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It’s Happy Hump Day! TE’O! TE-AY-AY’O!

Good morrow. ‘Tis a frigid morn, this 20th day of Febiairy. While Apollo’s chariot rises higher and higher…for longer and longer…it is still quite cold out there with neg-wind chills. The forecast is for – possibly – up to 5-inches of snow by Friday.  While I’m not looking froeward to that, Ol’ Bessie’s a-waitin’.                                                                            monti te'o

OK, let’s see what’s what.

DROMEDARY SEASON                                                                                        


-D.C.’s doin’ their non-thing. Not much worthwhile to say as they haven’t done much worthwhile, now, have they?


-It seems Barry may be takling his cues from Ronald Reagan with what he’s been doing to DaGOPers. Reagan had a knack for making his wishes known to the public in a reasonable way. He also would bombard DaDEMS with them, not giving them room nor time to breathe. Recall how DaDEMS didn’t exactly speak highly of St. Ron. Yet, he succeeded. Sound familiar?

Please, I am not saying Barry’s Ronnie. What I am saying is, he’s a left-center Reagan-type Pol. So far, it’s working. DaGOPers are knee-jerking on everything he says. They don’t offer any kind of reasonable response. Just listen. I promise; you can make book on this. Barry’ll say something and Boner, McConehead, Lyin’Ryan or RubyRubyRubyBaby will, in lockstep, reject it out of hand, with no positive alternative. That’s where they lose.

When folks are a-hurtin’, they’re not interested in hearing what seems like an ongoing, never-ending, parental spat. They want results.

What could work is if instead of mouthing the same old/same old platitudes, they actually say SOMETHING constructive instead of how Barry’s full of schit. I’m not saying Barry’s guys are right all the time. But by making what seem to be reasonable, populist, statements, while the pother side just does one scold after another, the public will gravitate to Barry’s side. It’s human nature…no more…no less. Oh well.



-Drew Peterson has hired new attorneys in an attempt to get a new trial as, well, he didn’t like the outcome of the last one.

Now, I’m no lawyer but the fact that he hired these guys…they weren’t court-appointed…it would seem that “caveat emptor” would apply.

Also, I don’t think Criminal Court systems allow for “do-overs” after verdicts are made. Yes, they can be appealed but a “Waa-waa…I don’t like what happened, ‘cuz my lawyer was a doofus” doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

We do have a couple NesterLawyers who may be able to make more sense of this than moi. For now, Drew, as my dad used to say, “Tough sledding. No snow”.





That’ll do it.

-THE JACKSON TWO are expected in court today. Am hopeful there are cameras allowed. Nothing more fun to watch than smug-arrogance being brought to earth.



-The town of Robbins had 51 rape kits sitting on its shelves from as long ago as 1986!

I’ll just leave that there for cogitation.


NEWS HEADLINE OF THE DAY: “Spider-Man robs 7-Eleven”.



-Apparently, CTU’s current Prez, Karen Lewis, doesn’t habve unanimous approval as a challenge to her position has been filed in upcoming elections.



-Several, large American companies have traced cyberattacks all back to one building in China…a building which belongs to the Chinese Military. Yep, let’s do more biz with these guys. Why make them steal stuff. We sent them gyros which they use for missiles; we sent them computer technology which they use for that, too. If possible, maybe they should allow them in and allow them to take what they want with a some kind of cyber-bomb included. Just thinkin’.



Before we get into today, recall Monday’s note about 2/18/62 and RFK saying how we’d stay in Vietnam as long as it took to get rid of the Commies? Well, on 2/19/66, he then suggested we offer the VC a role in governing South VietNam…and how in ’68, he became, “the peace candidate”. Interesting, no?


On this date in 1792, the United States Postal System was begun…in 1938, Hitler demanded “self-determination” for Austia and Czechoslovakia…in 1962, John Glenn became the first American to orbit de oit. AND, on this date in 1927, Sydney Poitier was born. Happy 86th, Syd!




-NCIS was better than it’s been lately. Less over-acting, with more emphasis on story. That said, the conclusion left a bit to be desired. A good story intros all, key characters into the story early enough with more than just a passing reference.


-Wathced a recording of “Blue Bloods”. Hafta give it to Tom Selleck, or whomever told him to “trim da stache” as he looks much more like Tom Selleck than Tom Selleck trying to look like Teddy Roosevelt. That said, these stories are wearing thin; are getting far too simplistic; leaving the impression that if not for the Regans, NYC would sink in to the Hudson. Well, maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing. ;-)


-VEGAS. Not bad, though someone needs to tell the writers that “pop-top” cans were not in existence in 1960. That said, the story was less over-the-top than it’s been…though it’s still not exactly low-key.



-I’ve gotten to the point that all I enjoy looking forward to watching on Woden’s Day is Modern Family. CSI’s star is approaching its nova stage.


-TNT has put “Gladiator” in to a three-hour time slot! Ya really gottga love GreatestHundredLines to endure that many commercials.



-NesterDave was right. “Revolution” is due to return in March.  While I am looking forward to it, I hope they didn’t do a “slap-dash” amalgam of stories just because it became a hit. That does happen. The Sopranos second season wasn’t one of its best.


Also, one of moi’s gripes was addressed by the producers of ABC’s “Zero Hour”, who said they would not…interminably…drag out the exposition.


I do hope “Revolution”  gets into more story-telling now as we’ve been intro’d to just about everyone.





-As is my wont, I flipped over, saw a power-play goal and flipped back. When I did, Kaner scored the winner in the Shootout. They tied the record of 16-points to begin the season, which will forever be an “*” season inasmuch as it was strike-shortened. I know, a beginning’s a beginning. Still, it’s not a normal season and am sure the NHL will note it. That’s all I’m saying.



-They went “…a-walkin’ to New Orleans” and came out victorious. I don’t see them going far in the playoffs. They’ll make them, I believe. Still, they don’t have enough “O”, plain and simple. And, I don’t know that activating Rose would make that much of a difference. Miami is really strong. We’ll see.




Saw an interesting interview with Castro last night wherein he said his goal is now to get as proficient, (my word, not his), on “D” as his 2ndSacker buddy, Barney. That’d be nice, no? The kid’s loaded with natural-talent. Hopefully, he’s learned that in the Bigs, it takes more than that.

That said, if Barney could get is “O” up a bit, they’d have a nice keystone-combo for many a year. Heard Narney referred to as a “Glenn Beckert” type of player. No problem here with that.

However, their top prospect, Javier Baez is a SS, who could be moved over to 2nd…or SS and Castro to 3rd…or to 3rd, keeping Barney and Castro where they are. Whatever it is, these are talented, young players who could…stress, could…make  difference. Add in Rizzo and thatd be a nnice infield.

A starting staff with all major-leaguers!?!?!?!??!? Yes, Virginia. Now, this isn’t Palmer, Cuellar, Dobson and McNally + another. But at least these guys’ve had some success in the bigs.

Oh yeah, Garza’s got a strained left-lat. Hope he’s not becoming a candidate for their MASH unit.


Saw that Adam Dunn said he needs to cut down on his Ks. Really! Well, they say the road to recovery begins with recognition of the problem. This is no slap at the guy but…in the past, guys like him were not considered “key” to a team’s success, as striking out nearly half the time, does not really balance out the homers. Nowadays, however, the SaberGuys don’t think of K’s as bad things. Well folks, there are outs which when made have the propensity for something positive to occur, i.e., hitting behind the runner to advance him on a ground out; a sac fly; a sac bunt, etc. A “K”? Zero. Zip Nada. Oh well.

The key for the Sox this year is the health of their starting pitchers. If they are, they have the talent to make them contenders. They have enough “O”…”K-Men” notwithtanding… to be in contention throughout the season….. Yes, Detroyit’s stronger this year.



-It’s being said that Te’o and his imaginary galpal could be a Bear…or a Packeh. Yep. It’s in t’day’s S-T about DaBears and I saw a mock draft with DaPack taking him.

I guess it may not be bad, in that because of his off-field stoopidity, he may feel the need to go balls-to-the-wall on each and every play…no matter what…just to show he belongs in the SFC.

The Combine’s beginning. Many moves should be made as free agency begins the end of next week. So far, there are many big-name players who are unrestricted F/As, not to mention those who are restricted. Trouble is, many really popular fanfaves may become cap-casualties, e.g., Greg Jennings from GB and Urlacher from DaBears.

OK, gosta do some errands, so will bid ye farewell with the words of Lewis Black that no matter how schitty things may seem, at least we won’t get smallpox today.


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