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It’s Happy Hump-Day! Happy October!

Yes, it’s October but you wouldn’t know it by today’s weather in Chi. It’s a sun-splashed morn with a forecast high of 70, with light breezes. Nice.


Since October is the month of Halloween, though that occurs on the last day of the month…BTW, next to Christmas, the biggest revenue producer for retailers…as well as decorations…we have a month’s worth of, “…they’re creepy and they’re kooky; Mysterious and spooky; they’re all together ooky…”. So, let’s start with this…


DROMEDARY SEASON kids! What day is it?   It’s…


“National Home Made Cookies Day”. Mmmm. Mmmm. Good!




“National Fire Pup Day”. Don’t ask me why they don’t call it “Dalmations Day”, or, “Cruella DeVille Day”.


Also, according to, some interesting stuff happened on October 1st in…


331BC,  Alexander the Great defeated Persian Darius III at Gaugamela. That’s Gaugamela, NOT Guatemala.


1878,   Gen. Lew Wallace was sworn in as Governor of the New Mexico territory. Normally, that would induce a yawn. However, in that time, he was also the author of the novel, “Ben-Hur”, which was made into the film which garnered the most Oscars in the Academy’s history, 11. I have the snippet of the “Chariot race”, which is still breathtaking. Especially as there was no such thing as CGI. Yes, they had “trick photography” and stunt-doubles but you can see this was filmed as it was happening.


1890,   Yosemite National Park was dedicated. Haven’t seen it yet. Hope to.


1908,   The Ford Model T automobile was introduced. One of the 1%-ers of his time, Henry Ford also knew that paying a fair wage – not only – allowed his employees to live more comfortably, it also led to good morale, and last but not least, they’d be able to afford the purchase of his product. What Would Wal-Mart Do?


1924,   The 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, was born. Possibly the most decent man we’ve had as President. Unfortunately, his experience as a nuke-sub, CO seemed to leave him once he was elected.


1935,   Mary Poppins, aka Julie Andrews, was born.


1942,   The beginning of the end for the Germans in the Battle of Stalingrad took place.


1943,   The Brits entered Naples during WWII.


1944,   American troops began the siege of Aachen, which became the first city in Germany to fall to the Allies.


1946,   To wind up what became not a good-date in history for the Germans and their Nazi-leaders, eleven of those leaders were sentenced to death by hanging, among them, Hermann Goering, who committed suicide before he was, “…terminated with extreme prejudice”.


1947,   The F-86 Sabre jet made its first flight. It would go on to eventual fame in the Korean War.


1949,   On the other side of the world, Chairman Mao established The Peoples Republic of China. And hasn’t THAT been peachy-keen?


1957,   You think religious-craziness is rampant now? “In God We Trust” first appeared on paper currency in the US. Nothing wrong with that. However, the reasoning behind it…to officially distinguish US currency from that of the atheistic USSR…gives one pause. Because, you know, the US paper-dollar is nearly indistinguishable from the ruble. Right?


1958,   NASA took over for NACA, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Youngins won’t relate but golly, gee whiz, remember “Tang”?


1960,   Nigeria became independent from the UK. Just think how well that’s gone since.


1962,   Johnny Carson took over hosting-duties on NBC’s “The Tonight Show”, until 1992.


1963,   Mr. Juicy-juice, Mark McGwire, was born.


1971,   Disney World opened in Orlando, FL. Nvere been. Yosemite first.


1974,   The Watergate trials of Tricky Dick Nixon aides, H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, Atty. Gen. John Mitchell, Kenneth Parkinson and Robert Mardian began.


1975,   The “Thrilla in Manila”, between Ali and Smokin’ Joe Frazier, was held.


1979,   The U.S. returned sovereignty of the Panama Canal to, well, Panama.


1982,   Sony intro’d the first CD-player.


1989,   Denmark enacted the first, “Civil Union” law.


Other than that, not much went on.





While one may wonder why this is just being announced now, instead of longer ago, Rahmbi has announced “free tuition, books and fees” to ChiTown City Colleges to CPS grads who achieve a 3.0 GPA. In other circles, that would be referred to as a scholarship. And, while some may poo-poo this, CCC tuition is now $200.00/credit hour. Folks, my trimester-tuition to a 4-year state university in 1966  was $300.00. Period.


Many of us are well aware of the costs of a college education, nowadays, as we’ve paid them. Many of the kids I see when I “sub” are telling me they’re beginning at CCs to get their pre-reqs out of the way. No, they won’t benefit from Rahmbi’s plan. Just mentioned as an example.


In other words, this is a good thing, election year politics or no.



Headline: “Another Hit To Rauner’s Rep”.

Once again, a former company owned by Rauner’s firm, GTCR, is coming under scrutiny. Here’s a link. Note, Quinn’s fecklessness is mentioned, too.

Rauner’s biggest strength proving to be his greatest weaknessUH-OH, PART DEUX…

-Remember Romney’s “47%” comment? The one which his former ticket-mate, Paul Ryan, now says was wrong to be said? Remember how damaging that was? So damaging it may have cost Romney the election.


Well, there is a report in the paper saying a 33-second “smartphone video” of Bruce Rauner addressing a GOP group in Lake County, wherein he says he would not have accepted the Medicaid expansion which Quinnie did. The “Uh-Oh” is, that a month earlier, when asked the same question in an interview with the Chicago Tribune editorial board, he “side-stepped” the question.


When are these pols…all of them…Dems and GOPers…learn that they should always act as if whatever they are saying/doing/ endorsing/condemning, may – or is probably – being recorded?



-With all the travails in the aftermath of the arson at the FAA control facility haven’t caused enough problems for the air-traveling public, here and around the country, a double-whammy is coming.


First. Severe weather is forecast for tonight through tomorrow, which may delay/cancel even more flights.


Second. Obama is coming to town to help raise dinero for Quinnie and deliver a speech at Northwestern. Don’t know which may/will be worse.



-In my wildest dreams, never, not anytime, not no-how…not ever…would I envision myself agreeing with Rep. Darrell Issa! I do…at least this time.


You may have already inferred I am referring to the US Secret Service and its Director, Julia Pierson, in the wake of the reports surfacing of repeated, security fails! Forget the sex, drugs rock ‘n’ roll rep they were cultivating. Even that can be poo-pooed as long as they are doing their main job: PROTECTING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Note, I did not only refer to Barry. Like them or no, any President is our duly elected-President and an attack on his person is an attack on us.


The more the investigation continues, the scarier things get. How did this guy climb the fence and then sprint 70 or 80-yeards and then gain entry to the White House?


Here’s a visual aid…a pic of Soldier Field…

Now, think of a ball-carrier beginning his run at the goal-line closest to you and getting to the 20 or 30-yardline on the opposite end of the field and how long that takes…by a professional athlete.  That’s why this is scary.


No, I am not necessarily advocating the guy being shot, as a miss could wind up injuring a civilian outside the grounds as those rounds, once fired,  ”carry” a long distance. But they do have guard dogs and I wouldn’t test them. Were they used? No. Why? Ya got me.


I do not normally advocate for the firing of persons but in this instance, I do. In the words of D. Rep. Stephen Lynch, who said, “I wish to God you protected the White House like you protected your reputation here today”.



-The former anti-gay, U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, who was caught in a public men’s room soliciting sex, has been ordered to pay nearly a quarter-million-dollars for improper use of campaign funds.


-Now that Karzai is out, billions of our dollars will continue to be funneled to Afghanistan Banana stand.



The FTC has ruled that the sellers of “caffeine-infused underwear” had lied when they said it would make users thinner. OK, I get that. BUT…they also stated that those who purchased that caffeine-infused underwear, could get their money back. That a governmental agency had to rule that people who thought they would lose weight by wearing caffeine-infused underwear is mind-boggling. At least to me it is.



-Oklahoma prison officials have decided they will use 5-times the amount of the poison on prison executions as they had used on the botched execution back in April.



-ExxonMobil acknowledged that fracking, “…does carry risks…”. That’s  almost like tobacco companies admitting nicotine is habit-forming.




-CBS-newbie, “Stalker” debuts, tonight. Don’t know about this premise. Week after week of people being stalked by El Creepos? Not my brand of Single Malt.


-”Modern Family” has its 2nd episode of the season. Last week’s took a bit more time to gain traction and in doing so, got a bit hard to take. No, not because Cam was all over Mitchell at an office “do”. It would have been the same if it had been a Carmelita. Still like the show but its first season was its best.


-TNT has Denzel in “The Book of Eli”, tonight.


-The Big Bang was OK. No spit-inducing laughs. There could have been one but they dragged its premise out too long.


-”Person of Interest” may be better this season.





Theo had his season-ending press conference, yesterday. Why should Cubs fans be happy? Well, he actually said they are making moves so that they can contend for a division title…next year. (Yes. I know. No words are more anathema to Cubs fans than those.) He indicated that they will delve into the free agent market and will be bringing along their young “stars”. That with the ballpark improvements, they’ll get more money…and a new TV-deal in 5-years.


THAT was refreshing, in that we are finally hearing that their stated goal is to…DUH…win.


Also, just heard that “Manny”, their new minor-league instructor, has contacted Don Quixote’s Windmill, Javier Baez,

telling him to get down to Florida for some hitting work with him. While that’s good news, what becomes an acceptable

strikeout %? This year, his was 45%, I believe.


And, once again, as I have mentioned many times, the Cubs will be more interesting between now and next April than they were from last April to now. Oh well. Hope springs eternal.



Am leaving this to Arnold/Bill/Dave or Nick, ABDN. They still have Chris Sale and some decent starters.



Am leaving that to yuze guys.



-The key play or turning point in Sunday’s Pack/Bears game was…let’s discuss.


The onsides kick? If it works, Tressie’s a genius. If it didn’t, which it did not, he’s a horse’s arse. The Pack recovered .

The Bears had just scored, and were leading 17-14. Packers recovered and scored a TD, GB 21-17.


Packers kick off and Bears are driving. Some clock mismanagement on their part but they have the ball with seconds ticking down; Cutler throws to the Black Unicorn at the 1; HaHa Clinton-Dix hits him and keeps him out of the end zone at the 6-inch line. Yes, this was reviewed but the reviews were inconclusive.


On their first possession of the 2nd half, Green Bay scores on a 53-yard FG, 24-17. Two more TDs follow. Nothing from the Bears.


The Bears score at the end of the 1st half and it’s a different game. While the onsides was a debatable strategy, keeping Martellus Rex out of the end zone was YUGE. He scores and it’s 24-21 heading in to halftime.


-Pack hosts the Vikes, tomorrow night. Two things on that.

First. I hate Thursday games. They give the home team an unfair advantage. Yes, my guys are home, tomorrow night. Doesn’t change my opinion. Yes, I’m glad they’re the home team. Now that I said something, they’ll lose.


Second. Mike McCarthy has been “calling out” his team. Last week, it was the O-Line. Hope he calls out their “D”, as they sucked, giving up 496 yards.


Speaking of that. Am I the only one who wonders why teams are rated on yardage as opposed to points? No, I don’t like games with 50, 60, 70 points scored. BUT, games are NOT decided on yardage gained or defended. They are decided on points. Or, as the cliché goes, “The only stat that matters is wins and losses”…and those are determined by points, not yards. Oh well.


-Is Brandon Marsahll a “Fair-weather” Bear?

After Sunday’s loss, he was unavailable, just as he was after the loss to Buffalo. He was chastised by his “Inside the NFL” colleagues for that and rightly so. Last week, he called a press conference on the “domestic abuse” charges he’d faced. OK, fine. But he can’t show up only when it’s to his benefit or he thinks it’ll be. Everyone else has to stand there and face the music and dance.


I was struck by that the other day. In days gone by, the only time anyone other than sportswriters ever heard from coaches/mangers/players was after playoff or championship games. Now, jeepers. Every game has it from everybody. My thoughts were along the lines of how anyone else would fare under those circumstances. For example…


“Freddie, you lost your best prospect. Discuss.”




“How could you miss that? What were you thinking?”"




“Your best customer just dropped you. What’ll you do now?”




“You missed your numbers. No bonus. How does that feel?”


Get the picture?


Marshall has to know that he can’t just show up when things are sunshine, lollipops and roses. When it hurts the most, that’s when they must. It’s not an option. And, teammates may become resentful when they have to take it while he’s off in BrandonWorld.



-Flipped over to TNT. Saw the Royals down 7-3 and thought, “Too bad”. Woke up this morning and saw they won; beating the A’s; knocking out former-ChiTowners: Smarj, Hammel and Adam Dunn, who announced his retirement from MLB.



-The SFC said the refs penalizing KC safety, Hussain Abdullah, after he fell to his knees and prayed, was wrong. Many agree with that, as I did when I heard it. Then heard FOX’ Mike Pereira, former VP of SFC officials ‘splain it. He said the refs were told any “going to their knees” by any player was an “unsportsmanlike conduct” violation. Also, he said players had been told that would be flagged. After hearing that and the impossible position the refs were in, what else could they do? It’s nigh unto impossible to separate the religious aspect of this kid’s action but we must.


From the time it first happened back in the mid-’60s, I haven’t liked any of this stuff…from “The Spike” to “The Lambeau Leap”. The reason is, it gets to be ungainly. One guy’s “prayer” is another’s taunt and on and on and on. Oh well.

OK, I’m done. Hope you all have a great day and will see you Friday. In the meantime; in between time; feel free to add your ingredients to the stew.


Remember, any day we aren’t looking up at daisy roots it’s a good one.




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