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Jay’s back… and Daffy!

daffyHi and good-morning to all y’all! It’s a balmy 10-degrees in ChiTown on this triskaidekaphobia, Friday the 13th. That’s OK. Tomorrow’s high’s ‘sposetabe 27 and then 30 on Sunday. Oh yeah, almost forgot then there’ll be 3 to 6 inches of snow…depending on where your heinie may be in the megalopolitan area.


Gonna try’n be brief, t’day, as have a date for which I can’t be late with a couple Twackers for lunch and some biz. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.



TODAY’S CARTOON. Thought we’d do a Daffy Duck Propaganda flick, today. We don’t see these as TV execs seem to feel there’s something wrong with showing these as we might offend someone whose ancestors tried to kill us. Anyway, here’s Daffy!


Now that you’ve been properly-propagandized,  let’s go to the Wayback Machine courtesy of, to see what we can see that happened on this date in…

1940,    Preparations were issued by Hitler for the invasion of Greece. Perhaps he had a hankering for tsatziki sauce.


1945,    Britain and France decided to quit Lebanon and Syria. Hear that neo-cons?


1948,    Draft-Dodger extraordinaire, Ted Nugent was born, only to become a leading voice to send even more Americans into combat whilst he’s safely ensconced back here in the U.S. of A. What a pal! What a pal! What a pal! What a pal! What a pal!


1972,   Astronaut Gene Cernan became the last man to set foot on the Moon.





-So, a budget’s been proposed as that slimy, Kenyan Socialist fially performed his presidential duties. Well, that’s what some would like us all to think. Thing of it is, the last budget that was passed was in 1997! In the hands of a political operative that could be turned into something like,  ”…we haven’t had a budget since last century!”


Now, there’s no guarantee this budget will pass. The TPers are have their knickers in knots…but then when don’t they? The lefties aren’t any too happy neither. (By the way, one doesn’t hafta be a lefty to wonder why nothing was done for those receiving unemployment or food stamps, as both programs face severe cuts or lack of funding. Very few who partake of those programs do so with any kind of relish, while they really need that help.)


Anyway, If we do the math, administration-wise, we find that of the 16-years since Congress last passed a budget, we as a country functioned on “Continuing Resolutions”, (CR). Of those 16-years, 3 were under Slick Willy, with a Congress which was too busy trying to impeach him than do anything else; 8-years were under Stub, who could not stand prosperity…at least for others other than his constituency, “…the haves and the have mores…”, his words, not moi’s, though he had the benefit of holding both Houses of Congress and the last 5-with Barry.



-Regarding recent developments in D.C., LegendaryLefty, Nancy Pelosi said this of her counterparts: “They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”. Like her or hate her, that’s a good one.






-”The Big Bang Theory” did a riff on “It’s A Wonderful Life”, with each of the regular characters musing on what their lives would be like if they had not met Sheldon. It was pretty good.


-”Elementary”. How to say this? This show is following a storyline which says there are consequences for one’s actions…and not in a smarmy way…at least the last, two episodes have. Though, why Det. Bell may transfer to another squad thus removing him from most stories would be a mystery.


-”Fast ‘N’ Loud”. This show’s heading towards the oblivion of “Orange County Choppers”, what with the shows having less to do with the cars and more with the cast. Yes, Richard’s interesting, somewhat but it’s the cars, Richard!


-”The View”. Now, moi would never venture into this territory as, well, I don’t watch this/these kind of shows. BUT, the host of CBS’ “The Talk”, Julie Chen, said “The View” didn’t know how to use Jenny McCarthy as, well, she doesn’t quite fit in to that kind of show. Of course not! She has her clothes on. Even “Two And A Half Men” knew they’d have to her tramped-out with lo-cut tops and hi-cut skirts.



-”The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”, opens today. It gets 3-stars from Richard Roeper, which could be better but he says it’s far more action-packed than its predecessor. That’s good, as only real and for true Hobbitues could get taken away by some of the arcane doings and goings-on of “The Unexpected Journey”, (H-1).


Recall, this film-trilogy is based on a 180-some page book! That’s SOME kinda fill, no? For example, in H-1, I had as much trouble dealing with the dwarves having dinner at Bilbo’s as I’d had reading it. (I – literally – had to force myself to read it all.)


Now that we are in H-2, the action should pick-up. We already know from H-1 that Bilbo found Sauron’s “The Ring of Power”; we’ve met Gollum and are about to meet Smaug, among others.


Don’t know when I’ll see this one, what with Christmas less than 2-weeks away and our next, trip-of-a-lifetime” right after New Year’s. If/when I do, you know a review will follow.





-As it seems anytime I extol the virtues of the Chicago Westside Hockey Club, they lose, I will no longer do so, save this: “Keep on keepin’ on”.



-Well, T-Joe you had a front row seat as to what’s become of a team whose fans – just  a few months ago – were dreaming of possibly contending for the NBA East title…or at least the playoffs…which now, just plain sucks.


Last year, they knew they’re “Rosebush” was pruned, so they made adjustments to get through that. This year, they thought they had him…all season, so no contingencies were in place and we have what we have.


Sorry, Bulls fans, that wasn’t very FEEL-GOOD.



-A bigtime weekend for both squads. Even more so for Da Bears who are gettin’ Jay Cutler back for their trip to Cleveland and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame.


Yes, that’s right. Jay’s back and he’ll start over super-sub, Josh McCown, who’s been hotter-than-hot. Don’t worry, folks. Josh just set himself up for one big, fat contract for next season, with any number of SFC teams. Good for him.


Thing is, as so-so as Cleveland is, they have a pretty good defense and it’s gonnabe cold there. Am sure Bears fans’ fingers’ll be

crossed; hoping Jay doesn’t get re-injured. Though if he does, Josh is there.


-On the other hand and up north, nothing on A-Aron, yet. Won’t know till after practice, today. He’s said he’ll need to take most of the snaps at practice, today. If they weren’t in the playoff hunt, I’d say, “Sit him” but thanks to the idjits in Detroyit, they’re only a half-game out.


Another – possible – injury is Eddie Lacy’s ankle, which he turned on a run play at the end of the half in last week’s game, which was unnecessary.


It was nice to see them play some “D”, however, the CowGals are home in their dome. No -8 wind chills there.


Took a look at Sunday’s TV schedule and FOX has both games set for local telecast on their double-header weekend. Hope I can enjoy it, though in order to, well, you know.


Oh yeah…both games would be classified as “must” wins.



-In an interview at the MLB Winter Meetings in Florida, player-agent, Scott Boras referred to the Flubs as an “all-day sucker”. Apparently the 20, 30 and even some 40-somethings didn’t know that an “all-day sucker” was a kind of candy that took forever to finish, hence, “all-day”. They put a sexual-connotation to it, which might be apropos but that’s not it.


That aside, Boras was right. The ownership of the Flubs’ feet are made of clay. They came to town with all their “Cubbie” this and”Cubbie” that and how they were going to do things different than the Tribbies. That constructing teams to “win now” was somehow wrong with a team which hadn’t won since 90-odd% of its fans were born, was wrong.


Never thought I’d say this. Eventually, at least the Tribbies knew they had to put a winning team on the field or they’d lose a good part of their fan base. These clowns haven’t come to that realization yet.


No? Then riddle me this, Cubs fans. Just a few short weeks ago, I sat and watched Theo on Comcast’s SportsTalkLive regale all Cubs fans with their “prospects” and how host, Dave Kaplan misstated how good they are; that they were even better than that. OK, fine. Glad to hear that. Then we have this from he S-T’s Gordon Wittenmyer today:


It’s a comparison to the “shooting stars” that were Kerry Wood and Mark Pryor and our new “can’t misses”.





-Arnold, Bill and Nick’s guys have improved. OK, no rips on “what’s a team that lost 99-games gonna do?” At least their GM was out there looking for players to make the TEAM better; not use as chips to get more “prospects”, who we now are told may do a Prior-Wood skyrocket-act.


Of course it wasn’t ALL improvements as, well, who can call a .195 hitting catcher being given a $950,000,00 contract an “improvement”?.


Still, “If I were a Sox fan, I’d deedle-deedle-deedly-do”, more than I can, as I’m a Cubs fan.



-The Heisman Trophy will be awarded Sunday evening. As most other things, it’s been turned into a media-hypefest by the Eastern Seaboard Promotions Network. Why? You’ll have to ask them.


Our FEEL-GOOD is that one of this year’s finalists is Jordan Lynch from Northern Illinois University, a couple counties west of ChiTown. He is up there with the crème de la crème of NCAA football players…even an accused rapist and a dipstick from Texas.

But I digress. The Mount Carmel grad has a shot at making an NFL team but doubtful as a QB. That he made the finals palying in the MAC says something. Here’s to a local boy making good and his fellow alumni in ChiTownLand.


By the way, winning the Heisman is no guarantee of NFL success. The 1967 winner, QB Gary Beban was drafted by the Washington Redskins, which were about as bad then as they are this year. What did they do with him? They made him a defensive back.



-In my response to T-Joe, yesterday, when I tried to give him an example of Bobby Murcer’s “warning-track-flyballs”, with a

Jack Brickhouse-ism, I erred.


What I was going for was what he would say when a ball was hit hard and had a chance to go into the seats, but did not. Hence, no “Hey! Hey!” or “That a boy, Ernie”. The error was mine as I was not clear. That said, as much as I liked Murcer, he was a major disappointment. Trouble was, he’d played in Yankee Stadium, with its “short-porch” in right field and then Candlestick Park, where the prevailing winds blew OUT to right center. When he got to Wrigley where the winds blew IN as often as OUT and well….


Speaking of Murcer, here’s something T-Dave sent moi yesterday:

“I was just about to close this Wikipedia thing on Murcer when this caught my eye, read on…


Once while playing with the Yankees, he and two other teammates got caught in a bizarre 2-5-3-1 triple play. During his second tenure with the Yankees, he also served as the team’s player union representative. In his career he held the distinction of being the highest paid Yankee, Giant, and Cub in history (all since broken) an his 17-year career Murcer earned a total of just shy of $3 million, including the signing bonus he received in the 1960s meaning his career average was around $173,000.

Players now a days can piss this amount between innings. Gee how times have changed.


Paul Semall, the player the Cubs received in June ’79 along with cash, read on…


In six years of pro baseball, 89er pitcher Paul Robert Semall has gone from prospect to suspect. And he doesn’t know why. Four years ago, on June 26, Semall was regarded so highly by the Chicago Cubs that they traded starting outfielder Bobby Murcer to get him.

Three years later, Semall was traded to the Texas Rangers to complete a deal in which the Rangers also received pitcher Paul Mirabella for Bump Wills. Semall never did pitch a game in Wrigley Field. He’s still waiting to pitch in a major league game


“I was sent to the Yankees in ’78 and the Cubs in ’80,” he said, “but both times when I showed up the guys who were supposedly injured got well all of a sudden, so I was sent back.”


OK, time to go.


Have a great weekend. Take it easy with clearing the snow. After all, no sidewalk’s worth having a heart attack, right?


And remember, any day we can look down at the snow instead of up at the ground it covers, is a good one.




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