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It’s Happy Hump Day!!!!

Suzy Snowflake

Thought I’d start us off with that, as, hey, just take a goose or a gander out yer windows! Speakin’ of which, poor Whitney…and to an extent, Joe! We think we have it bad but Massatoositts  has been getting “Iced! Iced! Baby!, with N’Yawk not exactly snow free, neither. Still, more snow hit yesterday and more is expected t’day. Not any 19+-inches but we still hafta take care of it.


One thing. It’s great when the plows come down the streets and clear them. But, all they do is move the snow from the middle of the street(s) to along the parkway(s). If a sidewalk is there…er….uh. We have  about a 2′ x 6′ x 5′ block of frozen slush blocking ours. Oh well.

Oh yeah…as Tsar of the Typo, I reveled in this one, which is rather “weather appropriate”…

Driving On Snot & Ice


Hey, Wat! What day is it? Hey, Twackers! It’s…

“National Thank a Mailman Day”. And that we should. Our mail-carrier missed us Monday…no biggie. Yet despite the unplowed streets and some unshoveled sidewalks, there she was; making her rounds; delivering our mail. It’s a good thing she’s nice, as all she brought us were bills.


“National Create a Vacuum Day”. As a vacuum is a space devoid of matter, have fun!

…and…historyorb and historynet have these events which occurred on his date in…

211,    Septimius Severus died, leaving the Roman Empire in the hands of his quarrelsome sons, Geta and Caracella.

Hell, with names like that wouldn’t YOU be quarrelsome?

960,    The Song dynasty is begun by Zhao Kuangyin. Without a Song, the day would never end.

1194,   Richard the Lionhearted was ransomed.

1789,   The first electoral college chose George Washington and John Adams as our first President and Vice-President.

1795,   France abolished slavery and conferred citizenship on former-slaves.

1887,   The Interstate Commerce Commission was established to regulate the railroads.. Danged BIG GUV’M'NT.

1889,   Ironically, Harry Longabaugh…The Sundance Kid…was released from prison, to go on to commit robberies of…wait for it…trains.

1906,   The NYC Police department began using fingerprint identification.

1933,   German President Von Hindenburg limited freedom of the press. No biggie. Right?

1938,   Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” opened on Broadway.

1938,   German Chancellor Adolf Hitler took control of the German Army by putting his “Hotsie-Totsie-Nazi” buddies in charge. Of course, the press blew this apart. Wait. See 1933.

1938,   Walt Disney’s “Snow White” made its debut. Well, two-outta-three ain’t bad.

1947,   Former-Veep and,”Mr. ‘E’ “, J. Danforth Quayle, was born. He was the man who corrected a grade schooler on the kid’s spelling of potato, telling the kid missed an “e”, which he had not.

1948,   Alice Cooper was born.

1958,   For the first time, the Baseball Hall of Fame did not elect any new members. And there weren’t no PED-users back then.

1972,   Sen. Strom Thurmond suggested that John Lennon be deported. Jeez, those forward-thinkers were so great! Huh?

1974,   Newspaper heiress, Patty Heast, disappeared. The next day, a C-118…a plane which participated in The Berlin Airlift…carrying Yerztruly and about 100 other members of IMSU-4V1, landed at NAS Moffett Field, just outside San Francisco.

1977,   One of the more successful albums- ever – “Rumours” was released by Fleetwood Mac. Don’t remember? How’s this, with its D-sustained start?

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way (HQ)


-Cousin Brucie gives his “State of the State” address, today. I should say he “reads” it. Call me a whatever, but this guy

does not seem to be able to speak extemporaneously…something teachers must do every day. All I will say is this: “Listen to what he says and watch what he does”. He’s going to go after unions and pensions. Full-disclosure, my family is directly affected by this. They dutifully allowed the deductions to be made from their paycheks, each and every pay period. That the pols in the state, counties and cities chose not to do their end is not their fault. Yet it is they who will bear the brunt of the pain with this. Recall, these pensioners receive around $1800.00/month with no Social Security. Rather than have their Medicare deducted from their SSA check, they pay that from their pension or savings,

along with their supplementals. I understand, this is how it’s done in the private sector. I just get all pissy when these wastrels expect others to clean up after them.Or, perhaps it’s the fact that I spent much of my life collecting money from irresponsible grifters that puts me in this frame of mind. Well, what’s right is right. I understand changes need to be made but the biggest pain should be felt by the pols who put us in this predicament before it trickles down to those at the bottom of the hill.


Ex-Reps. Michel, LaHood, Lipinski get top congressional pensions


Chris Christie, Rand Paul cry ‘freedom’ — to not vaccinate kids

Steinberg’s column is fairly well summarized in its final few paragraphs, which I have copied and pasted for your convenience:

“What we are seeing is a shredding of American society. Where once our country had a draft, could call upon young men to give up two years of their lives and risk being killed, and their parents were proud of them, now a pinprick administered to tots is asking too much, and parents dream up a carnival of imbecility as justification while ignoring the solid medicine. Where once we trusted our leaders, trusted science, we lazily sink lower and lower into denialism, moving past a useful skepticism into a knee-jerk disbelief in any general practice. Public policy is now a plot, a delusion, and whatever daft notion we catch wind of becomes the secret knowledge that sets us apart from the gullible herd.

Liberals ignore history to romanticize a simple past, pushing for natural childbirth, ignoring that women dying during delivery was a big part of nature’s plan. Conservatives fear science, are reluctant to see mankind doing what only God is supposed to do. God can put us in proximity to the measles virus, and then let us build up an immunity to it; man can’t. God can warm the atmosphere and cause climate change; man can’t. God can mutate genes in plants; man can’t. The left joins them here, their Whole Earth Catalog, off-the-grid mentality rendering them as fearsome as medieval villagers.

But the fact-based world catches up. Always does. As we’re seeing with climate change. As we see with this measles epidemic.

Freedom does not mean freedom from consequences. You really feel your kid should not be vaccinated? Fine, don’t vaccinate him. But don’t send him to school either. That’s the law in Mississippi, of all places. No measles outbreak there. Plenty of kids are home-schooled by their fanatic parents. My bet is most won’t pull their kids over vaccines. We’ve made opting out of society on a whim too easy. Time to make it more difficult again.”


Besides pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training next Thursday, it is only 24-days till “meteorological Spring”!


Mr. Juicer, Lance Armstrong was involved in an auto accident on Dec. 28th, when the car he was driving struck two parked cars. Now, all y’all might be thnkin’, “Come on, Wat. That can happen to anyone.” ‘Tis true. ‘Tis true. But y’see, what he did was, he had his galpal say she was driving, so he wouldn’t hafta deal  with any neg-attention. How’d that work out?



“Sirens”, USA. This Denis Leary-produced, “hard-PG” rated show has some really goofy, creative, dare I sa, “dirty” jokes. It’s a show about a group of EMTs who work for a ChiTown ambulance outfit and their pals on the CPD. You’ve been caveated…this makes Two and a Half Men seem like middle-school.

-Same goes for HBO’s “Togetherness”. We’ve only seen two episodes but so far, it’s pretty funny. Caveat II, it’s a comedy…it’s on HBO.

-”Shameless”, Showtime. So, for quite some time, I’ve wondered if I should bother. Then I’d think about William H. Macy being in it, with his gift for subtle humor, e.g., “Fargo”…and so we finally did. How to say this? How’s this? The show does not belie its title. I’m the kind of guy who’s pretty hard to “gross out”, whether it be the subject matter, situation, crassness nor coarseness. That said, don’t know that I’ll tune back in.

-”Mel Brooks Comedy Special”, HBO.I don’t believe I am typing this but…you may feel it was a waste your time. I may have been expecting him to have done some of his bits, which were/are hilarious, but he did not. Rather, it was more of an hour of autobiographical snippets, which at best, were mildly amusing.

Go ahead and see for yourself but, you have been caveatted yet again.


-”Duck Dynasty”, A & E; “Casino Royale”, AMC; “Modern Family”, ABC; “Law & Order: SUV”, NBC; “Smokey and the Bandit” CMT; “Chicago PD”, NBC.

…or for those more well-grounded souls…

“Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, SyFy; “Taken 2″, FX.


DaBulls at Houston, which brings us to…



-The Super Bowl’s over. Baseball’s yet to begin. Yeah, there’s hockey and basketball but, hey, they ain’t played outside. But PGA golf IS. No, I don’t get all hot ‘n runny over these early season tourneys but sometimes, well, just watch…

Jason Day vs. Drone with boost

Cool, huh?


-Besides the “Pete Carroll’s an idiot!” and other such stuff, things are winding down until the draft in ChiTown on April 30th. However, there’s been another investigation goin’ on. No, it didn’t involve soft balls or anything like that. It involves the guys from Buck’sTown, Atlanta, who have been accused of “piping in crowd noise” during games played there. Quite contrary to the usual denials by team owners, the Falcons’ Arthur Blank has said he is embarrassed and ashamed that this was done. Now THAT’s something we don’t see everyday, Edgar. What’s that, Chauncey? Well, check out the Ravens, Vikings, and Pats owners and how they’ve acted.

What’s really schitty is, with that, the went 4-4 at home! I mean, if you’re going to “cheat” do it to the extent that you win. Right?

Oh yeah. The penalty could be a draft choice. Don’t know from which round but the Falcons pick 8th, right after the Bears. Man, they better hope it ain’t their 1st-rounder!


-Please forgive my channeling of Ed McMahon but…I think we would all agree that playing a professional sport is something “devoutly to be wished”. Yes, there is the risk of permanent injury. There is also the reward of millions upon millions of dollars in compensation. All these folks have to do is keep themselves in playing shape and not do anything stupid, which brings us to one, Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns. This young man sat out 2-games in ‘;13 for “substance abuse” infractions; another 10-games in ’14, for the same thing and now, all of ’15, without pay. You guessed it; same thing.  Granted, he’s a young, 20-something, with much to learn. But one has to wonder how any one person could be that dumb!

But wait! There’s more!

-It isn’t only young-20-somethings who make stupid mistakes. There are 42-year olds, too. Former Buc, Warren Sapp was arrested in Phoenix after he had an altercation with a prostitute over money. Immediately after hearing this, NFL Network fired him. Here’s the thing. This isn’t his first run-in with the law, neither. Uh-uh. He was also arrested at the Super Bowl 5-years ago on a domestic-battery charge…and I don’t mean his “Ever Readys”.

Thing is, he isn’t some wet-behind-the-ears kid who wasn’t brought up right or som eother silly-assed excuse. He’s a grown man. Though, some may wonder about that as he’s had to file for bankruptcy despite being paid millions to play for the Bucs and whatever else he made on TV. Go figure.

Full-disclosure. He is not exactly what anyone would consider as “well-liked”…more the polar opposite. Oh well.


-In the wake of what may have been the best Super Bowl game -EVER; “DeflateGate”; the boorishness of the Bile and Blue, something else really cool also took place over last weekend.

A.A.Ron Rodgers was named the NFL MVP for 2014. I really try not to lord this over anyone, as, well, he “fell” to them, while they still had Favre, for one. For another, as well as they have drafted, it’s doubtful the’ll catch lightning in a bottle again, as/when his days draw to an end. So, forgive me for taking joy in something which I felt should have continued through SB-XLIX, with them winning it. Last August, I told MBH I thought they had a shot at greatness. They did but didn’t deliver. Next year, right?


Here’s some MLB-odds y’all may be innerested in…

Sports Betting News and Vegas Odds

OK, I’m gonna wrap things up as my heinie’s gettin’ sore and I have some walks to clear…again.

Take care and until next tme, remember, any day we awaken not gazin’ up at daisy roots, is a good one.


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