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“Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Good day. As am feelin’ a bit more’n half-yuman…just a tad over a zombie…I’ve decided to set down and do a post for y’all and my self.


-Starting t’day with a RATITORIAL. Feel free to skip.


There’s a whole-lotta-shakin’-goin’-on all over D.C., with Tejan senator, Toad Crudes doing the worst imitation of a Frank Capraesque-Jimmy Stewart in  “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. Interestingly here’s something on the Guber of his state, the aforementioned, Tejas, Rick Perry: “With a potential government shutdown looming in less than a week, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas said it would be “nonsensical” for his fellow Republicans to support any effort to bring government to a halt over the health care law. ‘”I don’t think it’s a good option,” Perry told “The Fine Print.”  “There’s still time to sit down and try to fix Obamacare.” ‘


You’d almost think GuberWhoops was a Dem. Wait…he was, wasn’t he? Yep. He ran Hill’s campaign in Tejas. Then when Barry won, be changed his jacket. (That’s a nice way of calling him a “turncoat”.) Thing is, most folks…reasonable ones, at least…have said the same thing. No one has said BarryCare is perfect; though many have said it’s a failure before even seeing what’s what with it. There have been 4-years of wasted demagoguery by the TPers…go ahead and read that as “Toilet Paper”, as that’s what’s needed…and plenty of it…to deal with tea party shit-headedness. Instead of playing the game they have, had they sat down and worked out something, not just held their breath till they turn red…sorry but they’d never turn blue…not in this political climate…maybe, just maybe, we’d have something that works for most everybody.


I recall when BarryCare passed, Boner and Eddie Cantor’s basterd son held up a file saying in 90-days, their “alternative” to BarryCare would be presented to the Amercian people for their review. That was over 3-years ago…haven’t seen it yet. Here’s another. Were you aware that there actually have been other “uni-healthcare plans” offered by GOPers? Yep. There have. BUT, the Purity Squads have never even allowed them out of committee.


Some tighty-righties will point to the ’80s and the Reign of Reagan as a time when DaDems were bad. True that. However, there never was this kind of lunacy. Yes, there was The Jackson Jive; Rev. Al Sharpton; Wally Mondale, et al. But none of these kinds of shenanigans. Nope. The ownership of this kind of politics lies with DaGopers.


Saw a letter to the editor in t’day’s S-T from a DePaul U. Assoc. Prof of Accountacy under the heading: “GOP afraid we’ll like Obamacare”.


I could go on…and on…and on…so will close with this. As have said numerous times before, I am not really sure if it will work…that I can only go on what I’ve experienced. OK, so we were able to have our 23-year-old (at the time) added to MBH’s health insurance, which was very helpful. Now, we have another who was part of Rahmbie’s “purge” of CPS, who needs to get health insurance. In August, her COBRA would have been over $900.00/month; now it’s a tad mover $400.00/month.


How is that a bad thing?


Here’s the other thing; they are making DaDems look good…or at least better…even reasonable. If Hillary becomes our next President, these clowns will have no one else but themselves to blame/thank/deride for that. Don’t worry. They won’t








As there are so many things and so many days, I’m going to list…at least try to…them. So, on 9/23, in…


63 BC   Augustus Caesar was born.


1667,   Slaves in Virginia were prohibited from being freed by declaring they were Christians. Apparently, “faith-based” assistance was unheard of at that time.


1945,   The first American was killed in Vietnam by the French during the first fall of Saigon.


1952,   Responding to charges that he kept a secret political slush fund, Tricky Dick Nixon defended himself using the family dog. In later years, he just lied and said he was “…not a crook…”.


…AND ON 9/24 IN…


1862,   Honest Abe Lincoln suspended habeas corpus.


1956,   The first transatlantic phone cable system began operations.


1957,   Pres. Eisenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock, Ar., to protect nine black students entering a white high school.


1962,   James Meredith entered Ole Miss.


1969,   The trial of The Chicago Seven began.


…AND ON 9/25, IN…


1396,   The last Great Crusade ended in disaster for John the Fearless at the hands of Sultan Bajazet I at Nicopolis, thereby ending all wars over religion in the region. Wait! What? It didn’t? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


1918,   Brazil declared war on Austria. Whaaaaa?


1937,   Hitler met with Mussolini in Munich. Nothing going on here. Keep moving, folks.


1938,   FDR urges Hitler to negotiate with the Czechs over the Sudetenland. Of course, Adolph agreed; then attacked the Czechs.


1942,   The War Labor Board ordered equal pay for omen…which was conveniently rescinded once WWII ended.


1951,   Mark Hamill, aka, “Luke Skywalker” was born.


1961,   Heather Locklear was born, much to the delight of teenaged boys of the ’80s.


1965,   Scottie, Mr. “I Got a Freakin’ Migraine”,  Pippen was born.


1974,   Scientists warned of the depletion of the ozone layer causing skin cancers to increase and global warming, due to the use of aerosols, which was roundly rejected by the Religious Right who knew…they knew…they knew…only GAWD can effect the environment.






Watched the final episode of Showtime’s “Ray Donovan”. Well, we found out why Ray hated/hates Mickey so much. If this show comes back, I’ll be surprised. Not that it’s not good. It is. Thing is, there’s so many dead bodies or missing persons who just happen to be dead…and folks who know about it/them, don’t know how they could keep up with the premise. If it’s back, I’ll watch. I really like Live Schreiber.


It was worth the time.


“The Blacklist”.

Hmmm, “Silence of the Lambs”…meets international terrorism…meets “Salt”? We skipped CBS’ “Hostages” as I felt the entire premise was just too hard to accept. However, this one’s pretty, dang close, too. James Spader’s fine as arch-criminal “Red” Reddington but this premise is a bit over-the-top, too. Mentioned to MBH that with all the US Gov’t. buildings being blown up on TV, you’d think we were under some kind of national siege…at least as far as TV sees things. Trouble is, hardly anyone complains.



OK, I have a bias. I like Anna Faris. She’s a natural in comedic situations and not hard to look at, neither.

Here’s the problem…and it’s not just with this show or TV…when all the jokes have been shown for two-weeks leading up to the airing, they lose their bite.


Here’s another and please, no “You’re a troglodyte” emails. The show’s premise is based on Faris as a single-mom, trying to raise her promiscuous-teen-aged daughter and middle-school son…each of whom have different dads. Her mom, played by Allison Janney and rather well, too, was Anna, too, in that she was the same. Now, Anna’s daughter’s knocked up and we’re all supposed to have a huge laugh over this. Oh yeah…did I say she and Janney are also recovering substance abusers…and that Janney is some kind of nymphomaniac-cougar, too?

It may be because many of our household see this on a daily basis…in the real world of a school-environment…absent professional comedy writers…but we weren’t exactly guffawing ourselves out of our chairs. We’ve agreed to give it a few more viewings but Anna or no, if it stays this course, it may lose us.



OK, so we pick up where we left off at the end of last season: Ziva’s leaving. Anyone who reads a paper or watches TV knows this. So, how she does is left up to the writers. One thing I found interesting is that all the craziness from several of last season’s shows into this is, well, hmmmm, it seems there are some multi-national corporations, a la Halliburton Blackwater, et al,  which stand to make mountains of moolah by staging terrorist-style attacks on US Gov’t. agencies, (see “The Blacklist”), by causing problems which need their assistance to correct. This time the SecNav is killed and only Jethro Gibbs and his crew can find out who it is. BUT, no one is to be trusted…all are suspect. Oh yeah, Colin Hanks, son of Tom, is now a good guy and on their side OK fine. The title of this episode, by the way is: “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”! Sound familiar? It’s a “…to be continued…”, so, we’ll hafta wait ‘n;’ see what happens. Oh yeah…I’m pretty sure I know who the “bad guy” is.


“Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Took this one in as, well, I have a soft spot for comic book heroes. So, yes, I understand the source material, and yes, I know it’s on ABC, which is owned by Disney, so, I should not have been surprised with the “Disneyfying” of the story but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t disappointed. I’m sorry but does each and every Disney produced vehicle have to have some ’30s-style, snappy repartee? Can’t they play it straight just once? We’ve already accepted the premise, so what’s the need?


I like Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson, somehow resurrected from the dead after the “Battle of New York”. (For those who did not see “The Avengers”, that’s a pretty big missing piece you will need to overcome.) Still, it was awfully formulaic. It really was. I mean, how many times are we supposed to buy into the premise of a character or characters who are world-weary of what they’d been doing – or were happy with what they were – but are suddenly transplanted into another extraordinary situation which only they can resolve?


As with most “premieres”, we had to become acquainted with all the characters. I’m willing to give it a few more views but if I get the feeling that I’m flashing back to “Bambi and Thumper”, I’m gone.


“Chicago Fire”.

MBH watches this one. I do not.


DVR’d “Person of Interest”. Did see they’ve decided to provide some eye-candy with the addition of Sarah Shahi, another discarded CIA-killer-elite-operative, a la John Reese. Yes, the disbelief of these stories can’t be suspended with all the cables of all the bridges in Amercia. I just like it.




An interesting slate awaits any and all. Our returning faves: “Revolution” “The Middle”; “Modern Family”, an hour-long season premiere; “CSI”; as well as “Arrow”, “Back in the Game”; and another hour-long premiere of “Law and Order” SUV” and “Duck Dynasty”.


Thank Zeus for DVRs, huh?


Feel free to contribute your faves to the group. Sometimes, we just don’t/won’t watch a show which just might be pretty good but if someone else says it is….


Also, “Modern Family” is in reruns on USA, nationally as well as FOX-32, locally. If you happen to see the episode where Jay takes Phil out flying his model airplane, you just may get a laugh or two out of it.


Almost forgot. Have DVR’d “Sleepy Hollow” but haven’t watched it yet. Will give it a try and let y’all know.







Do any of you recall a couple years ago when a certain guy who types in these spaces said he’d be like a “patient parent” with a young child who struggles through its growing pains? That he knew there’d be some down times but knowing progress comes from failure, if proper guidance is provided, well it’d be worth it? Well, after two-years of super-suckiness, I ain’t so patient anymore. Castro, Rizzo and Barney have all digressed. There are rampant stories that they should go after Joe Girardi…after letting SwamiSveum go, obviously…with which I agree. Why? Well, as noted in the link I’m going to provide, with an average ticket price of $42.00 to see a team which has had two teams clinch playoff-berths on their field and then clinched the worst home record in the last, three days, they ain’t gonna get too many takers at those prices. Not without hope and as Andy DuFresne told “Red” Redding, “Hope is a good thing”.


Let’s face it, the TheoCrats have embarked on a teardown leaving us with nothing worth watching on the field while they’re doing it. I don’t even tune in anymore as they just stink.


Girardi’s a hometown fave; he’s showed he can manage a group of youngsters with the Marlins and vets in New Yawk. We Cubs fans have to have something to hang our hats on. Does anyone reading this think SwamiSveum’s the guy to guide all those “phenoms” we have in the minors? I don’t. You?


The back page of the S-T has a pic of Theo and Mr. Brylcreem, Tom Ricketts behind the title: “SWING AND A MYTH”, Here’s the link:



This should about sum things up…with a 62-95 record - like the sword of Damocles - the possibility of 100 losses hangs over their heads unless or until they win.


AND, even if they run the table with wins, 95-losses is 95-losses.


The difference between them and DaBOHICUBS is they have some decent pitching…one of the best in MLB in Sale…around which they can build. AND, as opposed to DaBOHICUBS, I think Robin should be back.



As one of you mentioned, they started last season 7-1 but didn’t make the playoffs. True. However, this team seems to have grasped the obvious that in order to win, a team must score points AND the key in doing that is doing it with the offense. Yes, it is nice to have a defense which can put points on the board via turnovers but this year’s team does not rely on that. Rather, it is more of a cherry on top of the sundae, as opposed to being the ice cream.


They do have a couple tough injuries they’ll need to deal with. First and foremost, the loss of DT, Henry Melton, with their lack of a pass rush will hurt. That and Peanut Tillman nursing a bad ankle can be a problem in Detroyit with Megatron. Though with Burleson out with a broken arm he sustained while trying to stop a pizza from sliding off the front seat of his truck at two in the morning, may help them.


This game may be closer or more of a blowout than many feel. It’s that crazy of a match-up.


-My Packehs.

Man, if there ever was a team more in need of a BYE week this early in the season then Green Bay, I don’t know who it is.


Thanks to sloppy play, they are 1-2. They could be 2-1…even 3-0…though the Frisco game woulda been a real tough one. However, stupid penalties, and giving away points on turnovers and kickoffs kept that from happening.


I totally agree with Troy Aikman’s comment that he hasn’t seen a team with so many hamstring injuries.


“Be careful what you wish for”? Many of you will recall my laments regarding the Pack’s woeful lack of an effective running game. Well, they seem to have found it what with James Starks gashing the ‘Skins for over 120 and Jonathan Franklin doing nearly the same against Cincy. Note, nothing about Eddie Lacy, who had 44 against SF, as he suffered a concussion. Oh well.

That should bode well. Note the equivicating, “should”.


Bill’s Niners are also 1-2 and am sure he feels about the same as me.


Joe’s Yets! are 2-1, which has to be a pleasant surprise for him.


Around the Commune, we have a few other teams with not-so-up-to-expectations-starts, namely the Gnats, 0-3;  ViQueens,

0-3; ‘Skins, 0-3; Falcoons, 1-2; Stillers, 0-3; and Chargers, 1-2.


As they say…it’s early.


OK,  it’s lunchtime at DaWat’sNest, so will be signing off.


Take care and remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots, it’s a good one.







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