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240Wowzers! What a FANTASTIC start of Autumn we are having in ChiTownLand! Our forecast or today and the next six-says is: Sunny. High of 75; lows in mid-50s; dry. It’s really hard to not be in a good mood with this kind of weather. Thanks, Mom. Here’s hoping all is well with all of you. Time to get started…







National Cherries Jubilee Day….



National Women’s Health and Fitness Day.




A few interesting things on this date in history, according to, in…


1862,   Honest Abe Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus against anyone suspected of being a Southern



1896,   F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose full name was, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, was born.


1929,   The man who led the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in April 1942, Jimmy Doolittle, completed the first instrument-only flight. While it didn’t mean much, militarily, it did two things. It raised our country’s spirits after the Pearl Harbor attack as well as instilling in the minds of the Japanese that America could attack them in their homeland. Uh-oh. I used that word, homeland.


1936,   Jim Henson, the man who gave us “The Muppets”, was born. Some may be unaware but he did many commercials in the ’50s and ’60s. Here’s one…


Jim Henson’s 1950s coffee commercials 1946,   The anchor of the Pittsburgh Steelers, “Steel Curtain” defense of the 1970s, Mean Joe Greene, was born.


1957,   President Eisenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to protect 9, black students being integrated into a high school.


1960,   The USS Enterprise, the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier was launched. It was retired from service in 2012. Was able to tour this ship in ’74. Very impressive.


1962,   Ole Miss agreed to allow James Meredith as its first black student. Not surprisingly, rioting ensued.


1969,   “The Chicago Eight”, who were charged with leading the riots during the ’68 Democratic Convention in Chicago, went on trial.




-Tuned in “Morning Joe” this morning as I’ve been awake since 3:40. Yeah, I know. At least I don’t have to go to work.

Anyway, they’re discussing how the “Left” isn’t making the same kinds of protestations as they had when #2 opened Pandora’s Box with his sashay through the Middle East, in 2003. Well, they are protesting, somewhat. And, I agree with them.


We’re hearing that…

-Arab states are on board…then not.


-We cannot carry out this mission with airstrikes, alone. Agreed. But, it IS time for Middle Eastern countries to start defending themselves and quit expecting us to do it for them.


-No “boots on the ground”. (Am I the only one who is sick and tired of that phrase? Just effin’ say “troops”, already.)


-Then, we’re going to “train” Syrians who are friendly to us but this’ll take a year. Yesterday, heard NBC’s Chuck Todd ask, “What happened to that Iraqi Army we trained…”,  for how many years, when ISIS came a-callin’?


I also hate “slippery-slope”, so I’ll put it this way. This is like climbing a sand hill. Once you start; you never seem to be able to reach the top; sliding down far, far, too often.


With all that, our troops are already there on and in Navy ships and planes and in Air Force planes and on air-bases and surely with Army and Marines, too. I fear that quagmire we opened 11-years ago has become Rummy’s “long, hard, slog”, which could have been avoided…was not…and may be here for far longer than any of us will have wanted, perhaps permanently.


Just heard former CIA head, Michael Hayden say this operation may take 3 to 5 years, based on what we are doing right now.


This sucks.


That said, we all owe our GIs our 100%-support. Hate the war(s); Love/support the warrior(s).



-Mentioned that neg-ad about Rauner’s former company, APS, which is being used by Quinnie’s guys to attack him.

At a news conference, yesterday, he was pressed on this issue. Here’s a link…

Rauner open to softer pot rules; on defense over nursing homes

Unfortunately, he did not answer reporters’ questions; repeatedly talking over them and repeatedly trying to shift the focus back on Quinnie.


This is yet another situation, where Rauner’s former businesses are being held up for scrutiny and yet another instance where he does not answer direct questions; his minions use the same, “hands-off” excuse, while still maintaining his ability to run businesses and make money are the reasons people should vote for him.


I don’t know what’s what with that Florida Nursing Home issue. What I do know is this. Rauner is making the same mistakes Romney made when he was asked about his economic plans/policies, but never really answered. From Bob Schieffer on CBS’ “Face the Nation” or Brit Hume and Bret Baier on FOX.


As I have said – repeatedly – the power of any incumbency is this. Any or all challengers must…must-must-must…be able to show why a vote for them will make things better. That they cannot simply say, “That guy sucks. I’m better. Vote for me.” As angry as the country was with SlickWilly’s liaisons with Monica, it took the Bush-leaning Supremes to declare #2 the winner of the 2000 election over Willy’s lackluster Veep, Al Gore…and that was barely.


The same can be said about ’72. The country was war-weary and Watergate was dominating the news. Nixon was President but no one would ever refer to him as beloved by the people. Yet, with Vietnam still raging; rioting over social injustices and a general disaffection in the country, he was still re-elected…in a landslide…only exceeded by Reagan’s re-election in ’84.


More? How about 2004?


All I am saying is this. Yes, cities, states, counties, countries, all experience changes in leadership. However, when that happens and it involves an incumbent, it’s a helluva lot harder to do.


My suggestion to Brucie would be to answer direct questions. Don’t try to duck them or seem like he is and quit trying to have it both ways. He cannot continually tout his business expertise only when it benefits him but eschew or gainsay that when a negative issue arises about one of his companies.



-DaMayir…Daley, that is…is also a subject of some questionable bidniss-dealings. Our former Mayir, who bragged that he was “scrootined” all the time by the media, seems to have done a fairly good job of feathering his retirement nest. Read on…

Ex-Mayor Daley’s firm profits from Lollapalooza’s promoter’s deal

I report this, as it’s my understanding that “Lolla” is one of the biggest rock ‘n’ roll shows in the country.



-Were any of you aware of the high number of “English as a Second Language”, (ESL), people in the country’s workforce? Here’s a quote: “People with limited English skills are a growing portion of the nation’s population — the report shows nearly one in 10 adults of working age , or 19.2 million people between 16 to 64  — lacks full proficiency in English, and are at risk of being left behind in today’s working world if their skills aren’t upgraded…”.


A local Community College is starting an online dictionary to students needing help in English.



-Did you know A-Aron’s fave insurance company’s agents at State Farm will begin selling Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance plans?



-GM is setting up its Cadillac division as a separate business unit which is moving its HQ from Detroit to the Soho area of New Yawk. Whether it moves to NYC or Paducah, Kentucky, doesn’t matter. That GM’s best, most successful and strongest division is – not only – moving its HQ out of Detroit…it is moving out of Michigan.





-We begin with CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory”. Ok, am getting this out of the way, now, and please forgive me if I sound like Melissa Rivers. I don’t like Penny’s new “Do”. She looks like a softer/older Miley Cyrus. Sorry.


Their doubleheader, Monday, could have been better but still had its moments. One in particular has Penny being interviewed for a new job where Bernadette works as a  pharmaceuticals sales rep. You may recognize Stephen Root…Milton Waddams, of “Office Space”…as her new boss. He could be a good new addition. There are some interesting “reveals” about Bernadette, which I will leave for you to see, as I know some DVR these shows.


There is also a good exchange between Sheldon and Leonard, with Amy in the backseat of Leonard’s car as Leonard is driving Sheldon home from Arizona. Again, you’ll hafta watch.


One of the reasons this show has lasted 7-seasons, and has been renewed for 3 more, is the recognition that a sitcom needs to be “refreshed” every so often. Over the years, they have added: Bernadette and Amy as regulars. as well as Stuart and Will Wheaton, among others as recurring characters.


-”NCIS” I guess we’re hooked on this, even though I found last night’s show to just not fit its profile. So as not to spoil anything for anyone, at the show’s climax, there is no effin’ way Jethro leaves as he did. None.


-”NCIS: New Orleans”. Had the “bad guy” pegged within 10-minutes and he was an unknown actor. ‘Nuff said?


-”Person of Interest”. Was pleasantly surprised by this one. Harold, John, Shaw, Root, Lionel and Bear are in hiding as their lives are in danger from Samaritan…the “other” A.I. What I especially liked was the way they were able to continue what they had done, without being detected by Samaritan, in a low-tech way. Kinda like 007′s solution in “Skyfall”.


-”Chicago Fire”. No direct comments as this is an MBH-fave. She said she really liked it.


-”The Blacklist”. DVR’d this one Monday…the Bears were on. Was going to watch last night but instead, watched “NCIS; Nawlins”. Big mistake. Will view it tonight. Sorry.


As I have something to do, I am sending this out now. “AND NOW…SPORT”, will follow later, today.



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