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It’s Fel-Good Friday, with Paula Dean and Snowden?

Good morning! Here we are on another FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, with yours truly not having been visited by moi’s Muse. That and the fact that there’s not much in the way of FEEL-GOODs out there. That said, I will sailor on. (Sorry but I was in the Navy.)


It looks like Summer’s here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boys! We have mid-80s forecast for t’day with escalatin’ temps and yoomidities over the weekend, with storms forecast for next week. In other words, Apollo’s chariot will be flying high for a few days but will the be dodging Mighty Zeus’ thunderbolts. Any way we look at it, looks like the A/C’ll be pumping out and filling ComEd’s coffers.


But wait! There’s more! The FEEL-GOOD is, a year ago, we were sweltering away with temps at or near 100. I’ll take 80s ‘n’ yoomid over 100 or so ”n’ yoomid any day. Hawks_on_the_bean


Checked the almanac for what happened on this date and everything’s war-connected. Did find one thing, though.


On this date in 1810, P.T. Barnum was born. He is most famous for his utterance of the following: “There’s a sucked born every minute”. Seems old P.T. may have been a minimlalist.


Today is our 186th of the year, leaving us with just 179 to go.


As I don’t have much to work with in the news, etc., I’ll do my thing and then share some pretty funny/crazy/neat emails I’ve received from Nesters this past week or so. Also, as I am awaiting a visit from my local plumber, time’s short.


OK, let’s get started.



It usedtabe that ChiTown had some rind-dang-doodley-doo fireworks shows. But that was under Richie. Out new guy: Senor El Cheapo…excepting for his political pals…and his folks put on their show last night…a whole 14-minutes worth. Yep, I timed them , though not intentionally. Had ‘GN on and at 9:30, they began and at 9:44, they were over. Of course, the Taste now begins a week later, too. So, nowhere near as many ChiTowners along the lakeshore. No more CPD shutting down Lake Shore Drive during the show, neither. Oh well. This ain’t FEEL-GOOD, so will go on.



What? How can THAT be FEELY-GOODIE, you ask? Well I’ll tellya. It seems the County finally caught up with falling home values and with the ChiTown reassessment, (usually a bad thing), they’ve dropped. I was prepared for the semi-annual “sticker shock” upon opening the envelope but was pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong. I do NOT like paying taxes but this is like expecting a pus-filled hemorrhoid but only finding a small blackhead instead.


Also, being that MBH an’ me are turnin’ 65 soon, hopefully they’ll drop even more next year.



As I am of two-minds on his actions, let’s just say I am happy that the lousy rat-bastard has finally found a place to live after absconding with state secrets to China and then Russia. The home of “Njarl’s Saga from Monty Python, Iceland, has opened its fjords to his lousy, stinkin’ ass. These are my not-so-nice-feelings, as while I’m not crazy about the NSA data-mining, I have no respect for him to have gone to where he had after he exposed it. Again, at least Ellsberg had the balls to ofer the info he had to members of Congress before blowing the whistle and he stayed here; fully aware of the consequences.


Oh yeah Snowden’s old man thinks his son of a bitch, son is a hero. Maybe he’d like to join him in Iceland.



Hmmmm. The Egyptian military sided with the rebels and through a coup ‘d etat, overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood backed government, arresting their leader. I other words, a secular government appears to be re-taking power over the sectarian, Islamist government, which was lawfully elected by Egyptian citizens.


So, what does Barry do? U.S. policy is to NOT support any group which overthrows a duly elected government. BUT, the guys who did the overthrowing seem to be “our” kinda guys. It would seem to be an easy choice, no? However, if we do, we then set a precedent that we back the overthrowers over the duly-electeds.


And the guy…among others…actively campaigned so he could do this?



Have we reached a point in our society where anytime anyone may have said anything which could, may, might, maybe, NOT be

something someone else may not like, they deserve to lose everything? Yes, the “N-word” is bad but what about Bobby Rush’ “white-boy thinking” remark about Mark Kirk? What about Huckleberry Finn being removed from curricula because it has that word in it, purposefully, for the sole reason to show just how nasty and mean-spirited the word is? Mark Twain was a wordsmith whom I have admired for decades. He used language as Michelangelo used paint and marble…to get people to think. Yet, because some-thickheaded fools who lack the ability to understand that, the book was banned.


This is not meant as a defense of what Ms. Deen is alleged to have done. No. What it is meant to be is a reminder that we all may have said things we should not have, from whitey using the n-word to non-whites using “honky-mofo” and on and on and on. No, it is not nice but does a person deserve to have their entire life destroyed because of it? If we put ourselves in Ms. Deen’s or Congressman Bobby’s, we may think otherwise, though Cong. Bobby, “Off the Pigs”,  has been at his position for a long time and seems he will be for some time in the future.


-As they ain’t much in the way of entertainment, etc., will be skipping that and on to…






I use this pejorative term for Derrick Rose as I have little respect for him as a man…or a pro ballplayer…after the way he behaved  whilst his teammates were (nearly) leaving their body parts on the floor while he was doing his thing on the bench.


He’s a kid. I get and got that. He’s marvelously talented, no doubt, as he was chosen as MVP of his League. AND, he is a marvel to watch if or when he plays.


But here’s the thing. Someone, somebody, somewhere, somehow who was more hirsute scrotanatomically speaking, should have taken this young man aside and told him the stay the hell OFF the floor during pre-game warm-ups; to have “come clean”, so to speak, and just have said that he’s hurt and not up to taking double-teams, which he did the other day. Instead, they did his version of a Sally Rand “Fan Dance”…”Is he playing?” “Isn’t he?” “Is he playing?” Isn’t he?”


Rather, had he just said so, as he said in his video the other day, things could/should have been different…at least in this Rat’s mind.


DaBulls ain’t no saints in this neither. After all, they ARE his boss. Yes, they said they’d go when he said he was ready but once that Fandango got to the point of “Take it off, Baby!” status, they should have been the hirsute scrotals in the picture and just said they, not he, were shutting him down. Then they’d get the heat, not Mr. Bare Scrote and he gets to do his thing. But, THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE ALLOWED HIM ON THE FLOOR DURING PRE-GAME SHOOTAROUNDS.


OK, not so FEEL-GOOD, so will get to it elsewhere. How ’bout baseball?




Wowzers! Tuned in to DaBOHICUBS game in the 8th, where they were down 1-0, the final score by the way. It wasn’t till later that I saw Travis Wood’s lone run allowed, coming in on a passed ball!


Guys, we’ve had two balls in the game at the same time; Larry Biittner lose the ball in his hat; Adolpho Phillips catching a flyball with his left-frontal lobe; Santo getting his rudder stuck in the mud sliding into second and Zeus knows what else! But Zeus-a-palooza, these rickety-Ricketts years are building up to some kinda crescendo!


It’s almost painful to watch. I know, not FEEL-GOOD but wait! There’s more!



Even though the Sox won, yesterday, Da BOHICUBS are still further away from oblivion than they…and the BrewTurds and DaMutts!


But wait! There’s MORER!


If they keep up their sizzling, scintillating, almost sinfully, sinuous .434 W/L%; they are heading for, ahem…I hope you are sitting down, 70 wins! Uh-huh! You got that right! S-E-V-E-N-T-Y, effin’ wins, baby!


But wait! There’s morerer! That translates to a mere 92-losses! a full 9…n-i-n-e…N-I-N-E…fewer than last year. So what, you say? So THIS, sez me. That means next year, they project to only lose 83…and the year after, 74…and the year after, 65…if they can maintain this torrid pace of theirs. OR, to be more positive since it’s FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, they’re on pace to win 79 next year; then 88; then 97. See how easy that’s gonna be?


DaSUX got theirselves a win on walk-off homer by Adam Dunn, yesterday; setting off an early fireworks show at The Cell. This brought their W/L up to .415, which projects to 67-wins for the season for them. That would be an improvement for DaBOHICUBS but for a team which many felt would have gotten over its August swoon from 2012 and contend this year, well, Arnold, Bill and Nick, come sit beside us BOHICUBBERS on The Good Ship, Our Team Sucks.


OK, time to go. Appy-polly-logies for not so FEEL-GOOD, t’day. Maybe next week.


Take care. Have a great weekend and remember, any day we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots is a good one!




P.S. Watch your mailbox for those forwarded goodies from Nesters.


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