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Computer CrashWell, boy howdy! It’s Friday and what a difference a day makes! It’s still raining some, with temps “rising” to 58; followed by a cloudy/rainy “high” of, ahem, 47, tomorrow. It IS October, right? However, out on the LeftCoast, there are heat warnings for The Bay Area and LA, for Bill and Rene. Buck’s looking at rain and temps in the 70s; Joe’s in the upper 60s and Whitney’s in the lo-60s to upper 50s.


But wait! There’s more!


Yesterday and today, I heard the eenfahmoos, “s-word” in our local forecast. Yes, Twackers…snow flurries for the outlying areas and southern Wisconsin with the possibility of some accumulations on grass! I’ll leave the details to T-Dave, our amateur meteorologist. Yes, it IS October but the earliest I recall seeing snow flurries was on Halloween when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. OK, let’s try to see what we have to FEEL-GOOD about. I have something but that’ll wait. :-)


Hey Kids! What day is it?




National Techie Day! So, when your computer crashes in the middle of that project on which you’ve been working…

for months and may be lost, forever…but the cavalry arrives and saves you and that project, remember, nerds get things done.




World Smile Day! Yes, it’s Mr. Smiley-Face Day. So, as the song says, “Dark skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy face!”


Also, according to, some interesting things happened on this date in…


1776,   Due to a rapid deprecation of paper money in the colonies, Congress had to borrow $5,000,000.00. Good thing that only happened once, huh?


1906,   At a conference in Berlin, SOS was adopted as a worldwide warning signal.


1931,   The “Dick Tracy” comic strip debuted. No joke, those “wrist-radios” seemed to be quite inspirational.


1938,   The man who wrote the following, Eddie Cochran, was born.


1940,   The U.S. Army adopted its first airborne soldiers. The popular book/TV-series, “Band of Brothers” was based on the 101st Airborne unit’s Easy Company.


1941,   “The Maltese Falcon”, starring Humphrey Bogart, opened. In a related item, TCM is showing two other Bogey

classics, tonight: “The African Queen” with Katharine Hepburn, followed by – possibly – one of the most effective  American propaganda films from WWII, “Sahara”. I still remember watching it with my Dad when I was a little kid.

Oh yeah, the “Brother” “buys it” first.




Chubby Checker was born. Come on, Baby! Let’s do the twist!”



1942,   Hitler’s second, long-range terror-weapon, the V-2, had its first successful test-flight. The designer of this and its predecessor, the V-1…or “buzz-bomb”…was Werner Von Braun, a Nazi whom we Americans felt could help us. So, instead of going to Nuremburg, he became the father of our missile-program.


1951,   NY Giants left-fielder, Bobby Thompson hit the “shot heard round the world” as described by Giants’ announcer, Russ Hodges, in the bottom of the 9th, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat over the Brooklyn Dodgers. “The Giants win the pennant!” “The Giants win the pennant!”


1952,   In another “shot heard round the world”, the Brits successfully tested their first nuclear bomb, joining the Ruckin’ Fusskies and us.


1955,   “Captain Kangaroo” and “The Mickey Mouse Club” debuted…



1990,   East and West Germany were no more…only Deutschland…Uber Alles.


1995,   The gloves, “…did not fit…”; so the jury did what Johnny Cochrane said they must…”acquit”…Orenthal James Simpson of the murders of his wife, Nicole and her friend, Ronald Goldman.


2008,   In the part of what was to become known as the “Too big too fail”-era, the SecTreas purchased the toxic assets private companies…which were too stupid to realize that…to keep them afloat. Oh yeah, we’re still paying for that.





-Barry was in town. As we all know, he’s been beating the “income-inequality” thing and rightfully so. BUT, isn’t there something specious about taking that stand and then coming to Chicago to stump for IlGuber, Pat Quinn at a $50,000.00/per person fundraiser? That is about as far from, “Power to the people, right on!”, as it can get.


-Here’s something a little lighter. Illinois has decided where pot shops can be located in ChiTown.. No, I don’t mean as in “pot meet kettle”. I mean it more in the vein of “Power to the people, right on!”, pot.


-Boeing stockholders should Feel-Good, as Boeing announced they are increasing production of their 737 airliners from 42 to 52/month.


-According to Stubya, his bro, Jeb really wants to be our Prez. I could vote for Jeb. That is, if he could successfully distance himself from the crazies who seem to have taken over his party. He seems to be much more like his old man than his bro, which is a good thing. If the reverse, than, no, I would not/could not vote for him.


-Apparently, Turkey’s reticence to join Barry’s coalition against ISIS-ISIL-A-Holes, was due to it’s having been involved in getting its people who’d been held as hostages, back. Their parliament voted 298-98 to launch military strikes into Iraq and Syria, as well as to allow foreign countries…read that, us…to potentially use their military bases.


-Almost forgot…Former head of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson offered her resignation to Barry. It was accepted. Adios! Now, if/when a person tenders their resignation and it’s accepted with regret, there’s a presser; DaPrez comes out and says nice things and how they’ll be missed. Think Eric Holder’s last week. Pierson? Josh Earnest read it; said DaPrez accepted it. End of story Or reading between the lines, Ms. Julia was told, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya”.




-The Chicago History Museum opens its “The 1968 Exhibit”, tomorrow. This isn’t really “Feel-Good”, as, well, it was ’68. It runs through January 4th of 2015. As non-Feel Good as this could be, it might be worth a visit.



“Homeland” continues this Sunday evening on Showtime. It replaces the recently completed, “Ray Donovan”, which in one man’s opinion, may be the best show on TV. Ray is another Tony Soprano. A likeable, deeply-flawed anti-hero, whom we want to succeed, despite all his failings. Why? Well, because most everyone around him is worse. Even Avi did a despicable thing, when he was more of a reluctant bad ass, otherwise.


-Didn’t see all of this week’s “The Blacklist” but what I did makes me ever more of a fan of James Spader. And saying that’s a big thing, as other than his role in “Stargate”, I didn’t like him much.


-Haven’t had the chance to see any of this season’s “Blue Bloods”. When I do, you’ll know.


-”Person of Interest” still stretches credulity but the cast has been able to hold my interest.





-So, picking up where hey left off, Sunday in Chicago, my Packehs prevailed over the Vikings, 42-10, last night in Green Bay. Yes, I still say that the home teams for TNF have an unfair advantage. No, ain’t giving any part of this one back.


It was nice to see the gears of their running game mesh, finally. Rodgers looked fine, as did the rest of the offense. However, as the Vikes had to start their 3rd-string QB, who showed why he is a 3rd-stringer, most of the night, the Packers started in good field position. At one point, I believe CBS had a graphic stating the Pack’s average starting point was their 38-yard line; while Minnehaha’s was their 19. It’s a lot easier playing on either side of the ball when presented with those on “O” or “D”.


I would have much preferred to have seen this kind of production in Detroit or Seattle a few weeks ago.


Still, it was nice to see them give a Wilson-enema to the Vikes, courtesy of Eddie Lacy and James Starks. Did you see the size of Lacys thighs?  James Starks looked good, too.


I was happy to see rookie, Jeff Janis from football-factory, Saginaw Valley State. Was not when they didn’t play Jayrone…that’s as in Dick Jauron, not Jay-Roan…Elliott at LB. With the kind of lead they had, the entire JV should have been out there. Most were by the 4th Qtr but still, give Clay and Julius a rest.


Speaking of Julius…nice pick-6, Dude! Was I the only one who noticed that his head was higher than the top of the wall where they wanted him to make his “Lambeau Leap”?


Oh yeah, that INT Flynnthrew showed why he’s a backup. Horrible throw.



-Not really but…I didn’t shave Sunday and the Pack won, decisively. For one reason or other, I didn’t thru yesterday, either. Again, the Pack won, decisively. Don’t think I’m shaving until the next time they lose. Thing is, as dark as my hair is, my beard is quite Santa Claus-looking.



Funny thing. The Collective did their “Breast Cancer Awareness-thing”, with all the pink stuff being worn by the teams. This is NOT Feel-Good but am going to do it anyway. The Collective says it sends $$$ it raises to the American Cancer Society, which they do. Any autographed merch that is auctioned off, all the proceeds go to ACS. However, that’s for fatcats, not us. On the sales of merch, i.e., jesreys, caps, sweaters, etc., they only give 5% of the proceeds to ACS. And, ACS only gives 70% of what it gets for breast-cancer to breast-cancer programs. So, if you buy something for $100.00; ACS gets $5.00 and BCA nets, ta-DAH, $3.50.


What about the other $95.00, you ask? The Collective keeps that.


By the way, did you also know that October is also “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”? Uh-huh. It is., though you wouldn’t have known tuning in to last night’s game. Oh yeah, their symbol is the ubiquitous ribbon but instead of pink, for BCAM, theirs is, purple. Appropriate, huh? Ironically, Purple is the color of the jerseys of the Ravens, Ray Rice and Vikings, Adrian Peterson. How’s that for a coincidence?


-DaBears travel to former D/C, Ron “Chico” Rivera’s Panthers. Both teams are beat up. Jared Allen’s sposeta return but on the O-Line, they lost Jermon Bushrod. (Is that a surname, or what?). Garza and Slauson are sposeta return but not sure how “back” they are. This isn’t a “must” game but it will hurt if they lose.


I took Carolina but not with any “confidence”.


-Joe’s Jets travel to San Diego. The Collective’s become a “pass-first” League. Unfortunately, for all the accolades their “D” has earned, it seems their QB’s negs offset them. Too bad, as with ah half-assed-decent QB and their running backs, the could be faring much better.


-Emmanuel’s and Whitney’s Pats. They get a Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! They host the AFC’s only, undefeated team, Cincy, which is coming off its Bye week, after losing – miserably – last week in KC.


-Rene’s Iggles are hosting the Rams and should win…repeat, should. However, they lost to Bill’s Niners in Frisco last week.


-Bill’s Niners host KC. They need a win as Seattle travels to DC and the undefeated Cards are at Denver.



-Cue the bouzouki music! The Royals’ Mike Moustakas’ 11-inning homer gave them a 1-0 lead over the Angels. I was flipping back and forth from the Packers to this game, as well as the Oriols’ stomping of the Tiggers, earlier. (Right now, Detroit is leading 5-3 in top of the 7th. Last night, it was Bugs Bunny Baseball with the O’s scoring 8 in their half of the 8th.


-The National League’s games start in a bit.


Haftasay, playoff baseball is such a YUGE step higher in intensity. Every pitch counts.


Go, Giants!



With all the hue and cry over Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, et al, other than the Bears, guess what’s the biggest topic of NFL conversation in ChiTown? The NFL Draft being held, here, from April 30th to May 2nd.


This is a feather in Rahmbi’s crown. Really, it is. It will draw all sorts of people here and will be worth millions in tourism dollars.



OK, with interruptions, I’ve been at this way, too long and will sign off for now.


Have a great weekend. Remember, any day we wake up not looking at daisy roots, it’s a good one.



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