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A quick glance outside moi’s window tells moi, moi should be glad moi doesn’t have to go out in the drear that is today. However, that does not mean I will not go out voluntarily. No, I tarry not, as I have a debt to pay. One of which I had been on the receiving end several times since 2009…buying lunch for T-DaveK, as his Bears beat moi’s Packehs, Monday night. We shall retire to Los Compadres in Mt. Prospect for their taco-specials; gorditas, you name it. It’s on me. All because moi’s Packehs, despite losing A-aron Rodgers, also forgot how to play defense. (There’ll be more on Rodgers later. Some kinda funny.)

OK, let’s see what we can see that happened on November 6th from Sherman! To the Wayback machine and
set it for today’s date in…
1429,   Henry VI was crowned King of England. A couple Hanks later and Henry VIII becomes a model for Bluebeard.
1812,   The snow begins to fall on Napoleon and his troops as they begin to leave Moscow. “Let it snow? Let it snow? Let it snow?”
1814,   The inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax is born. Some 150-years later, Junior Walker and his All-Stars get their groove on with it on “I’m a Roadrunner”.
1854,   John Philip Sousa was born. Unfortunately, as of yet no one has found a way to combine the Sousaphone and saxophone in popular music. “Well, I’m a roadrunner, baby!” Oompa-oompa.
1860,   Honest Abe is elected as our 16th President.
1861,   The inventor of basketball, a Canadian, (like Ted Cruz), Dr. James Naismith was born. Fortunately, he, Dr. Naismith’s head was high up on the backboard and not high up his heinie.
1911,   Maine became a “dry” state. Not sure if that means alcohol or humor, ah-yep.
1986,   The “Arms-For-Hostages” deal aka, “The Iran/Contra” affair is revealed, besmirching St. Ronald and his guys as capitulators to terrorists. Something which was – and still is – lost on many. No matter how they try to cut it, his supposed
deal with Iran was the payment of ransom for the American hostages they took.
1988,   Emma Stone, star of “The Help” among other films,  was born.
-I know. I know. Now we’re gonna see guys humpin’ each other’s heinies out in public as well as girls giving each other hot, wet smooches…just like we see that from heteros. And…any heteros walking down the streets better beware as now, these gays can just walk up to them…pretty in pink…and give them hot, wet smooches, too. Not to mention “other” things. Lest we forget, God says this is wrong. How anyone can say they talk to God beyond me but they do. Oh yeah, now all faiths will crumble as their bases – apparently – are so weak that their members will all choose to take the road to perdition over salvation…at least what they say salvation is. No? Has anyone else seen Sen. Ted Cruz’ father’s rant conflating evolution with Communism? He actually says the words”…we came from monkeys…”. Here’s the link Judge for yourself.
I am quite happy as now…at least for awhile…those who’ve honked that silliness as described above will be quieted down. It’s not over but, hopefully, the politics of it have been walked back a bit.
On the hetero-side of things, here’s some unsolicited advice to news crews and their directors. I’m guessing militant gays won’t like this but politically-speaking, keep the smooching off-camera. If it’s just words behind a news story and those who object don’t have it on their TV screens, there may be less push back. Just suggesting.
Last thing, if there had not been so much prejudice against these folks in the first place, maybe, just maybe, there would not have had to have been such an uproar to get where they are…equal under the eyes of the law.
-Watch out, Betty Crocker and Marie Callender! Annie got her cookbook!  She keeps it right next to the car-elevator in their new place in California, I hear.
Her recipes are quite easy. They may go something like this: Breakfast with Mitt. She asks him what he’d like for dinner. He says, “How about some Yankee Pot Roast?”, then breaks out into his rendition of “Amercia! Amercia”. She says, whatever you want, Mitt. After all, you ARE the MAN of this/these houses. And, I think Tagg, Magg, Migg, Tigg and Figg like it too. And I’m nothing more than your wife, who must carry out my wifely duties as so told by my husband.
Mitt leaves and Ann gets to it. She presses the intercom button and tells “The Help”, Minny”, that Mitt, Tagg, Magg, Migg, Tigg and Figg would love some Yankee Pot Roast for supper and for good measure, that she should serve it on red, white and blue china…I mean place-settings. No red-blooded Amercian family eats off china, right?  And for dessert, she and they would just love some of Minny’s “chocolate pie” with her secret “special ingredient”. Minny agrees…gleefully.
“Johnson & Johnson to pay $2,500,000,000.00 fine.” Think their stock will take a hit?
“India launches first mission to Mars”. Astronauts protest as they say they can’t understand ground control personnel. “Grrround controoool to MaJOHR Tuhm”.
“Mayor admits smoking crack”. The first of many?
“NCIS”. They’re sposetabe adding another woman to the cast in a couple weeks to offset the sausage-fest this show has become. Emily Wickersham joins the cast as Ellie Bishop. Don’t know what her impact will be but being that last night’s wasn’t much beyond predictable, we can only hope. With Ralph Waite, aka Pa Walton, making a cameo as Gibbs’ dad, the subplot of a dead Marine who was on leave in D.C., didn’t help. Not to give too much away, as soon as I saw the planes, I knew who “Walter” was.
“Homeland”. The plot turneth. Still no Brody, though(?). At times I feel I’m watching a Robert Ludlum novel. That’s a good thing.
“Person of Interest”. Watchers may have picked up on something different from previous 2-seasons. They never used to bring anyone into their “Fortress of Solitude” unless absolutely necessary. Now, they’re there just about every episode. The plot, like a good sauce/gravy is thickening.
“Revolution”. We get to see if “Bass” is alive. I say he is. Why? The end of last week’s episode for one and other things which are on the net, which any of you can find. The promos seem to indicate A-aron may go all “Firestarter” again this week.
“CSI”. When will writers; hypesters; directors learn that showing a promo with a fave-character of any show with the “hook” being that said character will lose his/her position, just doesn’t work. Tonight, we’ve been told by both “Fin” and Greg that he, Greg, will “no longer be a CSI”. Oh my!
TCM is showing the film-version of Ernest Hemingway’s classic short-story, “The Killers”, starring Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner, at 7PM, tonight, CDT. Predictable to those who’ve seen or read it. Worth re-seeing anyway.
-That should make Bears fans hapy…not that the guy’s hurt but without him, they’re foes from up-nort’ should be easier to
keep pace or outpace. After all, Jay ain’t playin’ Sunday. If he does, I’ll be surprised.
Speakin’ of A-aron,y’all might get a kick out of the newest State Farm Superfans/A-aron “Discount Daaable-check commercial.
Here’s an item from t’day’s S-T: That should tellya sumpin’.
Back to Green Bay. Nothing on their website but would not be surprised if they re-sign Matt Flynn. Yes, he priced his way off the team a couple years ago but in an ironically, ironic, irony, Buffalo outrighted him November 4th…uh-huh…the same day A-aron went down. Thing is, it’s gonna come down to cap-space and what he, Flynn, will accept…or not. Hell, after he signed with Seattle, he’s on easy street if he never plays another down. He also knows the system and most of the players. It makes sense to me. But there could be another obstacle: Ted Thompson. While he’s lauded for his draft-prowess, he also seems to be in love with his decisions…good or bad. If such is the case, he may just decide to stay with Seneca AppleJuice until A-aron returns. Why? ’Cause he said so. That’s why.
Maybe I should file this under “Be careful what you wish for”. Funny how their concentration on improving their running game, which has succeeded in striking fashion with Eddie Lacy being, as T-DaveK says, “an Earl Campbell lookalike”, that they’ve lost their #1-gun, Rodgers.
-They have their work cut out for them this weekend with Detroyit coming to town, fresh off their Bye. As we saw, Monday, that extra week of rest is like the swimming pool in “The Cocoon”.
I know you guys and none of you are wont to “count your chickens before they’re hatched”, especially that DaLoins won in Detroyit in September. If Cutler were playing, this one could be another Dallas/Detroyit shootout, weather permitting.
Should be  good game.
-Host Winnipeg, tonight. They seem to have PCSD…post-Cup-stress-disorder. Hopefully, they’ll get treatment and get on track.
-They travel to Indy. These teams don’t like each other. Also, The Poodle” is still coming out of his salon and is not quite up to snuff. This is going to take awhile, folks.
-Goodbye, Paulie? The Sox non-tendered Paul Konerko, which makes him a free agent. It doesn’t mean he can’t/won’t stay with them but with them being into, TejasWindmill, Adam Dunn for another year, don’t bank on it. If they can find a team that’d “want” him, fine. Again, don’t bank on that. Too bad. They have enough pitching, which with some “D” and more timely hitting could bring a decent season for their fans. As a ChiTowner, I’d love for them to find a way they could keep Pauliue and dump Dunn. Trouble is, that ain’y happenin’.
-Lloyd McClendon was signed as the Mariners new manager. Don’t know that I’m all broken-up over that as I have said before Jesus Christ couldn’t bring this team around. It’s one thing to be a Messianic leader but quite another to have followers who
just follow as they aren’t capable of doing anything more.
The S-T’s reporting Rick Renteria’s gonna be it; that Bosox coach, Torey Lovullo’s being blocked by his team, based on the Theo thing.
The most obvious question should be: “Does any of this really matter?”
They blew it in their first search, when hey wound up with Swami. Then, the Girardi thing blew up in their feces…not a typo. And, again, what guy in his right mind would come here? Not only is the team situation FUBAR, so are the ballpark/neighborhood/political situations.
It’d hafta be someone who just wants to say he was an MLB manager.
Though, there is one…he’s in ChiTown and he’d love to. His name? Ozzie Guillen. Stranger things have happened. Leo Durocher went from managing the Brooklyn Dodgers to managing the New York Giants. Oh well.
OK, I have things to do…well MBH does…and I hafta get going so I can pay my debt to T-DaveK. Take care.
Remember, any day we can look down at rose instead of up at its roots is a good one.



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