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John Paul Cleared For Sainthood! (and more Paula Dean?)

Good morning! Father Zeus-Cloud-Gatherer is making his presence known with a slate-grey sky and some precip, gently falling. It is also nigh unto Amazonian out there, humiditally-speaking, along with temps nearly 80-degrees at 7 AM in the morning.
I hope you all had a semi-interrupted, wonderful Holiday weekend. We spent several hours at our fave-bass pond, where we all did well.
It was nice to see some interactivity on The Snowden Affair, which I am sure will re-occur as more on the slimy turd, today. That said, not a whole lotta stuff going on but will strive to pique your interest and comments. Remember, all comments are welcome.
Let’s get started with what happened in history yesterday and today, shall we.
Yesterday, July 7th, in…
1795, Thomas Paine argued for universal suffrage. Finkin’ lefty!
1927, Christopher Jones became the first “disc jockey” when he played records on the BBC.
1940, Richard Starkey, aka, Ringo Starr, was born.
1969, the first U.S. military units left Saigon.
On today’s date in…
1099, As Muslims watched, Christian Crusaders marched around Jerusalem chanting, “Nyah! Nyah! Na-Nayh-Nyah!”
1838, Ferdinand Zeppelin, designer of airships and a Led Zeppelin album cover, was born.
1960, the Rooskies charged Francis Gary Powers with espionage after shooting down his U-2 spy-plane.
Paula Deen.
There’s a letter to the editor in t’day’s S-T on this where the writer refers to Jamie Foxx’s remarks about how he liked making his latest film, “Django Unchained” because he got to shoot a lot of white people.
Of course, justice was swift and true in his case, too, as he then hosted “Saturday Night Live”.
All I am saying is this. We can’t have double-standards. If it’s wrong for one; it’s wrong for t’other.
Earl of Snowden.
He has now been offered asylum in Cuba, which joined other non-friendly countries Bolivia and Nicaragua.
Referring to Buck’s comments, yes he was hired by a defense contractor. It would seem Booz-Allen…the contractor…needstabe
investigated. Especially since it’s been reported that this turd had this in mind all along. Again, yes I am compartmentalizing. I don’t like being spied on; few folks do. But it seems this dorkaleptic had nothing but self-aggrandizement as his muse.
Back to Snowden…he should accept Cuba’s offer. That way he’d only be a mere 90-miles away from the U.S. of A. Right?
Those out there who grew up Catholic, were exposed to the rigors of the canonization-process, i.e., sainthood. Well, JPII’s been cleared, as a second “miracle” has been attributed to him. OK, fine. That and the break-up of the Soviet Union, of which he was an integral part, are good things. But please allow me to play devil’s advocate as the one charged with that by the Vatican seems to have forgotten; glossed over or just plain ignored the molestation of Zeus knows how many kids by priests and the subsequent hiding of this knowledge by he and his immediate successor, Benny 4×4. Sorry. But thousands of people were scarred for life with little to nothing done to their wrongdoers. Sorry.
Didn’t get to this one last week. You may have heard about or seen it on the Tube.
There are some Interstate Highway sign-makers who messed-up; missed spelling class or both. It seems there’s a town in Pennsylvania called Ephrata, which according to Wikipedia is named for, “…Biblical Ephrath. The modern Israeli settlement-city of Efrata in the West Bank occupies a site assumed to be near the ancient one. …”. Now, somebody, somewhere along the line transposed the “a” and “r” and spelled out “EPHARTA”. Seeing what we just did from Wiki, it’s a good thing they hadn’t taken the spelling of “Efrata”, huh?
“Ray Donovan”.
This show – almost – makes “The Sopranos” seem like light-comedy. Man, is it dark! We’ve only had two-episodes and it’s more than obvious that there’s gonnabe some really ugly, rag-nasty stuff happen to more than one character.
That said, I really like Liev Schreiber. He makes Donovan…quite the thug, by the way…into a thug with a “code”, if you will. It’s hard to explain but it’s there.
“Under the Dome”.
Steven King, the writer of the show has said wrote this is an allegory for the Stub/FiveD-Dick administration. I think I can see it but, again, only have seen two-episodes, thus far.
Fersher. Fersher, we’re heading out for a matinee showing, today. I promise you all, collectively…and Brewski, individualy…my review on Hump Day.
Don’t look now, BOHICUBS fans but our feckless heroes have won 5 of their last 7, series, taking them Up! Up! And Away! to a mere 10-games under .500! Not going to “do the math” but with their record sitting at 38-48 right now, if they continue at their current pace of .600-baseball, sometime in August, it could be…it may be…they may reach their Golden Fleece of .500!
Yes! I am in the midst of some opiated-dream as this does not take into consideration their dumping of Garza, Gregg and any other pitchers who aren’t in their plans for the future, along with Schierholtz, et al, as position players. That said, it’s been nice being able to turn on a game and have a better than even shot at seeing them win.
Yesterday’s game got classed up with Coach Q and The Stanley Cup making an appearance, with Q tossing a strike for the ceremonial first pitch. No word if The Cup had some tarnish on it after spending time in the Dungeon of Defeat aka, Wrigley Field.
As much as I have grown to dislike the “Guest Conductor” bit in the 7th with “Take Me Out To the Ballgame”, Jim Cornelison’s rendition was totally cool!
Last thing on DaFlubs. It seems that Dioner Navarro’s had quite a few, key hits when they’ve played him. Maybe we should anagrammatize his name to “Dinero” instead of Dioner. Hey, we gotta find something to celebrate. Right? OK, we do have Travis Wood being named an All-Star. So why not TWO things?
I have typed those words many a time for moi’s Flubs. However, it seems Kenny left his named-successor, Rick Hahn, the unsavory, ugly job of following the lead of DaFlubs of having to blow up the team and start from scratch!
Lately, they seem to be in yoga-class in a constant “downward-facing-dog” position. Much like DaFlubs, when they get pitching; they don’t hit. When they hit; they don’t get pitching. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Yes. A lotta guys are hurt but still….
Their most recent record has them struggling along at an anemic, .200-clip. Again, Cubs fans didn’t expect much…though it still is no fun watching gag-reflex-tickling baseball…while the Sox looked like they might have a shot at removing the spoon they gagged on last August and do well. So much for that.
Here’s something you may want to take a gander at. It’s Rick Morrissey’s column form this morning’s S-T on the make-up game between our feckless heroes from either side of town. It’s called, “The 25 Things To Do Instead of Watching Tonight’s Game”.
I’ll give you a hint. One is to spend the time locked, “…in a closet with “Honey Boo Boo’s mom”.
OK. Gonna close for now. Remember, any day we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots, is a good one.
I have some emails I received which I will forward after this post. They’re pretty good.
Take care all,

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