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Around the League…


Good day.
Sorry am late but have had a buncha stuff to do, today and wanted to get it finished before ChiTown becomes a sauna with all the steamy weather heading our way…possibly a record high of 95, tomorrow. And I thought I had my “Get Out of Using A/C Card” punched. Oh well.
Spent a very enjoyable Saturday evening at ChiTown’s “German Fest” at the intersections of Lincoln and Western Avenues with Leland Avenue, in Lincoln Square, with Ts Tom, Bill and running into T-Jayne. We enjoyed much Deutches Biers; bratwurst and thuringer sandwiches and each others’ company on a beautiful September evening.
It was even nicer to have some face-time with some of you. I was particularly gratified when it was pointed out that this vehicle on which we ride every so often, while being driven by moi is, for any and all to participate. Thanks. That’s the point of this exercise, which is occasionally missed by some newbies. No biggie.
There are some really neat things in the almanac from “Yesterday & Today”, from, which I will paraphrase. So, yesterday in…
1504,   Michelangelo’s “David” was unveiled. By the looks of it, more than likely, his model was white.
1529,   Sultan Suleiman re-entered Buda and made John Zapolai his puppet king. Fear not, King Zapolai’s scions may have eventually gone on to found “Zappo’s Shoes” and if so, have done rather well. Thank you.
1922,   One of America’s funniest people, Sid Caesar was born.
1925,   One of the world’s funniest people, Peter Sellers, was born. “Does your dog bite?” “I submit. Msr. Balon, you killed him in a rit of fealous jage!”
1944,   The Germans began their V-2 rocket attacks against London. Little did Londoners know this was merely an exercise in developing an inertial guidance system which would be employed by their allies, the U.S. of A., in the 1950s; leading to the establishment of NASA.
1960,   Penguin Books in Britain was charged with obscenity for attempting to publish D. H. Lawrence’s “Lady Chaterly’s Lover”. What a bunch of “John Thomases” they were!
1974,   President Gerald R. Ford, pardoned disgraced former-President Trick M. Nixon for any crimes arising form the Watergate Scandal. It is said, and I’m not kidding, that Ford said by doing so that indicated that there actually WAS criminal activity, otherwise there would have been no reason for the pardon. Cynics say it was his “Thank You” card to Nixon for the Presidency.
This is one of those in  which there’s some truth on either side of that issue.
1087,   Will-I Am the Conqueror died in Rouen, France, in a war begun over the King of France’s joking that he was, “fat”. And you all thought WE had stoopid reasons for wars.
1786,   That pinko-commie George Washington called for the abolition of slavery!
1850,   In the midst of their great gold rush, California entered the Union and because of all that gold, pretty much decided their state’s boundaries. Watch “How the States Got Their Shapes”, for the details.
1926,   Radio Corporation of America, aka RCA created the National Broadcasting Company, aka, NBC.
1941,   Otis Redding was born, only later to be seen “Stittin’ on the dock of the bay. Watchin’ the tides roll away”.
1949,   Joe “Theisman as in ‘Heisman’; though it actually was pronounced as “THEES-man”, as in Hees man, was born. His legacy  or main claims to fame are: being a so-so football player; then announcer and ad man for  prostate meds, AND,  one of the grisliest scenes of a broken leg, ever, on the tube; in a Monday Night Game in Week 11 of the 1985 season by Giants’ lineman, Harry Carson. OUCH!
1956,   Elvis made his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Yes, youngin’s, they only showed him from the waist up as they figured his gyrating hips were too suggestive for TV. Yes, “twerkin’” was unheard of back then…nor was Miley Cyrus. Hell, neither was Billy Ray for that matter.
1966,   Adam Sandler was born and after a one-time success with “The Hannukah Song” on SNL, became a mainstay of  humor on the tube and in films. Some may quibble that his humor seldom rises above toilet-level or whacks in the cojones. Oh well. At least he’s not sharing it with Sid Caesar or Peter Sellers.
-”Rahm taps ex-alderman for Metra board”.
True story: “I’m not here as a person who rides Metra every day. I’m a bicyclist”, says former Alderman, Marty Oberman. Another “biker”. Think they compared their “tats” and that’s Marty got the job? Jujst askin’. ;-)
-”Obama fighting uphill battle over Syria”.
Since I heard NeoCon/ChickenHawk, BillyBoy Kristol – who has never found a war he wouldn’t want someone other than he to fight – say he wants us to get deeply involved, I am more convinced than ever that we shouldn’t get involved. Again…yes. I know. People are dying.
Here’s the link to today’s S-T editorial on the NSA spying made known by Fast Eddie Snowden. Yes, I don’t like that he’s darn near defected to the Russkies.  and that he did release extremely sensitive info, which may have many untold consequences, with which I disagree.
But the fact that this stuff’s coming to light, well, see for yourselves:
-Took in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire, last night. Had watched it for awhile when it first began but fell away from it. Decided to give it a try with MBH, as she seems to like all sortsa stuff that has anything to do with the “Roaring Twenties” or Al Capone, etc.
Kind of gritty and nasty but, hey, it’s an earlier incarnation of “The Sopranos”.
-Also watched HBO’s “The Newsroom”. Yes, it leans left as does its creator, Aaron Sorkin. That said, I find it really interesting in how they weave in actual events to the show(s).
Yes, we really could do without the soliloquies and over-the-top, badinage. It can become a tad grating. Their last show of their season is next week, I believe.
-Will tune in tonight, for “Ray Donovan” on Showtime, which is also headed for its season’s end in a week or so.
-Have decided that unless there’s a conflict, will see about getting into “Homeland”. Yes, I know, it’s hard to follow but I did watch some of it, previously.
-”Under the Dome” is also running up against its season’s end, which will be next Monday.
-”Modern Family” fans who missed some of the earlier episodes, they will be rerun on USA Network beginning 9/22 and on local
TV on FOX-32, weeknights at 6:30 on 9/23.
Before getting started, permit me a few words, please. Thanks.

you may have beard pealing across the country from the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas; across the high and low deserts of the southwest; over the “purple mountains’ majesty above the fruited plains” of the midwest; ending at the toilet-paper capital of the U.S. of A., Green Bay, Wisconsin, came from their Defensively-defensive coordinator…one, Dom Capers, as the “GENIUS” label was unmercifully torn from his forehead by the 49ers, after their rookie QB – for all intents and purposes, as he has yet to play a full-season – torched his team AGAIN, after his high-geniosity had not 1, nor 2; nor 3,4, nor 5; not 6 but 7…SEVEN…fastin’ months to devise a defense so as NOT to get torched buy this guy in two, successive games for, ahem, 900-fastin’ yards!
Nor, was the guy who died falling from a ramp at “The Stick”, Coach Capers, having been tossed over the rail by Head Coach Mike McCarthy. Sadly, it was some Niners fan who was a tad over-served. Too bad, as after one week, his team seems to be the best in the Conference.
St. Vincent Lombardi wrote a book called, “Run To Daylight”. Recent Packers’ teams seem to have read “Run To Heinies”, as they never seem to look for the “daylight” and cutback to the open hole(s). Instead, they just follow the linemen into areas already clogged with defenders…unlike Matt Forte who looks for the opening(s); cuts and takes off. I wish a Green Bay RB would…just once…see the hole and cutback against the grain like him. Instead, they have their noses up the lineman’s butts and just plow ahead for little – or no – yardage. Oh well.
Stupid penalties: Clay Matthews, Jr., Josh Sitton, et al; turnovers; a pee-pee poor running game; blown assignments followed by pee-pee poor tackling and idiotic decision-making by their occasional kick-returner,  #10, made for a long day for yerztruly. That said, the Niners seem to be solid in all aspects of the game.
Speaking of which, please see the following link on that blown call from the Packers/Niners game. Totally agree with McCarthy. They didn’t play well enough to win. Had they, no guarantee they would have won but far too many mistakes were made…all over the fastin’ field..offense, defense, special teams. They earned that loss.
-DaBears played well enough to outlast the Bungles. Stupid penalties and turnovers by Cincy, “…paved the way to victory…”, for the denizens of 1410 Museum Drive, Chicago. As noted above, you can’t give your opponents any “extras”, which Cincy seemed
ready, willing and able to do. Too bad, as I had them and for awhile was feeling like Little Jack Horner. Alas and alack, when I stuck in my thumb…a bear bit it.
Like many teams, it took the “O” awhile to get their “land legs” but the “D” – again – saved the day with some key INTs and fumble recoveries, until they did. They made whatever halftime adjustments were necessary and prevailed. Nice win.
DaBears capitalized on situations they were given…or they forced…and won. As with most of the games, yesterday, they were rusty. Seeing as many f-ups as I had, I’m beginning to think the folks saying there’s no need for 4-exhibition/practice games, are full of beans.
-Being that Clay Matthews, Jrs.’ personal foul was on Fox’ national game, it seems to be receiving the most coverage. However, the Bungles bungled away a lead with stupid penalties at the worst times. #54, Lavon David of the TampaxBoys’ late hit out of bounds with mere seconds left; putting the Yets! Yets! Yets! in field goal range with mere seconds left in the game, may have been about as stupid as stupid gets. They had just gone down the field and kicked the go-head FG for a 17-15 lead with 34-seconds left and the Yets! having no timeouts!
-Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! was going on in Buffalo?
-The Jags are just that…Jags.
-Colts 21-Raiders 17…in Indy?
-There is no way…no mutha-luvin’ way that Seattle should be considered in the same category as the Niners. They beat a 7-9 team from last year 12-7 and that’s “Super Bowl” caliber? Not in this little corner of the world. The Niners are about as complete a team as there is in the Commune. And, no, not because they beat my guys. They can run and pass and defend both.
Someone accused me of not liking Hairbag because he was a Bear. Not exactly. My dislike of him stems back to then but not because he was a Bear. Rather, it was what he was when he was…a Bear. He was nothing more than unremarkable as a QB. If/when Tommy Waddle ever suffers from CTE, his family should sue Hairbag for all the times he just hung Waddle out to dry on poorly thrown passes over the middle. That and the fact that he acted as if her was the second coming of Sid Luckman. And, I believe, it was his agent who first came up with the most misleading, incorrect stat EVER…wins when a guy was the QB. The games those Bears teams won were mainly due to their dominating defense…not him. If he had been anywhere near as good as he thought he was, do you think the Bears would have let him go to Indy?
That said, comparing him to the Bozo in Detroyit, who’s had more, high-round, draft picks than the Niners, only shows that Hairbag’s a much better coach and if my guys think they’re going back to the S/B, they have to get past the Bears, first and then, maybe, the Niners again…if at all.
-Purple Jesus just wasn’t enough for the Viqueens to beat Detroyit in Detroyit.
-Is rust beginning to form on the Stillers? Sure seemed so.
-It’s The Iggles at the ‘Skins and Texicans @ the ThunderBolts, tonight.
-From what I am hearing, it’s a good thing I didn’t bother with the Gnats/CowGals game.
That said, and even though my guys lost, it sure as hell is more fun talking about something other than our local besiboll teams.
OK, that’s about it for t’day. Remember, anytime we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots, is a good one.



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