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It’s Feel Good Friday!

Hi and good afternoon to you!


So sorry that am so late in posting but had some Nest-tending to do as we prepare for this Memorial Day weekend, which by the way, is sposetabe one honey of one! Right now it’s around 68 with Apollo’s chariot high in an azure blue sky, while Eurus is providing us with his refreshing easterly breezes off our beautiful Great Lake. AND, it’s sposeta only get nicer and warmer over the weekend with temps getting as high as 89 for Memorial Day, Monday.


While we’re on that, let’s remember our war dead; even if we didn’t know anyone, personally, their sacrifice was made not knowing us, either. While I was outside, I heard military drum rolls from the east, which took me a minute to recognize. MBH’s old school, Portage Park Elementary, has been holding what they call: “Flowers for our soldiers” for I don’t know how long. They planted a tree in remembrance of fallen soldiers years ago and every year, they hold a ceremony with a military honor guard; place a wreath and have a moment of silence for them. It’s very nice.



Here’s a few interesting things which happened on this date, May 23rd, according to, in…

1430,   The Brit-leaning Burgundians of France, captured and sold Joan of Arc to the English, who eventually burnt her at the stake on charges of heresy. Seems their “glass” ceiling was made out of steel.

1701,   Scottish pirate, Capt. Kidd was hanged by the Brits on the banks of the Thames. Seems like those Brits weren’t to be messed with, huh?

1788,   “The Cradle of the Confederacy”, South Carolina, became the eighth state to ratify the United States Constitution. Go figure.

1928,   George Clooney’s Aunt Rosemary, was born.

1934,   In what became memorialized in one of the bloodiest scenes in film; the killing of Bonnie and Clyde by Texas Rangers, for real, happened.

1945,   Former head of Hitler’s Gestapo, Heinrich Himmler committed suicide after having been captured by the Allies. There’s a scene in the TV show, “Hannibal” where Hannibal talks about how doing bad things to bad people makes good people feel good. He may have been right.

1960,   Israel announced the capture of the mastermind behind the implementation of the Holocaust, Adolph Eichmann. See above. Doing bad things to bad people CAN give good people a sense of good feeling.


-T-DaveK emailed me the other day about the “Camelopardalids” meteor showers, which are to take place overnight, tonight, between 1 and 3 AM, CDT. I will be fast asleep and even if I were awake, doubt I’d be able to see them. For those who are awake and feel they’d like to take a gander, here’s a link ferya…

How to Watch the Spectacular New ‘Camelopardalids’ Meteor Shower Tonight

He also mentioned that he’d seen Godzilla and was quite satisfied with it.

How to Watch the Spectacular New ‘Camelopardalids’ Met…

It’s a sensational season for sky-watchers. Last month, we were treated to a red “blood moon” lunar eclipse. Tonight, we could be in for another dazzling show …
Preview by Yahoo

-’XRT’s “Featured Artists of the Day are, ta-DAH, The Stones. Earlier this morning, Lynn Braemer played them doing a Rice Krispies radio jingle from the ’60s. Far OUT!

Tomorrow’s “Saturday Morning Flashback” is to 1970, the year a, “…certain little girl was on my mind, Great gosh almighty, she looked so fine”, ‘n’ me got hitched.

-Speakin’ of “Hannibal”, we’re getting caught up and I was able to guess at what was a “secret” in their plot. We’re about done with this show, once the season ends. Perhaps NBC is, too.

-”Blue Bloods” ended its season well. Too bad Bebe Neuwirth’s leaving. They did a decent job of hiding whomever the “high-ranking” person was on the madam who committed suicide’s “list”.

-”X-Men: Days of Future Past”, which is not based on The Moody Blues’ second album, best remembered for its haunting, “Nights In White Satin”, which was titled “Days of Future Passed”. All we have to go on were the previews we’d been seeing for about 6-months at the show, which were excellent, and, the reviews just released which were 3-1/2 stars from Roeper and a “Dean’s List: A”, from ‘GN Morning News. We’re planning on seeing it soon. As usual, a review will follow.

-”Godzilla”. T-DaveK saw it, too. Said he loved it. Wasn’t happy about the cost of concessions…who is? But Godzilla is KING of all monsters!

                                                                                         AND NOW…SPORT


-Yes, it’s Feel-Good-Friday but, we gotsta do whats we gotsta do…check where our BOHICA-luvin’ Flubs are in the season. After a win in Dago last night brought them to a 17-28 W/L recor, which works out to a .377 %; which works out to 61-101 for the season.

I “piped them over the side” after their 13-inning loss to Whitney’s Yanks. They had a 2-0 lead going into the 9th, which I did not see, thankfully. As a matter of fact, the only reason I saw any of it was due to my tuning in their station, thinking the game was over. Later, again unknowingly, I tuned back in to see the 13th. It was at that time I realized that the words, “Jose Veras” in English mean…Total Eff-Up.

Not to go to whiney here but…Cubs owner Tom Rickettes said “Theo can 83 games blindfolded”…or close to that. Well, I’ll tellya what. A whole lotta Cubs fans’d take those blindfl=olded 83-wins in a heartbeat. Based on this year’s projected 61 wins, that’s 22 more. And, since then, we’ve been beaten over the head with how this is, “…the way to do it”. Well if this is so right, why aren’t other teams doing the same? Just askin’.

The point I’m making is this. They’re 11 under .500. It’s 10 weeks to the trade deadline, which means any guys who’re doin’ any good’ll be gone by then, so, what’s the sense?

Thankfully and hopefully, we have the Hawks and they can win their Conference, stretching into the Finals; which puts the NFL right around the corner and we won’t miss too much else in between. But if not, it’s gonna be a long time till Training Camps open. Oh well.


Yes, there’s a contract. Yes, there’s a neighborhood. Yes. Yes. Yes. But, that contract with the egg-sucking dog Wrigley Lampreys is gonna be challenged in court and it’s about time. When I was still working, I ran a legal department which dealt with recalcitrant jerks who’d dawdle, lollygag, mope along, stalling off efforts by others…me…until the folks I represented finally said, “Enough, already!”.

Reading DaTwacks, you know I’m not the Ricketts’ biggest fan; nor do I believe that all they hafta do is do their ballpark expansion; just let those kids in the Minors season a little more and, “Hey! Hey! Holy Mackerel! The Cubs are on their way!” Not on yer life…much less mine.


Those clowns across the streets from the ballpark aren’t gonna budge. I haven’t read; heard nor been told by anyone but I will bet this. The reason there’s been… and always will be…an impasse with those butt-splatters is the Cubs have less-than-no interest in having anything to do with their “parasitic venues”, as Rick Telander called them today. Why would they? The Leeches’ lawyers keep referring to a “win-win” plan they have. Indeed, as it includes them! They want their parasitic venues to exist in perpetuity with the Cubs. It’s like a jackass of a  guy who somehow has been able to keep his girlfriend for whatever minimal return she receives out of their relationship when she finally says, “That’s it!” “Get lost!” and he just doesn’t get it. Why?  He thinks a win-win, is for her to keep on paying the bills and providing him “congress” every now and then but just doesn’t realize she’s found someone else. Someone who’ll take better care of her and actually return her favors. It’ll get stinky; perhaps ugly but it’s the beginning of the end and damned about time.


-Here’s a tangential thought or two. In this silliness, we are constantly being reminded of the contract between the Cubs and the Lampreys. Here’s the tangent. The guys who made that contract between the Tribsters – when they owned the team – and the Lampreys, Mike Lufrano and Crane Kenney, still work for the Cubs! Uh-huh.

But wait! There’s more. Crane Kenney is the money-man behind the fiscal-plan which has brought the team to where they are now. The team in MLB’s #3-market, spending like it’s the Kane County Cougars.  Subtract the $12 mill or so they’re paying Soriano and that’s about right.

Speaking of Soriano, T-Brewski’s fave, “Stiff In Left”. Lest we forget, it was not he who played the Cubs off against other suitors. Uh-uh. The Cubs did an Econ-101, perfect example of how to bid against one’s self, adding more money and years to their offer to Soriano and to “seal the deal”, Crane Kenney came in and added two more years at $19,000,000.00 per, to put the proverbial cherry on top of their sundae, which Sori gobbled up. You can say what you want about him, if I had someone constantly upping their offer to me; without my making any kind of counteroffers, would I stop them? No effin’ way, Dude!

Speaking of Soriano and speaking of the Lampreys…two of the worst bidniss decisions I’ve seen this team make…why is the guy who did them still working? I mean, they’ve made some doozies as far as team and personnel decisions go but nuts ‘n’ bolts like this one? The closest to these was letting Maddux go. That was pretty goddam bad, too. But it’s in the past. We’re still dealing with these and will be for the next year, (Sori) and, maybe, 9 more with the Lampreys. Oh well.


DaSOX. Wowzers! Chris Sale sets down the first 17-Yanks he faced before giving up a hit in the 6th! If they hafta baby him; they’d better. Give him a 6th day, if needed. The guy’s stuff’s filthy. And, for those who say his delivery mechanics are all Verased-up, recall Mark Pryor’s were sposeta have been “perfect”. So perfect that he became the “master of the towel drill”. Right now, the Sox have two game-stoppers”. By that I mean that you’ll stop what you’re doing to watch this guy pitch and/or Abreu hit. Hear that Rickettses?


Joe and Whitney’s Rangers lost a tough one to the Habs, yesterday but still lead 2-1. Game 4, Sunday

Our Hawks are out in Rene Land, looking to steal one back and maybe another. Man, they looked like crappola on a stick in that 3rd period the other night.

Game 3, tomorrow.


-This morning, while announcing over the Flubs highlights, Mike Toomey on Anthiny Rizzo’s 2-run homer and referring to him him as “Big Tuna” Anthony Rizzo,saying, “You can tune a piano but ya can’t tuna fish”.


OK, I’m gettin’ a flattened heinie; it’s after 3 and I needs a shower.


So, have a great Holiday weekend. Be safe, so we can all see each other next time…probably Woden’s Day.


In the meantime; in between time, remember any day we can look down at our plants and not up at their roots, it’s a good one.


Take care



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