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It’s summer. No really.

Good day…and that it is. Days like today are the reason we ChiBerians deal with, well, being in ChiBeria. I’m looking out my window at a beautiful, azure blue sky; the sun’s golden rays streaming down on our rosebushes and flowers which are just now opening their buds; showing off their (sometimes-gaudy) colors; making us appreciate their beauty and the beauty of nature that we are able to experience. (Man, if I ever said something like that 50-years ago, I’d've been hooted outta the ‘hood by my pals!)


OK, let’s get to it.



-The Bowe Bergdahl thing’s got legs and it’s gonna have ‘em until he is brought home and is fully-investigated by the Army. Here’s t-day’s S-T editorial, which makes a great deal of sense…


Time for military justice – Chicago Sun-Times

Time for military justice – Chicago Sun-Times

EDITORIAL: It would be entirely appropriate for the Army to court martial Bergdahl and leave his fate to military justice.
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-In a related item and in reference to our last meeting, it is being reported that there were many GOPers who were calling for Bowe’s release and return, “No matter the cost”…John McCain being one, who even favored a 5-for-1 deal like this one…who are now backtracking.


But wait! There’s more!


Further, there are GOPers who have been found to have deleted Tweets backing this move.


Politicians. If it weren’t for the fact that what they do can F-up our lives, they’d be the best, most-watched comedy show, EVER!


DaDEMS’re on this too but so far, no news about them “DeTweeting” their words.




Trying to adhere to my previous thoughts on the daily almanac, (repeating things I’d written about a year ago) there are some which still piqued my interest and maybe as well as yours, hopefully. So, let’s get started and see what happened according to, among others, on this date in…


1099,   Interpreting a lunar eclipse as a sign that they will re-take Jerusalem, members of The First Crusade sallied forth. Think about that and other schools of thought from that era which form the basis of a great deal of current fundamentalist-religious thinking.


1783,   With no idea that they would become the focus of a Monty Python skit, the Montgolfier brothers made the first public balloon flight. “I think I’ll have a wash”.


Monty Python – The Golden Age of Ballooning Part 3 of 3

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1872,   At its National Convention, the Republican Party became the first major political party to include blacks at its convention. Hmmmm. Wonder where that adherence to historical , traditional, values of their party went? Maybe they used some kind of “racial-Pepsodent”. “You’ll wonder where the blacks all went when you brush your party with Pepsodent?”


1944,  The day before D-Day, German submarine U-505 was captured by the United States Navy in the North Atlantic. 10-years after, it was shipped to ChiTown’s Museum of Science and Industry and remains there as a very interesting exhibit. ChiTowners who have not taken the tour, should, as 60-years after, it is still a compelling story.


1968,   Sirhan Sirham assassinated Presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy.


2004,   Love him or not, Ronald Reagan died. As a child of the ’60s, there was much of what he said with which I did not agree…and still do not…but he was light years ahead of our last Republican president.


2013,   Edward Snowden released intel-secrets he’d stolen from the NSA. As previously stated, this one’s two…or more…pronged. As pissed off as I am about being spied on…possibly…I have to do a mea culpa, as I have freely given info on myself to various merchants; internet outlets, etc., just to save a few bucks or make my life a tad easier/convenient/enjoyable. Folks, you would NOT believe how much of your personal info is available for a price…and NOT for the NSA/CIA/FBI/and/or whatever other alphabet soup of a guvm’nt agency…but to businesses! To quote Clevinger from “:Catch-22″, “Oh well. What the hell.”




-Two researchers at University of California-Berkeley School of Law’s research shows that when ChiTown sports teams sre in the playoffs, our crime rate drops. For example, when the Cubs and Sox are in the playoffs, it dropped a full 7%. The Bulls were 2%. It dropped 26% during the Super Bowl and even more so drug crimes…63%and with Bears games, 29%.


Hmmm. Wonder if our local teams’ ownerships are thinkin’ they should ask Rahmer for some dinero under the guise of reducing criminal activity?



-S-T columnist, Michael Sneed…a woman…has been running a series of columns pushing for recognition of her old boss, former Mayor Jane Byrne. Her premise is that because she was a woman-mayor, she’s a Rodney Dangerfield and she “…don’t get no respect”.


She wasn’t the best; nor the worst Mayor we’ve had in my lifetime. However, she was the one who proposed our “River North” development; gentrifying the north bank of the Chicago River’;s former industrial area into what is has become, a haven for trendy bars, restaurants and boutiques. But back then, she was ridiculed. She also wanted to gentrify Navy Pier, which at the time wasn’t much more than a borderline-eyesore. She said she wanted to turn it into Chicago’s version of Bahstehn’s Faneuil Hall”. Again, snorts of derision met her suggestion. Today it is Illinois’ #1 tourist attraction! But before then, she began a thing; a ChiTown-sponsored party, if you will, that she called, “ChicagoFest”, with food-vendors representing local restaurants; musical acts…saw Waylon Jennings there…as well as other bands, local and national. It went the way of the caterpillar; into its chrysalis; emerging as the butterfly which would become known as “Taste of Chicago”, which draws tourists from around the world.


On the other side, there were three CTU strikes and ChiTown’s one and only Firefighters strike.


Still, we have buildings/streets/highways named after other not-so great local pols. Oh well, what the hell.



-Had out-of-town guests over last night and after they left, tuned in to see how bad DaFlubs were losing…4-2 Mutts at the time…then did some “surfing” when lo and behold, what did I see but “Woodstock” on Retro. This wasn’t the VH1Classic, edited version. Uh-uh. This is the – nearly – 4-hour, unedited, film. From CSN’s “Long Time Coming”, to Canned Heat through many acts who without this film, may have never been as well known as they have become…Santana/Richie Havens/Sha-Na-Na, Country Joe and the Fish, for example, as well as established acts; The Who; The Airplane; The Dead; Jimi; Joe Cocker…this was one hell of a stroll back in time. Some of it seems a little silly…freaky (?)…now but emblematic of the disillusion of many of us kids in ’69.


While I’m glad my kids didn’t have to go through that time of disillusionment/hope/thinking we could change things for the better; it’d sure as scheiss make it easier to explain to them. But here we are some 45-years later; faced with the question if we did? Did we really change things? I mean really…did we? I’ll leave you to decide that one.


So, as we head in to “DUCK SEASON”, enjoy this…unedited…presentation of Country Joe and the Fish doing the “Fixin’ To Die Rag”…”GIMME AN F!”


Country Joe Mcdonald – Feel Like I’m Fixing to Die Rag – The Woodstock Diary 1969

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-OK, I’m goin’ out on a limb here and may get some pushback, which I’m fine with but here goes. Who the F cares that the QueenSlut, Kim, is preggers, again? I mean it? Who cares? AND, speaking  as a guy, the beyatch ain’t good lookin’. She’s got fake-boobs; a heinie the size of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and if not for make-up, wouldn’t get a first…much less a second…look.


There, I feel better now.



-Boy! Based on some of what’s been on/in/around local news about this, you’d think Rahm’s made an appointment for Cardinal Fankie to Baptize him as a Catholic! Pat Hughes…a gem of an announcer…remains as well as his new sidekick, Ron Croomer, though I’d have preferred Todd Hollandsworth, but what’s the big deal?


I mean, come on! It’s a goddam radio station switch. What? In this age of advanced-electronics, are we to draw from this that even old farts like me, don’t know how to change our car-home-radio-AM selections from 720 to 780?


Are Cubs fans ‘sposeta miss commercials for Leaf Guard Systems or The Gutter Helmet?


Are we also supposed to divine from this that Cubs fans will not be able to remember the new station? In the ’60s, DaBears’ games were on, ‘GN; then they lost them to WMAQ; which lost them back to ‘GN; which lost them to ‘BBM. Nobody pissed and moaned or cried in their Old Styles about it. They just tuned in to whatever station was carrying the game(s).

One thing fresher, fresher, is Social Media has given voice to more effed-up whining over non-consequential events with standing lower than a whale turd at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. (See “Queen Slut” item above.)
-T-Arnold was so…SO…right about Sunday’s “Game of Thrones”. I do know one of you is just watching Season 3, now, so won’t go into details. Will say, though, this show has many more “Game” players than we think. It seems every few episodes, we get a newbie.
By the way, anyone else get a kick out of “…the pillar and the stones”?
-”Penny Dreadful”. Have not yet watched this week’s episode but did see that it was renewed for another season, next year. I know some aren’t as in to it as me, which is fine. I like it. Whatever floats yer boat(s).
-”True Detective”. Good news/Bad News. The good news is, it’s coming back. The bad is, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are done, as are The Carcosa and the South Louisiana Bayou country. Next season moves the location to LaLaLand. The new lead actors are tba later this month.
                                                                                               AND NOW…SPORT
-Sorry, Joe. Honestly figured the Flubs would regress to the mean and lose yesterday and tonight, which would have kept them at their 1-outta-3 pace.
-I’ll leave the Rangers/Kings stuff between you ‘n’ Whiney and our LalaLandsmen, Rene. However, the ChiSox beat his Doyers 2-1. You have Arnold, Bill, Dave and Nick o deal with on that front, R-Man.
-Not so humorously, Don Zimmer died. As Joe noted to me earlier, he was a character. He was the guy who while arguing a call with an ump, used the epithet that my Dad called: “safety-pins”. Now, all y’all might be asking yerselfs, “What the F is that?” OK, go into a toitie…or wherever you can look into a mirror…while looking at your lips, say the phrase for “SOB”. OK, got that? Now, do the same thing but this time, say “Safety-pins”. Get it?
I recall a game in ’89, when he was the Cubs manager where they had the bases loaded; the count was 3-2 and he started all the runners…sacks stacked with <two-outs and he ran a “triple-steal” except the batter got a hit and all three baserunners scored.
There was also the Pedro incident when he Zim a Yankee, of which I’m sure Pedro wished he’d done things differently.
I always liked him…player, coach, manager. He was an old-time “Baseball-lifer”. Not many like him around anymore…our loss and too bad for that.
-Thanks to their wondrous 99 and 96-loss-seasons, the Chisox pick 3rd; Flubs, 4th; with the Mutts, 10th and Doyers, 22nd.
Did a little research and folks, our pals in the Socialist Football Collective, no longer have the lock on un-pluckin’-believable names, (Barkevius Mingo comes to mind.). Uh-uh.
Here’s a list of potential picks I got from And, no, I have NOT changed anything. These are these guys’ names. Ready? Ok, here we go…our teams may pick one of these guys…which means we may be cheering for one of the following..
Cre Finfrock. Can just hear it. Man, did he finfrock THAT up! “You stupid Finfrocker!”
Blaze Tart. Blaze Starr was a stripper in the ’50s. His Gramma, maybe? When he whiffs with the sacks-stacked, will he peel off some pasties to take the edge off of the crowd?
Blake Drake. Nothing like a rhyming couplet for a name.
Chase Corn. His mama hadta be high when she filled out his birth certificate.
Maverick Buffo. Uh-huh. You read that right.
Tye Rambo.
Cisco Factor. A baseball player or a title for a political thriller?
Rock Rucker. So, what was MotherRucker thinking of when she came up with this handle? “Stupid motherrucker!”
1955,   Mickey Mantle hit a homer off ChiSox pitcher Billy Pierce, (after whom some of us Ts thought one of us Ts was named), that cleared the old Comiskey Park left-field upper deck, which was estimated to have carried 550-feet.
1959,   Not to be outdone by the ChiSox, Flubs pitcher, Glen Hobbie gave up a home run to the Pirates Dick Stuart, which cleared the old Forbes Field center field wall, making it the longest homer ever hit in that ballpark. A quick check of its dimensions list the CF wall as having been 440-feet from home plate.
1966,   Reds SS, Leo Cardenas hit 4-homers in a doubleheader split with the Flubs; two in each game; winning the 1st, 8-3; losing the 2nd, 9-5.
1974,   In the only instance of this ever happening, the Cleveland Indians had 9-baserunners in their game against Texas, in which all 9 of them scored, in a 9-3 win. What else could it have been?
2008,   Chipper Jones of the Braves hit his 400th career home run; joining Mickey Mantle and Eddie Murray as the only switch-hitters to have achieved that feat.
-The hardest working man on DaBulls, Joakim Noah, was named as the center on the All-NBA team; joining LeBron; Kevin Durant; Chris Paul and James Harden. He adds this to his also being named Defensive Player of the Year as well as being named to the All-Defensive first team.
This young man has really matured. Don’t know if his teammates, old man, coach, whomever, may have taken him on the side and told him to drop his goofiness and get serious but he sure has. Well, he’s still a bit goofy but not stupid-goofy; just kinda fun-goofy. And…the guy’s a beast on D.
Ok, am signing off for today as hafta start thinking of stuff for tomorrow’s “FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY” post.
As always, your input is welcome.
And, remembering that any day we can look down at our plants instead of up at their roots, is a good one, I bid you farewell for the day.

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