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It’s Happy- Hump Day, Praise to be Woden

hump-day-camel_425Good morrow, to you! ‘Tis the season to be chilly…but wait…what did I just hear Skillful Tom Skilling say? We Great Laker-types are in for a possible “El Nino”? Uh-huh…possibly.  AND, it’s raining in California! Thing is, that El Nino airflow we’ll be getting, gives us warmer Pacific air as it pushes the colder Arctic air further north and east, which means our friends out East may get those “schittin’-razor-blades” icy cold Polar winds, instead of us. I know a “Sorry” won’t help but, well, I’ve had it with Polar Vortices, as I am sure our Great Lakers are, too.


Today is December 3rd, 3-weeks before Christmas Eve; two before Hanukkah; four before New Years Eve. Uh-huh…28-days left in 2014! Yowzah! From here on in…and SCREW Bill O’Reilly…I will use “Holidays” unless I am directly referring to one or the other for no other reason than it’s quicker and easier. So, if any reading this are prone to getting tighty-whiteys over that…don’t read it.

Otherwise, today is also…


“National Roof Over Your Head Day”…something for which we all should be appreciative.




“International Persons with Disabilities Day”. You bet! Don’t know about ou but when I see cars “zip” in to handicapped parking spaces, I stand and watch to mbe certain it’s the driver who isn’t but that they have a handicapped person as a passenger aboard. If not, I call them out and if that doesn’t work, I tell the store manager.




-Some may be wondering why I continue to put a lighter emphasis on politics. Here’s one reason…


There’s a front-page story that one of Barry’s pals ceased cooperating in a probe by DaFeds in a fraud trial. OK, I get it. He has friends in high places. Not unlike Dub’s buddies, “Kenny Bo” Lay and Jack Abramoff. See? Who gives a schitt?


-Did you see the one about that a-hole who dressed in camo-fatigues trying to get military-discounts on Black Friday? The one where there actually was a for-real soldier who caught and called him out? Does my heart good.


-ChiTown OK’s $13.00/hr minimum wage.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, the devil is in the details. I hate to go all Debbie-Downer but…that $13.00/hour doesn’t go into effect until 2019! So, those who may have thought they’d be making close-to $10K more/year, right away,

uh-uh. So, what will that $3.00 to $4.75/hour bump mean in real dollars by then? Right now, gas prices are crashing…we all are getting a “raise” from that. But in 4-years, what will that mean? As is noted in a S-T article, this seems like nothing more than an election-year stunt by Rahmbi and his pals.


Last DebbieDowner observation…you can betcherass there’s gonna be tons of litigation over this.



We live on ChiTown’s et’nic-nort’wes’ side area of Portage Park. It’s a nice, quiet…almost “sleepy” area. Not much goes on around here…except at this time of year. There have been a rash of thefts of packages left on front-porches

by slugs who follow FedEx/UPS and even mail-carriers…and…burglaries. Our local gendarmerie have tried to soften the blow by saying that since we live in such a nice neighborhood…one which the major mail-order deliver services do not require signatures for deliveries; just leave packages at our doors, this is where the “bad guys” come to “shop”.


This can happen anywhere.



No, not to cut it…well, yeah, it is…but only to a certain, select, few. Our pee-pee-heads in D.C. actually did a good thing. They have closed a loophole that allowed suspected Nazi war-criminals to collect Social Security bennies. I don’t care if they’d paid into them. I’m all on this one. You?



OK, how’s this. It seems a woman and her child were travelling in Lebanon under false papers. Yeah? So? So, THIS!

Right now, she and her kid’s DNA are being tested to confirm that she is the wife of Abu Bakr AL-Baghdadi. Yeah? So? So, THIS! Now get them heart-cockles right close to yer computer screen fer this one. He is the J.O who is the leader of, ta-DAH…ISISISILISANASSHOLE!


So, should ultimata be issued that either he cease and desist or she and his kid’s heads’ll be lopped off on TV? I know. Not nice…but…still.



We do order from mail-order shops like L.L. Bean; Bass Pro or Cabela’s. Otherwise, we’ve been checking stuff online but going to the stores to buy. Why? Well, we can and we have the time…and…we like to show our local retailers we want their stores to remain close by.


By the way, some places issue “store-only” coupons but if there’s an item they only sell online, at some, if you go to the store, they will order it for you; have it shipped to your house AND then give the coupon price since you purchased the stuff in their store. Not bad.


All in all, we try to support our local shops. Yes, I am a Costco regular but I also weigh price v value…and location.




-IT’S CHRISTMAS TV-SPECIAL TIME…Note I said “Christmas”?

The Family Channel is showing “The Polar Express” at 8 CST, tonight. We really like that one. Of course, “Rudolph”, “Frost” and “Mr. Green Christmas”, are up there too.


“Duck Dynasty” fans get a newbie, tonight.


Haven’t been out to a show due to bein’ sick and having stuff to get done. We will. No way will MBH miss “The Mockingjay”.


No “Big Bang Theory” in ChiTown t’morra night as, well, DaBears are on CBS’ local outlet for Bears fans who don’t have cable or who do but don’t get NFL Network, which brings us to…







As mentioned, the 5-7 Bears play…again…on National TV, this time hosting the Cowbow-woys, tomorrow night and then again on December 15th’s Monday Night Game. Watch them, guys, as unless they do a pirouette which would make a ballet-diva green with envy, if they’re accorded that respect next year…well.


It’s December football and in this town guys are playing for their jobs; their coaches jobs and the guys who hired their coaches jobs. Thing is, this is Chicago, where DaBears play, run by the crew of “The Good Ship Lollipop” in Lake Forest, the Mort Druckers in this world. The Druckers are up against another anal-drip of an owner, Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowbow-woys, tomorrow. They both mismanage their teams but at least Jones earned his. He bought them with his own money that he earned in his oil and gas exploration company. In other words, he had to buy his team and risk his own money. The Druckers? Nothing more than an accident of birth. Interestingly, they took over Dabears in ’83, while Jones took over the Cowbow-woys in ’89. I’ll leave the comparing of records to you.


My friends, you have an excellent opportunity here. If DaBears can get their butts whipped, twice, on national TV, a la the Pats and the Pack did to them; then follow those up with getting destroyed by DaLoins and Vikes, maybe…just maybe…the embarrassment may be so distressful; so dire; so humiliatingly-humiliating, the Druckers might just fire more than Mel Tucker. Nah! They won’t. Why? Because they have neither pride nor shame, that’s why. They keep collecting ticket revenues; TV revenues; Communal revenues; why would they? The have no skin in the game. All they do is Count Da Money.


-But then, you do have an alternative…about 210 miles north…”The Dark Green Side”. Late last August, I confided to MBH that I had a very good feeling about TDGS. I didn’t know what it was but they seemed to have a unanimity of purpose about them. Then they went out and got throttled in Seattle;then barely eked one out against Joe’s Yets!; dropped one to DaLoins; then made a visit to Soldier Field in Chicago. They had a hiccup in Nawlins at the end of October when A-Aron got hurt, but since, well…I’m beginning to get a similar feeling to that from August.


Here are a few words from our spokesmodel…


There is plenty of room under our tent…even for reformed Bears fans.


Last Sunday, I sat and watched on the edge of my seat all game. I thoroughly enjoyed the way they moved the ball on New England but not with their settling for field goals in three-red zone visits. Still, they kept their heads about them; played decent enough “D”…no other team had held NE to 21-points all season…ran the ball and when they saw an opportunity, they took it. I saw that Darrelle Revis…the proprietor of “Revis Island”…said Jordy Nelson “pushed off” on that 50+yard TD at the end of the half. If he did, it was to disengage his arm, which Island Boy had hooked as he’d hit him off the line. Maybe it was the fact that Randall Cobb then came along and cleaned his clock with a block putting him all alone…on Revis island…with a lovely bunch of coconuts…as Jordy scored.


I thought they’d lost the game when rookie, #17, Davante Adams, who had acquitted himself very well as A-Aron’s “go-to-guy”, after the Pats had Cobb and Nelson covered all game, let that LinnBurtonForCertainTD-pass go through his fingers at the NE-5, again making them settle for a field goal. The Pats had had the momentum most of the 2nd half. At least I thought so.


It wasn’t till they held the Pats on their last possession, when at 2:38, A-Aron hit Cobb with a 3rd-down pass to convert for a first and with the Pats out of time outs and Tom Brady did his…as T-John said…”Luck! Luck! Luck!-bombs” as after the 2-minute warning, it was three, kneel-downs and it was over.


The Pats are everything they are cracked up to be. I don’t know how or why they didn’t go more with “Gronk”, no one-Packer, seemed able to bring him down. Same with Blount’s running. At one point, the GB announcer said, “Why don’t they just give the ball to Blount?” I don’t know.Hafta ask Bellichcick. They could have won that one.That said, the Pack may have given upcoming opponents a way to beat “Revis Island & Co.” from now on. Run iso’s that put backs and wideouts on linebackers.The Pats have another test in San Diego this coming Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see what Rivers and Co., have in store for them.


The Pack are on Monday Night Football, hosting Atlanta on The Frozen Tundra They Call Lambeau Field.


For any who’d like to see that game again, NFL Network is showing it on NFL Replay at 7 CST.


Oh yeah…I made the same invitation to join TDGS to T-Dave. This was his response: “I feel like a Cub fan, wait until next year… but wait… this year was next year last year.” He declined. Maybe I should employ Seven-of-Nine and her, “Resistance Is Futile” approach.



Tuned in at 4.3-seconds left. Pao on the line, 106-105, Bulls. Pao drains both, 108-105; 4.3-seconds left. Mavs inbound the ball; bring across half-court and Hinrich fouls; the Mavs guy fakes he was shooting; gets three from the line; cans ‘em all and they wind up going into double-overtime to lose.


To his credit, Thibs took the blame, saying he “…wasn’t clear enough…”, when he told them to foul and get them to the line. OK, I get it. Foul ‘em and force two free throws; enhances odds to win. Fine. But Hinrich isn’t some kid outta D-3 or less! He’s a seasonesd pro and has to know YOU DO NOT FOUL A GUY OUTSIDE THE THREE-POINT LINE WHEN YOU ARE ONLY UP THREE-POINTS!




Take care and remember, any da we awaken and we’re not looking up at daisy roots, it’s a good one.



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