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Left waiting for the NFL Training Camps to open?

Happy day-after-Pappy-Day, everyone!

I hope all you Dads had as nice of a Father’s Day as me. Spent quality time with the kids at La Casa Del Waton, just enjoying being together. Truly, I am blessed. Tomorrow is my first, official Father’s Day gift’s birthday. Yes, Watette #1 was born ON Father’s Day in 19…never mind. But since then, I’ve enjoyed being a Dad, which may be the most satisfying experience of my life…as she and her sisters have made me very, very, happy to be their Dad.


OK, onward and upward….



As many impactful events occurred over Saturday, Sunday and today, have decided to  do some “WayBack Machine” stuff, courtesy of We’ll begin with the 14th in…

1642,   Massatoosits adopted the first compulsory education law, i.e., the birth of public education.


1775,   The Continental Congress founded the U.S. Army.


1846,   Out west, a group of settlers declared the place where they’d settled to be a republic. That place having been, California.


1942,   In the midst of WWII, The Supremes ruled it was unconstitutional to require students to salute the flag. Hmmmm. Wonder what the Tea Party’d think of THAT!


1949,   The former French-Indochina became Vietnam.


1954,   The first nationwide Civil Defense drill against an atomic attack was held. Recall, this was what comedian Lewis Black referred to when he mentions that in the face of a nuclear fireball, we school-aged kids were told to dive under our “wooden” desks.




1215,   King John signed Magna Carta, the first charter limiting the powers of the King. Prior to that, legend tells us Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, were much of the cause for this.


1752,   Former President Benjamin Franklin…well, Sarah Palin thinks so…and his son, tested the relationship between lightning and electricity by flying a kite in a thunderstorm. Don’t be too hard on Caribou Barbie. She was probably looking out her window at Russia when she said that.


1836,   The home of Slick Willie Clinton, Arkansas, was admitted as the 25th State in the Union. Make of that whatever you wish.




455,    Rome was sacked by the Vandal Army. It was terrible. They spray-painted graffiti on the Coliseum and everything!


1858,   Abraham Lincoln accepted the nomination of the Republican Party for the Senate, declaring: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.


1890,   Comedian, Stan Laurel of ”Laurel & Hardy”, was born.


Laurel & Hardy – Finger Wiggle

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1910,   The first observance of Father’s Day was held in Spokane, Washington.


1932,   The ban on Nazi Storm Troopers was lifted in Germany. Keep moving, folks. Nothing going on here. Keep moving! Keep moving!


1935,   Much to the chagrin of today’s Tea Partiers, among others, FDR’s “New Deal” was passed by the House.


1955,   Much to the chagrin to young American men, the House voted to extend the Selective Service System until 1959.



This is the front-page story on the S-T, this morning. At a time when the state; its counties and its biggest city, ChiTown, are strapped for cash, one might think that the Speaker of the House of the State of Ella Noise; one of the key folks in trying to disentangle the States’, County’s and City’s pension funds, would be in the forefront in doing everything possible to get as much income for the State; it’s counties, cities and biggest city, Chitown…especially when he’s a citizen of The City of Big Shoulders, (CBS). Also, at a time when CBS is looking at YUGE increases in property taxes, one might think he’d be looking for ways to mitigate them for homewonrs, too, wouldn’t one?


Read on…


Madigan firm got $1.7M tax break for contractor, its partners

Madigan firm got $1.7M tax break for contractor, its par…

THE WATCHDOGS: Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan’s law firm got a tax break of more than $1.7 million for a group including Mesirow Financial Services,…
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The thing is, this happens all the time. And we who live here get it stuck up our heinies, so fat-cats can get away, cheap. And, he’s not he only DemPol who’s done this sort of thing. Oh well.




-A few years ago, certain folks were heard to say, “The world’s a better place without Saddam Hussein”. Maybe. However, since his execution in December, 2006, what many had feared even prior to starting Bush’s War that after he was executed and we left…per Bush’ agreement with Bush’ guy, Maliki, that Iraq would fall into sectarian violence, which it has. Shit-eye and Sunnyside Muslims are killing each other, as they have, all over issues as to whom the “…rightful successors to Mohammed…”, are, among other things.


Folks, Christians around the world have differences in their beliefs, as do Jews and just about most other religions. No? Just listen to a devotee of Jerry Falwell and Pope Francis or an Orthodox Jew and a Modern Jew and you’ll know . BUT, they don’t murder each other…nor those who have less than nothing to do with their differences of opinions on their faiths.


Anyway, now that Saddam’s gone and we, well, the Bushies, replaced him, what’s going on? It’s not like no one told them ahead of time. But Wolfowitz; Dummy-Rummy; Five-Deferment-Dick; Billy KristolBalls got their way; we’re STILL paying for that; 4000 of our kids are gone and there’s STILL no end in sight.


Mission Accomplished, boys.


Which leads to wondering about those billions of dollars we spent “training” the Iraqis to protect themselves and when they’re faced with an enemy force much smaller than they; just like Saddam’s guys when ours showed up in the first Gulf War, they dropped their rifles and ran.


No more Americans there.



-Takes one to know one?



-This goes out to FOX Newsman, Chris Wallace. The guy’s solid. Makes one wish there were Conservative as he were more in control.




As this was a “holiday-weekend”, somewhat not too much tube was watched. We recorded “Game of Thrones” season-ender, as well as this week’s “Penny Dreadful”, so nothing on those, yet.


Did watch the Peter Sellers/Blake Edwards, “The Party” from ’68, where Sellers plays inept Indian actor, Hrundai V. Bakshi. In the pre-show with Simon Helberg from “The Big Bang Theory”, he observed that a film as this wouldn’t be made today. That said, we got a few chuckles. One thing was interesting to observe was some of the things which we thought were the way things were supposed to be.


HBO is showing “Wolverine”, this coming Saturday. We missed this “X-Men” extra at the shows, so will give it a shot on the small screen.




-No, it wasn’t that Tigger wasn’t playing. It was because it seemed the only one who was, was German, Martin Kaymer, the same guy who played the same way at The Players on Mother’s Day, that I didn’t watch much of the Open.


I didn’t watch much as after he’d posted his 10-under after Round Two, no one seemed interested in catching him. Wait. That’s incorrect. No one seemed capable of catching him. Around 3, yesterday afternoon, he held a 5-shot lead, (I believe) over Ricky Fowler, who was 3-under. Kaymer was in trouble with Fowler putting for birdie. I heard Johnny Miller say, “Two-shot swing?”, when Fowler missed his putt and Kaymer then sank his par putt. That “two-shot swing”, that suddenly would have put the game in reach was not to be.


One has to hand it to this young man. He posted a 10-under after the first two rounds, when the course was playing “relatively” easy for an Open course. Everyone else seemed to be on a safety-first campaign, with nobody even close to him. And, with the weekend’s pin-placements, historically, murderously-nasty, teeing up on Saturday with an 8-shot lead, just shooting par would be good. As things turned out, he won by 8; shooting 1-over for Rounds 3 and 4.


As I said, I didn’t watch much as, well, there wasn’t much to watch.


And, no, I did not miss Woods. What I did miss was some Tour Champs who decided NOT to show up. Oh well.



-Just heard that Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn passed away a short time ago after battling cancer.

The guy could flat-out, hit.  He spent his entire 20-year career in San Diego, which while it was where he wanted to play, may have kept him from being even better known.


While not known for his power, here are some numbers which you may/should appreciate:


2440 games; 9288 A/Bs; 3141 hits; 790 BBs, (he reached base, safely, without an out, 3931 times), OBP of .388; Slugging, .459 or OPS of .847!


Oh yeah, in ’94 he hit .394, the highest since George Brett hit .390 in ’80…and the highest I’ve ever seen.


Imagine if he’d played in LA; ChiTown; N’Yawk or Bahstehn!




-In N’yawk, Knicks fans fondly recall Willis Reed gamely, lamely dragging his body along on one leg.


-In ChiTown, the same for Bulls fans for MJ’s “flu-game” wherein he scored 38-points in Game 5 against Utah; with them  winning the title in Game 6.


-Packers fans, the same for Brett Favre’s throwing for 399-yeards and 4-TDs against the Raiders the day after his father died. (Not NBA but a triumph over adversity.)


-Miami Heat fans will recall watching ”the greatest basketball player on the planet”; sitting on the bench in the 4th quarter; while his team is down 20 in a Game 5 loss which gave the San Antonio Spurs the 2014 NBA Title.


That said, if he wants to play here, I’ll take him.



-No slight here. As Joe wrote earlier, the Kings won that final the same way they won the Conference Finals against the Hawks. They out-skated; outhit and out-defended their opponents and in plain English, wanted it more.


Rene should be proud.




-Won their first road-series since last year against Phillie! By virtue of that, they are now the third-worst team in MLB.


That said, Rizzo’s looking much better. His B/A is up to .282, with 14-homers and 37 RBI. Castro’s right behind him at .281. Still, so what?  Any of the pitchers they have…some of whom have looked pretty good…will be gone by the end of July.



-Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything last time, as since I did, they’ve lost their last 4. OK, I won’t.



-31-38, 3-7 in last 10-games.



-35-33; 6-4, last 10.



-37-34; 6-4, last 10.


Maybe ChiTowners aren’t the only ones waiting for the NFL Training Camps to open.



How ’bout that World Cup?


OK, stay cool, my friends.


Remember, any day we can look down at a plant instead of up at its roots, it’s a good one.




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