have seen the previews of this for about 6-months and each time I had; I was more firmly convinced this is one I won’t even watch when Disney puts it on STARZ. It has to do with a true story about an MLB scout who travels to India to see if he can resurrect his career by finding a cricket-bowler in India who could pitch in MLB. As is noted in its reviews; we’ve seen this one before.



-A quick adios to “Revolution”, which Dave and I discussed the other day. It’s too bad, as it just got…I don’t know…more and more unbelievable…or less and less plausible. Besides Dave’s critique of it becoming a “killing machine”, it seemed as though whatever sickness…broken bone(s)…bullet wound-knife/sword slash…any of the Rebels incurred, they had these unbelievable curative qualities…unless they were killed.


MBH noted that anytime they said they were going somewhere to meet someone; they always got there and…ta-DA!…they met whomever it was they were ‘sposeta meet. True.


It’s too bad They had enough of a cast to keep the main plotline moving along aided by the individual sub-plots. But somehow, their wheels just came off the tracks; not maintaining enough contact with the story’s rails to make it effective any longer. Here’s the thing, as I’m typing this, I’m trying to remember just what the main storyline was.


“The Big Bang Theory”

-There’s a reason this comedy show is as popular as it is. They began with 4 Nerdy Professors…well, 3 as Howard ONLY has a Masters in engineering from MIT; a PanamaHottie “girl-across-the-hall”; with each having their own hang-ups-hiccups-quirks…Sheldon the genius with Aspergers; Leonard, almost as smart with so many allergies, mommy problems and socially challenged as are Raj and Howard; each of whom take potshots at their heritages, Indian and Jewish and then we have Penny, who’s a beautiful, starry-eyed, actress-wannabe-waitress at The Cheesecake Factory, from Nebraska. Oh yeah, almost forgot Shelly’s born-again, East-Texas-mom, who has a heart of gold with a mind so closed you couldn’t fit a gnat’s nose into it. Then we have “Kripke”, the Prof who talks like Elmer Fudd; Howard’s mother, Debbie, who is never seen, a la “Carlton the Doorman”, who is about as stereotypical as Howard’s “Jewish Mother” as one can imagine. In this age of political-correctness, how is this show even on TV, much less its top-rated comedy? Excellent writing; solid acting and perhaps an audience knows when an ethnic joke is told, it can be funny when it is delivered without malice.


Last night’s season-ender left us wondering how Sheldon will cope with the university not allowing him to switch his field of study away from string theory; Leonard and Penny’s getting married, which throws the living arrangements he’s become accustomed to out the window and one of his fave places suffering a devastating fate. I’m being deliberately vague in that I know some of you DVR the show. There are some LOLs.


I’ll tune in whenever the new season begins.


“Elementary”. Another season-ender. Sherlock, Mycroft and Joan are forced to work together, despite Sherlock’s disdain for Mycroft’s dalliance with Joan or vice-versa. Sherlock also was told the how and why of Mycroft’s joining MI6.

Sherlock’s social-issues while not quite Asperger’s are prevalent, as well as his addiction-issues, are prevalent.


This is in no way anything like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s super-sleuth. But the actors make us want to watch them and isn’t that the key? I mean if the only way an actor can portray an insufferable son-of-a-bitch is to play it as an insufferable-son-of-a-bitch, evoking no empathy from the audience, he won’t be around long as few will watch. Jonny Lee Miller has that ability…as do Luci Liu, Aidan Quinn and John Michael Hill.


“PENNY DREADFUL”. This is a newbie Showtime series drawing on the Gothic horror stories of Mary Shelley, Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker, that is: “Frankenstein”; “The Picture of Dorian Grey” and “Dracula”, etc.


I hadn’t read any of these since a 19th Century English Lit class over 40-years ago. However, the hairs on the back of my neck still bristle when I recall reading the coach’s approach to Dracula’s castle.


There’s a YUGE difference in these literary masterpieces over some of their other “borrowers” which try to make teen-love-angst its central theme; or Kate Beckinsdale in skin-tight leather; fighting her daddy-vampire, though I must confess, I do watch Kate’s “Underworld” films. Sorry. I’m a guy. So kill me.



This show has been compared to “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, which it may be. It centers around Timothy Dalton (James Bond), as World-explorer, Sir Malcolm Murray; ably assisted by comely-lass/possible-witch, Eva Green, (Bond Girl, Vesper Lynd), as Vanessa Ives; Josh Hartnett as trick-shooter bar-none, Ethan Chandler; Harry Treadway as Victor Frankenstein…yes, THAT Victor Frankenstein and…yes…he re-animates a corpse, among others.


However, in this show’s first installment, the vampires/werewolves/whatevers are referred to as “beasts” and “creatures”. There is no glamorization of them…well, the wolf they show just before it goes “were”, is really beautiful. No silver-bullets; just lead. No wooden stakes…again, just bullets, sword-blades, axes, etc.


Sir Malcolm’s daughter’s been abducted by “the creature”, so he consults with Miss…that’s how she wantstabe addressed…who’s a tarot card reader and as mentioned, somewhat of a witch or something as she’s able to stop a “creature” by just stepping in front of it, which allows for the others to deliver the coup de grace.




It is a dark and dreary world we visit in 19th-century London. Cold. Damp. Dingy. Dirty. Uncaring. Vicious, with headlines recalling “Jack the Ripper”, seen. Nothing to get any teeny-boppers’ hearts a-fluttering.


There are others whom we shall meet on the way and we are looking forward to them.


If this is anywhere’s near as good as Showtime’s “Homeland” and “Ray Donovan”, it’ll be a goodie.






-So, Joe and Whitney’s Rangers face-off against The Habitants of MunReALL in their conference finals, beginning tomorrow in MunreALL, eh. As I know of no one who is a fan of the Habs, eh, good luck to yuze guys.


-AND as Rene’s Kings beat the Slimes the other day, they forced a 7th game, tonight, in the SlimePit. to see which will face-off against our Hawks. If the SlimeyDucks win, we start there. If Rene’s Kings do it; they travel here. Either way, it’s Sunday afternoon and it is also nice that our guys get 4-days rest. Shaw’s expected to play during the series but no word as to how soon. Bollig also returns from his suspension.


Not sure if all games will be on NBC or if some will be farmed out to its cable affiliates. Being that these are Conference Finals, it would seem that NBC would want the max-exposure possible, wouldn’t it? And with most of their regularly-scheduled series having ended, why not?



This is gonna be fun.



-DaFlubs open a weekend series, hosting the tractor-crowd from CheeseHeadLand, to the big city. Thing is, no matter how witty my bon mots, nothing changes the fact that they are in 1st with a 26-15 record; second only to the Giants; whilst the Flubs are13-26; the worst record in MLB.


Coupling that with my memo to S-T-writer, Rick Telander which I believe pretty much blew a hole the size of Africa in the Ricketts-Theo-Hoyer, “…just wait till our fam hands come up”, BS, let’s change the subject to something good about ChiTown Baseball.


I refer to one, Jose Abreu, who smacked his MLB-leading 15th homer the other day. I stipulate that:

1) It’s early.

2) The scouts haven’t seen enough of him.

3) All hitters have a “hole” in their swing and…

4) Once the pitchers adjust, can he?


That said, he’s hitting .271 with 15-homers; 11-doubles; 41 RBI. He has K’d 48 times in 166 A/Bs, around once in 3; in 42 games. Not great but he IS a power-hitter.


So I asked myself, how good is he? I looked up a HOF 1st basemen, Willie McCovey and Orlando Cepeda’s records as rookies and here’s what they did.


In 1958, in 148 games, Cepeda hit .312 with 25 homers; 95 RBI; 38-doubles and 84-Ks.

In ’59, McCovey appeared in 52-games; hit 13 homers; 38-RBI; 35Ks and was elected as Rookie of the Year.


Not sayin’ he’s in their league but a fair-minded person can see he does compare favborably…so far.


By the way, how’d ya like ta have been a Giants fan back then? They already had Willie Mays then they bring up Cepeda in ’58 and McCovey in ’59. Not bad, huh?



-Sorry but this dreck is still in the news. Now his attorney says he will not pay the $2.5-million fine levied on him by the NBA. As I don’t know the league’s by-laws, I can’t make any kind of informed comment other than as a former collections-dude. He can say he won’t pay but if the League is the dispenser of whatever monies they take in from TV; sponsorships; memorabilia, etc., just as a creditor who freezes/attaches a debtor’s bank account; the NBA can withhold those funds from the Clippers. True, they won’t come directly out of his pockets but they can force the issue.

Enough on this worthless piece of crap.




1869,   The Reds won their first baseball game, 41-7. Sorry, they did not list the loser.


1902,   This may illuminate the differences between how things were, back then, as opposed to now. Dummy Hoy, the Reds deaf leadoff man faced the Giants’ deaf pitcher, Dummy Taylor. The first time a deaf batter faced a deaf pitcher in MLB history.


1953,   After loading the bases against the Yankees, the Sox pinch hit for Vern Stephens who’d hit 10-grand slams, with pitcher Tommy Byrne who hit a granny off Ewell Blackwell for a 5-3 win. Uh-huh. That’s right.


1972,   Cubs CF, Rick Monday hit 3-successive homers in an 8-1 win over the Phillies, in Philly. Their Greg Luzinski also hit one which hit the Liberty Bell monument at Veterans Stadium. Cubs won, 8-1. Watched that game on TV.



Remember David Duval? In 1999, he was ranked as the #1 player on the Tour but after some injuries has fallen to 890th…that’s Club Pro area, folks. Anyway, he’s one stroke back in the Byron Nelson Classic in Texas, after carding a 4-under 66, yesterday. The item notes that he nearly withdrew due to a “muscle-issue” with his right elbow.


That’s kinda FEEL-GOOD for him.


OK, it’s time for lunch and my heinie’s about had it, so onward and upward.


Take care. Have a great weekend. It’d be better if we here in the Midwest could swap some of our weather for Rene’s and Bill’s but that don’t happen, so we’ll all just hafta deal with it.


Remember, any day we can look down at our plants instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one.






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