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It’s Happy Humpin’ Woden’s Day…and the Blessed Mother’s, Too

253661What a day this has been! What a mood I am in!

So, it’s cold and rainy but not complaining, as it could be cold and snowy…or just cold…right? Easter and Passover are right around the corner – < two-weeks away – with warmer weather also approaching. Well, at least in ChiTownLand. Saw an item that the Chain of Lakes up near the Wisconsin state line should be open for boat fishing by next week. Not bad. Anyway, here we go…

                                                                     DROMEDARY SEASON

What day is it? It’s…

“National Medal of Honor Day”. No jokes about this. Let’s just remember that even in unpopular wars…even wars of choice…our GIs have put their lives on the line and among them are those who put their lives on the line for them.

Hate the war…love the warrior.


“National Lobster Newburg Day”. Have never had it but after looking it up, sure seems like it’d be tasty.


“National Manatee Appreciation Day”. Well, someone has to.


“National Tolkien Reading Day”. Not a bad idea at all..not a’tall.


Liturgically speaking, it is the feast day of the Annunciation of Mary…or the origin of “Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee”. Of course, this was not a belief only held b early Christians…being visited by a heavenly being and then being “with child”. Hercules’ Mom was visited in her sleep by Zeus, King of the Olympian gods.

In some less glorious instances throughout history, here’s what and say happened on this date in…

31AD,   The first Easter.

708,    Constantine began his reign as Catholic Pope.

1199,   Richard the Lionhearted was wounded by a crossbow in France and died less than two-weeks later.

1634,   Lord Baltimore founded the Catholic colony of Maryland. Hail, Mary! Wow! Is this a religious date or what?

1668,   “Here they come; spinning around the turn!” The first horse race was run in America.

1807,   British Parliament declared slavery to be illegal throughout its Empire, assessing a fine for any slaves found on a “slave ship” at 120-pounds, each.

1896,   The modern Olympics began in – where else – Athens, Greece.

1911,   A fire in the sweatshop known as the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, killed 145 or 146…depending on your source.

1947,   Not to be outdone, 111 died in a coal mine explosion in Centralia, IL. Who the flip needs unions?

1954,   On a lighter note, RCA began manufacturing Color TVs with a 12-1/2-inch screen, which the sold for $1000.00.

Interesting, no?



Recall my snarky comments from the past week or so about A.A. Ron Schock’s seemingly getting measured for a Fed-probe…after which I’m sure he’d prefer an anal probe…and my references to J-Cubed having preceded him to Club Fed?

Well, guess what? Cubey-doobie-doo’s gettin’ out! Yep. He’ll be released to a halfway house in D.C. later this week. Once he’s done, his honey-in-crime will follow.

Ya can’t beat Ella for crooked-pols, can ya? There like  teeth in a great white shark…one goes to prison and another just fills in till the first one’s done…and so on; and so on; and so on.

                                                              BACTRIAN SEASON


-I’ve never been there, so don’t know but my understanding of this has been that it’s been more for “edgy” bands. So, I guess you might join me in wondering what Sir Paul is doing headlining this year’s show? Not complaining, mind you. It’s just that he seems to be a bit more for the wine and cheese crowd now than “Lolla”, wouldn’t you agree?

-Saw an item on “Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”, the other day, which said it’s gotten quite good after a not-so-hot start. Have any of you seen it recently? Do you agree?

-How’s about these for  TV pilots?

NBC has “Shades of Blue” still in the planning stage. It stars Jennifer Lopez as an undercover NYC cop. Yeah. Uh-huh. That’s what I thought. She’ll just be “Jenny from the block”.

CBS has a spinoff from “Criminal Minds” starring Gary Sinise, which is the same show but it’s about Americans in trouble in different countries.

NBC is planning yet another spinoff from its very successful, “Chicago Fire”, “Chicago Med”, starring former “Law & Order” pro, S. Epatha Merkerson.

                                                                   AND NOW…SPORT


-I was danged sure Capt. K-man, aka, Javy Baez, would not make the trip north, as he’s hitting .128; 5 for 39, with 14 Ks. BUT, I am not Joe Maddon and Joe says he is as his 2nd baseman. Part of his reasoning is Baez’ defense, which is excellent but unless he’s planning on hitting his pitchers 8th and this kid 9th, he’s an out waiting to happen.

Yes, I have been saying I agree that they should get that extra year from Brant by holding him in the minors until, like, their 12th game or so. The reason they’ll use is his 3-errors, despite his having hit his 9th homer of the Spring, yesterday. That is a bidniss decision. Can’t say what taking Baez is. Oh well.


-So, the other day, it was announced that former Packers’ FA Nose Tackle, Letroy Guion, avoided criminal charges after having been found with 357 grams of marijuana; $190,000.00+ in cash from a paycheck he’d just cashed and a gun, by paying a $5000.00 fine. The question is, will the Packers try to re-sign him? Recall that they have no NT right now. BJ Raji was hurt and also is an FA.

This bothers me as it smacks of some kind of legal shenanigans. And no, just because the Cowboys signed Greg Hardy doesn’t make me feel better.

But wait! There’s more!

It appears “The McCaskey Way” is back in full flower, inasmuch as the Bears have signed former Niners DL, Ray McDonald who has a rape charge hanging over his head. OK, “sexual assault charge”. But fear not, George McCaskey talked to McDonald’s parents who assured him that their little Ray-Ray was just a cutie pie and the Bears had nothing to worry about. So what? So, they signed him.

OK, it’s late. MBH just brought lunch home, so I’m done for now.

Seeya, Friday.

Remember, any day we’re above ground, is a good one.


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