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It’s Happy Day After The Election Hump Day!

Howdy doody-doo!


Hope all o’ yuze caught the Happy Bugster marathon on Boomerang over the weekend. I caught two of the  “Wabbit Twacks” Twilogy, a few times. Much happiness. Also hope all o’ yuze had a great holiday/holy day weekend, too. I may have become a cultural Catholic but I do retain the good I was taught as a kid. OK, let’s get going, shall we?




So, what day is it? What DAY is IT? What DAY IS IT? First…it was “National Beer Day”, yesterday. What about today? It’s…



“National Empanada Day” Hmmm. Some cerveza fria’d go well with those, right?




“National Zoo Lovers Day”. No exactly the kind of day one might wanna venture on over to the zoo, though. At least, not here.




“National All Is Ours Day”. You go ahead and just do that.



-Of course, we have our historical events from and So, let’s amble on over to the Wayback Machine to see what happened on this date in…


217,     The Roman emperor Caracalla was assassinated by the prefect of his Praetorian Guard, Marcus Opellius Macrinus, who was sworn to protect him. Guess he didn’t take his job very seriously. Maybe Caracalla gave him a bad review or sumthin’.


1789,   Here’s one you’ll just love. The House of Representatives held its first meeting. Oh, Frabjous day! Calloo! Callay!


1802,   The French Protestant Church became state supported and controlled. What, you don’t understand that? Think Indiana.


1879,   Milk was sold in glass bottles for the first time. As a kid, I remember my Mom sending me to the store to get two gallons of milk. At least one-outta-four-times, I’d end up bangin’ them together and breaking them…both. Hey, it was a two-block walk!


1913,   The 17th amendment was ratified making it necessary to elect US Senators. This, of course, eliminated any of them buying their seat…or having it bought for them. Right?


1963,   A year or so before the eenfahmoos, “Brock for Broglio” trade, the Detroyit Tigers claimed a young pitcher off the waivers from the Chicago White Sox. Who was he? No one, really. His father-in-law was Cubs radio announcer, Lou Boudreau. Still don’t know? It was a nobody named Denny McClain, who went on to a 131-91 record, posting a 31-6 W/L with a 1.96 ERA in ’68.


1974,   #44 on his back but #1 in many hearts, Hammerin’ Hank Aaron hit his 715th homer, breaking Babe Ruth’s record. May have been the best hitter I ever saw….3771 hits; 775 homers; .305 lifetime B/A. Even the “Metrics” crowd has to be awed by those numbers.




-So, Da Mair’s still Da Mair. He says he got the message. I doubt it. The fit’s gonna hit the shan around here. Hopefully, he learned that despite his winning by a sizable margin, 44% of those who voted, did NOT cast ballots for him.


That said, changes are coming. Hopefully, what he has learned is this. Reasonable people can react in a reasonable manner to resolve issues which are thorny for all concerned. In other words, don’t come on as he did 4-years ago with the teachers union, among others. The strike of the following year may still have happened, however, I believe had he not been such a douche bag about things, it very well may have been averted. We’ll see.


-In neighborhood aldermanic races, Tiny Dancer took a beating. Many wards went away from his candidates. Will this signal a move away from ChiTown’s Mairs gettin’ what dey want when dey wannit? Again, we’ll see.


Those of us in da et’nic nort’wes’ side, just about all are now represented by non-Rahm folks. Even the ones who had been aligned with him have said they received very negative reactions to Tiny Dancer. Hope? Andy DuFresne told us it’s a good thing. Is it there? We’ll see.


-I have one fear. I’ve read…and this was just an item by some political pundit…that Tiny aspires for higher office. What that is, I do not know. The upshot of the item was this. This may be it for his run as Da Mair. Hence, with no re-election concerns, he may just do whatever he feels he should; leave, and we’ll be left holding – either – a bag of gold or a bag of scheiss.


-Last thing…SHAME on Chicago’s registered voters! How could 60% of you not vote! Our polling place is directl across the street from us, which houses two-precincts. There was a stead stream of people of all ages and backgrounds from opening to close. Ho could anyone NOT vote in an election THIS important!




GOP pops poison pill


These folks need to understand, just because they think their path is the only path to redemption, not ever one agrees with them. I’ve always felt one’s religion is one’s business…between they and whomever/whatever deity they worship. If these clowns think I’m an a Highwa to Hell, hey, it’s my ride and I’ll take it if I want to.







-Quite a few network shows are “…on the bubble”, as far as being renewed is concerned. One is them is “Person of Interest”. Don’t know if it’s due to Taraji P. Henson or Sarah Shahi both leaving so close to each other or troubles with keeping fresh storylines plausible or whatever, but it has fallen some.  Here’s a link for all y’all to check on yer faves…


Save Our Shows: Status of season’s series



-HBO’s “Game of Thrones” returns Sunday. As I may post on Friday, I’ll leave it to just this reminder. Around here, “G o T” is akin to “The Sopranos”, which if you think about it, is quite similar.





-The Masters starts tomorrow, with coverage on ESPN, tomorrow and Friday, followed by CBS…as usual…Saturday and Sunday. Tiger says he’ll play. La-Dee-Effin’-Dah! What he had going for him once, fear, ain’t there no more. It’s more like, “Tiger’s playing? OK.” Don’t think ESPN and CBS aren’t happy. They’re foamin’ at the mouth to have him in contention. Me? Don’t care. The guy’s damned good but never cared for him as a person…and that was pre-3-iron to his temple.


As usual, I want an American to win. This is my one jingoism…that Americans should win their own tourneys, which they haven’t done much, lately. We’ll see.



-Wowzers! What a schitty and pissy Opener that was! And, I ain’t even talkin’ ’bout the game. I know it’s the Opener and some jitters were to be expected but it sure seemed like “Deja Vu all over again”, what with men in scoring position being left there; misplays in the field and a so-so start from their starter.


But wait! There’s more!


Last night’s game was cancelled due to “inclement weather”. Guys, I’ve been…hell, we’ve been…to games where it was colder and wetter than last night. Was it Chamber of Commerce weather? Hell, no! But hey! It’s Chicago! It’s cold and damp in early April here. That they chose to schedule a night game for their 2nd game is on them. Hate to say this but getting the toities which went down on Sunday working; 70-odd Pot-o-Potties on site; plus having a smaller crowd, today, had to play a part in their decision.


As far as the Opener was concerned, let’s hope it was “Opening Day jitters.


I really think when Bryant comes up, eventually, he’ll be in left, with Castro moving over to 3rd and Russell will be the SS. I love Castro’s hitting ability. I’ve mentioned to the boys when we talk baseball that he seems to be Clemente-like…not the same but in that mold…that he can put the bat on the ball; putting it in play and getting hits. But his head’s up his culo in the field and SS demands…d-e-m-a-n-d-s…heads-up play on every play, whether the ball’s hit to him or not.


-Some broadcast history being made t’day. For the first time in my life, the Cubs are being broadcast on WLS-TV as their main TV outlet, supplanting their soaps, Jeopardy and early evening news, if the game goes long.


Also, Cubs fans, their radio outlet is CBS’ WBBM, 780, again, replacing WGN Radio which opted out of their deal, last year. Man, do I want them to rue that decision.


First pitch at 1:20 PM, CDT.



-Was trying to come up with an appropriate response. Couldn’t. Then recalled his words.  “Who cares?”



-Have clinched the playoffs and played the Wild…is there a dumber name of a pro-team, anwhere?…which, literally was playing for their playoff-lives and beat the Hawks…at home…with 2, late goals in the 3rd. Hopefully, Kaner will return sooner than later. Yes, fans DO care about his return.


OK, I’m about done. Have to eat lunch and get ready for the game.


Take care and remember, any day we’re up and about is a good one.



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