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It’s The First Feel- Good Friday Of A Brand New Year!

Happy-New-Year-CopyGood day! It’s a brisk 1/2/15 morning, what with Apollo’s chariot slowly rising in the sky, giving his all to warm things up a bit from the 18-degrees we are now experiencing, to a more pleasant 31-degree forecast high.

Hope all y’all had an enjoyable “ringing out and ringing in” of the old and new years. We did. What’s really nice is we are done “getting ready” for some kind of Holiday or other for quite some time. Or, in the words of Elmer Fudd, “…west and wewaxation at wast!…”.

                                                                      WABBIT STHEASTHON

HEY, MIKE! WHAT DAY IS IT? Since you asked, it’s…

“National Buffet Day”. What better to offset the exercise machine; health club; diet; whatever ads, right?


“National Science Fiction Day”. Probly T-Brewski knew this. I didn’t but have enjoyed it since I was a kid. Will feed that demon next week at the show.


“National Personal Trainer Day”. Of course! Why not? But wait…there’s more.


“National Cream Puff Day”. Is this an omen? Are we going to have as much of a bifurcated year as this, its 2nd day?

-As far as dates go…depends on how many you use in a recipe… has these for us on this date in…

1492,   Ferdinand and Isabella’s Catholic forces retook Granada from the Moslems. (That’s what Spaniards call them…Moslems not Muslims.)

1903,   Teddy Roosevelt closed a post office in Indianola, Mississippi for refusing to hire a black post-mistress.

1920,   One of T-Brewski’s fave SciFi-guys, Isaac Asimov, was born.

1936,   Nazis in Berlin claim their treatment of Jews is not the business of The League of Nations. Ya hear that?

Now getcher heinies outta here!

1936,   The man who wrote, “You Cain’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd”, Roger Miller, was born.

1973,   The U.S. admitted it had bombed a hospital in Hanoi. But we were stopping “The Domino Effect”! Didn’t they get that?

1999,   Chiberia got 19-inches of snow, followed by a -13 actual temp. Kinda makes 18, heading to 31 seem downright balmy, huh?


-Didn’t I tellya my Congressional District has clout? After all, it’s Rosty’s old district and our current guy’s the head of the “Congressional Hockey Caucus”. As Lynn Sweet says, “Yes. There is one”. Isn’t it great to know that? I mean his colleagues across the aisle are preparing to use “dynamic scoring” as the measure by which budgetary decisions will be made, which is an offshoot of “The Laffer Curve”. Y’all remember that, right…”Supply Side Economics aka Trickle Down Economics”…”Voodoo Economics”? That’s when the laff’s on us as the piss-trickles down their legs to us where we can all say, “Thank you, Sirs! May we have another?”

See, us Ella NoiseMakers are looking out for the rest o’ youze.

-ChiTown’s Barry-Liberry’s in trouble. Ya think that’d be on the front pages if Rahmbie was in town? Me neither. Anyway, it seems Barry has less clout here than George Lucas.Y’see, the Lucas Museum is a private enterprise, which by ChiTown ordinance, cannot be built on Chicago Park District properry. (The Friends of the Parks just filed suit on this grounds.) Well, the Barry-Liberry location from U. of C. is partly on, ta-Da, Park District Property, from which they have yet to receive the necessary waivers, whatever.

                                                                      DUCK SEASON


-While there isn’t much going on tube-wise, there is this. Apparently, it’s Jack Lemmon night on TCM as they are showing, “The Odd Couple”, one of my faves, from which oddly enough, I had just quoted a couple scenes. Walter Mathau’s Oscar Madison is great. That gravelly-growl of his as he spits out “Now it’s gah-bidge”, after he throws a plate of Felix’s (Jack Lemmon), pasta at the kitchen wall is hilariously menacing!

But wait! There’s more!

It’s followed by original “The Out of Towners”, starring Lemmon and Sandy Dennis which had been recently remade with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin. It’s a story about a businessman from the Midwest who comes to New Yawk to interview for a big job who brings along his wife, who encounter one crazy situation after another. While the humor will be a bit dated, Lemmon’s trademark apoplexy and Dennis’ “Oh, MY GOD” are worth the watch/listen.

Tomorrow night, it’s “Rebel Without a Cause”, the James Dean vehicle in which made his mark in Hollywood. You will also see a young Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood, among others. It’s “teen angst” in full-flower.


-Some newbies will grace our sets this month…

There’s a “Spamalot” rip-off on ABC, “Galavant”. That Ricky Gervais and Weird Al are guest stars seems to be a good thing. That John Stamos is as well, well….

A hip-hop based soap, “Empire” on FOX. The only reason I know this is they promote it incessantly during football telecasts. Here’s a line by Taraji P. Henson, nee “”Person of Interest”, they keep repeating, “I want HALF my company back!” Why not ALL of it?

But wait! There’s more!

For those so inclined, there’s “Donnie Loves Jenny”, starring “Blue Bloods’ ” Donnie Wahlberg and ChiTown’s whatever, Jenny McCarthy.

Tramp Tower’s owner has his slop returning to NBC.

FOX has a new super-sleuth, Everett Backstrom, yet another smart-ass who knows more than anyone else, who could conduct post-doctoral symposia on rudeness. You get the picture. It stars Rainn Wilson from “The Office”…funny guy. Can’t this network just have a main character who possesses the aforementioned positive traits without his also having to be an a-hole?

HBO has a newbie, “Togetherness”, a midlife-crisis comedy about four adults living under the same roof, debuting on the 11th. We’ve enjoyed most of HBO’s series, so we’ll give it a shot.

Which brings us to….

                                                                  AND NOW…SPORT

IT WAS A GOOD DAY FOR THE BIG 10…which has 14 teams…YESTERDAY!

-As I am not much of a college football fan, normally I wouldn’t say much but as this conference’s offices are about a 15-minute ride from DaNest and as I grew up with Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler, well, its teams, namely The Ohio State University; Michigan State and Wisconsin, prevailed with OSU and MSU moving forward in the year’s NCAA’s inaugural football tournament. And, it’s not just that they won but that they also eliminated Nick Saban from anything further. And, though it was Oregon which did it, questionably-behaving, QB-Jameis Winston of FSU is also gonezo!

Unfortunately, Minnehaha lost to Missouri.


-It’s Wild Card weekend which pits the 11-5 Cardinals with the 7-8-1 Panties in Carolina and the 10-6 Ravens at the 11-5 Stillers, Saturday.

Sunday has the 12-4 Lions at Dallas, also 12-4, with the Bengals, 10-5-1 at the Colts, 11-5. The Pats, Broncos, SeaClucks and Packehs all have Byes and will host the winners of these games, depending on their records, next week.

While the Commune uses the accepted lowest W/L plays at best  W/L format for the Division and Conference weekends, theyy do not for the Wild Card. They value a team winning its Division over its record, i.e., the 11-5 Cardinals travel from Arizona to Carolina, which couldn’t even win as many games as they lost, 7-8-1. Similarly, the Packers hosted the 9ers last year, despite the fact that the Pack went 8-7-1 to the 9ers’ 12-4. (I was out of the country at the time. I was happy for that rule but still did not agree with it. BTW, the 9ers won.)

Anyone who follows the Commune knows its list of tie-breakers is like the first 5 books of the Bible in length. So, if that is the case for everything else, why change it over a division title? Or, why should the schittiest of the schitty be given

an unearned advantage over a team which played in one of the strongest divisions? Oh well.

DaBEARS, 9ers, Jets, Raiders, Falcons, Bills coach/GM searches…

Here’s something some may not like. Sorry, not so Feel-Good.

Ranking the NFL coaching vacancies


As many sports-talking heads, I am firmly of the opinion if the Bears do what they have in the past…pick someone who’s just like their hierarchy…the may as well throw darts at a board filled with candidate-names. What makes their problem tougher is the have to hit…and I mean, HIT…on both a GM and a H/C…at the same time. That ain’t gonna be easy. That there would be two teams in our town which would catch lightning in a bottle, not once but twice out of sheer serendipity, a la the Cubs with Theo and then Maddon, is extremely unlikely.

I know, it’s FGF, so let’s say they do. Then  what? Do they keep Cutler? Probably. But what about the supremely talented but raging hemorrhoid that is #15? Ok,they get lucky again. Then, who becomes their O/C; D/C/ ST/C?

They then have to deal with their division which has two of the better…if not the best, QB,for one…with an up and coming rookie in Minnehaha, each of which have improved their defenses as the season has progressed.

Sorry. Not really FGF but some things can’t be changed.

Am leaving the 9ers, Jets, Falcons, Raiders and Bills to others. Feel free to weigh in.


-I avoided their “Winter Classic” game, yesterday, tuning in with about 4:30 left at 2-2. Decided to watch. Yeah, I know. I shouldn’t have. I saw them miss on shots they normally hit and then with 12.9 seconds left, lose while on a penalty-kill. Dang! No more. Sorry.


-Now here’s something to Feel Good about! We fans are watching and liking them, though we and the  keep saying, they can be better. This despite their leading their division. If anyone likes to watch 4s and 5s play…as well as the rest…they are a treat as we haven’t seen them have pivot men like Pau and Joakim for a very long time.

Jimmy Butler is just playing out of his heinie. He bet on himself and is shooting like a man possessed…on top of his defensive abilities.

OK, am heading for other things. Don’t forget that any day we wake up not looking at daisy roots, is a good one.

Hafta see Doc FG, Monday. If I post, it’ll be later.

Have a great weekend!


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