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It’s Happy- Hump Day and Thanksgiving Day!

Good day! Here we are on October 15th, a dreary, rainy, cloudy day with a cloudy Thor’s Day but nicer Feel-Good Friday heading our way in ChiTownLand. It’s nice with rain possible in Hotlanta and N’Ywak with a nicer day in Bahstehn, Frisco and L.A. is just really nice. (You left-coasters want some rain? We’ve had near 6-inches the past week or so.)


I mention that today is the 15th as yesterday, the 14th of October…well, we’ll get into that later. A couple things to think about today, though….


There are less than 3-months left till Christmas…


There are less than 3-weeks left till Election Day, which I will get in to presently…


Thanksgiving is in 36-days…




There are only 18-days till Halloween.


OK, let’s get to it, shall we.


Ed. Note. I apologize to those of you who had requested that I send your post via BCC, as sometimes, I forget to add your names. Nothing personal. Again, sorry.




Hey kids! What day is it? It’s…


“National ‘I Love Lucy’ Day” LuCEEEE! You got some ‘splainin’ to do!




“National Fossil Day” I know. Some of us feel as if we were that old.




“National Grouch Day”, for all you Oscars out there.


And then, we have October 15th in history according to Let’s see what they say happened in…


1582,   The Gregorian calendar was adopted in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and in doing so, the preceding 10 days of that year were lost forever to history. Could the Italians, French, Spanish and Portuguese be considered “short-sighted”? Just askin’.


1844,   Upon giving birth to her son, Friedrich, Frau Nietzsche gasped, “…Well, if that didn’t kill me it only made me stronger”.


1863,   The Confederate submarine, the H.L. Hunley, sunk for the second time, killing its inventor and seven crew members. Looks like it’s a good thing the Union won, huh, submariners?


1878,   Thomas Alva Edison founded the Edison Electric Company…and each month his descendants send us all a reminder of that. Isn’t that nice?


1894,   Gen. Alfred Dreyfus, great-great-grandfather of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, was falsely arrested on charges of treason.


1914,   The Clayton Anti-Trust act went into effect. 100-years later and the multi-nationals seem to be getting close to negating it through various new laws and regulations.


1920,   The man who did more to “romanticize” the brutality of mobsters, Mario Puzo, the author of “The Godfather”, was born.


1969,   The War Moratorium to end the Vietnam War was observed nationwide. I remember it well.


1989,   On a much lighter note, Wayne Gretzky scored his 1,851st goal, breaking the NHL scoring record. That’s incorrect. I believe hat should be 1851-points.




It’s a good thing she isn’t running for Mayor, as proficient a union president as Ms. Lewis is/was, it’s doubtful she would have made a good mayor. If her – possible…let’s just stipulate from now on that any reference to her candidacy was “possible”, OK? Anyway, leading 30,000 union members is no mean feat but leading – nearly – 2.75 million citizens is a bit meaner. Especially now.


What will hurt the CTU is with her – possible – absence, and a new contract due to be negotiated and voted upon next June, will there be a strong enough leader to step up and take on Rahmbo’s CPS Board and Rahmbo?


The obvious beneficiary of Lewis’ illness is Rahmbo. He’s said all the right things but anyone who has half a brain has to believe he breathed a YUGE sigh of relief as in most all polls, she had him by a goodly margin. And, even if he would have beaten her, he’d have a whole nuther constituency with which to deal. Too bad. We needed another option. We haven’t felt like that around these parts for a long, long time.



Damn, Sam! Am I the only one who sits with the remote in my hand so’s when I hear that ominous minor-chord played on a piano and the voice-over that you can just “hear” the scowl on the narrator’s face, I hit the “Last Channel” button as yet another neg-as is running? One’s playing right now.


Anyway, I don’t know how things are going in Bahstehn, N’Yawk, Hotlanta or L.A. but please, don’t let this keep you from voting.


You may be facing a Lewis Black, “Two Bowls of Shit” choice but make it. Here in Ella Noise, our GuberDudes are at it. One, we stay with what we have and hope for the best….or…we change for something new and again…hope for the best. Both candidates have their plusses and minuses, though neither will acknowledge them, with no guarantees that will truly change. I leave the choice to my fellow Ella Noisians.


On positive notes, there is a state official for whom I will vote and I mean, “for”. Some may disagree but I like Lisa Madigan. (Yes, she’s the Speaker’s daughter.) However, I have contacted her office on two occasions and in each instance, they were responsive, positive and even followed-up with me on the phone and in writing.


Our Congressman, Mike Quigley, is running unopposed. He’s the heir to Rosty…and Rahm, yes, I know…and he knows he has to deliver to his constituency, which he has.


Incumbent Dem, Sen. Dick Durbin leads perennial candidate, Jim Oberweis  in our Senate race.


North Shore residents have to choose between incumbent Dem. Brad Schneider and the man he beat, two-years ago, GOPer, Bob Dold as their Congressman.


Here’s a thought and it wasn’t mine, originally, it was MBH’s. Wouldn’t it be something if all the money from all these special-interest groups, PACs and SUPER-PACs and whatever else they call themselves, was spent across the country- directly – on making things better for the country? I know it’ll never happen but it’s nice to think about.


Here’s another. If so many folks are so fed up with government, then why are so many spending so much money to be part of it? Are we really ‘sposeta believe they are all that altruistic?


One thing I read in this morning’s Sun-Times that made all the sense in the world to me is this. Despite all the charges and counter-charges being hurled by most all the candidates; their PACS and outside supporters just do this.



Then, sit down and ask yourselves these questions:

Which candidate do you believe will be the best to remedy whatever problems there are in your area?

Who will do more to make your life and the lives of others you know and love better by their representation and/or leadership?


Then vote and hope for the best. If you don’t vote; you lose your right to bitch about anything involving politics or politicians.



-Locally, we have had one of those nut-jobs who refer to themselves as “sovereign citizens”, who has gone around filing, “maritime liens” against anyone they think has wronged them. The latest, was able to get  $100,000,000,000.00 liens filed against prominent politicians and federal prosecutors. I’m not going to name her as who knows, she may come after me. Anyway, she was sentenced to 7-years in federal prison in a court, which she does not recognize as valid; by a judge she does not recognize as valid and taken into custody by bailiffs whom she does not recognize; to spend those 84-months in a cell which she will soon recognize as her new “home away from home”.


Now, if we could just get around to those ass-clowns who blew up the economy in ’08.



-There are two West Point alumni who are starting a new business designed to give GIs a shot at getting loans with more favorable interest rates and terms. It’s called CreditServ. Hope it works.


-”Black Friday”? Hah!

Macy’s is planning on opening its stores at 6PM on Thanksgiving evening for the “traditional” sales. As it’s so close to dinner time for many – or even during – they may have to start referring to it as “Burp-Thursday”, instead of “Black Friday”. Come on. Really?



As you may know, since being taken over by venture capitalist, Edward Lampert, Sears has been on a long, downward spiral for many reasons. Some of which are poorly stocked and/or staffed stores. But, where they had been doing half-assed, OK on their online site, Sears Marketplace, they put up for sale a men’s swastika ring. Yes, many of us can recall that time in the late ’60s early ’70s with the Hell’s Angels wearing Nazi helmets and other Nazi gear as a form of protest. That didn’t make it any more appropriate, it was just there. But in this day and age of social media and with just about everyone having an opportunity to voice their opinions…and…Nazis just not being the right folks to try and make a buck off it, well, see the declension, above.







“The Big Bang Theory”. We still, watch this gem of a comedy on CBS – which still stands head-and-shoulders over its competition - but are we the only ones who seem to detect a bit of a drop in snot-bubbling LOLs?


“Boardwalk Empire”. As this show is based on the real-life “Nucky” Johnson, a crooked Atlantic City politician, who was, eventually convicted and sent to prison…and is heading into its last-two-episodes, things are getting dicey, downright Game of Thronesey, to say the least. Also, we all know that “Lucky” Luciano, Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel wound up taking over NYC’s gangland activities and Al Capone went to Club Fed on tax-evasion charges. It’s the “fill-in” characters, like Michael Shannon’s  (General Zod, “Man of Steel”), crooked FBI-agent, Nelson Van Alden

gets his brains blown out and at the end of the show, as we fade to black, Chalky White is murdered by a “firing squad”, if you will, of Dr. Narcisse’s men.


Though Martin Scorsese is an executive producer, the seamy underbelly of crime and criminals is much less glamorous than in his, say, “Goodfellas”.


“Homeland”. Well, they got smart and got Carrie out of the USA and into her element, as an operative but now as CIA Station Chief in Pakistan. In this, she’s tolerable. Otherwise, not so.


Anyway, Quinn couldn’t stay away. Come on, we didn’t think their top scalp hunter…read that, hit man…would sit things out, did we? He’s able to see that the riot and ensuing killing of the former Pakistan CIA-Station Chief, was NOT serendipitous but rather, it was orchestrated. And with his contacting Carrie and subsequent revelation of same, he’s on his way to Pakistan.


Am I the only one who’s beginning to grow tired of Mandy Patinkin’s grandfatherly, Saul Berenson?


“NCIS”. Well, it was about time. Last night’s was about as decent of an episode as they’ve had in awhile. It was not as apt to discern, early-on as many have been. Though, the DiNozzo thing is wearing thin…at least on me. It’s like the writers hit a lull in their stpry and it’s, “Hey, what next? I dunno. Igot it. Let’s have him try to schmooze some babe? OK, that works.”


“The Blacklist”. Sorry, haven’t gotten to this week’s yet. Will watch it and “Person of Interest”, tonight.


MBH is a die-hard fan of “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD”, of which I am not. Any others out there? Feel free to contribute. This is meant to spark interaction.


As there are other shows I am sure you guys like, which don’t get mentioned here, please feel free to comment on them, as well. Who knows, others may decide to join you.






Tuned in to the 10th-inning of the Cards/Giants game, tied at 4-4. Allow me to describe why it is that even without a dog in the fight, baseball fans get all goose-pimply during the playoffs.


The Giants scored 4 in the 1st, with the Cards coming back with 2 in the 4th and then 1 in the 6th and 7th, forcing extra-innings.  Brandon Crawford walked off with an 8-pitch BB from LHP, Randy Choate. Then, Juan Perez was unsuccessful in laying down a SacBunt but wound up singling, sharply, to left,…men on 1st and 2nd, no-outs…which brought up RH, Gregor Blanco, again looking to bunt and move Crawford to 3rd. He did; laying it down perfectly, to the left of the mound, causing Choate,to field it. Perhaps he should have held the ball as he was not in good, throwing position but threw anyway…down the 1st-base line; allowing Crawford to score the winning run from 2nd. Game over. In all this activity, the fans are going nutso! They’re waving orange towels; screaming their lungs out for their Giants. Great game!


In the “Heartland”, Kansas City put another one on the Orioles and have taken a 3-0 lead, with the next, two games in KC. Will they sweep? The way they’ve played thus far…no losses in any playoff rounds…they very well could.


And now, my earlier reference to yesterday, October 14th. It was 11-years ago, yesterday, when the Chicago Cubs came the closest I have ever seen them get to winning the National League Pennant. Yes, what has become known as, ahem, “The Bartman Game”. A side note, T-Tom’s son played Youth Baseball with the guy, who was incorrectly blamed for the Cubs having come within 5-outs of the Pennant but losing. That put the Leon Durham botched groundball, which led to their being eliminated by the Padres in ’84 in the 5th game; after having led them 2-0, even further back in our Narnian closets.


Here’s a link to Rick Telander’s column on that game and a few other disappointments endured by Cubs fans…

Cubs’ 2003 NLCS collapse merely one entry on list of failures – Chicago Sun-Times-HOCKEY IS BACK…

Being a constant contender has really lifted the stock of the Blackhawks, so much so, that in a town with 5-Major League teams, they rank ahead of the White Sox in average attendance per game, 21,640 to 20,896 from last season. They host Calgary tonight at the UC. Will they extend their 2-0 start? They look good


The effect of the addition of Daniel “Carbomb” Carcillo as “protection” for their stars, Kane, Towes, Sharpe, remains to be seen. However, he does add something they’ve lacked…an enforcer…one who if your guy(s) go after ours, we have someone who will go after yours. Yes, there are those who say, “That’s not the way to play hockey”. OK. I get that. But the implication/inference is there and if it works, he may be the Hawks answer to the Bulls adding Rodman during the MJ-era.



Interestingly, the NBA will be experimenting with playing a shortened game of 44-minutes,  as opposed to the normal 48-minutes, between the Brooklyn Nets and the Bahstehn Celtics, Sunday.


Here’s the thing, they can cut 20-minutes off the overall length of a game but the last, two-minutes will take a half-hour if it’s a close game, anyway.


DaBulls are making a certain guy typing these words, happy. The acquisition of Pao Gasol has been gratifying, so far. Yes, it’s pre-season, I know. But this man plays defense unlike his predecessor, the human-turnstyle, Carlos Boozer. Again, he blocks shots. His knowledge of how to play the 4 or 5-position, on “D” as well as on “O”, is a sight for sore eyes for this Bulls fan.


I’m going to have to get past the NBA’s non-enforcement and then sometime-enforcement of rules to enjoy watching them play.



-Stupid is as stupid does. Dallas Cowboys RB, Joseph Randle, who is in his 2nd-year of a 4-year, $2,300,000.00, contract, was arrested for shoplifting $123.50 worth of underwear and cologne.


Y’know, it’s bad enough that there are the “thugs” in the Collective but this is just STUPID!


-Bears fans, rejoice? Their Sunday’s opponent,  the DollPhins’ RB Knowshon Moreno went on IR, yesterday. On the other side, suspended D-Lineman, Derrick Shelby was reinstated.


-A Pyrrhic Tie? We’ve heard of the term “Pyrrhic Victory, used to describe winning but at such a high costl, it could hardly be referred to as having won. In last Sunday’s 37-37 tie between Carolina and the Bengals, Cincy wideout, Marvin Jones who caught 10 TD-passes last year, was put on IR after breaking his left foot in that tie-game.


-No word yet from the Packers on the injuries to Sam Shields (CB), Tramon Williams (CB) or Jabari Lattimore (ILB).


-FYI…CBS last broadcast on NFL games on Thursday nights is next Thursday. From then on, anyone wishing to view TNF will need to tune in to NFL Network.



OK, that’s about it from me. Hope you all are doing well. Again, feel free to make any additions; corrections or comments in general on topics you may like…like Buck’s fave TV show, the name of which I have forgotten. So, until Feel-Good Friday, remember, any day we wake up not looking up at daisy roots is a good one.



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