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It’s Presidents Day!

There’s a big, blue ribbon a-movin’ across the weather map towards ChiTownLand, packin’ 4 – to – 8-inches of snow. Like we need or want more, right? Sure hope Bessie don’t think I’m abusin’ her when I take her out to clear the snow. It’s sposeta hit the high-30s tomorrow and maybe 50 by the end of the week, which will be welcome but may also spawn some flooding. Man, we can’t catch a freakin’ break. Just heard on the news that we ain’t had a winter like this since ’78/’79. For those unaware or who weren’t around, that one sucked, by the way.


Turns out our right-coasters up New England-way are up-to-their-lower-butt-cheeks in the cold-powdery-white-stuff, too. That sucks, too.

Well, the hell with the weather. Can’t do nuthin’ about it anyway but give it an “Oh well”.


OK, let’s get to it, shall we?



-It’s Presidents Day and we all know what that means…no better day than t’day to go out and buy a new mattress and box spring!


Remember when we were kids and we got TWO days off in Feberwerry…the 14th for Lincoln and the 22nd for Washington! Then they figured they were too close together so…my guess in a nod to bidniss…gave us one. However, in “The Land of Lincoln”, we still got Honest Abe’s day off AND Presidents Day.

Am wondering what touchy-feely-new-ager decided we should be so “inclusive” today. Have no problem with Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy…nor FDR or Truman…even Ike or Reagan, though some may argue that. But the word “Presidents” doesn’t exclude any. So by definition that means we include LBJ, Nixon, SlickWilly and – possibly, the worst, ever – Dubya.


Any additions/subtractions are cheerfully accepted.




Let’s see what else may have happened on this date according to and in…


1454,   The “vow of the pheasant” was taken by Philip the Good of Burgundy,  by which he swore to fight the Turks. It’d been pretty funny if he’d promised to fight turkeys, huh?


1598,   Boris Badenov’s descendant, Boris Gudenov was selected as Czar of Russia. Wonder who he chose as Natasha?


1600,   In a compelling argument for separation of Church and State, philosopher Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake on charges of heresy.


1817,   Baltimore became the first US city to be lit by gas. Sales of Heinz beans are said to have quintupled.


1836,   Aboard the HMS Beagle, Charles Darwin left Tasmania. He would have taken the “Snoopy” but it was otherwise occupied.


1867,   The first ship passed through The Suez Canal, which has brought peace and prosperity to the area since.


1876,   Sardines were canned for the first time. “Long live King Oscar!”


1908,   Baseball announcer, “Red” Barber was born. He is known for his descriptive-phrase, among others, of a batter “sitting in the catbird seat”. This was also the name of a very entertaining short-story by James Thurber and was also appropriated by White Sox announcer, Hawk Harrelson.


1913,   Oregon passed the first minimum-wage law. And we all know how badly THAT has effected our economy since!


1938,   The first color TV was shown in London. As we all know, it didn’t go very far.


1960,   Martin Luther King, Jr., was arrested during the Alabama bus boycott. Quite the ironically, ironic, irony, what with Alabama

celebrating individualism with its “right-to-work” laws. Apparently it didn’t have any “Right-to-eat-drink-walk on the same side of the street-have a job laws for anyone other than white-folks.


1963,   #23, Michael Jeffery Jordan was born.



It’s only a part of one but you’ll recognize it.



It’s “National Battery Day”! No Schlitz! There’s a website and everything. If interested, here’s the link:


-HEADLINES IN THE NEWS…As it’s Monday, some are from the weekend…


“Fla. man guilty on 4 counts of shooting teen in car”.  The 47-year-old, software developer who shot into a carload of teenagers because they were playing their “thug” music too loud, would have seemed to have been one of the NRA’s Wayne Pepe LaPierre’s “good guys with a gun”. I can only wonder what woulda happened to T-Bill, T-Tom ‘n’ me as we rode about the streets of ChiTown as kids with Mick an the Lads belting out “Satisfaction” with the volume at “11″ in the ’60s.


“Snake-handling pastor dies after bite”. This is one of the true-believers on NatGeo’s show. The story says he refused medical treatment, apparently believing that he’d be saved, which he was not. One can only wonder why that happened.


“Record grape harvest great for wine lovers”. This should go without saying…right?


“Riddell parent narrows field”. I report on this as Riddell was one of my old accounts. They were part of Easton-Bell sports. Y’all will see Easton’s name on some of the hockey-players helmets and speaking of helmets, Riddell is the main helmet-supplier to the Socialist Football Collective, which has been the target of concussion-related lawsuits.



-That was the subject of a speech by GOPerGuber, Bobby Jindal he delivered last week at the Reagan Library. Yes. You read that right. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner had an interesting response. She asked which political party interjected its religious beliefs by introducing laws which reach into: doctors offices; health-insurance; gay rights? ’T'weren’t Barry’s crowd.


Look, we can have this discussion over and over again and it’s never gonna get resolved…I’m referring to to BarryCare, Rowe v Wade and gay-rights. That’s fine. We don’t all agree. But quit lying about it! Don’t deliver a speech deliberately, twisting and distorting reality. There is one…and only one…political party hell-for-leather, all-in, with its continual attempts to interject and interpose their religious beliefs on everyone else via legislation.


MAN IS THE SNOW COMING DOWN! Just looked out the windows and it’s almost a white-out!






-Took a gander at “From Here to Eternity” yesterday with MBH. She hadn’t seen it. I had. The weird thing was what they  considered to be “racy” or off-color in 1953 - as opposed to now – is almost mind-bogglingly silly. Somehow, they managed to make Donna Reed’s hooker…yes, Mary Bailey from “It’s A Wonderful Life”…and Deborah Kerr’s married-woman who liked to “sleep-around” came off as sympathetic-characters.



-Not going to go into too much detail about last night’s “True Detective” as some have yet to have seen it. Suffice to say, after 5-episodes, the director’s storytelling-style’s become clearer. Also, some may have had some notions and questions as to why the other detectives were questioning Marty and Russ. You’ll find out in this one.



-My guess is they’ll wait for the Olympics to end, this week. As Joe mentioned, some of the coverage is not that well explained and also, the broadcast-network portion has to appeal to the “broadest” audience. That includes – only parts of – hockey. Then snowboard-a-cross; ice dancing, etc.


But, someone has to ‘splain t’me what the flibberty-gibbet, they were doing showing the entirety…or what seemed to have been -

all of a cross-country ski race? That’s like watching a marathon race…which is about as enthralling as watching a golf tournament for non-golf fans. Which brings us to………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….






-That means that the regular season will be following soon. For Doyers and DBacks fans, they open in Sydney, Australia on March 22nd. Yes, you read that right.

The FestivusForTheRestivus begin our seasons the following weekend, March 30th, with 31st being the “official” Opening Day.


That means the hopes and fears after last years’ will be assuaged or continued. Most likely assuaged in Beantown and on Long Island, as well as in LalaLand; hopefully assuaged at 35th Street and Veeck Drive…and most assuredly continued at 1060 W. Addison Street.


Right now, everything’s comin’ up roses for just about everybody. That’s what Spring Training does. It reminds us that despite the cold, snow, sleet and slush, in a few weeks…unbelievably, 4 from this-coming Saturday…baseball will begin.



-The first Major tourney on “The Tour”, The Masters, starts April 10th. Thankfully, they did NOT schedule it on Easter weekend, this year. One can only wonder why they would do that? Easter is generally a time for families to get together. Don’t know ’bout you guys but in moi’s group, there are only two-others who share my affinity for golf played by the best on the toughest courses.



-The girls basketball team from my part-time employer made it out of their Class-A regional and into their Supersectionals over the weekend. Their next game is tomorrow. I am hopeful of reporting another victory for them on Wednesday.


I know all of these kids and am very proud of them. Especially when considering the total enrollment of their school is 173. That’s something.


There is much to be said about small-schools. They don’t get the big “ink” or video of larger schools but their accomplishments deserve to be recognized as much as their counterparts at bigger schools.


OK, gonna put a cork in it for the day as my UVerse is giving us a hard time. So, let’s all keep in mind that any day we can look down and see a rosebush…or where it should be under the snow…instead of up at its roots, is a good one.


Take care. Stay warm and I’ll seeya on Happy Hump Day.





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