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Its’s Monday…Deal With It

Good morrow!

As I’ve been getting “back in the saddle” a bit and we passed the one-third mark of the Cubs season, I decided to do a little writing. Regulars may notice some subtle changes. Sorry. One is the absence – rather, decrease – in politics. Why? I have subscribed to The Lewis Black school on political thought. What’s that? Take a look…


Lewis Black on Republicans and Democrats


Lewis Black on Republicans and Democrats






Oh, I’ll have some acerbic comments here and there, such as to the shift from predatory-pedophile-priests, to predatory-pedophile-politicians…

especially those who put themselves above others – judgmentally. No pun intended but that was a good one, wasn’t it?


We have “God’s Own Party”, which by the way now has a presidential candidate who claims to be a devout Catholic but says the Pope doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Of course, he was referring to IL Papa’s lack of knowledge of science on climate change, despite the fact that Francis holds a degree in chemistry, upon which much of the climate change data is based and he, the candidate, holds none.


Of course, as Lewis tells us, the “Party of the People”, which is about as open to us “peeps” as a Kennedy compound, has Hill, once again, acting as if she is the heir apparent to the White House. Or…and I can’t believe I’m quoting Fr. Mike Pfleger,…” I’m entitled!”


Locally, never mind. I could go on but won’t bore you or piss you off to no end. OK, let’s see what “Day” it is and while we’re at it, what occurred on June 8th, according to and, shall we? It’s…


“National Best Friends Day”. So, get together with your “bestie” and have a great day!




“National Upsy Daisy Day”. On this day, we are supposed to face the day, gloriously, gratefully and gleefully. Shouldn’t that be every day? Just askin’.




“National Name Your Poison Day”. Doesn’t say if Socrates had a choice of hemlock over any other to “spice up his tea”.


.And now, historically speakin’…


452, Attila the Hun invaded Italy.


632, Muhhamad died. Yeah. THAT Muhammad/Mohammed, who made our lives so much simpler since, hadn’t he?


1191, Richard I, aka, Couer de Lion, arrived in the cit of Acre, beginning his first Crusade…against the Mohammedans. See? Nothing bad happened for, like, 500-years…and we’ve had peace and prosperity ever since. So there!


1786, Commercially made ice cream was first advertised for sale. “I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!” Don’t know if THAT’s what the ad said. Just thought I’d do it.


1861, Tennessee voted to seceded from the Union.


1936, Chicagoans should love this one…parking meters were invented.


1953, The Supremes declared segregated lunch counters were illegal. See 1861 entry.


1965, The man who once said he would not, “…send American boys 9,000 or 10,000 miles away to do what Asian boys should do…”, LBJ, ordered American combat troops to fight in that war Asian boys were sposeta. For a long, long, time, it was a toss-up between this guy and Nixon as my most despised President…but then along came Dumya. Anyone have a three-sided coin?


1969, Speak of the devil, TrickyDick met with South Vietnamese Pres. Thieu to tell him 25,000 of those American boys would be withdrawn by the following August.





Short ‘n’ sweet, as mostly reruns or dumb replacement shows on the networks. Our main shows, “Penny Dreadful” and “Game of Thrones”, though are, well…


“Penny Dreadful”. Didn’t see last night’s as was otherwise occupied. Last week’s, however, ended on a creepy note with Madam Kali bedding Sir Malcolm, obtaining some of his blood and hair for her voodoo-doll of him. Dorian Grey buggering his boyfriend/girlfriend. Dr. Frankenstein banging his “reanimated” woman. That was gross. Then we had Ethan and Vanessa exchange furtive, suggestive looks but resisted their “urges”. We also learned Ethan Chandler isn’t his real name. Hmmmm. Could it be “Lawrence Talbot”? Just askin’. Oh yeah. Sir Malcolm’s estranged wife’s voodoo doll’s brain was repeatedly subjected to searing hot needles, which drove her to slash her own throat.


“Game of Thrones”. SPOILER ALERT for anyone who has not yet seen it. I will be interested in the comments about the filicide…the murder of a child by its parents. (I had to look it up.), when Stannis agreed with the Red Priestess, Melisandre that he should sacrifice his daughter, Shireen, as Agamemnon did Iphegenia, for HIS success. However, in this very unClytemnestra-like reaction, her mother, Selyse, agrees with Melisandre and the princess is burned at the stake. Rather disturbing but when they showed the witch and mother together, it was a dead giveaway…at least to me. Must note, Selyse did change her mind…but not till her child’s terrified screams were nearly unbearable to hear.


But wait. There’s more…



Jon Snow, along with his new Wilding-allies, returned to The Wall and were begrudgingly allowed entry. There was no discussion as to their encounter with The White Walkers.


In Dorne, Ellaria allowed to Jaimie that she and her brother were also incestuous…scorned in King’s Landing while not more than a shrug of the shoulders in Dorne.


Meanwhile, in the free city of Braavos, Arya espies (the late) Joffrey’s henchman, Trant, who had arrested her after her father had been beheaded. She follows him into a bordello, all the while, still hawking her, “Clams, oysters and cockles”…along with a vial of poison she was to use in place of vinegar to kill a very dishonest gambler. This was left for next week’s season finale, probably, as it was left unresolved, as were Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch and Stannis’ return to them.


What was NOT left unresolved…sort of…was the return of Drogon, Danaerys Targaren’s YUGE, male dragon. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

After reopening, “The Fighting Pits”, which is how the city of Meerseen referred to its gladitorial bouts. There, Mormont defeats all comers and then, throws a spear right in Dany’s direction, a la “Spartacus”, but he kills one of the Sons of the Harpy, who are attempting to assassinate her and her friends.A huge battle ensues; Dany, Mormont, Tyrian..oops, forgot to say he’s one of her advisors now…Daario and The Unsullied are surrounded in the center of the arena when…and in my mind’s ear I heard the cavalry charge being blown on a bugle played by a fire-breathing dragon, Drogon! He proceeds to turn most of the SoH into charcoal; stops for Dany to pet him; allows her to get on his back and he takes off with her.Of course, that left “The Unsullied, Tyrian, Daario and Momont still surrounded by the remaining SoH.


As William Conrad might have said, “Tune in next time for Drogon and his friends!”


As GoT ends, next week, “True Detective returns Father’s Day evening. I love HBO.


Speaking of HBO, do any of you enjoy “Silicon Valley” as much as me? I think of it as a foul-mouthed, applied-sciences, “Big Bang”.





If any wonder what possessed me to sit down and take fingertips to keyboard, it is that we have reached the one-third-point of the baseball season and, well, I’m kinda likin’ DaCubs. More on that in a minute.


I didn’t include this in the “almanac” as, well, that’s kinda serious. But on this date in 1961, the Milwaukee Braves set a record with Eddie Matthews, Hank Aaron, Joe Adcock and Frank Thomas hitting consecutive home runs, off the Reds Jim Maloney and Marshall Bridges at the old Crosley Field in Cincy. Thing is, Matthews hit another as did their starting pitcher, Warren Spahn but the Reds still won, 10-8.



After the wheeling and dealing and final addition of Joe Maddon, I went on the record that I thought they’d win 83 or 84 games.


I still do. Yes. I know. The’re 30-25 and if we just do some multiplication, we’d get 90-wins. But…Baez, who’s seemed to have overcome his “BigFan” swing, broke a finger, yesterday and will be out 6 – to- 8 weeks. That’s August. He’ll probably be an end of season call-up.


And, as much as I am enjoying watching them grow, develop and win more than lose, I have some concerns.


1. Pitching: Starters. Once we get past Lester, Hammel and Arrieta, SoshiWad and Hendricks are really pitching like “end of rotation” guys.


Bullpen. Too many questions. They’re so schizoid, it isn’t funny. One day, they’re tossin’ BP, the next, almost unhittable. Find a good groove; get into it and stay there. Grimm and Motte looked OK, yesterday. I think I could hit Rosscup, without wearing my glasses.


2. Defense. They make a lot of errors on routine plays. Anyone who’s watched this game long enough knows you never give another team an extra out. So far/so good but over the long haul, dangerous.


3. Hitting. Yes! Hitting! They aren’t doing much once they get men on base. One-run games are exciting but, it’d be nice to see more like yesterday’s win…and even with that, Rondon didn’t inspire much confidence.


4. Their youth. They are exciting and fun to watch but they are very young.


On the plus-sides…


1. Pitching. Starters. When’s he last time they had a top of the rotation of Lester, Hammel and Arrieta? Hendricks may/should get better. Wada? Waddaya know?


Bullpen. Motte did look good yesterday, as did Grimm. Rondon and Strop need to straighten their caps and start pitching instead of throwing.


2. Defense. Russell seems to be the heir-apparent to SS now that Baez is down. As much as I like Castro’s hitting…904 hits in 794 games and he just turned 25…next to the catcher, the SS has to be the brain of the infield. He just doesn’t have that, though Russell may. And, I believe Russell’s ceiling is way up there. Fowler is solid in CF. Soler, aka Pedro Cerrano, if/when he returns, has a cannon for an arm and holds on to what he gets his hands on in RF. LF is a ?, which may have been answered by Baez, moving Bryant there, Castro to 3rd with either Baez or Russell at SS and 2B, remains Chris Coghlan’s. He’s a nice player but somewhat of an Al Spangler-type, to me.


3. Hitting. The good thing is, with all these kids around, they have nowhere to look but up. Rizzo is an effin’-stud-and-a-half. Once Bryant,

Soler/Cerrano, Russell and company get established, this should be fun to watch. Why?


4. Their youth. These kids don’t know their team’s supposed to suck. They want to win and it’s fun to watch them learn.


Now some may think I’m wanting to have it both ways, as I carped about their major-suckiness so much the past few years. Not really. It was the addition of Joe Maddon and the end of the Ricky Reteria era. (Jeez! Even the guy’s name sounds like some kind of sickness. “Hi, boss. I’m sorry but I got a case of Ricky Renteria and haven’t been able to stop crapping all night”) The best thing I could say about the guy is he’d be great playing Lee Trevino’s brother in a made-for-TV movie…not to mention The Swami Sveum.



I’ll be damned if I know what’s going on there. One thing I do know is that Smarj seems to be pitching to form. What’s that you say? It seemed to me that when he was with the Cubs, if they scored 3, he’d give up 4; score 2/give up 3. Hence the lousy W/L but solid ERA. I’ll leave them to the ABDN-boys to dissect.


Will say these things. At this point of the season, I did not expect theCubs to be 30-25 and the Sox 25-30. Nope. If it were exactly opposite, yes. Not happy but I’d understand it.


The other is, I actually watched a game where The Swirsk did the play-b-play, as Harrellson was out due to having had eye-surgery. I found myself half-enjoying it.


While on the Sox, the other team its owner owns has lost me. He has done what the McCaskeys did with the Bears…made them dead do me.

That’s all I’m saying on that…other than I will LMFAO if Thibs winds up with the Cavs and spanks his heinie for him but good…for a long, long, time.


There is another team currently playing, on which I will not comment as I am jinx and-a-half-plus-two when I speak well of them.


As far as the Yanks, Mets, Doyers are concerned, Whitney, Joe and Rene, feel free to comment.


OK, that’s about it for me, t’day. Take care and remember, treat every day as a special gift from a special friend…as it is.





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