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Labored yesterday… today is short n sweet!

Good day after Labor Day!


As I have far more to do today than I had thought, will be short ‘n’ sweet.

It is a beautiful day, though. 65 at 7 AM in the morning, with sun-splashed puffy, white clouds overhead. Mentioned to MBH that September and mid-May to mid-June are my fave times of year. Warm sun with cool breezes to moderate things. Besides, we now have “energy-free days”. If it feels warm; open the windows…if cool, close them. Nice, huh? I think so.

OK, let’s see what happened “Yesterday and Today” in history according to, shall we?




1789,  The Treasury Department was created. Not sure if this one was on Rick Perry’s “hit list” of departments he’d eliminate. “Whoops”.


1798,   The Maltese revolted against the French, eventually leading Dashiell Hammet to write a book about a fabled “Falcon”; “…the stuff that dreams are made of…”.


1945,  VJ-Day. Emperor Hirohito signed the documents of surrendered on the deck of the USS Missouri, ending WWII.

On that same day, Ho Chi Minh named himself the President of the newly formed country of Vietnam, which while they celebrated this and we celebrated the end of one war, this would lead us to yet another some 40-odd years later, which till this day, is still etched in many of our minds.


1963,   Governor of Alabama, George Corley Wallace, called in State Troopers to prevent integration of Tuskegee High School. He survived an assassination attempt while running for President in 1972, which left him wheelchair-bound till he died. Ain’t Karma a bitch?



1189,   Richard the Lionheart was crowned King after the death of Henry II. A certain guy typing this likes to think he was named after THIS Richard and not the II or III.


1260,   Sultan Qutuz’s Mamelukes defeated the Mongols and Crusaders at Ain Jalut. Rumor has it this war is STILL going on; currently in Syria.


1895,   The first professional American football game was played in Latrobe, Pa., where Rolling Rock beer may have been served as the founders began to discuss how they’d make this game of theirs into a $9-billion annual industry. Also – and for no apparent reason - attendees from Chicago, Illinois and Green Bay, Wisconsin are reputed to have begun hurling epithets such as, “Green Bay Sucks”…”Chicago sucks worse” at each other.


1965,   Carlos Irwin Estevez, aka Charlie Sheen was born. Take that for what thou wilt.


1967,   Ngyuen Van Thieu was elected as President of South Vietnam.


1969,   Ho Chi Minh, President of North Vietnam died. Too bad our involvement didn’t end then.





So now Barry has called on Congress for a vote on our intervening…or not. Honestly, I’m really ambivalent on this. My isolationist-gene says, stay the hell out…much like I felt towards Iraq. My sense of righting wrongs says, try to stop them, while

my common sense says no GIs on Syrian soil.


I sure hope this call to Congress isn’t “political” though it sure seems like it. That said, when I saw the Brits told their PM, “Hell, no! We won’t go!”, I figured, maybe we should  take a vote on this, too.


Sens. McCain and Graham are all up in it to fight any war anytime, so I don’t put much stock in their comments. Why? Too many Americans have died or are suffering from their wounds for the rest of their lives because some idjits somewhere don’t know how to conduct politics without killing each other.


This is a far-more involved situation than many seem to be portraying. While I abhor what’s being done to those poor people, I agree with the Conservative mantra that we, the U.S. are not the world’s police force.


And to think, folks avidly seek the Presidency of our country to have to make these decisions.



All y’all may find the following from Sunday’s S-T on Pharaoh Rahmses I, interesting. In it, you will see many items covered in these spaces, previously. He’s pissed off about everyone: Blacks, Hispanics; white et’nics; cops, firemen, teachers, etc., etc., etc.

Here’s the link:





-We begin yet another season of BFW Football in two days. Any interested in joining are welcome. Go to Yahoo! Sports; ProFootball Pick’em”; click on Join a Group; our Group # is 39011 and the password is LKB4ULP.


So far, we are 10 but I believe our 11th will be on board, today.



The following link is to the S-T’s Rick Telander’ column from yesterday. It is strongly suggested reading. He hits all the nails on their heads when it comes to the NFL in all the vagaries we have towards our modern-day gladiators.





-Da Sox had won 4-in-a-row till yesterday, when they got bombed by Da Bronx Bombers in New Yawk. Those 4 brought them “up” to 56-80, which translates to 96-losses.


-Fear not Flubs fans. Our Feckless Fosdicks fell to the Marlins, yesterday, bringing them to the not-so-robusto W/L of 58-79, which works out to 7-game improvement over last year’s 101-losses dropping that to a mere 94. Incremental, you say? Uh-huh.


I’m going to close with Rick Morrissey’s column on them from t’day’s S-T. Again, all nails are hit on their heads and solidly driven home. Here’s a hint. We may find ourselves, ahem, longing for those good old days of Tribster ownership, when it appeared at least they tried to win, regardless of their motivation.


Here’s the link:
OK, will close for today. Hope all y’all had a great Labor Day Weekend. I did receive many neat emails from some of you which I will endeavor to forward to all.


Remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.






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