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It’s Happy-Hump Day!… Or Is It?

Good morrow, all. There’s snow in our forecast but Spring-stuff, too…more on that later. Right now, Apollo’s chariot is rising slowly over my left-shoulder, and it’s kinda warm, too. Nice. But they’re sayin’ clouds are a-comin’, with maybe an inch or so of the light fluffy stuff. Ick! Poo! Oh, well.

Much to cover today, including the ChiTown elections, which while possibly positive, now put some Wat-a-Tats on the horns of a dilemma…more on that later.  OK. Let’s get started, shall we?

                                                                     DROMEDARY SEASON


“National Chocolate Covered Nut Day”. So, cover yer nuts in chocolate and have a great time!


“National Clam Chowder Day”. Great day for us but, hey, what about those clams?

Then we have our friends at and, who are tellin’ us what’s happened on this date in…

1570,   Elizabeth I, was excommunicated from the Church by Pope Pius V for returning to the Church of England, which  the Pope considered to be heresy. Another reason for separation of Church and State.

1779,   Britain surrendered the “country” of Illinois at Vincennes to George Rogers Clark…brother of William of later “Lewis and Clark” fame.

1799,   Much to the chagrin of Tea Partiers, Congress passed the first quarantine legislation.

1804,   Thomas Jefferson was nominated for President…and an eventual spot on Mt. Rushmore….

1913,   Man,what a bad day for Tea Partiers…the graduated income-tax was authorized by Congress.

1917,   The author of “A Clockwork Orange”, Anthony Burgess” was born. Aye, me droogies!

1932,  German citizenship was conferred upon “immigrant” Adolf Hitler…and a good time was had by all.

1950,   Possibly one of the most trend-setting TV shows, “Your Show of Shows”, which spawned Sid Caesar, Howard Morris, “Ernest T. Bass”; Neil Simon, “The Odd Couple”; Carl Reiner, “everything”; Mel Brooks, “The Producers”; Woody Allen, Perv-love, debuted.

1963,   “Please Please Me” was released by some Brit group called “The Beatles”. Don’t worry. They didn’t last.


-So, in yesterday’s election, Rahmbo was unable to achieve the 50% + 1 votes to win outright, which has now spawned a runoff-election in April.

As you may know, me ‘n’ Rahmbikins ain’t best buds after what happened to MBH and one of DaWatettes. However, the law of unintended consequences is rearing its ugly head. Y’see, a couple other Watettes are emploed by City departments. So, if Rahmbi loses in April, their departments will be subject to – possible – revamping, which could lead to loss of employment for them.

What to do? Take this as – hopefully – a warning shot across Rahmbikins’ bow, which he will heed and – hopefully, again – will mend his ways somewhat which would allow for job security for Da Watettes? Seems like it. Dang!

-Neighborhoodly speakin’, the candidate we wanted to become our new alderman lost. Hopefully, the winner will continue the legacy of our ward, which has a solid position in ChiTown political history.

-Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! One would think with all that is/was at stake citywide, as well as within each of  the 50 wards,

more than 38% of ChiTown’s registered voters would have shown up at the polls. It wasn’t THAT cold!



-$265,000,000.00 PowrBall Winner claimed his prize. He’s a retired 70-year old grampa. Not giving out his name as it doesn’t matter. Good for him! He did it with a Quick Pick, by the way.

-Uh-oh. Gas prices are rising and have been for a month or so. However, they’re rising faster in ChiTown than the

‘Burbs. Sunday is the first day of meteorological Spring and with that, the kick-up in reformulated gas begins. Sorry.

-ANOTHER WHISKEY! TANGO! FOXTROT! It is being reported that the estate of late Cubs great, Ernie Banks contains assets of only $16,000.00. Seems his caregiver had him rewrite his will, unbeknownst to his kids and estranged wife. This may get ugly.

-WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Blue Cross/Blue Shield/IL customers be advised, the hacking of Anthem Health may have an effect on you. It’s being reported that as many as 215,000 BCBSIL clients could be at risk of their personal info being taken. If you are, you will be informed by BCBS by letter.

-”FESTIVAL FOR FORGIVENESS” begins. ChiTown’s new Bishop, Blase has instituted this as a means for any and all to participate in the act of Confession to any…any…who wish to partake. No word if perv-priests are included.

-KEYSTONE PIPELINE BILL VETOED. For only the 3rd time in his Presidency and the first since being faced with an opposition Congress, Barry executed his veto-power by nixing the Keystone Pipeline bill. Am I the only one who’d love knowing just what it is with this bill from both sides? Why is one side promoting helping a foreign corporation with little direct benefit to us? Also, what makes the other side think the non-completion of this will have any appreciable effect on the pollution created when processing Canadian tar sands? Yes, they say there are 40K jobs. Well, once it’s built, then what?


Rahmbikins is said to be mulling an “alternate side” parking ban on ChiTown’s side streets when we get big snows. OK, fine. It sounds great. After all, it works in the ‘burbs, right? Yeah, it does. But on a ChiTown residential street which is lined by multi-unit apartment buildings, with 30 cars parked on each side of the street, where do those 30 cars which won’t have spaces be parked? Just askin’.

                                                                      BACTRIAN SEASON


-Watched “Blue Bloods” and “The Blacklist” which we’d had DVR’d. Myeh. “The Blacklist” is getting a bit over-the-top. This episode had to do with a “right-wing religious leader” who leads a sect of polygamists who also just happened to practice incest, as the central theme of this episode. Really? Come on. Plus, in the preview of next week’s show, “Tom” returns. This show seems to be running out of plots. Too bad, Still like Red but otherwise…

“Blue Bloods” was OK but seemed a bit of “Tom Knows Best”.

“NCIS”. It was OK.


“Insurgent” the second of the “Divergent” trilogy opens Friday. We’ll see it as MBH is a big fan of the books and the first film. Similar to another film, this has a “love-interest” between a young woman in her mid-teens with a man in his twenties. Oh well.

                                                            AND NOW…SPORT


-Let’s do the good news first. Spring is around the corner as the local power plant cooling lakes begin opening this weekend. Yes, Sunday is Opening Day at the Braidwood power plant. Fished it a couple times years ago. Did OK as was with my bro on his boat. These cooling lakes do not freeze over but are closed over the winter. Hence, it’s like fishing a lake down south.

For those of us who love fishing but not sitting on a frozen lake, this is an alternative. Believe it or not, when the water is 72-degrees, it’s not bad. Once you get back on dry land, though, it’s back to freezing yer heinie off.

-Now the bad news…and trust me, it’s bad.

Last night, the Bulls and Hawks’  The Poodle and Patrick Kane went down with serious injuries. Kaner was checked into the boards and was forced to leave the game with an “upper-body injury”. Having seen Charles Woodson and A. A. Ron have them, I agree with the speculation that it’s his collar-bone. He’ll be out 6 – to 10 weeks. If it’s his clavicle, figure 10-weeks. It’s not like a muscular-injury. This takes time. Perod.

The Poodle tore his meniscus, again. He’s going to have corrective surgery, which will sideline him yet again.

The thing is, neither team can afford to lose either of these guys for an extended period of time.

What’s worse is – and I didn’t say this, ‘GN Morning News sports guy Pat Tommasulo did – it appears the hopes of ChiTowners for some kind of championship this year now seem to hang on the Cubs or Sox. SunOnMyBeach!

-Speakin’ of DaCubs, El Pedo, Manny Ramirez, is back as some kind of “hitting consultant”. Funny. He’s welcomed with open arms while Sammy isn’t. Nothing in Sammy’s defense. Just that one “infuser” is OK but the other, local one, is not. Go figure.

Fidel’s fave-cousin, Starlin, says he’s learned his lesson and will be more careful about where he goes; with whom he hangs around and what they do. About time.  By the way, many do not seem convinced of his hitting-ability. In 5 seasons, he’s had 846 hits, which works out to 169-hits/season; which averages more than 1-hit/game/season. Pretty good. That said, and with no malice just thinking practically, if they move him, I won’t be surprised.

Anita Bryant’s lost-cousin, Kris, seems to be getting all the attention down Mesa-way. I am eagerly awaiting his arrival at 1060 W. Addison, myself. They keep touting his 43-homers in AA and AAA-ball as, “…the most in professional baseball…”. Fine, If he can get 20 or more, once he gets here, I’ll be happy. But, he also has a penchant for the “K” ball. Let’s hope not. His specs, 6’5″, 215#s, recall Dave Kingman, who came up as a 3rd-sacker but wound up in the outfield. He was a prodigious HR-hitter with 442 but not so hot on the “K” side, 1816. Hopefully, Anita’s pal will be better in that regard.

It’s clouding over and have some stuff to do, so will say TTFN. Remember, any day we wake up not looking up at daisy roots, is a good one. Stay warm ‘n’ toasty.


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