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It’s sentirse bien Viernes! (feel-good Friday, silly!)

The Roman Aqueduct

The Roman Aqueduct

“Well I’m so glad to be livin’ in the USA!” Thus sayeth Chuck Berry.


-Yes, we’re back home and pretty much de-jet-lagged. My, oh my! How do our Presidents deal with that?!?! Yes, they’re not out of the country for too long but still, getting our body-clocks readjusted from operating in a time-zone which is 7-hours ahead of ours has been, er, um, interesting, to say the least. My “cure” was ingesting large amounts of caffeine, which in turn kept me awake longer; which allowed me to sleep later…except for this morning…which is getting me a bit more on-track. It was that and some errands we had to attend to which kept me away this long.



-We thoroughly enjoyed Espana, its people, food, sights but not necessarily its hills. As I have mild-COPD and all the cities we visited were up faitly high above sea-level, it was pretty hard to ctach my breath while walking…seemingly constantly…uphill. We were, mainly, in Madrid but also visited Toledo – which is not pronounced as Toledo as in Ohio – and Segovia.


What was amazing was our seeing…actually touching or walking among…buildings and/or structures which dated back to the Romans, who were there over 2000-years ago. Toledo is your typical medieval-fortress of a town; built on a mountain; surrounded by a river; castle…sorry…Alcazar at the top. I felt like I was Gerard Butler traveling back in time in Michael Crichton’s “Timeline”.

Toledo is also known for its metal-working, especially, knives and Damascene work. There, MBH purchased some beautiful items, while I being more practical, ahem, bought a carving-knife AND, let’s see who can guess by this clue: “Jim Bowie! Jim Bowie! He was a bold adventurous man!” No? Well, ever since Scott Forbes played the hero of American folklore who was killed at The Alamo on TV in the ’50s, I have wanted a Bowie Knife. I got one and it’s a fearsome piece of steel and rosewood. Totally cool.


In Madrid, we visited The Prado; viewing Goya, Velazquez and El Greco masterpieces, among others. It was breathtaking.

We also saw their Bullfighting Museum, which pushed my Ernest Hemingway buttons; ( I always cheered for the bulls) the Plaza Del Sol; Plaza De Mayor; Reyna Sofia, with its Picassos, Miros and Dalis, among others; the Royal Palace with its 3418-rooms, which was – literally – across the street from our hotel.


In Segovia, we climbed to the top of what they call “The Roman Aqueduct”, which is 1600km long and 90m high. It’s over 2000-years old and still standing. Our guide disabused us of the notion that it’s still operational as 600km of it were destroyed. That said, to see something THAT big; THAT old; and STILL standing with its only means of support being gravity and inertia; no cement, just stone blocks hewn to fit together and rather precisely at that, was something.


In all of our visits I came away with the feeling that our guides felt as strongly about their country’s history as we. AND, that that history simply dwarfs ours by a factor of 10.


Oh yeah, the food.


There’s a “greasy-spoon” across from the Atocha train station, the target of Al-Qaeda terrorists in 2004; which we frequented, too, where I had the best “bocadillo-calamari” EVER!


There’s also a little joint in Toldeo where I had the best of the four, different, paellas. Mmmm.Mmmm. Good.


There are also several “Museo de Jamon”. Read that Museum of Ham. Uh-huh. They take their ham seriously in Madrid, folks.


OK, I’m blathering and am missing things, too. Suffice to say, if you have the opportunity, go.




-Got home and saw that some 12 or 13-year-old kid took a shotgun to school and shot a couple of his fellow-students. Funny, no such stories like that in Spain. Well, the King’s daughter’s being investigated for allegedly being involved in a Ponzi-scheme with her hubby. That’s more like home.


-Barry’s giving a speech on “transparency” with NSA-spying. While not quite as much of one, he’s almost as big of a disappointment as SlickWilly was. He could have been so much better. He still has time but if he’s not careful, he’ll have a Republican Senate to go along with the Republican House and he’ll get less done than he has, if that’s possible.


Y’know, it’s been said that he doesn’t like “playing the political game”. Well then, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot was he doing running for President in the first place?



-Let’s see what the folks at have for us as far as what’s happened on this date in…


1706,   The man whose face graces the $100.00 bill, Benjamin Franklin, was born.


1893,   Hawaiian Queen, Liliuokalni was overthrown by American sugar growers led by Sanford Dole. Remember that the next time you decide to enjoy a slice of his pineapple.


1899,   Al Capone, the man who’s alleged to have said, “Ya can get a lot more with a kind word and a gun than ya can with a kind word”, was born.


1939,   The Third Reich issued orders forbidding Jews from practicing dentistry, being veterinarians or chemists. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. Keep moving.


1942,   The most famous draft-dodger of the Vietnam War, Cassius Clay, was born.




-”RAHM’S PALS IN LINE FOR CHARTER CASH”. The “charter” refers to “Charter schools” which Rahmbi’s in favor of but the rent for which is paid for by, ta DAH!, the taxpayers. It’ll run into the millions of dollars for them. Good thing we got rid of that Daley, guy, huh?


-”Fireworks at first GOP forum”. Let’s see, a multimillionaire running against some pols who could actually put their political expertise to good work. It seems these guys didn’t learn from ’12′s presidential primaries, where the internal-internecine warfare the candidates waged against each other, helped to allow Barry’s being re-elected. Should they be saying “4-more years!” to Pat?


-”Rat fears over hospital redevelopment”. OK, just re-read that and ask yerself: “Do the words ‘rats’ and ‘hospital’ belong in the same sentence? Oops! Almost forgot. The “hospital” is the former, “Children’s Memorial Hospital”. So, let’s add, “Children’s” to “rats” and “hospital” and ask the question.


-”Alderman: Let booze flow earlier on Sundays”. Non-ChiTowners are probably unaware that inside the City limits, y’all can’t buy any alcohol before 11AM in the morning on Sundays. Yeah. I know.



-So, Wayne Pepe LePierre of the NRA, says we need more “good guys with guns”, to offset the “bad guys with guns”.

OK. So while we were gone, a retired Tampa, FL cop…read that “good guy” (?)…shot and killed another guy; at a movie theater; for…wait for it…texting during the movie.


OK, I’m with y’all on texters at movies. But to shoot and kill them?




-Our sojourn to Espana took me cold-turkey off the late news. Why? Well, when everything’s in Spanish other than one or two channels and those which had “news” were more concerned with activities in Europe, you get the picture.

So, we get home and I decided I’ll watch something else whilst nodding off, so my search began. It lasted all of a few seconds when I saw that local UHF-station, WMEU, is now showing “The Bullwinkle Show” at 10:00; followed by “The Honeymooners” at 10:30.

In honor of that, here’s a link:



-We are getting caught up on various shows which we DVR’d. One newbie is “Intelligence”, starring former-CSI star, Marg Helgenberger as the head of U.S. Cyber Command who has at her disposal, the 21st-Century version of “Steve Austin, The Six-Million Dollar Man”. It’s kind of “Person of Interest” with Finch and Reese as one-and-the-same as “Gabriel”. Apparently, its debut was fine, ratings-wise but when put up against “The Blacklist” got its heinie whupped.


Thank Zeus for a DVR.


-”Revolution”. Glad its back. We’re really in to the characters and – so far – it hasn’t gotten out-over-its-skis. That said, that Miles, Bass, Charlie and company don’t have any physical setbacks worse than a blood-infection, despite constantly overcoming unbelievable odds, does strain its credulity.


-”NCIS”. The last two were a YUGE improvement over it’s previous few. Let’s hope they continue. Again, my main problem with the show is some place or other in the U.S. seems to get blown up each week, or some poor sap sailor or marine gets offed. Oh well. I still like Jethro.


-”Blue Bloods”. Haven’t gotten to them yet.


-”True Detective”. HBO’s newbie involving Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as cops trying to hunt down a serial killer who has been “on the hunt” for 17-years. Two, solid actors on one of the best stations for drama/comedy, what have you. Didn’t see the 1st but DVR’d it. More later.


-”The Professor” from “Gilligan’s Island”, Russell Johnson died yesterday. I know…not FEEL-GOOD. Sorry.





-My guys took the pipe against Bill’s Niners, yet again. I watched the recording of it which made me glad that I did not watch it as it happened as that last 5:01, where his guys gave mine a Wilson-enema, well, if I hadn’t known about it, I woulda been screaming at my TV. Oh well.


One good thing, though. My DVR showed the painful-shoving-of-the-football-up-the Pack’s-hind ends up till there were 2-seconds left. Thus, I did not see the ball sail through the uprights; carrying with it the 3-points which won the game for San Francisco. Thank you, DVR.


What I am glad about is the fact they did not quit, despite all their setbacks. As it’s FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, I won’t go into anything more on them, today.



-It’s Whitney’s Patsies at the BroncoBillys. Hmmm. Am wondering which team Joe wants to lose? After all, as a Jets fan, he’s no fan of either Brady or Manning.


Speaking of the Yets!, the guy everybody just knew…to very marrow of their bones…that Rex Ryan’s days were numbered as their H/C, just had his contract extended.


-In the NFC, it’s Bill’s Niners against the SchittBirds. Any idea which way this guy’s leaning in that one? As I’ve about had it with Manning, it wouldn’t bother me to see a Niners/Pats Super Bowl. We’ll see.



-So, I leave and there’s no news on the BOHICA Cubs as, well, what’s there to say? BUT, I get back and, taDAH!, I see they’ve decided to have a Mascot! Oh, frabjous day! Calloo! Callay! His name is Clark and it is at this juncture that reality’s ugly head pokes through the tent-flap. Y’see, while his given-name is “Clark”, his surname is NOT “Kent”…probably “Addison”. Thus, we are consigned to mere mortals to alleviate our condition, the aforementioned, BOHICA Cubs.


OK, it’s time to go. I hope all y’all have been well and am glad to be back.


Remember, any day we can look down at our rosebush-covers instead of up at their roots, is a good one.


Have a great weekend!





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