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It’s Feel – Good Monday!!!


At the risk of stoking Joe’s ire as a BellyChickNotFan, I am pleased as punch about the outcome of yesterday’s game. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. OK, so how’s this one?




Richard Sherman’s reaction to the Super Bowl-ending interception is pure heartbreak


That said and that shown…I’m not done. Though, I must say, the lion’s share of t’day’s missive will be Super Bowl XLIX, with a few asides.




As most of us know, we got our heinie’s handed to us by Mama Nature yesterday, with our 5th largest snowfall – ever – with 19+ inches of snow…then the drifts as we also had 35+ mph winds. Our back yard looks like the filling in a Swedish Flop. Though we face Mango Avenue, the longer stretch of our lot is on Berteau, which has several cars stuck on it. Last night, we saw a minimum of two-dozen cars get stuck at our corner or the one about 150-feet east of us and on down the street, though about all we could see were tail or head lights. We marveled – not only – at the number of people out driving in those ridiculous conditions but how many of them thought driving on side streets would be better than main streets which had been getting plowed and salted. (Trust me…there weren’t that many who ma have been our neighbors, either.)




So, we sat down to the game with me saying I’d watch the commercials as I didn’t really care about the game, which I really did not, other than to the extent that I wanted the Pats to destroy the team in Bile and Blue. Then it started.




Brady took the Pats downfield and it began to seem like the Green Bay game. Then they got inside the 10 and it was even eerier. Then, Brady tossed that INT and it was even errierer! But it was much like the GB game as the Pats were outplaying the Bile and Blue…just like Green Bay. Eventually they went up 14-0; then it was 14-7 with 29-seconds left, so I decided to take a shower. So what if I missed Katy Perry of Bruno Mars! I ain’t watching the “GAME” for some pop stars. I turn on the tranisitor radio in the bathroom and I’m hearin’ Boomer describe how the Pukes went 80 yards to score the tying TD.




All y’all mostl know how it went from there. I was gettin’ pissed and more pissed. Said to MBH don’t know how many times, “I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO SIT THROUGH ANOTHER YEAR OF HEARING HOW F—IN’ GREAT THE SeaPUKES ARE”! Especially after the Pats take the lead and then DUM DE-DUM-DUM! And this is where I unload on TV’s football announcers. MBH even said, “Why are these guys always talking? They act like people care what they’re saying”. I semi-corrected her stating that they are part of the broadcast and that’s how games are broadcast…yadda-yadda-yadda. But THEN, the Pukes get the ball with a tad over 2:00 left. When Wilson makes that 31-yard-toss to the Stynx…that’s my way of pejoratively referring to that guy on the Pukes who won’t talk…i.e., “The Sphynx”, but I’ll take a page out of Pete Carroll’s book and not compliment him…no matter how talented he is. Hence, “The Stynx”. At that moment, Cris…”The Man With the Golden Adam’s Apple…Collinsworth, can’t contain himself in his effusive praise of the Pukes. How GREAT that play was. Darrell Bevel…Pukes O/C…is ths smartest guy in the world, yadda-yadda-adda!


Then, yet another horseshoe up the heinie play and on a pass that was dang nearly defended as well as possible, somehow Jermaine Kears makes an unbelievable catch at the Pats 5. They get the ball to inside the 1 and then…they try a pass and it’s INT’d ! The kid who made the catch, erred, in that had he just done a Morgan Burnett and dropped down in the end zone, they’d have had the ball on the 20. But he tried taking it out; got to the 2; there was an “Excessive-celebration”penalty…half the distance to the goal…and the ball’s on he 1. At that point, Darrell Bevel is now the dummest-azze-bastared who ever walked the earth! Collisworth can’t believe it! (By the way, I agree that was a stupid call. But, I wasn’t on national TV just calling the play-caller a genius, now, was I?) It was at that moment when fate opened the SeaPukes’ heinie-holes and the horseshoes they’d had up them all came clanking out from the Fail Mary to the Kearse catch.




But wait! There’s more!




Prior to the snap from the Pats’ “Victory Formation”, Michael Bennett…Martellius Rex’ bro…jumps offsides, moving the ball out to the 6. Now, everyone’s thinking, it’s 2-kneel-downs and its over…the Pukes still had a time out left. But as Brady takes a knee, the Pukes show their lack of class and start a fight; causing #51 LB Bruce Irvin to get tossed from the game. How’s THAT for something to tell yer grandkids? “See that, Billy and Billie? That’s me, your Grampa getting thrown out of the Super Bowl cuz I’m an a-hole”. They take the 2nd knee and it’s over!




Oh, frabjous day! Calloo! Callay! I do not have to hear about how great the SeaPukes are! Stipulated…I recognize the talent of some of their players. It’s there and it’s real. I also recognize the absolute assholiness exuded by them from their coach on down. hence, my inclusion of the Richard Sherman pic, above.




It’s said that schadenfreude isn’t nice. Well, they’re right. It isn’t right to take joy in another’s pain. But when that pain is being endured by – possibly – one of the bigger conglomerates of a-holes in sports. Well…it sure as schitt can feel good after all!




Saturday, I watched the memorial service for Ernie. e was eulogized b the likes of Joe Torre; Billy Willams and Lou Brock. They all mentioned how great a player he was but despite his personal greatness, he never made it to a post-season game. But that did nothing to diminish his accomplishments. Rather, it enhanced them. He was exuberant to the point of seeming silliness but he was never boorish. Any time he spoke, he spoke of himself in an embarrassingly,


modest manner. No one ever heard him say anything like: “I’M THE GREATEST SHORTSTOP THERE EVER WAS! NO ONE CAN PLAY IT BETTER THAN ME!” He let his actions with his bat and love do his talking. He is revered as a person. And as someone said, there’s no better way to be remembered than with a smile. I would like to add that being missed anytime one is recalled is right up there, too. Now, how many people will smile when they think about many of the SeaPukes…or miss them? The’ll be missed the same that a “breeze” from a camel’s hind-end is.




I will close with this…especially that many may be home…in honor of “Groundhog Day”, AMC is showing “Groundhog Day” on a continuous loop until 7PM, CST, I believe. AMC is showing “Grondhog Day on a continuous loop, I believe.


AMC is showing “Grondhog Day on a continuous loop, I believe.  AMC is showing “Grondhog Day on a continuous loop, I believe. AMC is showing “Grondhog Day on a continuous loop, I believe. AMC is showing “Grondhog Day on a continuous loop, I believe.









Have a great “snow day” ChiBeriites!








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