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Knock Knock… Argo Who?

Good morning. Whilst we ChiTowners continue in our late-May/early September-type weather on 31st day of July, which also happens to be the 212th of 2013, in the Year of Our Lord, Zeus Almighty. Summer weather is expected to return with next month, which begins tomorrow and within which we shall make our Hajj to the desert southwest, Las Vegas…after our Janet’s wedding on Sunday. Undoubtedly, we will experience real summer heat there.
OK, time to go to the Way Back Machine and see what we can see that happened on this date in…
904,   Arabs captured Thessalonica, shortly after which they ordered the Epistles of St. Paul to be stricken.
1790, the U.S. Patent office opened, which led to the eventual patent issued to the eenfahmoos, “Hula Hoop”.
1891, Great Britain declared territories in Southern Africa up to The Congo to be part of their sphere of influence. However, there is no evidence that anyone within said “sphere” had anything to say about that. Never mind…progress is its own reward.
1932, Following legislative elections, the Nazi Party doubled its strength. Keep moving. Keep moving. Nothing to see here, folks.
Nothing to see here.
Knock. Knock.
Who’s there?
Argo who?
Argo eff yourself.
This is how I feel about a certain ChiTown Pol, who shall remain nameless, save for any appellation which I may attach.
Because of the ridiculous amount of ridiculousness we, MBH ‘n’ me, have had to deal with thanks to “That Certain Someone”, (TCS), I have been avoiding the news somewhat…not completely but I watch it less than before…for one simple reason. It gets me so pissed, I’ve punched the walls a couple times. I don’t need that…nor do the walls. They’re rather sturdy, plaster walls, by the way. It isn’t just what they did to MBH, it’s the ancillary-ripples with which I/we have had to deal. I am now on my 3rd set-up with Medicare, all because of this silliness. I have, literally, spent hours on the phone with the SSA, Medicare and BC/BS, changing my status as just before they cut her, I committed to them with the thought that she’d still be working. Thus, anytime I see or hear anything about that diarrheic-splatter, my gut turns; blood-pressure rises…it went up 20-points after I spoke of this whilst at Doc Feel-Good’s, Monday…that I’m leaving it to this.
As noted in the aforementioned “Knock-knock” joke,( which I heard from my bro), have you ever known someone towards whom you have such a degree of enmity that you would not say that to them as they may actually enjoy engaging in the punch line?
-Recall Lush’s admonition that we should all hope for B.O. to fail? That’s easy for any fat, blubbery walrus who makes $30-some-million/year. Hell, if the country goes to hell in a hand basket, he’s got enough to cushion his fat arse as it hits the ground.     However, for the Festivus for the RestOfUs, we’d hurt…in fact, we have and are.
I’m getting at not wanting TSC to fail as that spells worse for we City Mice who live here. That said, I sure don’t want him to do well enough that we ChiTowners get, FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS! of his silliness.
So, after someone said he liked the new Pope, he goes out and speaks like Jesus taught us in asking who is he to judge a gay person who accepts Jesus? Granted, he did not condone homosexual acts but this is miles away from what we’ve heard from The Church for years. Someone send him Monday’s Twacks?
Forgotten in the SnowdenSnowstorm, has been Pfc. Bradley Manning of Wikileaks eenfahmy. Yesterday, he was found guilty of 20 of 22 counts, save , “…aiding the enemy…” and another. That said, he faces 136-years in prison. Wannabet his wiki leaks after a few days in FedStir? He’s a real, cutie-pie, after all.
Just heard him state that he never quits. Now that’s something all guys wish they could say…that their wiener never quits.
Last year, we had the GOPer PrezCandidates knocking off each other to the point of gutting themselves; each other and their party on the national stage. Let’s face it, the White House was there for the asking…forget taking. But their internecine infighting turned off a whole lotsa folks. Had Mittsy not been so avoidant when asked simple questions about details of his assertions regarding the economy; healthcare, etc., he would/should have won. And, when those questions were posed by Bret Baier; Chris Wallace, et all on Fox News, to he and Paul Ryan; they did not…could not…answer? Not exactly inspiring.
This year, two nationally recognized GOPers are trading barbs, nationally…and making their Dem-counterparts smile. It involves Sen. Ayn Rand Paul R-Ky and Chris Christie, Guv, R-NJ. It’s regarding Ayn’s snooty-snotty comments about how Christie’s NJ has a, “Gimme, gimme, gimme”, attitude regarding aid since Superstorm Sandy, to which DaGuvster responded: “I find it interesting that Sen. Paul is accusing us of having a ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme’ attitude toward federal spending when in fact New Jersay is a donor state and we get 61-cents back on every dollar we send to Washington. Interestingly, Kentucky gets $1.51 on every dollar they send to Washington’.” That’s a riff on RomRyan’s “takers and makers” rip on their opponents and their supporters.
Here’s the thing. DaDems have been saying this about Blue states as opposed to Red States for years. In other words, the House and Senate members who scream the loudest about excessive federal spending mostly come from, hmmm, what shall we call them? How about, Taker” states?…while those from the “maker”, i.e., donor, mostly blue states, continue their donations every day and twice on Sundays to keep taker states happy.
Don’t be surprised to see DaDems bring this up, again, and again, and again…with a tip o’ the cap to Chris Christie and his hillwilliam nemesis, Ayn Rand Paul & Co.
-Didn’t get to watch the season-finale of Deadliest Catch, as last night as were involved in other stuff. Did get to see the beginning of “Casablanca”, which we had to DVR as we were both getting droopy-eyelids.
-Haven’t yet watched last Sunday’s “Ray Donovan”. I hope to do so, soon.
-Not much else. Sorry.
Hell, it IS July 31st.
-Many years ago, a certain guy who types these words would attend Cubs games with his friends, who would sit in the left-field bleachers. Things were much as they are now but without any recent success to miss, thus, we found other distractions. One was that typist turning to face his fellow bleacherites; looking up at the W.F. scoreboard and begin “prophesying” the scores of games around baseball with the captioned title as his first words.
It is with that in mind that I query, “Hath the prophet returned?” I mean, really! Sweep the Giants in San Fran and then drop three to the BrewTurds…with the extra-added opportunity to go for a 4-peat-sweep, tonight! Come the “F” on!
No sib-rivalry involved but really, other than DaFlubs, the BrewTurds can’t beat their own meat. Even when they had the Head Juicer In Charge, healthy and robust, they stunk. They may, ahem, “overtake” DaFl;ubs but much as I say to my White Sox fan-frtiends and relatives, Yippie! You’re the tallest midget in the circus!
-There’s an item in today’s S-T about how Flubs jersey sales are in the toilet. In it, they quote a retailer across the street from W.F., saying how he’s taking losses on them. TFB, dude. After gouging tourists and locals just because you’re where you are all year round, don’t expect any tears of commiseration that you made a bad decision and now have to pay the price. It’s called bidniss, dude.
OK, screw this stuff.
I don’t believe I’m typing this but ESPN has the RedTurds @ Pittsburgh game, which actually means something as the Bucs overtook the Turds for 1st place in the division, last night. Go, Bucs!
-Those lyrics from The Nashville Teens’ medley of hit, “Tobacco Road” from the ’60s may seem familiar as I have written them regarding DaFlubs for eons. However, it now seems that a certain ballclub located 8.875 miles south of, ahem, “The Shrine”,
just may be doing their version of a rebuild at The Cell.
Ok, then what does one call trading away their closer, #1-starter and set-up man, with more to come and not much else left on the roster at season’s end and being 24-games under .500?
More should be leaving. Again, you can lose without them just as you’ve lost with them. No reason to keep paying guys for what they “used” to do. I know, Paulie’s something special with the fans. Hell, I’m a Cubs fan and I like him. Still, the handwriting on the wall may be that last year was last year; that it was a fluke and what happened at season’s end was more like what should have happened. I really don’t know, as I’m not  Sox fan. However, in today’s S-T, it’s pointed out that since last September 17th, they are 45-74. OUCH!
Last thing. I really feel for newbie-GM, Rick Hahn. I think Kenny knew what they were and just didn’t feel like dealing with it any longer. Hahn could be the Theo of 35th Street. It all depends on what else he can get for, say, Rios and whomever else.
To paraphrase a former Prez, Arnold, Bill and Nick, “We feel Yore pain”.
-Since my rip wondering if NFL Network was the Yets, SIO, it seems someone sent them a copy of Monday’s Twacks, inasmuch as the past couple hours has been all NFC-North. Nice.
They’re doing my Packehs right now. Not surprisingly, they are focusing on the three things on which they need the most improvement, the O-line; overall-defense and their running game. As many of you may recall, I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for that.
-The S-T has added Editor-in-Chief of Pro Football Weekly magazine and The SCORE, football expert, Hub Arkush to its football coverage.
He is as NFL-knowledgeable as there is. He is honest…penetratingly, painfully, so…and now, he’s in my AM in the morning paper!
OK, am closing for now.
Remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.

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