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Good morning on this cloudy, chilly, Woden’s Day.


By this time next week, Hahukkah will be in full swing and a week hence, it’ll be Christmas Eve…and another week hence, it’ll be New year’s Eve! Twenty-one days remain in ’14. Can it be? Yes, it be.


Just a couple tangential, politically-based items in commentary, today as, well, you’ll see.



Hey, Wat! What day is it? It’s…


“National Dewey Decimal System Day”. That oughta make MBH happy…former liberrian who, literally, is setting up a liberry as I type this.




“Nobel Prize Day”. One day, will Sheldon Cooper win one?




“Human Rights Day”. Recall that “tangential-politically” remark? Here’s one. The day after the CIA torture report was released, the world celebrates Human Rights. It’s all over the place, if interested.




It’s Blago’s birthday. Wonder if he’ll get a candle to blow out.



-”Friends of the Parks: No park land for Obama library”. At least they’re consistent. They filed suit against the Lucas Museum and now are saying the U. of C. has no claim on Park District land. On the former, Lucas’ museum would complete the “space-motif” established with the Soldier Field re-do. By the way, if anyone wonders why a certain ChiTown tax-payer gets pissed with that monstrosity, the following quote  is in an item on Quinnie appointing a crony to the Illinois Sports Facilites Authority, ISFA, in t’day’s S-T by Dan Mihalopoulos: “…the Soldier Field bond deal is set up so that annual debt-service payments will grow from $35.7 million this year to  $88.5 million b 2032″. That, my friends is subsidized by property tax-payers in Chicago…not ChicagoLand…Chicago. Yes, there is the “Hotel tax”, but that also includes restaurants in the district, which means anyone who buys food in the area, taDA, pays that tax, which is built in to the price.


-”Female board membership at all-time high”. That’s a good thing.


-”Gruber expresses regret for Obamacare remarks”. Ya THINK?


-”Wrapping paper recalled over swastika-like design”. Hallmark Cards distributed a gift wrap which Walgreen’s has pulled as it has swastikas in its design. In fairness to Walgreen’s, you really have to look at it hard to see them. I know, it’s still inappropriate but, well, some may have seen those “JESUS” wooden cutouts, where you have to look at the negative spaces as opposed to the positive spaces to actually see the letters…J-E-S-U-S.



-”Exxon: North America Gushing With Oil, Natural Gas”.


Sub-head…”Next year: $2.60 a gallon”. I paid $2.54 at the Costco in Niles, IL,  yesterday…about a half-mile west of a Royal Dutch Shell station. :-) :-) :-)



Not much since Monday.



-There’s a new “Modern Family” and “Chicago PD”, tonight.


-Family Channel has “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. This one can be a bit over-the-top but “Cousin Larry”;

“Lewis” farting while lighting his cigar and frying the tree, his wife’s cat chewing the electric chord for the tree’s lights. Geez! Of course, a 25-years younger, Leonard Hoffstedter…Johnny Galecki…and of course, my Christmas house decorating hero, Clark.




(As I mentioned the other day, I’m ChiTown-centric with MLB news. Others from around the country should feel free to mention anything they’d like about theirs.)



Yesterday, they announced the trade for Smarj and the F/A signing of David Robertson, the best closer available, away from the Yanks. That was YUGE!


The Cubs? They traded for catcher, Miguel Montero.


Smarj was all over the place doing interviews; all talk was on the Sox with the Cubs as an aside…kind of a role-reversal.


Come this morning and…ta DA…the Cubs announced they’d come to terms with left-handed free agent starter, Jon Lester for 6-years @ $155,000,000.00/.year!  Reversing roles again, now it’s which team has the better starters. I don’t really care. Honestly, that stuff never really interested me. Why? Other than the few times they play each other each year, what either team does has no bearing on the other. Back to the contract, just heard this. If he makes 30 starts, he gets $867,000.00/start…and…if he makes 110-pitches per start, he makes, ahem $7827.28/pitch. I did not do this math. I just jotted down what Eric Carman said on the tube.


Yes, it’s true, Lester has never won 20-games in his career…how many have, lately?…and he could tear his rotator-cuff on his first pitch in Spring Training. I know.  Here’s what I see as their rotation: Lester, Arrieta, Hammel, Kyle Hendricks and/or Travis Wood/Edwin Jackson. Those last two really sucked last year, but I’d go with Wood as his suck was far less Charybdisian than Jackson’s. They had a decent bullpen, last year, so doubt they will do much with them….or….


That said, heard local baseball guru, Bruce Levine state that they still have questions in the outfield AND they still need table-setters. Even Theo mentioned that they have a lot of guys whose bats “miss pitches”, i.e., strikeout a lot, as opposed to contact hitters to get on for their thumpers to drive in. We’ll see. Oh yeah, Levine also said he does not think they’re done. Also, those prospects will need to produce. Should be fun. Hope I’m still here if/when that happens.


That said/that said, even my bro who switched his allegiance to the Brewers as he lives in CheeseHeadLand and he’d despised the way the Cubs played as Tribbies, said he is actually interested to see what and how they do with this.

NO, I don’t think this means an automatic playoff-contender. The thing is…Cubs fans have an actual reason to watch or go to their games. Many of us have played sports. When there’s an egg-suckin’ lead-dog, it’s hard to get “up” to play, e.g., Edwin Jackson or dare I say, Jay Cutler? When there’s an Alpha male out there, everyone wants to contribute…do their best…or…not be the Debbie Downer. There is also that R-E-L-A-X in attitude as the leadership is there and if everyone just does their job(s), their leader will do his/hers and they will win more often than they lose. Think Yogi Berra’s “Half of this game’s 90% mental”.


Will the BOHICA be retired?



With WGN-Radio dropping the Cubs, Pat Hughes is now on The SCORE. He is one of the most well-versed announcers I’ve heard. ‘GN Radio will rue the day they decided to drop them. I get it. I understand why they did it but they will live to regret that decision. No more automatic tuning in to their station to see what the Cubs did. Uh-uh…..



-BOTH teams have done well, thus far, with possibly more to come.


OK, what about other teams, guys?



-While watching a local sports-talker, and after DaBears were eliminated from   the playoffs this year, one of the Sun-Times Bears beat-reporters,  Adam Jahns, made a comment that since 1992…when the McCaskeys fired Mike Ditka and they installed their first head coach, Dave Wannstedt, the Bears have gone to the playoffs five times. That piqued my interest, so I did some research. In those same 22-seasons…21+, for the Bulls and Hawks…how many times did the other ChiTown teams go to the playoffs? Here ya go…


DaBears….5 playoffs; 1-NFC title; 1 Super Bowl appearance.


DaBulls…..14 times; 6 NBA titles, albeit a long time ago…yet 14 playoff appearances outta 21 chances.


DaHawks..10 times; 2 Cups.


DaSox……4 playoffs; 1 World Series win!


DaCubs….5 playoffs. The lowly, lovable losers, which in their time couldn’t win to lose…have been to the playoffs as many times as The McCaskeys of the Midway.


The Kicker? Of our teams, other than DaBears, all are trending up.


But wait! There’s more!


Local NFL guru, Hub Arkush’ column compares how the Falcons 5-8 is so much better than DaBears. He notes that they have not “lost instinct to fight”. You can betcherass on that. Just look at how they turned a 24-point deficit into nearly a win in Green Bay, Monday night. And that was with a patchwork O-line; no D-line and pretty crappy D-backs and a Bears cast-off, Eric Weems, pressed into duty as a receiver.


Take a look at the Rams! They lost their starting QB, Sam Bradford in the pre-season. It appeared all was lost. Now, they’re not going anywhere in the NFC West without him but hey, they’ve won their last two games with total scores of 76-0! They host the Cardinals tomorrow night and despite the disparity of their 6-7 to the Cards 10-3, the Rams are favored.



-Arkush also rates the Packers as the #1 team in NFL power-rankings. I don’t agee with these things and as a matter of fact, disagree with their being #1. I’d put the Pats and ScheissBirds ahead of them after Monday night. Oh yeah, he rates the Bears as 25th.


The Packers travel to Buffalo, which has one of the staunchest defenses in the Collective. The game is on FOX, at Noon, locally; followed by the Vikes/Lions game. Sure wouldn’t mind an upset by the Vikes. CBS has the Colts/Texicans game at Noon.


It sure has been nice hearing ChiTown sports folks heaping praise on A-Aron. I gotstasay, it’s hard to not like him. He has a sense of humility. He is anything but “brash” , much less disrespectful to his opponents. He’s a class act. Oh yeah…and talented, too. Packers fans owe a YUGE debt of gratitude to the rest of the GMs in the Collective who in their wisdom, decided to pass on selecting him, thereby allowing him to fall to the Pack, who grabbed him up like a $100.00 bill they saw lying on a busy sidewalk.

I watched Mike McCarthy’s press confence, yesterday. He tersely dismissed questions about the defense, saying something like, “I’m not gonna stand up here and talk about the defense”. I’m wondering why? Was it that Sam Shields wasn’t quite ready to play, despite being cleared from concussion symptoms? Davon House did a much better job in coverage than he had. Yes, he’s their #1 CB $-wise. I know. Or…was it scheme? Did they decide to try something a bit different? There was next-to-no pass rush. When there was, passes were completed – almost – at will.

If Julio Jones hadn’t been injured, could the Falcons have won? Hmmm? They nearly blew a 24-point halftime lead! Again, I’m sure I saw Julius Peppers face on a milk carton at the grocery store, yesterday. Same for A.J. Hawk.

I know. I shouldn’t be complaining but I am.



-One of its bigger pus-filled hemorrhoids, let’s say the “anti-Rodgers”, Cam Newton, was in a car accident yesterday, in which he had suffered two transverse-process fractures. Think Tony Romo.


-In the SuperHype arena, “Johnny Football” has been anointed as the starter for Cleveland. Yippee-Taio-Cayeay!


-One of the biggest names in the ’14 draft, Jadeveon Clowney has been put on injured reserve and may be unable to play for 9-months. There is some talk about his work-ethic, that he lacked the desire to work out and rehab, which may have contributed to the injury.



-Won a shootout in Joisey, last night, with Kaner doin’ the deed. I hate shootouts but if this means 2-points, I ain’t arguing. Not going into detil as I tuned in and the were down 1-0; then 2-1. Stopped after that.



-Host Joisey, tonight. Hey! The Poodle’s played in their last 5 or 6 games!


Think I’m gonna sign off for now. Rememebr, any day we wake up not looking up at daisy roots, it’s a good one.




Oh yeah, let’s close with the Merrie Melodies cartoon from which I took my nom de plume…”The Unruly Hare”. Enjoy…


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