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It’s Feel- Good thursday!

Heard from another-T that they missed these. I’ve decided to do them more often and hope you enjoy them. You’ll never guess what the main topic will be today. Hint…it involves a group of guys who wear blue and work at 1060 W. Addison. But first…


Oh yeah. Some of you have been sending me stuff which I’ve been negligent in forwarding. Sorry. I signed up for some news feeds and holy crap, do they churn out the emails. I’m “unsubscribing” so my inbox isn’t as full…every damned day…as it was when I was still working and returned from vacation. OK, let’s get to it.




So, Wat, what day is it and what happened on it? Well, let’s see. It’s…

“National Fluffernutter Day”. Haftasay, never had one.Why not? With as big of a sweet tooth as I had, I never liked marshmallow. For thine who did/do, knock yersefls out! You can even have mine. :-)




“National ‘Touch Tag’ Day”. OK, I’m correcting this to National “Tag! You’re it! Day” Screw those clowns who think calling a kid out as being “it” hurts their self-esteem. And besides, what about “Cousin It”? What about “it’s', self-esteem?




“National Pierogi Day”. Now, these are something I helped my Busia make when I was a little kid. She’d stuff them with cheese, kapusta, (Polish sauerkraut), prunes and apples. I’ve never seen apple-pierogis since then but believe me, they were excellent. Like mini-apple pies, stuffed with mashed Granny Smith apples, cinnamon and other spices…Damn! They were good. Now this may freak you out. She used to make an onion/browned-butter “sauce” which she’d drizzle over the pierogis. That may seem kinda “blech”, to you over an apple pierogi. Uh-uh. Perfect complement. Oh well, I’m gettin’ hungry and I just finished breakfast.


So, what’s happened on this date. Well, let’s send Sherman to the “Way Back Machine” provided by and, to see what happened in…


876,     Charles the Bald was defeated by Louis the Young at the Battle of Andernach. Maybe if he’d had some minoxidil?


1856,    The Second Opium War began. I’ll just leave that one feryuz.


1871,    Thanks to Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, the Great Chicago Fire began. One-third of the city was destroyed; 250 were killed; 98,000+ were left homeless; 17,000+ buildings were destroyed.Now? Well, the Cubs play the RedTurds, tomorrow night.


1939,    The Nazis annexed Poland. Keep moving. Keep moving. Nothing to see here.


1941,    Jesse Jackson was born. Yeah. I know.


1949,    Sigourney Weaver was born.


1956,    Don Larsen of the Yankees pitched the only perfect game in the history of the World Series.


1969,    “The  Weathermen” faction of SDS began their “Days of Rage” in ChiTown.


1970,    Matt Damon was born.



I only have one thing politically-speaking and some may be surprised, as I’m not this person’s biggest fan.


“BENGHAZI!” BENGHAZI!” “BENGHAZI!”, is just about over with. As I mentioned, Hill’s not at the top of my list of pol-faves but that’s from a long time ago, not the Benghazi-bullshit. Yeah, I typed out bullshit as that’s what it was…is…and forever will be. It didn’t matter how many investigations were done which pretty much exonerated her of the deaths of our Ambassador and three others. Darryl IssAnAsshole and his buddies saw this as a perfect way to derail her plans…if she’d had them back then…yet it continues. How do I/we know? Well, John NoBonerBoehner decided not to run for Speaker of the House and will step down as of 10/30/15. One of the candidates, Kevin McCarthy, GOP House Majority Leader, quipped this…


Kevin McCarthy’s truthful gaffe on Benghazi


Of course, now he’s backtracking but as they say, “A slip of a lip can sink a ship…of fools”.


The one candidate I like, Jim Webb, won’t make it. Oh well. Enough politics…for now.






TUBULARLY SPEAKING…some of which is dated as we’re catching up on our DVR’d shows while we were in Paradise.


-”Ray Donovan”, Showtime. Wow! What a final episode! Ray, finally, confronts his demons, collapsing on the floor of the chapel at the home for pedophile priests, after confessing that he killed his abuser. Bunchie’s gonna be a Dad; Terry’s OK, though he was shot. He had to live. He’s the only half-sane Donovan…even Abby’s nutso and she just married into it. Bridget’s a brat who nearly caused her math teacher to have sex with her but he snapped out of it, but alas, not soon enough as Ray found them in the motel room and beat the snot outta him. A not-so-subtle parallel to what happened to him as a kid by that priest. I read that next season, he’ll be more reflective. Not too much, though, I hope. I mean, Ray’s that guy we all wish we were, who can resolve any issue by “whatever means necessary” and live to go on. We really like this show about damaged people who try to cope/be successful/whatever but don’t always make the best choices in those efforts. Seeya next summer, Ray.


-”Homeland”, Showtime. Carrie’s left the CIA and is heading-up security for a German billionaire’s organization. He wants to make a trip to Lebanon to make a personal contribution of a “big check”, as he said. Thing is, we all know what’s going on in the Middle East. On top of that, a couple hackers inadvertently hacked a CIA-server, downloading 1300-odd files, and have presented some to a reporter of the organiztion, a la Wikileaks. Looks to be an interesting season.


-”Blue Bloods”, CBS. Bobby, Frank, Jamie and Erin and families are back and things are about the same. What we like about this show is each week, it isn’t some kind of “the world’s gonna end if they can’t find this or that…”. Kinda like that knucklehead-Christian – sorry, he is – who told the world that he’d figured out the world was going to burn out of existence, yesterday. Well, I’m here and you’re there, so…. Anyway, we’re enjoying the show, except, again, of the 25000 NYC cops, only Bobby and Jamie come upon to – seemingly – unconnected incidents, which may be a terrorist plot. I know…a quibble.


-”The Big Bang Theory”, CBS. This is our fave show…period. Even while in Hawaii, we’d tune in a rerun. Could there be a little more character-development, especially with Leonard and Penny? Yeah. After 7 or 8 years, you’d think so. But it’s still funny; well-written,acted and paced.


-”Blindspot”. NBC. This one’s pretty good. It stars Jaimie Alexander, whose eyes are so beautiful, she doesn’t need to wear a T-shirt with “My eyes are up here” printed on it.  Anyway, she’s found in a duffel-bag…nude…covered with tattoos, one of which is the name of a particular FBI-agent. So far, it’s pretty good. Is it out over its skis, some? Yeah. But so far, the cast is carrying it. There’s also a sub-plot that seems right outta “The Blacklist”, which by the way…


“The Blacklist”. NBC. If not for James Spader and the solid supporting ensemble, this could be “Hawaii Five-0″, set in DC or N’Yawk. We’ll see.


“The Leftovers”, HBO. Have the season premiere recorded but haven’t watched it, yet.


OK, now to the reason for this missive…





-First…so as not to be accused of acting as if the MLB-world revolves around the Cubs, here’s a brief synopsis of the rest of the playoffs, on which I hope their fans will conversate.


Whitney’s Yankees were shutout by the AssTroHoles, 3-0, who now travel to KC, tonight.


Joe’s Mets and Rene’s Doyers square off against each other, late, tomorrow, from LA.


The Rangers are at Toronto,beginning this afternoon at 2:37 CDT. OK? OK.



-Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

On MBH’s birthday, the Cubs played outta their butts in Pittsburgh, last night, with Big Jake on the mound…dealin’, and, Schwarbs and Fowler thwackin’ the horsehide…Schwarb’s went “river”; Fowler went yard…with solid defense…and the Cubs win, 4-0 Cubs, final.


Back in June, T-Tom said I was too pessimistic even when I “upped” my guess on how many games they’d win from 83/84 to 86/87. He thought mid-90s. He was right. I said they needed another stud-starting pitcher and a thumper. He asked me what a “thumper” was. I said 28 to 32 homers; 88 to 95+ RBI. They weren’t able to add that stud-starter, yet. But it seems like Schwarbs may be that “thumper”. His 16 homers and 43 RBI in 69-games compute out to those numbers and more. Oh yeah. All y’all know I’m not a big fan of the “stand and admirers” when they hit homers, a la Reggie Jackson. But that bat flip by Schwarber on the Allegheny-shot, was cool. He knew he got all of it. It wasn’t showy…just cool. Oh, yeah. Stat/Trax had this on it: Exit speed, 111 mph!


Interestingly, their D was as much a part of the win as anything. The Bucs had Jake in trouble, twice, with two-men on and one out, only to be bailed out by two DPs…things of beauty in an “around the horn”, 5-4-3, started by Bryant and another 6-4-3, with Castro making great throws from the pivot-position.


On the hit-batsmen…I don’t think Jake hit those guys on purpose. OK, Jake acknowledged he knew he’d get hit. That that idiot, Rodriguez, decided to go postal was BS. That Jake stole second after the brouhaha, was cool.


I like the Bucs’ catcher, Cervelli. I mention him, as he doesn’t get as much pub as some of his teammates. He’s solid behind the plate; can hit and has a good arm.


Now, it’s on to St. Lousy and man, oh man, do I want them to beat them. No more, “OK, they’re a year ahead”, for me. Uh-uh. 98-wins – counting last night – let’s go. They’re .001%points from having played .600 baseball. That works out to 3-wins in a 5-game series and 4.2-wins in a 7-game series.

Do they have the arms? We’ll find out.

Can their bullpen hold up? We’ll see.

This should be a helluva series. The Turds hold an 11-8 season-advantage over them. That’s OK. It’s Lester, 11-12 v Lackey, 13-10, tomorrow at 5:45 PM, CDT. Now we’ll see if our $155-million man was worth it.


OK, will leave it to all y’all to make further comments as, well, I’m a little hungover.


Before I sign off for today, permit me to say a few things about Hawaii. This is not meant to be read as, “This is why my life is better than yours”, which I actually saw on a FB-post. It’s to let you know this. If you can go… by all means…GO! It’s expensive, yes…and not just the airfare and hotel. It’s freakin’ expensive. We did it to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. OK…


-It’s beautiful. The view from our room’s terrace was of Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach and, of course, the Pacific Ocean. It’s always warm and humid but the Trade Winds keep it comfortable. Without them, it’d be miserable. Even MBH, whose thermostat runs high, was sweating when there were no breezes.


-The history. We took the Pearl Harbor tour. Thankfully, we changed ours from just the Arizona to the Arzona and the Missouri, which is berthed about 100-yards or so aft of the Arizona. They take you to a theater where you’re shown a film about 20 or 30-minutes long about the attack on December 7, 1941. As we were picked up at 6:30 local time, we arrived at the base, early. While walking about, I heard the “call to colors”, which is played 5-minutes prior to the raising of the flag at 8:00 AM. Reflexively, I said, “Oh schitt!”, as I was transported back to my days at NAS GlenZoo and recalled seeing guys double-timing it to their work-centers as they didn’t want to stand at attention, while the national anthem was played;the flag was raised; holding a salute. I then recalled that it was at 7:55 on that Sunday morning that the attack began. Had a bit of emotion come over me. The film is all documentary-actual-footage. They show the destroyer Shaw’s magazine blow, as well as the Arizona, Utah, all of them. Tears of rage were streaming down my cheeks when the film ended as we were told to exit down and to our left. Thing is, we went directly to the motor-launch which took us out to the Arizona. It is very emotional. The wall of names/rates of the sailors entombed is devastating. However, after reaching that, which is  at the rear of the memorial, looking to the right as we exited, there was the Missouri. The tour had been called “The Beginning and the End”, which was renamed a more “PC”, Stars and Stripes” tour. Once back ashore, I was depressed but I kept looking at “Big Mo”, until it was time to actually tour her. Standing on her forward deck, ahead of her forward 16-inch guns, looking at the Arizona, I thought, “Oh yeah? Don’t f-dash-dash-dash with us”. I know. Not nice. Can’t help it. had we not done the Missouri, too, I wouldn’t have been worth crap. It’s that emotional. One regret I do have is, I was unaware of another tour which was of the Pacific Aviation Museum. Guess we’ll have to go back. ;-)


-Do you remember the scene in “Jurassic Park” where Dr. Grant has the two kids and they’re trying to get back to the main buildings, when suddenly, there’s a stampede of some kind of prey-dinosaurs,when one is grabbed by a T-Rex? We were in that valley. Obviously, I had to ask: “So, there will be dinosaurs on the tour, right, John?”


OK, I’m done. I’ll be back more often. Have a great day and remember, each one is a gift…it’s be a shame to waste them




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