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It’s Spring in Chicago! (and it’s snowing)

Spring in Chicago

Spring in Chicago

Well, boy howdy! The first day of Spring…which was mis-timed by yerztruly as beginning at 11:47AM in the morning, when it actually began at 11:57AM, in the morning…began with its last gasp of winter around 6:30 AM in the morning with snow falling! Never mind. It then became sunny and Apollo drove his chariot high in the sky; causing Zeus-Cloud Gatherer to relent and allow Phosbus to warm things up to around 47-degrees. Now, for our left-coasters and lower-right-coasters, that may not seem like much but coming off a winter with an average daily temp of 18.8-degrees…that’s f-bombin’ fantastic! But wait! There’s more! We’re sposeta break 60 today. Hotcha-hothca! Thing is, it’s to drop 40-degrees overnight, though. Oh well. Still, Opening Day’s a week from Monday, which despite the futility of it all here in BOHICA-Land, that signals warmer-sunnier-nicer weather should — repeat, should — be ahead.

Winter’s last icy grasp is still there, though. We still have several Christmas decorations which are frozen in the ground or cased in ice, in shaded areas around Plaza Del Wat. Hopefully, that 60-degrees will de-thaw, (Not my word.),  them.


Oh yeah. Am I the only one who wonders why we change an entire season quite conveniently a couple minutes before Noon but change our clocks at 2:00AM?



Thought I’d start things off with some Rocky & Bullwinkle fer yuze. Two nights ago, possibly one of the most famous dialogues in cartoon history was shown, which alas and alack, I could not find. It was the episode with Boris and Natasha in a canoe…the only canoe available…in which they steal away with the Moosberry Bush; while being pursued by R & B in their sawn-in-half airplane; held together with spit and baling-wire; while Boris exhorts Natasha to “Strroke! Strroke!”, (minds above the belts, boys)…while Bullwinkle frantically ells, “Bail! Bail!”

Here’s some R & B to start yer Friday:

Let’s get started with this week’s FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY









1413,   Henry IV was succeeded by his son, Henry V. Wonder how long they took to figure that one out, huh?


1841,   Considered to be the first detective story which eventually became a staple on radio and TV, Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” was published.


1852,   Harriett Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was published.


1906,   A mutiny of Russian Army officers took place in Sevastopol…in Crimea…Ukraine. Yeah, like that’d ever have anything to do with us.


1915,   The Champagne offensive was called off by the French when, surprisingly, the troops demanded Miller Lite, which had yet to have been invented.


1928,   Mr. Rogers was born.



..and TODAY in…


1556,   The Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, was burned at the stake by Roman Catholic, Queen Mary I, for heresy.

As Casey Stengel usedtasay, you can look it up. Guess, that “loving Jesus” many of us remember didn’t quite fit with the politics of those times, huh?


1851,   Vietnamese Emperor Tu Duc ordered Christian priests to be put to death. See, we DID have a reason to preserve the way of life there.


1906,   The State of Ohio banned hazing by fraternities, which put and end to that.


1910,   In an Ironically, ironic, irony to the email from T-Jayne yesterday, the Senate granted former President Teddy Roosevelt an annual pension of $10,000.00.


1971,   Two US platoons in Vietnam refused their orders to advance in a battle. The folly of the situation that was Vietnam in full-flower…or maybe they thought Tu Duc could go Fuc himself, after all.


1984,   In what may have been the biggest, “Whoopsie!” in history, a Ruckin’Fussian submarine collided with the United States Navy Aircraft Carrier, Kitty Hawk, CV-63.



-After losing to Bruce Rauner by 20,000-votes, Kirk Dillard’s folks did an election analysis and came up with this. If they had merely gotten, just two-more-votes/the 10,000 precincts, they would have won. In other words, despite those who rationalized staying home as their vote wouldn’t matter as Dillard wound up losing by so many votes, it actually DID matter. Those in business who are familiar with the concept of “volume” understand this. It’s not always a huge-bloc of voters. Rather, it’s more like a man’s facial hair, i.e., whiskers. One, two or even a couple dozen don’t make much but a face full of them make a beard.

So, the next time you think your one-vote doesn’t mean much, or like littering thinking that one-McD’s wrapper isn’t much, if thousands feel and do the same way, it does.





-”Labor pains: Unions suing Quinn, at ‘war’ with Rauner”. This would be the “Two Bowls of Shit”,(TBOS), premise.


-”Embattled state representative quits”. After having his home raided by Homeland Security investigators, Elgin, IL rep, Keith Farnham resigned due to “health reasons”. Would that be heart-palpitations after DHS knocked?


-”CPS to distribute free condoms at 24 high schools this fall”. No word as to what sizes they’d be, though.


-”Rauner makes turn to the middle”. I’d better watch out as Dave may take me to task on this but…Rauner’s enlisted several well-known DEMs and Indies for his team. Recall please, that one of the groups which ran some nasty-assed neg-ads against him was a Republican group which claimed he was a RINO, (Republican In Name Only), which makes sense in this regard. Brucie’s a pal of Rahmbie. He couldn’t run as a blue-dog-Dem against the incumbent, Quinnie, without causing problems for DaDEMS. So, he runs as a GOPer, is castigated by quite a few of that party as an interloper but is able to retain his good relations with Rahmbie; Big Mike and Co., allowing them to advance their agendas if Brucie wins. A strange scenario, true, but stranger things have happened in NoyLand. That and the fact that Quinnie’s hardly gotten anything done with his own party running everything doesn’t speak well of him.


And, just for Dave, this may be another case where Rauner turns out to be doing something that he isn’t. This time, saying he’s a Republican, while actually a blue-dog-Dem with insider ties to ChiTown, Cook County and NoyLand. It makes sense.


-”Rahm debates, insults MSNBC host”. Here’s the link:

By the way, those “best schools in the state, located in ChiTown”, aren’t charter schools. Their Chicago Public Schools. Rahmbie’s real popular on MSNBC. Wonder how much longer that’ll be? Chuck Todd, by the way, is pretty darn good. He’s excellent at spotting trends and calling elections.


-”Ethics panel examining Gutierrez deal with ex-aide”. Only include this as Gutey attended NEIU at the same time ads MBH ‘n’ me and he recently moved about 4-blocks from us.


-”Board to consider denying Peterson’s pension”. The “Peterson” is convicted wife-murderer and former Bolingbrook Police sergeant, Drew, who for some insane reason is still being paid his $79,000.00/year pension. True, it goes to his kids but they’re all adults.

Now there’s a pension to consider cutting.


-”General spared prison in sexual misconduct case”. What? You expected the Army to put this piece of shit in jail?


-”Man who threw party after killing parents gets life”. That’s a little more like it.


-”Durbin on Ukraine: ‘I don’t think it’s over’.” Thanks for that penetrating analysis, Senator. Fersher, yer gettin’ re-elected.





-”Hawaii law lets police have sex with prostitutes”. So, will CBS change the title to the Alex O’Laughlin cop-show-in-paradise to: ”Hawaii Six 9″? No? How about “Hawaii Ménage a Trois”?







-”Divergent” opens today. As I have not read anything of the trilogy other than what is in the papers; what I’ve been told by my live-in-libarian and on the tube, I may have some prejudicial problems to overcome, namely…

1) It’s described as a “teen franchise” and is being included among  the “Twilight” series, which I avoided like the plague and “The Hunger Games” which I did not…and liked…with the 2nd film far more than the 1st.


2) From what I have read and seen, the premise, as I understand it is this. Like “THG”, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic-setting, which happens to be ChiTown,  in which all 16-year-olds must take part in a “Choosing Day”, where they are forced to decide which faction they will join for the rest of their lives. The decision is final and irrevocable…at least as far as I understand. Those factions are: Abegnates, who are community-service types who keep things running; Erudite, guess what they are; Dauntless; again, guess; Candor; Guess again and Amity, betcha can’t guess that.


OK, I guess. Perhaps not at 16 and irrevocable but don’t we all face that? When we enter college at 18, and in a very short time after, we are made to choose a major course of study with a minor, as well. If we choose wrongly, what do we have but a degree that says we are well-schooled in the history of ancient Mediterranean societies, upon which can reflect while doing what? Selling widgets?


Hopefully, the 3-1/2 stars it got in he S-T were well-earned and my misgivings will be answered. I’ll let you know next week.


-”Love & Air Sex”. Now THIS sounds like fun! If you haven’t guessed this premise, I’ll ‘splain. It’s based on a for-real group which has national championships a la “Air Guitar” players, except in this, uh-huh, the competition is based upon who does the best

“air-sex” rendition. Here’s a link, as I can’t make this stuff up. I’m not that good:



-”Revolution”. This week’s episode, “Why We Fight” was quite revealing and provoked more than one comment form yerztruly. Here are some:


“When is Rachel gonna learn?” This woman’s an idiot. She keeps causing even more problems as the rebels try to stay alive after she and her cohorts caused the blackout in the first place.


“Psycho Killer  Qu’est-ce que c’est”. Monroe’s one, stone-cold killer and Miles ain’t far behind him.


“The Patriots sure are remindful of recent war-mongering Neo-Cons.”


They say one will die next week. Not necessarily the above, which I doubt. Most TV shows will say that, leading viewers to speculate as to which character they like will be killed off; only to have a secondary or tertiary supporting character get offed. I’m betting on Aaron’s wife, Priscilla. No real reason other than she fits the parameters.


-”Hannibal”. Watched two episodes last night in order to be caught up by tonight’s showing. This show is worse than the proverbial car-wreck with mutilated victims we all slow down to take a gander at; then turn away; then turn back. We, MBH ‘n’ me keep turning back. This is due to top-notch writing, direction and performances. In the scene with Gillian Anderson, Hannibal’s therapist, and Mads Mikkelsen, Hannibal, the terror on her part was palpable. They did a masterful job beginning the season with the climax of the season and are rebuilding the story in a semi-flashback-type fashion.


An aside. Was watching the 2004 Clive Owen-flick, “King Arthur” the other day and in a scene which was unbelievably ironic, and which I was unaware, “Will”, (Hugh Dancy) and “Hannibal”, (Mads), were in the same scene…only feet apart as two of Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table: “Tristan”, (Mads), and “Galahad”, (Hugh). By the way, Mads is one big dude.


-Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” is on AMC tonight at & CDT.


-”The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” is on Family. One of the funniest lines I ever heard was about a gay guy of which it was said that he was “…so far back in the closet, he found Narnia”. That’s funny.


-”Shark Tank” is on ABC. We watch this as sometimes it can be really interesting. One thing I was surprised to learn was Mark Cuban is 55. I thought he was younger. Don’t know why, I just did.


-Otherwise, the NCAA Tourney’s all over the place on CBS, TBS and TNT. Which brings us to……………………………………………..






-Am getting this out of the way, now. So, I didn’t watch DaHawks who beat St. Lousy, 4-0, the other night. That didn’t seem to matter as in doing so, they also lost Kaner for — just about — the rest of the regular-season. Jeez!



-After they cut him, Devin Hester signed with the FalCoons. Too bad as I kinda wanted my guys to get him. Yeah, you read that right. Besides the inherent Packehs/Bears stuff, I liked that if they’d had him, that would keep The Pack from having to use Randall Cobb on returns, though they may not anyway. Oh well. Funny thing…he didn’t rekindle his Lovie-affair in Tampa, neither.



-They travel to Indy, where they should lose to the team with the best record in their conference.



-Arnold, Bill and Nick may have theirselves a for-real leadoff-man in newly acquired Adam Eaton. Besides that, he’s sposetabe able to cover center as well as anyone. That’d be nice for the Sox. A place-setter who doesn’t wear a Michael Jackson-model Wilson.



-It seems everyone’s all hot ‘n’ runny over Javy Baez and his power-potential as he hit another moon shot the other day, some 452-feet. He’s still gonna open the season in Triple-A and…yes, I know this ain’t FEEL-GOOD…in 135 games last year, not only did he fan 140 times; unlike Adam Eaton, he does wear a Michael Jackson model Wilson in that in those 135-games, he committed 44-errors, which works out to 3+ errors per game, which combined with 1+K/game, means he’s gonna hafta thwack  a hunnerd or so moon shots for that to be overlooked.


-On the “big name” front, they traded Wayne Gretzky’s kid to the Angels for their manager, Mike Scioscia’s. See? They DO make moves with big names being involved.


TV-wise, it’s Cubs/Sox on Comcast Sportsnet at 3:05, CDT.



-As I’m not really in to it, only have a couple things.

1) The Harvard Crimson(12)  beat Cincinnati(5).

2) Dayton (11) beat The Ohio State University (6) by 1.



-Cincy-fireballing-closer, Aroldis Chapman had a Herb Score-type incident yesterday when hit just above the eye by a liner hit back at him by KC’s Salvador Perez, on a 99-mph fastball. So far, his prognosis is good. However, as we oldsters recall, They said the same about Herb Score who was one to the best pitchers in the AL before getting hit by a liner off Gil McDougald’s bat, was decent but far from what he’d been.


OK, time to close for the week. Hope you all have a great weekend and are able to enjoy this nice weather in ChiTown as short-lived as it’ll be. While you are, remember that any day we can look down at our rosebushes instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one.














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