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Lions, Packers and Bears oh My!

lionspackersGood day, all!


Before getting started, I would like to apologize for the flustercuck which was our last missive. As I have been mentioning, Yahoo’s been having its issues, which spilled over to DaTwacks last Friday, when I thought I had been posting my proofread, complete post, which was neither. Sorry.


We got our first, real snow of the season and it’s not even traditional winter, though it is…at least in meteorological terms. Spent about an hour-and-a-half with my gal, Bessie, clearing the walks and alley. Now, Apollo’s chariot is in the southern sky.

Hope he stays around for awhile and melts whatever was left on the walks, though it seems Zeus-Cloud Gatherer, may intervene.




536,     Belisarius took Rome.


1608,   John Milton was born.


1908,   Goin’ Lefty-Loosie, Germany passed a child-labor law, forbidding kids under 13 from working. How dare they! Think of all the devil’s workshops setting up in those fertile, idle minds! Oh, the humanity!


1918,   Kirk Douglas was born.


1925,   Richard J. Rzadzki was born. He would have been 88.


1941,  FDR told Americans to prepare for a long war. Possibly borrowing from that, Rummy uses his “long, hard, slog”, to describe the length of the Iraq War.


1942,   My second most fave MLB, ever, Dick Butkus was born. Sorry, Ray Nitschke is my fave.


1950,  Harry Truman banned exports to the Commie Chinese, which was undone by Trick M. Nixon, which has just done wonders for us all, hasn’t it?


1990,   Lech Walesa was elected President of Poland, which was the beginning of the end of the Soviet Tyunion.


2008,   Following in the footsteps of former-Illini-Guvsters, Otto Kerner, Dan Walker and George Ryan, Rod Blojobovich was arrested on federal charges, among which was the attempted sale of PrezBarry’s  former Senate seat. It also led to the eventual arrest and incarceration of former Illini Congressman Jesse-Cubed, this year.



-There’s a report that Seymour Hersch, he of Mi Lai fame, has discovered Barry & Co., engaged in “cherry picking” intel on Syria and sarin gas attacks, to fit their narrative. Here’s a link:


We cannot take StubCo down for their doing so in the Iraq run-up but let this go. If it’s wrong for Stub…it’s wrong for Barry.



-The pastor of St. Alphonsus Church in Lake View…a Twacker’s former parish and one of many an acquaintance of moi’s high school years…has been asked to step down amid allegations that he had, “…sexual contact with a child nearly 20-years ago while working at an Orland Park parish”. A couple T-s are from Orland and may be familiar with the Rev. Michael W. O’Connell.


Hmmm. Frankie’s office likens these charges as to having occurred decades ago, which is correct. However, these also occurred under his stewardship.



-Perhaps it’s the Waltons of Bentonville, Ar., being conflated with “The Waltons” of TV fame from the ’70s to early ’80s. Don’t know but the close-in “north shore” suburb of Northbrook is fighting a Wal-Mart in their town…just as they had with Costco and Target. Hmmmm.



-A statue of the former Pinko Commie leader, was toppled in Kiev, Ukraine, yesterday.



-Remember “Sears has everything”? At one time, the retailer sold just about everything…even pre-fab houses. Recently, however, Wal-Mart, Target among others have taken away much of their customer base. Many stores have been closed and they are selling-off assets, Land’s End being the most recent. We live a short ways from what once was…don’t know anymore…of the best performing store they had in the country. It’s a 5-or 6-story building which dominates the “Six Corners” shopping area on ChiTown’s northwest side. My late mother-in-law also worked there for over 20-years.


The other day, we went there for one of their special sales. If we didn’t know that it’s the Christmas Season, we would not have once we walked in. I’m not talking about Macy’s, nee Field’s, downtown, decorations. I’m talking that it looked as if it were decorated for Christmas by agnostics. In some areas of the store, the words sparse or barren came to mind.


Too bad. WLS-TV and Radio used to stand for “World’s Largest Store”, which was Sears. Hopefully, the 75-year-old store will remain but it’s hard to see how…at least the way it’s been…and is being…run.









-The Big screen on the small screen.

With Saturday being December 7th, TCM ran quite a few WWII films, among them “Air Force” and “From Here to Eternity”. Watched “Air Force”, which was pure propaganda. Anyone not prepared to hear ” dirty Japs”, etc., don’t watch. However, that was the tenor of the times, 1943.


-Speaking of the tenor of the times, we also watched the 1958 release, “The Defiant Ones”, which featured Tony Curtis and Sydney Poitier as escapees from a chain gang in Mississippi, I believe. Folks, if the big “N” is troublesome, don’t watch. This is a gritty depiction of crude folks in a different time. However, to not use the dialogue they did would be a lie.


It’s still powerful.


Both actors went on to further stardom.



I like this show but as I’d mentioned to MBH last night, the main characters are fairly creepy. Yes, they’re dealing in national security but they have little to no regard for whatever danger they may put others in as means to their ends.


Also, I may be over-the-top with this but no way does Carrie keep position job after what she did!



-I get a warm ‘n fuzzy feeling when_______.


Here are a few I thought of…


“…a toilet overflows and I wasn’t the last one to use it.”


“…I can say I did NOT go to Jared’s!”



-Anyone seen the A T & T Uverse commercial with the two young black kids marveling over the fact that 4-shows can be recorded at once and how with their previous service, lost out on an episode of “Scooby-Doo”? They lament how all of a sudden, he had a cousin; how the “…narrative is completely lost”?


It’s a good one.





-A couple weeks ago, I posited that a Detroyit loss to moi’s Packehs on Thanksgiving Day would be something Bears fans should hope for, which was received with unbelievable rancor. How dare I even THINK that  Bears fans would want the Packers to win? STONE HIM! BLASPHEMER! IS LYNCHING STILL ILLEGAL?


OK, fine. The team which defines the following: “Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates”, the Lions, are now 7-6 after losing to Philadelphia. Had they lost to Green Bay, they would be 6-7. DaBears are 6-6 and host Dallas tonight; at Soldiers Field; where the temps will be arctic-like…and a win would make them 7-6…all alone in 1st-place with moi’s Packehs in 2nd @ 6-6-1.


If Jim Schwartz is still coaching the Lions after the playoffs; barring an unbelievable turnaround in their play; I will be surprised.



-This one’s a poser. Their defense woke up some, yesterday, allowing 285-total yards. Yes, it was colder than a well-digger’s heinie up in “Ya, hey dere!” Land, which had some effect, but…they only really gave up one TD. OK, two but one was after a strip-sack at the Pack’s 8, I believe; the other was  Pick-6 on one of the freakiest, damn plays I can recall seeing. The ball was tipped; hit a defender’s SHOE; bounced up without touching the ground into a defender’s hands which he returned for a TD.


Matt Flynn still struggled but was better. He hit some key passes; had some dropped which were imminently-catchable; and had help from their improved ground game. Their O-line is STILL a “work in progress” but as a fan, I’d pull the permit. Yes, they’ve had significant injuries. Still….


What made me happy was they did not give up. After getting humiliated on national TV on Thanksgiving; then falling behind 21-10

at the half which incurred the wrath of the fans who most-vociferously booed their performance.


Or, as St. Vincent once said: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”


No, they ain’t going anywhere but there are three games left and they owe it to the fans and themselves to give everything they have and not stop until all their games are completed.


Answering the question, above, I think he will. Especially if Dallas wins tonight.



-Was quite happy to see the Niners put the hurt on the ScheissBirds in Frisco, yesterday. No, haven’t become a turncoat, just that I have an all-consuming enmity for the ScheissBirds and, after all, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.


Speaking of the Niners, it’s difficult not to think of their coach, Jim HairBag. One of you once said I hate him because he was on the Bears. Wrong-o! While my disdain for him does emanate from his time here in Chi, it’s based on what he did…or better did not…as a Bear. Last week, Comcast Sports Talk showed an interesting stat on Bears QB-ratings with 200 or more pass attempts.

It was about Cutler but at the very bottom, there was Hairbag with his sterling 74.2. Think about that. Think of all the QBs between his tenure from 1987 to 1993 to now. Do the name Shane Matthews strike a familiar note? HIS QB rating was 75.1.

HairBag was at the bottom.


BUT, to watch HairBag, you would have thought that he was the Johnny U. of his day.



-After their last game, it seemed as if the honeymoon between ChiTown’s sports scribes and MarkyMarc seemed to be winding down a bit. We’ll know after tonight’s game, especially if he pulls another Neil Armstrong-like move on a field goal or something similar.



-Though I am nowhere near an orange and blue-bleeder, I do appreciate excellence and that will be acknowledged by the Bears, tonight, when they retire Mike Ditka’s number 89.  As much as I don’t care for what he’s become, as a player, he was everything a pro football player is supposed to be. A couple weeks ago; on the anniversary of JFK’s assassination; they showed a play from their game played the Sunday after that where he caught a pass and damn near dragged half the Steelers defense for yards.

He played in the same era as HOF John Mackey and Ron Kramer of Detroit and Green Bay. That was when football was football.


As a coach, no one would ever confuse him with St. Vincent, Bill Walsh, Paul Brown, Tom Landry, you name them. However, he took a moribund group of high-draft choices, brought about by years of not playing real well, a la The Niners and Detroit, recently and whipped them into what became a for-real group of “Monsters of the Midway”. He let his co-ordinators co-ordinate and ran the team. Unfortunately, his tenure paralleled that of Mikey McCaskey as their President, which was too bad for him and ChiTrs.



-Here’s Gordon Wittenmyer’s take on them and the Winter Meetings:




-It’s official. As much as I want to, I must refrain from actively watching them as every time I do, well you know. That said, they won yesterday but it cost them Crawford for an undetermined amount of time with a “lower body injury”. Oh yeah, I wasn’t watching.



-As you may recall, we have a little thing around here we refer to as “BFW Football”., which is our weekly SFC Football pool. Going in to last night’s game, yerztruly had but one loss…Pittsburgh to Miami in an upset, with the Saints hosting Carolina. I’d picked Carolina over the Saints, as they’ve been hotter than, you-know-who in a string-bikini. Then around 7:20 PM in the evening, their QB, Cam Newton was interviewed by Bob Costas and I was reminded of how little regard I have for that spoiled brat. I then thought, how can I pull for HIS team, so I can win the pool, which I’m tied for 2nd-place going in to tonight’s game and live with moi’s self?. I decided I couldn’t, so turned on the computer and hoping against hope that I could change my pick, I waited. I could by 2-minutes; made the change and the rest, as they say, is history. However, when the PantsHers marched down the field like Sherman through Georgia on their first-possession, I haftasay, I was worried.


OK, time to go.


Hope all is well wherever you are and remember, any day we can look down at a rosebush instead of up at its roots is a good one.









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