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It’s Thor’s Day ._. Time To Put That Hammer Down!

ThorWowzers! I lose my Muse one day and a whole lotta shakin’s gone on! More on that, later. Right now, it’s a cool crisp ChiTown morning with rain in the forecast for this afternoon but we’re not complaining as Joe and Whitney may be hearing B.J. Thomas’ “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”, as they have rain right now; while Buck in our lower-right coastal area is having a beautiful day as are our left-coasters in San Fran and LaLa Land.

Haftasay, yesterday was a beaut! But it IS October 23rd, which means it’s only five weeks till Thanksgiving; seven-and-half till Hanukkah  and nine till Christmans…which means 10 till New Year’s Day! Jeepers!


…Speakin’ of today, I received a couple emails from T-Dave trying to unblock my Muse. Here’s one:


A partial eclipse of the Sun happens this afternoon for most of North America. Seen from the eastern half of the continent, the Sun sets while the partial eclipse is still in progress. Westerners get to see the whole thing. Eastern New England just misses out. See our article online: Partial Solar Eclipse, October 23, 2014. Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles plans a live webcast from 5:00 to 7:45 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Also: webcast from Columbus State University in Georgia, 5 p.m. EDT. – See more at: This Week’s Sky at a Glance, October 17 – 25 – Sky & Telescope

This Week’s Sky at a Glance, October 17 – 25 – Sky & Telescope

The other is that…among other “Days”…it is:

“National TV Talk Show Host ay”. Yeah, That’s what I was thinking.


“National Boston Cream Pie Day”. YEAH! That’s what I was thinking!


“National Mole Day”, which does NOT refer to those little burrowing pests which ruin many a suburban lawn but rather

to celebrate the “mole” a common measurement used in chemistry. It is “celebrated” between 6:02AM and 6:02 PM on 1023, as the “Avogadro’s Number”, 6.02 x 1023, which defines the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in one mole of substance. Now, I have no idea what the hell I just typed but there you have it. Thanks, Dave.

P.S. I didn’t “copy and paste” Dave’s email, as my type went to a really pale coloration and I’m too computer-stoopid to know how to change that.

Also, our friends at have these nugget of information for 10/23/….

4004BC   This is the date upon which the world was created. At least according to James Ussher, the Archbishop of Armagh and Dr. John Lightfoot..Gordon’s great-great-great-great-whatever?…of Cambridge. Of course, they also said this on a Sunday.

1641,   Catholics in Ireland rebelled against Protestants and massacred anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 men, women and children. “Feed my lambs”. Feed my sheep”. “Kill those with whom you disagree”?

1783,   Virginia emancipated slaves who fought for the Revolution. Mighty white of them, huh?

1869,   The man for which one of the most prestigious collegiate athletics awards is named, John Heisman, was born.

1925,   The man to whom many Americans said “Good night”, for 30-years or so, Johnny Carson, was born.

1929,   The first transcontinental air service began between N’Yawk and LaLa Land.

1942,   One of my favorite authors, whom I began reading in the late ’60s, Michael Crichton, was born. He died way too young. Imagine someone writing about dinosaurs walking the earth; time-travelling back to the 100-years War and back; murdereous “nano-particles” and making it all seem plausible. That takes talent.

1959,   One of the more creative musical talents of our time, “Weird Al” Yankovic, was born.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Eat It

1973,   The Yom Kippur War ended…and they lived happily ever after.

1983,   Islamic terrorists bombed the U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon, killing 237 and wounding another 80. That following February US troops were “redeployed” to their ships which returned them home. Some called it “cut and run”…others, a “strategic withdrawal”…others even referred to it as a victory. Multiple choice. You make yours.

1989,   The Hungarian Republic replaced the communistic Peoples Republic of Hungary…and a Goulash time was had by all.

1998,   Israeli PM, Bebe Netanyahu and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat reached a “land for peace” agreement. Again…

and they lived happily ever after.

2011,   The Libyan National Council declared the Libyan civil war to be over. Again…and they lived happily ever after.


While to some I am sure I seem like a flaming-lefty and to others, a half-step to the right of Genghis Kahn, there is one thing…one tenet…one principle to which I hold and that is this…journalistic integrity.

First, some remedial background on the “Estates” which were named in pre-Revolution France.

The First Estate were the clergy; which were divided into the “high” or “low”, i.e;, a Bishop would be high, while a local priest/monk were “low”, though still above the Second Estate.

The Second Estate were French Nobility. Note, how only God and his anointed-servants were above them.

The Third Estate were the commoners who comprised 97% of France’s population. Sound familiar?

The term, “The Fourth Estate” is attributed to Brit Edmund Burke, who is said to have described those representing the “press”  in a debate in Parliament. Over the years, the press was charged with “asking the tough questions” and following-up if the original question was not answered. They were to be the “light of truth” shone upon the backroom deals or other such corruptions engaged in by our leaders, I.e., big business, political, financiers. Those who spoke “truth to power” on the behalf of we, the 97%. They were charged with telling the truth that the 3%-ers…even 1%-ers…didn’t want anyone else to know.

More importantly, not only were reporters, columnists and other journalists supposed to be free of influence… “Freedom of the Press”…so were their newspapers/magazines/pamphlets/gazettes, etc., and nowadays, electronic media. AND, those organizations were supposed to have “had the backs” of those reporters. While they may take certain editorial stands and favor one sphere of thought over another, any responsible person writing for them was to have their aegis…the shield of Zeus…protecting them.

When I studied Journalism in college in 1969 and 1970, things were crazy. We had ‘Nam; the Civil Rights movement;

economic turmoil, you name it. I/we were taught, not only to have our facts straight…double and triple checked, even…but before we handed in our work to ask ourselves one question…”What good will this do?” Now I am not going to get into a dissertation on the demise of the press since then. No. This has to do with recent developments in what seems to be a conflict of interest between the Chicago Sun-Times and GOPerGuberHopeful, Bruce Rauner and what happened to one of its reporters, 20-year vet, Dave McKinney. Here’s a link…from the Trib:

Sun-Times reporter Dave McKinney quits, cites possible retaliation over Rauner article

Sun-Times reporter Dave McKinney quits, cites possible retaliation over Rauner article

I was unaware that Rauner had held a 5% interest in the S-T until a few days before they endorsed him. No, his is not about their endorsement of Rauner, which I will ‘splain in a few. It IS over the fact that after Zeus knows how many months of his candidacy with nary a peep about it, they only mentioned it last Friday, two days before announcing the endorsement…and the treatment of McKinney.

Ironically, McKinney resigned the day after one of the gutsiest, ballsiest people EVER in the news biz, former editor of “The Washington Post”, Ben Bradlee, died. He was the guy who “green-lighted” Woodward and Bernstein’s investigation into Watergate. He took on THE power; backed his people 100%; risked his own career and Zeus knows what else, if they were wrong; and the truth emerged. I cannot say that about the Sun-Times hierarchy and because of that, I am in the process of cancelling my subscription with them and going back with the Tribune.

Yes, I’ve had my issues with them but that’s been on a personal/business basis with their former-ownership. Besides, I’m long-gone from those days  and the butt-slimes whom members of my family and I’d dealt with, have since lost their positions. And while I have never been in 100% agreement with their editorial policy; their ownership of the Cubs and many other things,  I never doubted their integrity as a newspaper.

I don’t know how long the transition will take but you’ll see it when I reference “the Trib” instead of the “S-T”.

I am going to miss their sports guys and other columnists. I have developed an “email-relationship” with a few of them. I’ll have to follow them on Facebook, I guess.


-GOPer Senate candidate, Jim Oberweis, (Which very loosely translated is, “over white”),who is running against incumbent DemDickDurbin, in their debate sponsored in part by The League of Women Voters, now says he backs gay marriage. Imagine that. Here’s something I saw on the rube last night. Durbin raised a sortsa money,I don’t know how much but way more than the $715,000.00 by Oberweis. Here’s the kicker. Of that $715K, $550,00.00 came from Oberweis, himself. That may not be dead-on but it’s close. Maybe our DuPage Countyites would know.

-Rahmbo hired a newbie City Treasurer, cuz his old one decided to quit and take a job in the private sector…no real ‘splanations by she or he. Oh yeah, the guy he named is Cook County Prez, Toni Preckwinkle’s former chief-of-staff. Ordinarily, that’d be ChiTown bidniss as usual, which it is. BUT, Toni has consistently, out-polled Rahmbi among the entire city as a mayoral candidate. Hmmmm.   Keep moving. Keep moving. Nothing going on here. Keep moving.

-A knucklehead terrorist in Canada was killed after he killed a Canadian soldier at Canada’s War Memorial outside its Parliament and then inside it, was shot and killed. Somehow…someone…will find a way to blame this on Barry.

-Bidnissly Speaking…

Boeing’s stock is up 18%. Anyone own them? Congrats, if you do.

After protests, Toys R Us has pulled the “Breaking Bad” dolls from its stores and website. Normally, I’m not into this kind of stuff but I do agree with these protestors. This was a show based on a terminally ill chemistry teacher who lost his job and benefits and turned to making and selling meth to survive. I didn’t agree with that premise from the beginning and still do not. I had an expectant-mom as a wife; had lost my teaching position and bennies…did NOT turn to drug trafficking. Yes, I like “The Sopranos”, “Ray Donovan”, “Boardwalk Empire”. I know. This one just wasn’t my brand of beer. That’s all.

Here’s a headline: Johnson & Johnson is working on an Ebola vaccine”. Good to know?

Here’s another: “U.S. to track everyone coming from Ebola nations”. Ya think?!?!?!?!?!

One last one: “Rauner’s big plans none of your business”. Yes, that’s from the S-T’s Mark Brown’s column, today. Just thought you should know.


YAHOO! “conversation”.

-Yesterday or the day before, I received a note from Yahoo! asking if I’d “liked” their “conversation” format which they had imposed upon my email account. You may have noticed it, what with varying emails from various Twackers occasionally seeming as if they were put together by one of “Water White’s” customers.I informed them I did not and opted out of it. Accordingly, anything we discuss will appear in the usual email format.


-”Person of Interest”. This one’s really taking an interesting tack. It now has had “Samaritan”…the “bad machine”…rigging over 50-elections, thereby putting in place governmental officials IT has chosen to “lead” the country. However, in this episode, we learn that in developing his machine…the “good machine”…Harold reveals to Ms. Groves, “Root” that in 43 simulations, only once did the machine NOT try to kill him. Dum De-dum-dum…but it is all they have and IT, as well as they…must keep itself/them “hidden” from Samaritan as it faces its own demise from it, too.

That said, there was a really stupid scene with “Root” taking on Samaritan’s female assassin in a hotel lobby area.  It involved her firing handuns through the floor of an overhead walkway down at her target, with the bullets passing through…and vicey-versey from the assassin at she.

-”NCIS”. We watch, though am trying to understand why I do. Jethro and Bishop are about it for me. This week’s show had them dealing with pirates. I’ll just leave it at that.

-”NCIS-New Orleans”. Other than being in Nawlins, this seems to be another “NCIS-Los Angeles”.

-”Modern Family”…are changes afoot? If so, I’m good with them. Perhaps the producers and writers have come to the conclusion that with the kids getting older, they may have needed to have done something to keep this show from becoming “just another family sitcom”. We’ll see but adding Jeff Zahn, a guy I really like, as the head of the Dunphy’s

new “nightmare neighbor” family, a guy who owns a bunch of legal weed-shops and his clan of misfits.

But wait! There’s more!

Tyne Daly was intro’d as Lily’s 2nd-grade teacher, a no-nonsense, polar-opposite of Mitchell and Cameron, who is loved by Lily, unbeknownst to the dads when they ask to have her transferred out of Ms. Plank’s (Daly), class…and then transferred back in. The “stinger” was fantastic.

I am hopeful for this as while the show is still funny, inventive and creative, despite winning Emmy after Emmy, to us, it just wasn’t quite what it was.


-As I’d not posted yesterday, I did not inform you the classic Kirk Douglas/Tony Curtis/Janet Leigh, “The Vikings” was on TCM last night. Well, I hadn’t known that till much later in the day so, apology withdrawn. I DVR’d it as it is one of my all-time fave adventure flicks. Kirk Doulas is perfect as the facially-scarred, “Einar”, whose face was scarred by his (unbeknownst to him) half-brother, a slave, “Eric’s” (Tony Curtis) hawk, who both fall in love with the beautiful-Brit Princess Morgana, (Janet Leigh…Curtis’ real-life wife and mom of Jamie Lee), while laying siege to the castle of the evil “Aella”, who had their father, “Ragnar”, thrown into a wolf pit to die. Ah, feudalism!



-It’s tied, 1-1, after the Giants took Game 1 and KC came back, last night. The problem is, hardly anyone is watching. Tuesday’s opener drew the lowest Series-rating since 2012.

Part of that is as good as these teams are, neither has a real “national” type following. That and the fact that it is October 23rd…see opening comments…and people have changed gears, sportswise. The NFL is in full fettle…maybe as fully-fettled as they have been in awhile. As much as we who are not big fans of Dallas, their 6-1 record brings in the “groupies” like crazy. I had a friend whose wife let everyone know she was born there when they were winning Super Bowls. Funny, when they went 1-15 and were then able to get Aikman and get to those Super Bowls, she’d never said anything. Anyway, there’s them; the Pats have won their last 3 and on and on.

Now, add the NHL, which has become far more popular lately And the NBA winding up its practice-season, with LeBron back in Cleveland; Mellow back in N’Yawk and The Poodle back with the Bulls and, well, baseball just kinda takes a backseat.

No? If the Series goes 7-games, Game 7 won’t be played until October 29TH! More on that later.

What I’m getting at in quite circuitous fashion is…the season’s too danged long. As great as the playoffs are, there are too many other…more seasonally-appropriate…sports going on, while baseball has been going on since, ahem, March 31st…at least the Cubs began then.

Thus, as I have no dog in this fight, my interest is, at best, passing.


-It is being reported that  “about 3100 students”…including about 1500-athletes…at UNC had taken bogus classes from 1993 to 2011.

-Not happy to report this as there are some Fightin’ Illini alumni out there but…Illinois may be looking – again – for another head football coach. How is it that the home state to one of the more fertile-football areas, ChiTownLand, cannot recruit its own kids? Oh well.


-Travel to Nashville, tonight. Crawford’s still out with an “upper-body” injury, which if Raanta plays as he did, Monday, a shutout, shouldn’t mean much.


-Open next week, Wednesday, October 29th…see above. Right now…and if all remain healthy…especially The Poodle…this could be an interesting year. I’m really liking Jimmy Butler’s D. He’s rehabbing a sprained thumb and may miss the opener in N’Yawk against Joe’s Knicks, which will be too bad, as it’d be fun to see him and Mello. Oh well, it’s a long season.


Yes, I know, they play over 17-weeks but only 16-games and the teams we care about, other than Philly, have all played 7. How important is it? YUGE for some. Let’s begin with…

-DaBears, 3-4  @ The Pats, 5-2. Obviously it’s more important for DaBears as the Pats lead their division by a game, over overachieving Buffalo and up-and-coming Miami, 3-3.

As there are more Bears fans, I’ll start with them. They trail 5-2 Detroit and the Pack by 2-games. A loss puts them at 3-5. So, even if both Detroit and the Pack lose, they’re still 2-back. But coming back from a 3-5 start and making the playoffs, is highly unlikely. If they lose and Detroit and the Pack win and go to 6-2, which would you prefer, being 4-4, chasing 5-3 or 6-2 or 3-5 and facing two, 6-2 teams? Oh yeah, losing ahead of their Bye week is no fun. If anyone has thought THIS week’s been bad, the next two would be nigh unto intolerable for the Bears if they lose.

Since Emmanuel is a Pats fan, I’m wondering if he’ll be joining Whitney and Packers fans in cheering for the Pats? ;-)

-Bill’s 4-3 Niners have their Bye.

-Rene’s Iggles are coming off their Bye and head to one of the toughest Ds in the NFC, Arizona. Should be a good one.

-Joe’s Jets host Buffalo, with their newbie, Percy Harvin. Normally, this wouldn’t be much but it’s being reported that part of the reason Harvin was traded by Seattle was his saying QB Russell Wilson wasn’t, “black enough”. I don’t know what that is other than stupid. Also, it’s been reported that the Vikes couldn’t believe what they got for him and how much Seattle paid Harvin. Hopefully, he’ll give Joe and the Yets! (sorry but that’s back), fans something/someone to cheer for. Another “Liz-Taylor-syndrome”? More on that later.

-The Pack, 6-2 @ Nawlins, 2-4. This could be a classic, “trap” game, in that the Ain’ts have such a bad record. They are unbeaten at home, this season and only lost to Detroit on some questionable play calls at the end of their last game. Drew Brees was quoted as saying this isn’t a “must” game for them, which is kinda true, as despite their 2-4 record, Carolina’s only 3-3-1. Still, they’re tough and the Pack will have their work cut out for them, as this game is mucho importante for them. A win makes them 6-2, which depending on how Detroit does with Atlanta in London, keeps them in a virtual tie or a game ahead of them. AND, as the Bears, they go into their Bye….and…guess which two teams play each other coming off their Byes? Uh-huh…DaBears travel to Green Bay for the NBC Sunday night game on 11/9. (More on that when we get closer to that game.)

-A few thoughts on DaBears. In all the years that I have been a Packers fan…over 50…despite not being a Bears “fan” per se, unlike many Packers fans, I didn’t “hate” the Bears. Moreover, I can’t recall any of their players whom I just did not like. Until now.

When the Bears made the trade for Brandon Marshall, my immediate reaction was, “What?” Not, “What!”…or even, “What’s that?” This was due to the fact that this guy…as talented as he is, no doubt…was dumped quite unceremoniously by Denver to Miami for a 2nd-round pick and then from Miami to the Bears for two, 3rd-round picks.

Two pass-oriented teams, no less.

As I mentioned the Liz Taylor-syndrome earlier, I do again. When there are several teams involved with one very talented player, who seems to regularly have problems, perhaps the problem isn’t with the teams. I saw him on “Inside The NFL”, and had to change the channel. I’m sorry. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t stand that guy. There’s an air of disingenuousness about him that hangs there like cheap bathroom-air freshener. At first, it smells OK then after awhile the smell of the scheiss filters through the mask of the “freshener”. He brings out the “Holden Caulfield” in me in that I can’t stand “phonies”. Maybe I’d feel different if he were a guy who’d been to many Super Bowls…even won one…but as of yet, he has yet to even appear in a Wild Card-round playoff game. Sorry. There have been Bears whom I didn’t care for; weren’t as talented as they thought they were; whatever. But none of them engender the reaction(s) this guy brings about in me.

OK, that’s it for today. As always, feel free to comment. That’s why this is here. I’ll seey’all tomorrow with a Feel-Good Friday post. In the meantime; in between time; don’t forget the partial solar-eclipse this afternoon and also that any day we wake up not looking up at daisy roots is a good one.


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