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It’s Monday! Another Week Begins! Well, It Did Yesterday But Who’s Counting

TriskaidekaphobiaGood October 13th! (We’ll get into that in a few…) For those who suffer from triskaidekaphobia, it’s only one day.


It’s a bit more October-like outside with cloudy, drizzly skies and some storms on their way, later, which are to be around ChiTown through Thursday. Oh well. It is October, isn’t it?


OK, let’s get started, shall we?




As I’d mentioned it is October 13th, which has some historical impact. But first, let’s see what “Day” it is before we explore what says this date has to do with historical significance.


It is…

Columbus Day…or for those who prefer…National Indigenous Peoples Day, if that keeps your powder dry.




National Yorkshire Pudding Day. Mmmm, Mmmm, GOOD!




National Train Your Brain Day. We should do that every day but today, for sure.


Also, on this date in…


1307,   On Friday, the 13th of October, the Knights Templar were rounded up; tortured and some were put to death on the order of Phillip the Fair of France. It is said he owed them lotsa moolah and didn’t want to pay. Also, the Pope didn’t mind as Phil had him under guard.


1670,   Virginia passed a law saying blacks entering the Colonies who were Christians could not be sold as slaves. Jesus saves?


1775,   The Continental Congress authorized the building of two warships, thereby instituting a Navy.


1776,   Benedict Arnold was defeated at Lake Champlain. He was still a good guy, then.


1849,   The California state Constitution was signed in Monterey. It contained a clause outlawing slavery.


1967,   The first game of the American Basketball Ass’n., was played between the Oakland Oaks and the Anaheim Amigos. Final score: 134-129, Oakland, which made the term “…like the ABA…” into a pejorative.


1976,   The CDC obtained the first electron micrograph of an Ebola viral particle. Interesting, no?



The gloves are coming off. So much so that an ad being run by Pat Quinn has become part of the local NBC outlet’s newscast, in that it uses their reporter’s voice-over from a report on Rauner. The thing is, the station didn’t give its OK but it’s out there; can be used but the station isn’t happy about it. Here it is…


Quinn For Illinois TV Ad: Bruce Rauner “Twice”


The voice heard reading the quote is that of former 60 Minutes reporter, Carol Marin, who is now NBC 5′s political editor.


Whether this works for or backfires on Quinn, will be known in 22 days. My guess is most folks have made up their minds, pretty much. I still see it as a very close win for Rauner…unless the Libertarians turn out. We’ll see.



Watched SNL for the first time this season and was treated to the return of Bill Hader as its host. Had a few LOL-moments, including the following. FYI, don’t “Skip the Ad”. It’s funny.


SNL Bill Hader 2014 Weekend Update – Stefon Returns to Weekend Update 10-11-14

Didn’t do much other watching of regular TV as was busy and hit the sack early last night after seeing only part of “Homeland”.


However, I DID watch quite a bit of the Socialist Football Collective, yesterday, which may be why I was so TuckerFredericksoned out.





-I’ll start with Emmnuel’s and Whitney’s Pats, who took sole-possession of first place in AFC East, by beating Buffalo; in Buffalo; after having been tied with them, 3-2, going in. This game and others in their division had far-reaching repercussions…in both conferences and on several divisions.


While this game was going on, the Broncos were in NYC facing Joe’s Jets. (By the way, when I questioned why that game was being shown in Chicago, it wasn’t meant as a jab at either team. The Ravens/Bucs had more of a ChiTown connection, is what I meant.) Anyway, Denver’s win allowed them to keep pace with San Diego, which won its game in Oakland, leaving the Chargers at 5-1 and Denver at 4-1 in the AFC West.


Up in in Minnehaha, the Lions won, 17-3 to go to 4-2. It looks like the Vikes will revert to the “Queens”, (2-4), as it seems they will no longer have Purple Jesus…ever. It’s one thing to be half-arsed at QB but still have the Collective’s best RB. It is quite another to have neither. They will give some teams fits and starts with their defense but if they can’t score…104-points in 6 games…it’s hard to win.


DaBears played totally out of my thought range! I figured their game in Atlanta would have been 38-33, Falcons. The last thing I thought was that – not only – would they win but they would do it without Lance Briggs at LB and do so by holding Matty-Puddles to 13-points…almost zero return yards by Hester and some solid offense, amassing 478 total yards and holding the ball for 36-minutes and 15-seconds. Granted, Atlanta’s O-Line’s really hurt but still, they were at home. Lotta good that did them. They’re now 2-4 in the NFC South, while the Bears are now 3-3 in the NFC North, behind the Lions and…


My Green Bay Packers. I saw the map of FOX’s coverage and know many parts of the country got this game. Man, oh man! I was ecstatic after that December 29th game last year but this one came really close. I mean, having two leads; then blowing them. Looking like Lombardi’s defense then not and then again at game’s end and Mr. Rodgers, whom in that heat didn’t need a cardigan sweater, so he wore a short-sleeved jersey and somehow, directed two drives at the end of the game to win it withy 2-seconds left on the clock! Jeepers are we lucky to have him!


I expected it to be tough as Miami’s H/C, Joe Philbin,  was Mr. Rodgers’ O/C when they won the S/B in 2010. But not this. I was ready to switch to the CBS game but stuck with it. Glad I did.


Have to give Coach McCarthy a nod that he stuck with the ground game despite it being old-fashioned, gringd-it-out-yardage. Don’t think there were any runs for more than 10-yeards and only one or two of those. The defense held when it had to but may have lost two starters in Tramon Williams and Sam Shields. On the winning TD, he split out TE, Andrew Quarless, who was matched up by a LB. He took off; made his move and Rodgers drilled the ball right between the 8 and the 1 on is jersey.


By the way, the Pack’s Chris Conte is #59, Brad Jones. If there’s a SNAFU on the field, it’s usually him. If it’s a missed tackle; costly penalty on a 3rd down when his teammates prevailed, it’s usually him. He did not start. He replaced Jamari Lattimore, who had a neck injury.


I’ll bet everyone else’s teams have their own “Jonahs”. Care to name yours? Feel free.


Coming full-circle, now, DaBears will host Miami next Sunday. They’re not Atlanta’s defense. This should be a good game. My Packers host Carolina, and the sister-kissers. The Pats host the Jets.


Around the Collective, how in the hell did Seattle lose…at home…to Dallas? And while we’re at it, how in the hell is Dallas 5-1? They host the GnatBirnbaum’s who were shut out by Rene’s Iggles, 27-0. Funny thing. IN BFW Football, I’d taken the Gnats as my “upset-special”. At the last minute, I changed to the Iggs. Too bad I didn’t switch thye points I’d put on the ScheissBirds to the Iggs. Oh well.


It’s Bill’s Niners at Arizona, tonight.


By the way…

Am I the oinly one wondering just what constitutes “Illegal motion” or a “False start” in the Collective? I’m not even going into what I like to call “The Manning Effect”, wherein the QB moves around the backfield; heads up to the line; away from it; and jumps around; flapping his arms like a flamingo with a broken leg on a hot griddle. No.


What I’m getting at is the interior O-Line and or anyone else on “O”. They come to the line. The Center starts pointing at different D-personnel, then settles down. Then a Guard starts moving his arms; giving the Center a signal as to when to snap the ball, on occasion. BUT, a tackle rocks his back foot a half-inch or a wideout or RB flinches ever so slightly and whistles blow; flags fly and you’d'a thunk someone called the Pope a MoFo!


I understand it. I understand the interpretation and the reasoning. I just don’t think it’s right. You?



-KC leads Baltimore 2-0 in their best of 7 and are in KC for the next, three, if necessary.


-The Cards and Giants are tied, 1-1, and travel to San Fran for the next three games. I’m OK, either way. It’s just hard getting interested when I don’t have any dog in either fight.


-A word on the Cards. I’ve decided that I can’t hate on them anymore. Don’t get me wrong, when they’re competing with the Cubs, I want to beat them senseless. But once the playoffs start, it’s pretty hard not to tip one’s cap to a team which since 2000, has been in the playoffs 11-times! That, Cubs fans, is the antithesis of Theo’s “Wreck-It-Ralph” rebuild of the Cubs. Yes, it helps to garner high, first-round picks but in the last 15-years, the Cards have been way down on the drafting pole. So, how do they turn out such good teams? Well, it isn’t just “drafting” talent, it’s “developing” it, too. How does a team lose a certain future HOF 1st baseman and still win? How do they lose a HOF Mgr.; replace him with a guy who’s never managed a game in his life and still win?


I guess what I’m saying is, Theo’s way is “a” way but not the “only” way. We’ll get a chance to see how well their development-staff does with the Human-Windmill, Javy Baez.


-Speaking of strikeouts…Last year, the Cubs struck out 1477 times, which led all MLB. Now, that’s bad but it gets worse. I did a little math and, well…in a 162 game schedule of 9-inning games, a team will play 1458-innings. That means the Cubs averaged one-strikeout+, for every inning they played! That is borderline abysmal.


OK, on that not-so-happy note, am going to close for the day. Hope you all had a great weekend and remember, any day we awaken and are not looking up at daisy roots, it’s a good one.



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