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It’s Monday… Deal With It

Good day! It is, actually. Weather’s nice and getting better. Baseball starts next Sunday…more on that in Sports. And, in general, the schitty things are schitty and the nice things are nice. Kind of a homeostatic situation, on which we can rely that, well, the schitty will be schitty and the nice will be nice, which ain’t bad in that there ain’t no surprises.

Before I get started, Happy Birthday, to God!…I mean Eric Clapton, who turns 70, today! Here’s one of my faves. Here’s his cover of Hendrix’ “Stone Free”…

Stone Free


Think  it needs more cowbell.

                                                                WABBIT STHEASTHON

Not much in political commentary today as well, our homeostasis allows that the schitty are schitty.

So, the scheisskopfs won in Indiana; passed a schitty law and now some of its bidniss folks are crying foul. Angie’s List canceled an expansion program they had planned there. Other large bidnisses are talking about leaving. The Bible tells us that we reap what we sow. Guv. Pence needs to read his “good book”.

Here in ChiTown, we have our Mayiral runoff. Makes me think of storm sewer runoff. I mean, here we are, the 3rd largest cit in the country and we refer to our mayiral candidates as Rahm and Chuy. Sound like a bad bubblegum commercial, don’t they? Yes, it’s important but nuthin’ matters till next Tuesday, when we vote. Oh well.

Then we have the usual BS from DC. That’s all I have on that, cuz those a-holes could…as my old buddy Ross would say…”Piss off the Pope”. And I mean this one. Francis, who seems like a guy who just doesn’t get pissed off…unless he’s dealing with American pols.

OK, enough of that schit. Let’s see what “Day” it is and also what and tell us happened on March 30th, shall we? It’s…

“National Doctor’s Day”. Nice to know. What’s up, Doctress? Bugs actually said that once.


“National Pencil Day”. Now ain’t that ironic? All y’all’re readin’ this on an electronic device that’s about as far removed from a pencil as can be. That said, “Happy Eberhard-Faber #2 Pencil Day!”


“National Take a Walk in the Park Day”. That’s an idea, as it’s sposetabe in the mid-50s, t’day.


“National I Am In Control Day”. This is attributed to SecState Alevander Haig’s famous words on this date in 1981. I guess it should also be “National ‘You Have Been Caveated Day”, too. That’s where I got that phrase, BTW.

…and on this date in …

240BC,   The first recorded sighting of Halley’s Comet occurred. Don’t ask me how or when. It just says it did.

1492,      Ferdinand and Isabella expelled all Jews from Spain. When we were there, in Spain, we toured the former “Jewish” section of Toledo. Our guide informed us it was not religious differences alone which caused the diaspora. It was also due to money. Isn’t it always? As the crown, though being the crown wasn’t doing well financially and had borrowed money from Jewish lenders and owed them more than they could pay. Ferdie and Izzy wanted out of their debt and told their lenders, which was refused. They made another “offer”, which went something like this. You can forgive our debts or you can leave. They left. We were told they took their keys to the locks on their doors and many of their descendants have them; return and they still work. Yeah. It’s Monday of “Holy Week” and this is an entry.

1867,   Good news/Bad News. “Seward’s Folly”, or the purchase of Alaska for $7,200,000.00 or 2-cents an acre, was made. That’s the good news. The bad news? Two words: Sarah Palin.

1870,   The 15th amendment guaranteeing the right to vote without regard to race was passed.

1870,   Texas, was the last Confederate state readmitted to the Union.

1940,   Indiana U. beat Kansas U., 60-42 in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. No “March Madness” then as Illinois High School Assn. hadn’t yet come up with the term.

1950,   President Harry Truman denounced Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy as a saboteur of US foreign policy. Hmmmm. Sound familiar?

1953,   In a move Sheldon Cooper came to know and love, Albert Einstein revised his unified field theory. I don’t know. Don’t ask me. Try Dr. Cooper.

1975,   The North Vietnamese move toward Saigon. All’s well that ends well, right? Zeus almighty! What the f were we thinking going there in the first place?

1981,   President Reagan was shot by John Hinkley III. Why do they feel it necessary to indicate the “III” after that worthless piece of crap’s name?

2012,    In an austerity move, Spain cut 27,000,000,000.00 Euros from its budget. 520-years later and still having problems managing their money?

                                                                    DUCK SEASON


-We’ve found this out with some old films mainly, but not only, with comedies. For instance, we recently watched comedic classics, “The Odd Couple”, “The Out of Towners” – comedies – and “From Russia With Love”.

Thing is, while the funniest gags were still funny and the Cold War intrigue was still intriguing, the 40 to 50-years of topicality took its toll. Comedy, after all, relies on frame of reference and even though we were around to experience the era, it was more knowing, head-nods than spit-laughs. As far as 007 is concerned, can’t speak for MBH but I first saw 007 and Tatiana Romanova enjoying each other’s compan while fleeing SPECTRE over 50-years ago and have seen it many times since. And, maybe as they’re  a bit less comic-bookish, I find myself preferring the more serious Daniel Craig films, as they hold more closely to the books. One other thing. What was considered “racy” or “risque” in 1963, isn’t quite either in 2015.


TCM has quite a line up for tonight, centering on films concerning TV news, beginning with Jack Lemmon and Hanoi Jane playing serious in “The China Syndrome”; followed by Albert Brooks’ silly comedy, “Broadcast News”, and to complete the genre, Paddy Chayefsky’s satirical send-up, “Network”,where a news anchor is killed off because he had bad ratings.

In what may be a delicious irony, “Network” is not being shown till 11:30 PM CDT, which is 12:30 AM EDT. Why?

Maybe they didn’t thinbk this should be shown in prime time…

I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore! Speech from Network (1080p)

There is a “little brother” so to speak, of TCM, which is RETROHD. They are showing “Tora! Tora! Tora!”; “Cleopatra”;

“High Anxiety”, among others over the next week. Check your local listings.

                                       AND NOW…SPORT…WHICH IS GOING TO BE CUBS-CENTRIC.



Started watching, turned it off. Tuned back in; 3-minutes left, tied. turned it off. Hawks win. See? That’s why I don’t watch.


-Got Taj back. The Poodle may return…or not. Oh well. What else is new? Homeostasis, right?


-They’re signing free agents. Good luck.


-That’s for the ArnoldBillDaveNick-cadre to report.


-Being retired has its good points, one of which is the time to watch baseball games. At least that’s what I thought after I’d “pulled the pin” at the end of January, 3-years ago. Unfortunately, I’d just endured the Mike Quade era, which was ended in favor of Swami Dale Sveum, who left to be replaced by Ricky Riccardo Renteria. Of those five-consecutive 5th-place finishes, only the end of last year’s was worth any of my time to watch. Hell, forget “worthiness”, they were freakin’ painful to watch. So what,Wat? What’s the difference? Sit down and I’ll tellya.

I have them pegged for 82 or 83 wins. Lowered expectations, I know. But if we look at it, not really. That’s 9 or 10 more wins, which is a 12 or 13% increase. However, when we couple that with an off-season in which they shelled out $250,000,000.00, overall, in contracts to new players and their new manager, it should almost be expected, shouldn’t it? I mean, win more often than you lose? That said, so much hinges on the youngins, which is where I am headed.

-Kris Bryant. The kid has the talent and he’ll be up before the end of April, probably. More than enough’s been written and said about his prowess. We’ll see. I have no problem with the kid. Just that you’d think he’s the only kid they have, which he is not.

Now for my “Faves”…

-Jorge Soler. Of all of them, I like this kid the most. He’s like a RH Big Mac or Dave Parker. What I especially like about him is how compact his swing is. Yes, he takes a big swing but I’m referring to his pre-pitch address. He has that “hip-cock” which give him an economy of movement to and through his swing which is antithetical to Baez. Watch him. He cocks his hip and wrists and the bat comes through the zone without his being a “hoochie-koochie man”. I’m not just enamored of the kid’s homers. Uh-uh. He hits the ball hard…just about all the time…and if/when he can elevate it, it’s gone. Maddon said he’s Vlad Guerrero with plate discipline.  I like him. He may put one through that new sign in left or chip a few bricks in the walls.

-Arismendy Alcantara. I’ve said this before and will again. I am hopeful Maddon had the “Willie Mays-Hayes” talk with him. He’s not as bad as Kaptain K-Man, Baez, but he does “K” alot for a little guy. With his speed and the power guys in this lineup, he doesn’t need to jack any baseballs. He needs to get on base; steal some or score on a gapper. His defense is outstanding. Let’s face it, Cubs fans, when’s the last time we talked about fast guys who can also catch the ball?

-Addison Russell. Had the opportunity to watch the kid play SS. Guys, Castro’s going to wind up at 3rd, eventually and Bryant’ll be in Left as this kid’s the goods at SS…plus, he’s decent with the bat. I send mucho appreciado to Smarj and his refusal to cut the Cubs a break on his contract. I don’t mean that schitty. I’m sincere. We don’t make that trade, we don’t have this kid. He has the glove and arm. I don’t remember a Cubs SS this good on defense.

-Jake Arietta. Now that the scouts had a year to get a book on him, we’ll see. I liked what I saw last year and  still do.


-Kaptain K-Man, Baez. This is a toughie. He’s as solid with the glove as Russell; can run like the wind and has a cannon for an arm…had two assists on outs at the plate, yesterday. Thing is, I’ve seen go-go dancers move less than he does in his pre-pitch routine and he swings as if he’s hitting into hurricane-force winds. Granted, when he makes contact, the ball could leave the Grand Canyon. But it isn’t often enough. Again, Maddon needs to have the “Willie Mays-Hayes” talk with him.

-Lester. LHP. About as good a starting pitcher as we’ve had around for a long time.

-Hammel. RHP. Again. Thanks, Smarj.

-Travis Wood, LHP/Edwin Jackson, RHP. Looks like Wood’s getting the 5-spot in the rotation. Hopefully, he’s gotten last year out of his system. Ditto for Jackson, who looked sharp, yesterday.

-Kyle Hendricks, RHP. Like Arrieta, can he be as effective as he was now that the scouts have him “booked”? I like this kid. Has 14-pound brass balls.


-Miguel Montero, C. A two-time All-Star. Again, we’ll see.

-David Bass, C. Lester’s “personal catcher” in Bahstehn.

-Chris Coghlan. I liked him last year. Don’t know if he’ll play this year.

-Junior Lake was the Kris Bryant of a few years ago. Hasn’t made the turn yet.


-Chris Denorfia, Dexter Fowler, Tommy LaStella, among others. Which is why I don’t have them pegged for more than 84-wins.

That said, I have enjoyed watching them this spring. I really like the Maddon’s aggressive style. Get men on and make their pitcher think. In the field, just make the plays. Don’t be a hero.

I do think we’ll see more decent…far less BOHICA-style… baseball, which is something I’ve looked forward to for quite some time.

OK, time’s flown by and I have some stuff to do, so until whenever, I’ll be seeing you. With Easter and a Doc Feel-Good next Monda, I don’t know when I’ll post again.

In the meantime, Happy Easter. Good Pesa.  And remember, any day we’re above ground counts as a good one.


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