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It’s Happy Hump Day! Whoa, Camel! Whoa! When I Sez Whoa!

fd619d6cfIt’s bright sunny…shiver, me timbers; the frost is on the punkins…morning in ChiTown…with the thermo-meter registering a balmy 28-degrees. Well, it IS November and Thanksgiving’s only 15-days away. Yeah…15-days to Turkey Day! MBH is out exchanging the 22#er she’d bought for a 26er. Yeah. We’re serious about “Gobble-gobble” day around here.

OK…let’s get started. But first…



Hey, Wat! What “Day” is it? Hold yer burkas!  Ahm a-tellin’ ya! AHM a-tellin’ ya! It’s…


“National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day”. Gotstasay, some chicken soup with noodles or dumplings…or both…would be good t’day.




“National Pizza With the Works Except Anchovies Day”. Not around here. MBH loves her some anchovies. Me? ‘Shrooms, green peppers, pepperoni and sahsige! You?


…and on this date, tells us that these things happened on this date in…


1276,   Having been suspicious of Llewelyn ap Gruffyd, the Prince of Wales, King Edward I, decided to invade Wales.

I just liked typing LLewlyn ap Gruffyd.


1867,   Mount Vesuvius erupted. Not the time that buried Pompeii.


1923,   Adolph Hitler was arrested for attempting a coup in Germany. And that ended HIS screwing around, didn’t it?


1938,   You might get a kick out this ironic post…Mexico agreed to compensate the US for land seizures. Not vice-versa.


1944,   The sister-ship to the Bismark, the German battleship Tirpitz was sunk by Brit warplanes as it lay at anchor in a fjord in Norway. No, there never was a song, “Sink the Tirpitz”…nor a movie starring Brit-brunette-beauty, Dana Wynter


1945,   The “Y” of CSNY, Neil Young, was born.


1968,   The man who was once deified, then run out of Wrigleyville on a rail with the nickname of “Sammy Soso”, Sammy Sosa, was born.


1971,   Trick M. Nixon announced the withdrawal of about 45,000 troops from Vietnam.




“DEM FIORETTI THREW CASH AT GOP”. Fioretti is the guy running against Rahmbi, who Rahmbi’s guys redistricted out of his seat as an Alderman…in DaDem primary for Mayir.


“Lawyers: Documents ‘misleading’, ‘disturbing’. The “lawyers” are those representing victims of abuse. The “Documents” are what Frankie The Card decided to “release” on that abuse. Why are we not surprised?


“Man convicted of killing mother for being “a nag” sentenced to life term”.


“Israeli-Palestinian leaders spar”. That’s a headline?  “Israeli-Palestinians do the hokey-pokey”, would be better.



I had to re-read this thrice. Over last weekend, in a concert set to honor vets before Veterans’ Day, the White House…a DEM, White House, had John Fogerty sing his “Fortunte Son”. Here’s a link. Give it a listen and read the lyrics to what I consider to be a personal anthem.





-”Hell On Wheels”,AMC. So, while half-assedly watching the games Sunday afternoon, awaiting the Bears/Packers game, I saw that Buck’s fave, “Hell on Wheels” was on, so decided to give it a look-see. I flipped over on commercial breaks, so what I’d seen was in 2 – to- 3-minute snippets. In them, I saw a tomahawk attack on an Indian, which wound up with is being scalped after he was raping a white woman; beheadings of a slave owner and his family by a righteous abolitionist; and numerous shootings. These made Alex and his “Droogies” from “A Clockwork Orange” seem like Quakers.


-”Homeland”, Showtime. This show can be perplexing. (I was gonna say “confounding” but thought MarkyMarc used it enough.) Carrie…even when NOT under psychedelics…is getting harder to take but when she started “trippin’ “, well…let’s just say I’m teetering on the egde with this one. They really need to get some more involvement from the rest of the cast as she’s just not someone a viewer can relate to in a positive way. That they are nearly dead-on with current events, is the show’s plus but how Sol allowed himself to be trapped and Carrie?????


-”The Newsroom”, HBO. Didn’t see its debut, Sunday. Was otherwise pleasantly-occupied.


-”The Blacklist”, NBC. Hate to say this but it seems this show is spinning towards its “Revolution”-ary phase. Its “Fall season finale”, was anything but satisfying, though it seems that is what it was ‘sposetabe. As much as I’ve enjoyed James Spader as “Red”; “Dembe”,his associate; Pete Stormare as “Berlin”, Megan Boone’s “Lizzie” just isn’t making it. What/who her character is ‘sposetabe is constantly making “wrong decisions” which anyo9ne in her position would not. OK, maybe once…we are born to fail, aren’t we?…but her actions are nothing but contradictory to what/ho, she is in the FBI. We’ll see.


“NCIS”/”NCIS: New Orleans”, CBS.

“NCIS” In the first 5-minutes, I outlined the plot. Not a good sign. Getting close to another teeter-totter. The cast has more than enough talent to do less obvious-storylines, which its audience is more than capable of following.


“NCIS: New Orleans”. About the same; just Nawlins instead of The Beltway.


Tonight…TNT has “The Book of Eli”, another post-apocalyptic but effective tale with Denzel, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis and Ray Stevenson.


Speakng of “Post-Apocalyptic”…I DVR’d “The Road”. Don’t know if MBH will want to watch it but yowzers, it’s a dystopic-dystopian tale. Lotsa big stars, too.





-Since Monday’s post, I’d been cogitating on “The McCaskey Way”, which is the puke-inducing pablum Chicagoans have been fed since the mid-’80s. I had all sortsa good stuff, like…


Q: Which team will make the playoffs first…Cubs or DaBears?

6-months ago, the asker would have received a hearty snort of derision. How could anyone even THINK  that?




Q: Which Chicago team has won more games  Soldier Field, this year? Obvious? Uh-uh. It was the Blackhawks in the NHL’s “Winter Classic” game in March.


I had done all sortsa math on “The McCaskey Way” (TMCW) and what it has meant since they’d taken over some 30-odd years ago. They fired Ditka, whose time had run but the way they did it was just wrong. He was 106-62, with the team put together prior to TMCW coming to the fore. They followed him with Wanny, 41-57; Dick Jauron, 33-45, LuveeKravezit, 81-63, which had to be about the least satisfying .562, W/L % one could imagine. So, they fire him after he went 10-6 and replace him with MarkyMarc, a guy who is 11-14; whom they took over…are you sitting down?…Bruce Arians, H/C of the Arizona Cardinals, the team with the best record in the Collective, 8-1, and, Darrell Bevel, O/C of the Seattle Seahawks. The team which uses its QB and personnel in very creative ways. A guy who after getting his head handed to him…by his team’s arch-rival…on national-TV…whose announcers lamented the demise of the franchise, says his locker room is, “…in a good place….”


WAIT! A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF “THE McCASKEY WAY” has come to the fore. Again, after having their heads handed to them…being em-bare-assed…on national TV…by their arch-rivals…with the announcers saying that games like this cause folks to get fired…yesterday, we saw that happen but not the way everyone thought. Nope. We saw it, THE McCASKEY WAY. They cut 5th-receiver and kick-returner, Santonio Holmes.


I type these words with the full-knowledge that my guys may lay an egg…at home…against a quality team…starting its 2nd-string QB…hoping against hope that they don’t.


Here’s Rick Telander’s take on DaBears…


Chicago Today’s Paper



-Well, y’know, sports can be confounding. These athletes are excellent…some…at whatever they do…hitting/pitching/catching a baseball…throwing/running a football or tackling one who’s just done that…skating on ice and shooting/blocking shots/saving shots…shooting a basketball, which is the source of today’s topic…



Any of the aforementioned sports-types have lived a semi-privileged life, most of their lives, in that in high school, the “football hero”; best shooter on the B-Ball team, etc., etc., etc., received some kind of special treatment or other. Not always but a lot. In some instances, their grades get changed; others took their SATs, all in order for them to get into college; so they could become pros…and the when they hit college, they hardly go to class. Happens all the time. This can have a debilitating effect on their personalities as hardly ever – or never -being told, “No”, because they had not comported or conducted themselves responsibly in whatever.


Here’s a link from an ESPN broadcast with Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless, two guys for whom I -generally – have little to no use ; nor with whom do I agree, but this time I do…along with The Poodle’s comments…

Derrick Rose: It’s not about this year
Is this kid that effin’ STOOPID! It was awhile ago but this was MJ’s team…it was MJ’s town! Hell, it still is.


I won’t go so far to say he was the best ever…but he’s in the top-5. He brought a warrior-mentality to the floor…night in and night out. It was THAT, which complemented his talents!  THAT’s why he’s STILL so popular here!


The Poodle has talent…oh yes indeedy-do. His first-step is as explosive as I’ve seen. He’s so fast on the dribble, it’s almost breathtaking. His passing is about as good as it gets. But he just doesn’t get it that as good as he is…as talented as he is…how gifted he is…he will never, ever, not ever, be held in the same regard as MJ; the Hawks; the ’85 Bears; the ’05 White Sox or even the ’69 Cubs, in this town.


I’m not going to get into what many of us have – or are – faced/facing, with life altering situations. Is this kid THAT stupid? Yes, I believe he is. We all have aches and pains…some of us have nearly died. That’s life. BUT, we don’t have $95,000,000.00 of Bulls money that he’ll retire on before he’s 30, nor another $260,000,000.00 of Adidas money to salve those issues. We get along on pensions or Social Security or both…neither of which will even come close to what his taxes may be.


What an asshole.



-As I’ve said many times, our baseball teams…mainly the Cubs…are generally more interesting now than 6-months before or after.


There was  a story broken by the S-T’s Gordon Wittenmyer, stating the Cubs and Nats were in discussions over a trade for the Cubs to get Jordan Zimmerman. Thing is, both sides have shot it down. Oh well. It’d be nice to get a quality starter but apparently it’s not Zimmerman…at least not yet.


They’re still supposedly in the run for Jon Lester. That would be nice in their attempt to reach the playoffs before the guys who play “TMCW”.


-On the Sout’ Side, Sox GM said in response to making a splash to keep up with the Cubs that he’s interested in building a contender. Good way to look at things. Trouble is, and I don’t know why, but unless the Sox are winning and “in it” in September, they just don’t draw.



-Won in a shootout, last night, with Kaner doing the deed and Crow making the game-winning stop. Think Kaner would take The Poodle-stance?


DaBULLS…with or sans-Poodle are off. That should help him not “ache when he’s at a graduation” in 15-years or so.


Sorry. This has been heavy on ChiTown but hey, ya gotstsay, this is some kinda schitt goin’ on around here.


I’m going to hang it up for now and hopefully, see y’all on Feel-Good Friday with some way better stuff than TMCW or The Poodle.


Take care. Have a great day and remember, any one when we awaken not looking up at daisy roots is.



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