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Our First Looney Tune!

Good day, Twackers. It’s a crisp – nearly-crackly – morning, what with frost not only on the pumpkins but windshields as well.

There was a report of a spinout due to the eenfahmoos, “black ice” on one of our roadways, this morning. I did not hear which, so, sorry. Sposetabe nice, tomorrow, with temps around 57 and sunny. That’s nice. They are forecasting snow-flurries as part of one of my former co-worker’s fave weather descriptions, a “wintry-mix” for next week. In our time, it was referred to as “sleet”, but sleet” just doesn’t have the cachet of “wintry-mix”, does it? Before yer knickers start crampin’ yer nether-regions, it IS November.
A few things for t’day. Am making some of moi’s chili which can take quite a while. So, am going to try ‘n’ be brief while still FEELIN’ GOODIE.
Also, in some of moi’s pubs, I have not always attributed moi’s sources, kinda doin’ an Ayn Randall Paul on yuze. I will endeavor to do so from now on. I won’t on links as, obviously, the info is there. Otherwise, I’ll try to not emulate The Great Plagiarizer from Kentucky.
I found a neat source to present Looney Tunes links to all y’all. So, they will appear from time to time, the first of which will be today. The other day, I sent you the inspiration for moi’s “sectioning” of DaTwacks. T’day, I send you the source of moi’s nom de plume, BigFatWat. It’s a link to the Bugs and Elmer cartoon, “Unruly Hare”. It’s about 7-minutes long. Enjoy. It’s one of moi’s faves. Here’s the link:

OK, time to head to The Wayback Machine provided by, to see what happened on this date in…
392,    Theodocius of Rome passed legislation outlawing pagan worship in the Empire, which did NOT strike back.
1226,   Louis IX succeeded Louis VIII as king of France. That #9 succeeded #8 doesn’t seem like much, does it?
1847,   Bram Stoker was born. His gothic horror story, “Dracula” and its many later-permutations, somehow became so attractive to women, it gives one pause.
1864,   Abraham Lincoln was re-elected.
1884,   Albert Rorshach was born. “I dunno, Doc! Is it two elephants in flagrante delicto?
1887,   Doc Holliday died. More on he and the Earp bros later.
1889,   Montana became the 44th state in the Union.
1904,   One of moi’s fave-Presidents and Americans, Theodore Roosevelt was elected President.
1909,   Katherine Hepburn was born. A classy broad. That’s a compliment.
1923,   Adolph Hitler declared himself Chancellor in the Munich Beer Putsch. Keep moving folks. Nothing of interest going on here.
1949,   One of moi’s fave git-pickers, Bonnie Raitt was born.
1960,   JFK was elected our 35th President.
2000,   The dispute which led to the first “selected” president of the United States,  by the Supremes, Stubya, began.
-Fans of the film-adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Shawshank Redemption”, will recall those words in a note to “Red” Reddington from Andy DuFresne at the end of the film. I agree.
For many a day, week, month, quarter, year, decade, moi had been decrying the demise of DaGOP. Somehow, it became overrun by its extremist-zealot-wing, aka, The Tea Party. Problem is, there are some really good folks, though cowed by TTP at one time, seem to be “rising up angry”. They’re led by a former GOP Congressman from Ohio, Steve LaTourette. They’re the 9-degrees-right, guys. We can only hope they succeed. After all, hope IS a good thing.
-WalMart’s website had a “glitch” which gave some markdowns as high as 98%. How DARE they have a website which has problems. Let’s have Senate hearings. We need much H.R. Puffenstuffin’, leading nowhere. Right?
-BarryCare’s having problems aside from the website. It has to do with those who have “lost” their insurance due to BarryCare.
It’s not a good thing, though methinks some of this is politically motivated. He did say that folks could keep their insurance if they wanted. As this is fairly serious, please note the following is not meant to trivialize those who find themselves in that position. That said, well, “Whoopsie”.
Will say this. Moi ’n’ fam were one of those who had “health insurance” which probably woulda been canceled under BarryCare. Why? Well, it was great if any of us had a “catastrophic illness” or a “major-medical” situation. BUT, anything else in-between? Pee-pee-poor. AND, with 5-kids, that got to be mucho expensivo. So, when MBH got her job and she/we got “real” health insurance, we…literally…breathed a sigh of relief.
Here’s a link to the S-T’s Lynn Sweet’s column regarding Barry’s interview with NBC/MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.
-”Dietitian: Can’t eat much on 500-calorie-a-day diet”. Ya think?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
-”NUKE DEAL WITH IRAN POSSIBLE”. Wannabet the very same folks who supported St. Ronnie’s “rescue of Iranian hostages” by buying them off are gonna have their knickerbockers in a knot over this?
-”President: ‘I am sorry’ some are losing insurance plans”. See above.
-”Jesse White friend accused of double-billing state”. NO! That’d never happen. Not HERE!
-”Chicago-area companies chewing over ban on trans fats”. Believe it or not, I saw some comments on the net from folks saying they shouldn’t do this. After further review, moi agrees. We should also bring back DDT, thalidomide, asbestos and end all clean-air regs.
-AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: “Swiss scientists: Arafat probably poisoned”. No! Are you effin-kiddin’ me? POISONED? Who’d ever think of doing such a heinous thing? To Yassir Arafat?
-”The Big Bang Theory”. Last night’s episode took awhile before getting traction but once it did, MBH ‘n’ moi were LOFAO!
It didn’t hurt that Bob Newhart reprised his role as Arthur Jeffries, aka, ”Professor Proton”. Bill Nye the Science Guy also made a cameo. Raj and Wolowitz had a couple “moments”, too. There’s a reason this show won the Emmy for Best Comedy series.
-Previously, moi mentioned Doc Holliday and the Earp-bros. Well, fans of older films will want to tune into TCM Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, as they are showing the following in primetime: “High-Plains Drifter” starring Clint Easwood; “The Party”, starring Peter Sellers as Mr. Bakshi, a dorkaleptic-actor mistakenly invited to a Hollywood “party”. This was a reuniting of Sellers and “The Pink Panther”/”A Shot in the Dark”, director, Blake Edwards. A word of warning. To underscore the “party” atmosphere, Edwards allowed the ambient sound…much like one would experience at, well, a party…instead of “filtering” it out. It’s from 1967, so there are some jokes which will seem dated. Still, Sellers’ lunacy is well-presented and he is hilarious as Hrundi Bakshi…as are other scenes. We next have the 1957 western-classic, ”The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral”, starring Burt Lancaster as Wyatt Earp; Kirk Douglas as Doc Holliday”, along with Arlene Dahl, John Ireland, Lyle Bettger, (who always seemed to play some kind of scumbag) and a very young, Dennis Hopper. The “mood music” was accentuated by Fankie Layne’s singing of “OK! Corral!” OK! Corral!”
-”Thor: The Dark World”. Hmmmm. Roeper gives it 2-1/2 stars; ‘GNs Dean Richards gives it a B+. Guess that’s why we go to the show. Will let you know if it was worth the price of admission/time, sometime next week.
-”The Trials of Muhammad Ali”.This is a film about the trials and tribulations of one, Cassius Clay, aka, Muhammad Ali, who once he became a Muslim, suddenly abhorred violence so much that he refused to be drafted into the Army. OK. BUT, he continued to ply his trade as The Heavyweight Champion of the World by knocking another human being senseless in a boxing ring. That reasoning did not compute in 1964 and it does not now. For you youngins out there, if you were a 19-year-old male; able bodied…even sometimes not…Uncle Sam wanted…and more often than not, got…you/them. If/when he/thy did, generally, they wound up in camo in the rice paddies of “Southeast Asia”, fighting for the freedom of people who didn’t seem want us there.
By the time it ended, over 58,000 American GIs were dead and over 153,000 were wounded…some of those WIAs are reading these words. Then there are those of us who got “lucky” and by that I don’t mean, laid. Some had high draft-lottery numbers; others were drafted or served in the Air Force or Navy, active or Reserve; but stayed stateside or were in Europe. BUT, as much as we hated the idea of dying in a rice paddy, we said “I do”, when asked if we swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States; follow the orders of our Commander-In-Chief and took our medicine. We did NOT hide behind some newfound religiousness and take the coward’s way out.
Sorry. Not FEEL-GOOD.
-Am sure we’ve all gone to the show and had to have had to deal with compulsive-talkers at the show. These – usually – are teen-agers or younger.
However, there’s another group who ain’t so young. I refer to old farts, of course. I don’t know…never have by the way…what it is that causes some old farts to think that just because they’re old(er) that that gives them some kind of license for boorish behavior.
We ran into this when we went to see “Capt. Phillips”. Believe it or not, there was an old woman…yes, she was quite older than us…sitting three or four rows ahead of us who just could not shut off her phone.
Another not-so-FEEL-GOOD. SORRY.
-No, not gonna say DaFlubs hiring Rick Renteria’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as it’d be the wrong metaphor,
as, obviously, DaFlubs are the Titanic, which is incorrect as though it did sink, DaFlubs have hardly any chance to succeed while the Titanic was deemed unsinkable before it left port. In baseball terms, that would seem to be a lock to win the World Series and we all know how silly even thinking of a World Series in Wrigley Field would be.
That said, yet another lamb is being led to the slaughter. From what I’ve read, it seems he’s a nice guy…a teacher/mentor, if you will. There have been those of this sort who had been successful; some wildly so…the “wildly” would be one St. Vincent Lombardi, who never held a head coaching job but became the GM and head coach of moi’s Packehs. The similarity is, after many seasons of failure, the team was loaded with high draft choices in need of nurturing, guidance and leadership. If we are to believe the TheoCrats and what they’ve been telling us, that’s coming soon to a ballpark near you at 1060 W. Addisno Street, ChiTown, USA. We’ll see.
As I have with all the Cubs managers over the years…same as I do with all Presidents…I wish him well and nothing but success. Thing is, he’s their 5th manager in 11-years. And, being that we’ve had two seasons which set a record for losses in that time, “lowered-expectations” are easy to come by, so…here we go again, I guess…or BOHICA.
In what may become a “good news/bad news” situation, Jay Cutler’s been cleared to play in Sunday’s game against the Detroyit Lions. That’s the good. Though the “bad” may not even occur, it’s worth mentioning. A pulled groin can take anywhere form 4-to-6-to-8-weeks to heal, depending on the severity of it. The talking-heads around town are saying if this game were not for 1st-place, he wouldn’t be playing. Moi agrees. Here’s why. Though he’s been cleared, the Lions have DonkeyKongSue and Nick Fairley in their front-four. These guys are hellacious pass rushers who are hard to block and who feast on opposing QBs. Rceall, it was DonkeyKong who’s put Jay down a couple times…rather “oomphied”, too.
So, here’s the background. There’s a three-way in the SFC North, with DaBears, moi’s Packehs and Detroyit. Detroyit owns the tie-breaker, so far, in head-to-head with DaBears; while DaPack does with Detroyit. If DaBears and Packehs win, they’re tied for 1st but DaBears would be IN first as they own the tie-breaker with DaPack. If Detroyit and DaPack win, they’re in a tie for 1st, with DaPack IN first as THEY own the tie-breaked against Detroyit. If DaPack loses, whichever team wins at Soldiers Field, Sunday, is in sole-possession of 1st-place in the SFC del Norte.
As a lifelong PackerBacker, the names of Starr, Hadl, Dickey, Majkowski, Favre and Rodgers echo in moi’s ears. Somehow, Seneca Wallace just does not fit but lkike Scott Hunter, fit he must as, for whatever their reasoning, “He Da Man”! Don’t know if it’s cap-considerations or stubbornness, whatever it is, SenecaAppleJuice is their starting QB, Sunday against the Iggles in GreenBay.
It would seem with A-Aron’s former back-up, Matt Flynn having cleared waivers, they might be interested. Honestly, I don’t know. We’ll see.
Trouble is, A-Aron’s broken clavicle ain’t gonna heal in a game-and-a-half, + the Bye week, like Jay’s groin. So, they need to keep pace and – apparently – are willing to take their chances that they will with SenecaAppleJuice. They have Philly, Sunday, at home; travel to N’Yawk, to play the GnatBirnbaums; host DaQueenies in 11/24 and travel to Detroyit for Thanksgiving. It seems they’re hope is that their “D” and running game will have to do and that Juicy will play well enough NOT to lose and by Thanksgiving, A-Aron will return. I honestly, don’t know about that. If they do that….if McCarthy can take them as beat up as they are and prevail long enough for A-Aron to return, they’ll name a street after HIM in Green Bay, too, as that will go down as one of the greatest jobs of coaching in the team’s…if not the Collective’s…history. I don’t think it will. Oh well. At least my Sunday’s are freer.
They host Utah, tonight. They’re 1-3 but as the saying goes, it’s early.
They’re at Dallas, tomorrow and then host Edmonton, Sunday. They seem to be playing a bit better, lately.
Am going to wind things up as my chili pot’s awaiting and it’s getting late.
Have a great weekend and remember, any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots, is a good one.
P.S. Hope you enjoyed “The Unruly Hare”.

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