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Man, are those women TALL!

Howdy. Sorry for the delay but had some stuff ta do and well, you know. We’re still dealing with this crappy-assed weather…even had some “lake effect”, this morning…with snow totals for the season at over 73-inches. Now for our neighbors in the Wolverine State, that’s child’s play but for us, it’s better’n double the norm. Also, we’re staring 16 in the face for a high, when it’s sposetabe 41. That said, our friends in Atlanta have 55 with a freeze-warning; N’Yawk’s sittin’ at 20; Bahsten’s 21; Frisco, 55; LA, 59 and where we will be at this time next week, 58, with highs — then– forecast in the upper 70s. :-)


I decided to start this week with a link to a song which is one of my all-time faves…ever. It begins with this line: “Well I know she’s a tracker, any style that would back her. Yeah they say she’s a chooser but I just can’t refuse her”. As this and any other lyrics from The Band’s…and Three Dog Night’s cover, for that matter…are fairly unintelligible–like a late-’60s “Louie! Louie!”. I’ll try to work some in through t’days post. OK, here it is: You should recognize it from the first chord.

I’m sending this as a dear old rock ‘n’ roller-friend did not recognize the name of the tune. For he and you, enjoy.





-As events unfold in the Crimean peninsula and tensions mount, we find ourselves at the brink of yet another war in this region. I don’t know about you but as I read and/or heard the diplomatic protestations of our folks, I had a flashback to ’02 and my thoughts and feelings regarding the fear of the implementation of “The Bush Doctrine” by another country be it literally or by perverting parts of it to suit their purposes. Here’s a snippet: “Different pundits would attribute different meanings to “the Bush Doctrine”, as it came to describe other elements, including the controversial policy of preventive war, which held that the United States should depose foreign regimes that represented a potential or perceived threat to the security of the United States, even if that threat was not immediate…”.Here’s the link for the item:


Whether we would agree with Puto the Impaler…which we would not…who’s to tell him that cutting his country off from its Black Sea fleet does not “…represent a potential or perceived threat to the security of” Mother Russia and that under those terms, he isn’t free to do what he has…based on The Bush Doctrine?


Look, I’m a child of the Cold War. From LaFemme Nikita through this prick, those basterds have been behind so many deaths of innocent folks, it ain’t funny. Just ask the Ukies. The Ruckin’ Fusskies have been exacerbating the Syrian situation and show no sign of stopping. Would I like to see them cut off from their Black Sea fleet? You betcherass I would. But not at the expense of the Ukrnian peoples’ lives.


“And as my mind unwheels I feel the freeze down in my knees. But before she leaves, she receives.”



-7th Congressional Rep. Danny Davis has said he will not run against Rahmbi, despite the fact that Rahm’s pissed off so many Black voters. That’s great. Really, it is. No, racial issue in those  words, though. Rep. Davis has this speaking-style that , um, er,

hmmm. OK, I got it. After listening to him speak for, oh about 5-minutes or so he makes his listeners think they’ve O.D.’d on Quaaludes.


Anyone recall the “Taxi” episode when Rev. Jim is taking his drivers license test and the following occurs:

Jim: “What does a yellow-light mean?”

Bobby  “Slow down”

Jim: “Whaaaat doooeeesss aaaa yeeelllooowww llliiiggghhhttt mmmeeeaaannn?”

Bobby: “Slow down”.

Jim: “Wwwwwwhhhhaaaaattttt ddddoooooeeeeesssss aaaaaa…”


Got it?



-It turns out that Mr. “I’m gonna shake-up Springfield”, Bruce Rauner and Rahmbikins share — just about — the same donors list.

Go figure. For NCTs, (non-ChiTowners), Rauner’s a GOPer; Rahmbi’s a DEM.



-The Polar Plunge was yesterday and with his taunt to Jimmy Fallon to take part in it — which he did – it seems that outside interest helped in that the “Plunge” reaised over $1,000,000.00 for The Special Olympics; the most they’d ever raised. That’s nice.


On the other side of that bitcoin, upon emerging from the 33-degree Lake Michigan waters to the balmy 10-degree air, Fallon asked rather incredulously, “What is wrong with you people?” I duuno. Cabin fever? (Hint. Hint)



-Here’s a link to the latest in the S-=T on the Koschman case. It’s titled “15 questions Webb’s report doesn’t answer”. “Webb”, is the former District Attorney/Special Prosecutor whose report “ripped off the Band-Aids” on this case. Read on if you’d like.




-Just about any and every thing we’ve read/heard/watched about Ella Noise and ChiTown has been at how lousy our economies; politics, taxes, regulations, etc., et.c,  are so detrimental that businesses avoid locating here. So imagine my surprise when I read that Ella and Chi are “…ranked among the top markets for corporations either expanding their offices or opening new ones”.


Anyone who’s looked at a paper/magazine/website or tuned in a radio or TV has heard Rauner go on and on and on as to what a lousy place this is to conduct biz. OK, fine. But how does he explain this?

Here’s a link to “Site Selection Magazine”: .


As we have some biz-owners among us, maybe they could shed some light on this…or not.



This time, it’s on ChiTown taxis. Today, it was mentioned that folks may not want to use their credit or debit cards to pay their cab fare as another site’s been hacked. Why would anyone use a debit card in a cab? I understand it’s convenient but…we’re not talking about a business which operates with high-margins, which would make one wonder just how much of their profits would they put into security? Just askin’.


“It’s long, long when she’s gone. I get weary holding on. Now I’m coldly fading fast, I don’t think I’m gonna last very much longer”




Yes, the Oscars were last night and will get to them but first…



-”Seven Psychopaths”. Hadn’t seen it but decided to DVR it as it had Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson, among others. This lyric from my fave-song may help explain the film:

“‘She’s stoned’, said the Swede and the moon calf agreed. But like a viper in shock she was just there somewhere and here I am again…”.

No? Ok, didn’t help neither and I saw the film. With this cast, there’s some really good stuff among the Quaaludicalness of it all. Was it worth the 2-hours? Probably not but I’ve sat through worse. On second thought, the penultimate scene of Christopher Walken’s advice to Colin Farrell is worth it.


-”SNL”. So, what if I told you that you’d get — not only — Beck as the musical guest but Jim Parsons hosting SNL, as well? Would you want to see it? We did.

Beck was fine. But don’t know what happened with Parsons. Have seen him on other shows and he’s pretty engaging; talented as well. Maybe it was a case of staff-wide writer’s-block but the sketches were marginal, at best. “Weekend Update” was fine with new “host” Colin Jost. As the show started almost 20-minutes late, we had to DVR it and missed the last skit. “The Dance Floor Killer” was Ok but not much more.


-No, we didn’t watch last night’s penultimate-episode of “True Detective” Uh-huh…I’m kind wrapped up in penultimateness.



-4-hours is kinda long, ain’t it? It was Ok and Ellen helped. She IS funny and helped keep the show moving along. Especially liked the “selfie” which did shut down Twitter for an hour. Too bad it wasn’t longer.

As we’d only seen one of the nominated films, “Gravity” it was a “Hmmm, looks like we’ll need to see that one”, kinda night.


-Man, are those women TALL!

I can’t find it anywehere but didja see Chris Hemsworth, “Thor” standing next to Charlize Theron? I thought he’s around 6′ 3″ or 6′ 4″ and she was “eye-to-eye” with him. Yes, I know…high heels but THAT high?


But wait! There’s more!


Anyone catch Best Actor winner Matthew McConaughey next to Jennifer “Katniss” Lawrence? Again, eye-to eye, with him — maybe — looking up just a tad.


-Didn’t see “12 Years a Slave” and will probably wait for TV.


-Nor “Blue Jasmine”. Sorry, Mr. Pervy Allen can keep his art  to his pedo-self.


-Do want to see “American Hustle”; “Kansas”, maybe “Dallas Buyers Club” and “Wolf of Wall Street”.


-Nice remembrance of Harold Ramis by Bill Murray, about whom MBH had said she’d heard the two were not on speaking terms since filming “Groundhog Day”.


-If I’m ever stuck in an elevator, instead of  some mind-numbing Muzak, I’d opt for Pharrell Williams, “Happy”. It’s one of those goofy melodies you can keep in yer head like when yer mowin’ yer lawn and it’s 95 and the humidity around 85%.


-How about John Travolta’s intro of Broadway star, Idina Menzel as Adele Dazeem?


-Was not surprised that “Gravity” won so many tech-awards. Of all the films, it was the techiest. And, they were extremely well-done. Some very talented folks were behind those CGIs and were properly rewarded for their efforts.



“She’s been down in the dunes and she’s dealt with the goons. Now she drinks from a bitter cup, I’m trying to get her to give it up. She was just here, I fear she can’t be there no more.”





-They’ve won 9-outta-10, with their lone loss being to Miami. Here’s the thing. No one thinks/believes they’re going anywhere

if/when they make the playoffs. That said, this is a far cry from what was expected from them after they lost Rose for the second-time.


Keep it going.


DaNewBULL, Jimmer Fredette. Now how’s THAT for a moniker? It sounds like a name out of a Matt Helm pulp-novel, don’t it? And, not a very complimentary one at that.

Still, it’s a far cry from Barkevius Mingo, D’Brickashaw Ferguson or the newest, Jadeveon Clowney. Although, those have an onomatopoeic-NFL-timbre to them, don’t they?



-Well, it seems my 1st game positives on Starlin are about all I’ll get, as he pulled a hammie…AGAIN…this Spring Training, as he did last. Let me ask…and not simply rhetorically…if you were paid an average of around $8,500,000.00 a year and all you had to do was: 1) play baseball as you have all your life, and, 2) Keep in physical shape in order to effectively fulfill the requirements of #1, would you NOT make sure that you were completely, totally and properly stretched before each and every physical workout in which you took part? Me too.


-Good thing it’s Spring Training and wins don’t really count, as they’re looking over the players and making their decisions and,  oh yeah, they’re 0-3.


Mark your calendars for their home-opener at Purgatory Field on April 4th. Too bad it’s not three-days earlier…a much more appropriate date.



Not much “truthiness” out there on them. Well, they have some pitchers and some guys who can hit…a bit on the Michael Jackson-side with the gloves, but they should win as many as they lose…maybe even win a few more.



-Yes, their Saturday night game screwed up my DVR of SNL but, it was nice to see them beat the Penguins and Sidney Crosby 5-1. Was kinda funny, also, to see guys skating around with shovels, clearing off the surface. Gotstasay though, even with HD, couldn’t follow the puck very well.


“…and as my mind unwheels I feel the freeze down in my knees. But just before, before she leaves, she receives”.


OK, time to go. Anyone figure out those lyrics without the link to “Chest Fever”? If so, good for you.


Tomorrow’s Fat Tuesday. Enjoy your paczkis.


Wednesday may be delayed a bit…or not…as we have some family-stuff going on the next few days.


Take care and remember, any day we can look down at our rosebushes instead of up at their roots…even if they’re frozen and covered in snow…it’s a good one.




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