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It’s Monday! Now, Reveille! Now, Reveille!

Reveille_Laced-albumGood morning to all! It’s another beauty on this second-to-last-day of September, a day on which we are expected to approach 80-degrees, again. Fear not. By week’s end, the forecast is for highs in the 60s and maybe only the 50s. Well, after all, it WILL be October, right?

OK, let’s get started…


-Speaking of the end of September, this day/date now and in the past, is interesting. For instance, did you know that today is..

National Coffee Day! Gimme some joe, Joe!


National VFW Day. Even though they told me I did not qualify, which I didn’t, they still do good things and have for many years.

-Also, says these things happened on this date in…

1513,   Spanish explorer, Vasco Nunez de Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean. This reminds me of an old “Archie” comic story, where Jughead was failing History and had to pass a test to pass the class. He did and he did it thusly: “When Balboa saw the Pacific, he said, “Ain’t that terrific?” I had to have read that 55-years ago but still remember it.

1547,   Spanish noveliust, Miguel Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, was born. Have visited “La Mancha”. Very beautiful.

1789,   Congress authorized the creation of The United Sates Army. For former-draftees/draft-eligibles, yet another reason to despise them. ;-)

1907,   Yodeling cowboy, Gene Autry, was born.

1932,   The five-day workweek was established for workers at GM.

1935,   A yodeler of a different sort, Jerry Lee Lewis, was born. Enjoy…

1939,   Germany and Russia agreed on how they would divide Poland. Any wonder why Poles have no use for them?

1941,   After Heinrich Himmler sent in special “strike squads”, 30,000 Jews and other “undesirables” were killed. Keep moving. Nothing to see here. That’s not blood; it’s cranberry juice. Keep moving.

1962,  Canada, eh, launched its first satellite, Alouette I…

1966,   Having been left in the dust of the Pontiac GTO; Olds 442 and even Buick Skylark, Chevy introduced the Camaro. Had a friend in college who had one. Dude!

1990,   The F-22 Raptor made its first flight. Interestingly, 24-years later and it just made its first combat flight, last week in the ISIS-ISIL-A-Holes action in the Middle East.

2008,   In the wake of the financial collapse of Lehman Brothers, among others, the Dow-Jones fell 777.68 points. The biggest drop in its history. It surpassed the previous drop of 684.71 from 9/12/08. Jesus! And yet, there are  people who would prefer Social Security be tied to the Stock Market. I know a few. Yes, it’s great when  it’s at a record high, like now. But many of us know what it also is like when it is not…especially if it is relied on for income.



According to news reports, flights are going to continue to be delayed through this week. If the ass-wipe who disabled, “…23 of  the facility’s 29 computer racks…”, is not charged in some form or other with some kind of domestic terrorism, I’ll be non-plussed. This was a deliberate act; knowingly committed to do maximum damage to the FAA facility which covers 91,000 sq.mi. of airspace in the Midwest region.

Oh yeah. He was pissed because he was being transferred to Hawaii. H-A-W-A-I-I! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be transferred in the Fall to “Paradise”, unless they just HAVE to see the leaves change color?

I have no idea as to how many travelers have been affected but since O’Hare is the hub for American and United and Midway, the same for Southwest, It’s gotta be YUGE! Think back to the days after 9/11/01 and the financial effect the shutdown of the country’s air traffic had.

So, yeah. If I were one who had travel plans…bidniss or pleasure, I’d be pissed…mightily!

One the other hand…

Some may recall that I had written about those who bought – or built – homes which – nearly – butted up against O’Hare when they whined and cried about the latest O’Hare expansion. Well, it’s turned out that the FAA wasn’t exactly totally forthcoming in its explanations of the new runway approaches, as now, after 31-years, we are subjected to “final approach”…I mean, literally, directly over DaNest. Now, before I get any, “You shoulda known betters” DaNest was built in ’53…O’Hare’s first expansion, ’59…and…DaNest is 6-miles east of O’Hare. Anyway, not complaining just noting that with the near-shutdown, it’s a lot quieter in DaRatHood and thankfully so. Back to normal in a week or so, though. Am sure of that.

-AN AMERICAN ICON IS FADING…Fading…fading…fad…

Sears. The store where you could get…literally…everything…including fresh foods, seems to be on  ROAD TO NOWEHERE. I grew up near the store on the North Side on Lawrence Avenue. Once in awhile, we’d take a ride out to “Six-Corners”…right down the street from DaNest and where my mother-in-law worked forever, I just didn’t know that at the time, which historically was their best-performing store, nationwide…where we’d ride the escalators to all 4-floors of that YUGE store.

They were bought out by hedge-fund-dude, Edward Lampert years ago and ever since, it’s slid ever downward. So much so, that we divested ourselves of our stock as it value was sinking faster than the mercury in a thermometer on a winter’s day.

-ISIS-ISIL A-HOLES and The Middle East…

Am closing this section with this link, which consists of two letters to newspapers.

Perhaps they will clarify things there, as well as our newest mission and lend some background as to why…

Letter to Editor Thoroughly Explains U.S. Middle East Policies: Clear as Mud! – Democratic UndergroundHope y’all got the irony of my intro.


-Here’s a word from a Ryder Cup sponsor. Despite the abysmal performance of our national team, it made me smile. You may recognize Brit, Stephen Merchant, of “Hello Ladies” on HBO and a hilarious bit part in Modern Family’s episode, “Vegas”. It’s only 45-seconds. Enjoy…

Speaking of TV…

-Watched “Patton” on TCM last Thursday and was taken aback by something, with which we all are dealing…at least those who follow the news. You may recall cuts of newsreel footage from the times…which was the cable and network news of the day…in that film. What got to me was the inflation of – seemingly – near meaningless, off-the-cuff remarks being made into world-shattering headlines. AND, we were fighting real evil in Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo! Yet, the news-media blew things out of proportion then as much as they do now…proportionately-speaking, that is. Why? To sell papers/gain viewers of their newsreels; listeners on the radio. Oh well.

-”Boardwalk Empire”. Nucky’s world is slowly closing in on him. Not unlike “Game of Thrones”, a key character was quite surprisingly, killed off. If there is any, ahem, “redeeming social merit” to this show, it is that it takes the romanticizing of gangsters and gangsterism, a la “The Godfather”, and like Clemenza’s shotgun during the Baptism of Michael’s nephew, blows it to kingdom come. While Nucky, Steve Buscemi, tries to play it as a “businessman”, he’s also involved in murders. The story seems to have taken an even darker turn, though.


What a wrap-up for a season! Quite frankly, I had my questions as to what would happen, as I am certain did other viewers. Problems get resolved but not completely. We are left with a feeling of satisfaction and then not so. Other shows/films/stories should aspire to writing at this level. It ended last night, yet I want it to continue next week, when “Homeland” opens it its time-slot.

I was right on some guesses; wrong on others. Suffice to say, the Donovan boys all come to grips with who and what they are; what they mean to each other; their families/loved-ones and each other; make their decisions and now, we have to wait to see what the outcomes of those decisions are. The same for Ray’s family, Abby, Bridge and Conor.

“Ray” fans will be happy…and then not so. He takes care of some serious problems but has also created some for the future. There is one development which bothered me very much. I won’t go into details yet.

-As mentioned, “Homeland” starts next Sunday.

-Last but not least, TCM is showing “Gone With the Wind”, which was released 75-years ago. It’s dated, yes, but a classic, nonetheless.


Packers 38/Bears 17. WHISKEY! TANGO! FOXTROT!

Not that my Packehs won but how they did. Quite a few things on this so…

-This may have been one of the worst-officiated games I’ve seen in a long-long time. The bad calls were pretty much even through the first-half. The problem was, they all had an effect on the score. That’s bad. They happen but when they all lead to or take away from a score, well….

I was pleasantly surprised in the Pack’s passing-offense, though the Bears injury-riddled “D” didn’t hurt that. I have been waiting for this, though they didn’t run the ball well, at all. They seemed more like the old Mike McCarthy-Pack…run to keep the “D” honest, not as an effective force. That has to change.

Though they only gave up 17, I was concerned and have serious concerns about their lack of defense. I don’t know what the hell is going on up there but they’d better start learning how to stop…or at least, slow down…their opponents’ running games.

-The loss of Jared Allen for the Bears, (more on him later) and the Pack’s not having B.J. Raji, was extremely telling. With Allen and Ratliffe gone, Lamar Houston is this season’s Julius Peppers, who is learning that it’s  pretty hard to rush the passer when there is only one pass-rusher on the D-Line.

Conversely, it’s damned hard to stop the run without a run-stopper, a la B.J. Raji at NT. Why the Bears went away from it and decided to get into a shootout with the Pack, is beyond me. Yes, they have outstanding receivers but it may have been that the Pack decided they’d defend the pass and let them “beat them” running the ball. I don’t know.

Back to Allen. I don’t know why the Bears are refusing to confirm that he has pneumonia. If he does, that’s YUGE. I know one of you has had it, as have I. It’s devastatingly, debilitating. In days gone by, it was treated with a week in the hospital; another week – maybe two - of bed-rest and then light-duty until strength returns, which varies from person-to-person. It isn’t like other illnesses where you can’t wait to get up and get out of bed. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET OUT OF BED! What I’m saying is, don’t expect him back any time soon and if/when he returns, don’t expect much. Seriously.

There’s no return of Raji. He’s on I/R.

-Shades of Kenny Houston?

Few teams have as much of a rivalry as there is between the Bears and Packers. Two are the Cowboys and Redskins. The stop of Martellus Rx at the 6-inch line,

immediately took me back to that Monday Night game, where Ken Houston did almost the exact same thing to Walt Garrison as time ticked away at game’s end. It’s right around the 1-minute mark. Take a look…

Dallas week pt2.mp4Being a Packers fan living in Chicago isn’t easy…that is unless the Packers beat the Bears. Then I get just as much coverage as when the Bears win but now, I get to enjoy it. Thus, I have seen that play repeated Zeus knows how many times. The last time, I didn’t watch HaHa Clinton Dix, Hyde, et al. I kept my eyes on the side judge standing right on the goal-line; looking straight at the play and not moving an inch. Two of the Pack’s D-backs were on the goal line; blocking his view. That said, well, I’ll leave it to you.

-Thankfully, for Packers fans, they got a win. As previously mentioned, it was a MUST win and they won. That said, unless or until they get their schitt together on defense, (2-INTs, notwithstanding), the better we’ll feel.

-If I were a Bears fan, I don’t know if I’d be slightly/equally/more ticked off with my team and its coaches on the field or with their post-game remarks. Hell, I’m a Green Bay fan and it was a bit much for me. I mean, after hearing Tresty, I was wondering if Rodgers had felt like it, he could have told the team he was skipping the traffic; then strolling over to Lake Michigan; removing his shoes; stepping ON…not in…the Lake; turning left an just gliding up to Green Bay.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the guy! But Jeepers, show SOME anger! I have The SCORE on as I’m doing this. A guy just called and asked…after Week 17′s game last year, the last time they met…how they could play the way they did? One host is taking after D/C, Mel Tucker, noting that in all his years as a D/C, on several teams, none has ever ranked any higher than 28th outta 32! Cogitate on that, while also cogitating on the fact that Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers and their coteries of wide outs and tight-ends are Division foes. That’s 25% of their games, every season. That one’s on Phil’s EmeryBoard.

-No Punts? None! Only the second time that’s happened in the Collective…ever!


Joe’s Jets broke our hearts, as well as his, in that they couldn’t beat Detroit for Bears AND Packers fans, either.

-THAT’S WHY THEY PLAY THE GAMES…OK, who woulda thunk…

…without Purple-Jesus, and even if they’d had him…how in the hell did the Vikes beat Atlanta, 41-28. By the way, Devin Hester scored on a 36-yardpass play. He had 5-receptions for 70.

…how in the HELL did the Stillers LOSE; AT HOME: to The Pukin-Eers! and Luvee Kravezit, 27-24? I saw the end of that game and the Steelers should be ashamed of themselves, not only blowing a lead but allowing a rookie to take them a apart.


MLB’s regular season ended yesterday. The Wild Card games are tomorrow and Wednesday with KC at Oakland for the AL and  Frisco at Pittsburgh for the NL.

Don’t know how much I will watch as, well, it helps to have a horse in those races and, well, never mind. I live in Chicago, remember?


A tie.! For the first time, ever, both teams finished with the same record, 73-89. Looks like T-Dave’s gonna hafta share that 30-pack of Hamms with whomever he had that bet.

I’m going to leave the SOX to Arnold, Bill, Dave or Nick for their post-mortems. The Mutts to Joe; Yanks to Whitney and Doyers/Angels to Rene

Here are some interesting items on the Cubs; good, bad and ugly, on the 2014-season, from Gordon Wittenmyer of the S-T, today…

-They went 31-28 in the last two months.

-While not losing 90-games this year, it was still their 5th consecutive losing season. Yuck!

-They led MLB with 1477 strikeouts; 208 more than 2002, aka, the Sammy Years.

-In 52 games; in 213 at-bats,  Javy Baez struck out 95 times, in comparison to only 32 hits…OR…a K-rate of 45%!!!!!!!

-Led by Ant’ny Rizzo, they finished 2nd in the NL with 157-dingers.

-Talk about depressing, they only had two months with winning records, (June and August), the MOST since 2009!

-They played 16-rookies, 10 of whom made their MLB debuts.

-In 58 appearances, Wesley Wright had ZERO wins. Ladies and gents, that’s as many wins I had…and all of you had…combined! TTFN, Wesley.

Some good news or reasons to look forward to next year…stipulated, that they can adjust to any league-wide adjustments to them…

-Starting pitchers, Jake Arrieta and Kyle Hendricks. It’s been a long time since Cubs fans have been able to say, “Hey, so-and-so’s pitching!”

-Rizzo. The kid has it.

-Soler. Yes, very small sample size and yes, he did look pretty bad on a couple sliders, Saturday. BUT, he finished .282; 5-dingers; 20 RBI; 24-Ks in 24 games. When he runs, he reminds me of Willie McCovey as a rookie.

-Castro. This is “iffy” as he’s been injured. 154 hits in 134 games but also whiffed 100-times, too. I like him but won’t be surprised if he is traded.

-Chris Coghlan. A real find. A former ROY who finished at .283; OBP of 352; has occasional power; solid “D”.

-Arismeny Alcantara. This one’s really heavily-qualified. The kid’s a jackrabbit and is a defensive gem. He’s only hitting .205. My thoughts are they take him aside, give him the “Willie Mays-Hayes” talking to and see if he can get that B/A and OBP up to more respectable numbers. One thing is this. Since being called up, Baez has hit in the 2-hole; in front of Rizzo, Castro or Soler and he’s sucked. Would putting A.A. there and dropping the HumanWindMachine down to 7, help A.A.?

-Bryant. Yes, this is totally “on the come”. The kid’s not had an ML A/B. Yet from everything I’ve read, he’ll make it and may become a star. Then again, he may not.

Anyone notice that the name “Baez” does not appear as a reason for optimism? That’s because he is not. Not unless he drastically alters that swing of his.

Last thing on the Cubs team. How bad is it, that Cubs fans are messing their pants at the possibility…p-o-s-s-i-b–i-l-i-t-y…that they might…maybe…if things fall in place, be .500.

-The WrigleyRehab is underway as you are reading this. About, danged time.


The Washington Nationals’ Jordan Zimmerman tossed a 1-0, No-no to head into playoffs with the best record in the NL.

-The Ryder Cup.

We lost…AGAIN! To think I actually tuned it in and wasted my time. Screw them.

OK, time to go. I may have missed some stuff and if I did, am sure someone will let me know.

Take care and remember, any day we aren’t looking up at daisy-roots is a good one.


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