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Let these idiots kill themselves off… and Superman! (no, you can’t kill HIM off!)

Good morning. Going to be short ‘n’ sweet as am having some new brakes put on The Big Fella and the installer’s due here in an hour or so.


We are at the cusp of Father’s Day weekend which I approach bittersweetly as I do miss mine very much. But, I also have my kids who make me feel like a million bucks, even though my value may only be in Confederate dollars.


We have a bit of a mixed bag on this FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY/Flag Day as far as what occurred on this date in history. For instance, in…


1893, Philadelphia observed the first Flag Day.

Really Syria?

Really Syria?


1942, The Supreme Court decreed that rules requiring students to salute the flag were unconstitutional. Freakin’ lefties!


1946, The bane of common sense and Dean of Bloviated-Boorishness, Donald Trump was born.


1949, The State of Vietnam was formed.


1951, The Sperry UNIVAC, the first commercial computer was demonstrated in Philadelphia.


3-outta-5 ain’t bad.



Talk about “Dog bites man”!



China’s state-controlled news agency says the U.S.’ international reputation is being tarnished by the “hacking scandal” uncovered by Snowden’s revelations. Kinda “Pot, meet kettle”, no?




The U.S. has confirmed Syria used chemical weapons on its own people, crossing Barry’s threshold. Talk about a Catch-22. By the way, it’s said establishing and maintaining a “No-Fly Zone” will cost upwards of $50,000,000.00/day.


This is going to sound real cold; impractical and not FEEL-GOOD but really, we should let these idiots just kill each other off.





This latest in a long line of Superman comic books; TV shows and films has opened to mixed reviews, with the S-T’s Richard Roeper giving a semi-sweet, 2-stars, while ‘GN’s Dean Richards gave it a B+.


We’ll still go to see it as we, Ma ‘n’ Pa Rats, grew up on The Man of Steel.



Watched this season’s penultimate episode, last night and am inching ever more certainly towards only occasional viewing if it is renewed for next year. It’s just too gruesome.







Unbelievably, DaBOHICUBS outlasted the Reds, yesterday 6-5 in 14-innings.


Starlin Castro nearly wore goat-horns in Rat’sNest:and after he did his “Cadillac” out of the batters box in the 9th, when he did his Mohair Sam, Slow Walk, thinking he’d hit the game-winning homer, only to have it be blown back into play and bounce off the wall. He barely made it to 2nd and then was left stranded. Had he run he had a chance for a triple as the ball bounced back a long way off the wall. Oh, well. He did score the game-winner on a Julio Borbon single in the 14th.


Breaking from their usual script, their starter, Parkay, wasn’t very effective allowing 5-runs on 10 hits in 6-innings. It was their bullpen which held the Reds in check for the ensuing 8-innings.


By the way, how did those idjit Reds fans get in the first row seats behind the plate? AND, how was it that no self-respecting Cubs fans didn’t get down there to break their legs when they decided to do “The Wave”. Oh well.


They travel to Mutts Land on Long-Guy-Land for three. Da Mutts’ record is 24-37…actually worse than DaBOHICBS. This is a “throw out the record books” series as I HATE the Mets. I have since 1969 and always will. Sorry. Not FEEL-GOOD but if they win or sweep this series, it sure as hell will be!



DaSOX travel to the As-stro-holes for three.


They should fatten up on the bottom-feeders of the AL.



Have it on, now. It’s only 57-degrees, which is pretty chilliy for mid-June and The U.S. Open. It’s usually hot and humid, not to mention the most serious test in golf.


What I am particularly enjoying is a somewhat “short” golf course taking these guys to school. There are only 5 guys under par, with the leader, Lefty, at -3. The course, while soft after the rains, was causing them all sorts of grief. Can only imagine what’ll happen when it warms; dries out and firms up. Can’t wait.


OK, time to go. Sorry for the brevity but gotstago.


Take care. Guys, have a great Father’s Day and all, please remember, any day we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots is a good one.





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