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It’s Feel- Good Friday! Well, Boy- Howdy!

Indian SummerOnce again, it is a beautiful October morn in ChiTown. Speaking of which, didj’all get a chance to take a look at that “Cityscape Chicago II”, from T-John. Gene Siskel once said, “Our town photographs very well”. There were two views I thought should have been included and sorry to our out-of-towners but ya gotta have lived here to know these. First, traveling southeast - inbound – on the Kennedy Expressway at Diversey, there’s a beautiful panoramic view of downtown framed by “Big John” Hancock on the left and “Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis” Tower on the right. MBH ‘n’ me call these our “mountains”. The second is coming north – inbound – on the Dan Ryan at 42nd Street. It’s like “The Emerald City” just bigger and not emerald but just as impressively-awesome-looking. I’m sure there’re folks in Hotlanta, N’Yawk, Bahstehn; SanFran and LaLa Land who do the same and am certain they look great, too. This is just a little hometown pride for us.


Speakin’ of our hometown, we will celebrate “official” Indian Summer, this weekend. Our local weather Guru, Tom Skilling, defined “Indian Summer” as having a 70-degree reading after we have had a frost. Well, we had a frost last weekend and by Sunday, are ‘sposeta hit 70. Smiley Face! Smiley Face! Smiley Face!




OK, time to check what day it was/is and will be. Did you know that today is…


“National Food Day” I’m down with that! You?




“National Bologna Day”. ” My bologna has a first name. It’s O-s-c-a-r…”


And then we have our date(s) according to Before we get started with today, we need to extend a belated 92nd birthday to Betty White, yesterday. That’s the “was”. Now to today’s date in…


439,    The Vandals conquered the – then – Roman city of Carthage. No reports of any victory-graffiti, though.


1531,   The Catholic Bavarians joined the Protestant ‘League of Schmalkalden” in opposition of Charles V. Tried to look up “Schmalkalden” but could only find that “schmal” could mean: narrow, small or wax or fat. Nothing on kalden. I’ll leave that to yuze.


1648,   The Treaty of Westphalia ended the “Thirty Years War” in Germany. Don’t know what they were fighting over but their ham! Man, is it good!


1836,   The match was patented. Which eventually led to…”Got a match? Not since Superman died”.


1901,   Anna Edison became the first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and survive.


1916,   Pinko-Commie, Henry Ford awarded women with equal pay to men. The NERVE!


1929,  It was “Black Thursday”, which became the first day of the stock market crash which began The Great Depression.


1931,   Al Capone was sentenced to prison on charges of income tax evasion. Interestingly, Sunday is the last episode of “Boardwalk Empire” and that will be part of it.


1938,  Much to the chagrin of big-bidniss, The Fair Standards Act became law; establishing the 40-hour work-week.



1945,   Norwegian Nazi-collaborator, Vidkun Quislling was executed by a firing squad. Wonder how many Norwegians had to be turned away from being voluntary firing-squad members?


1980,   Poland’s government legalized the Solidarity labor union. And a good time was had by all…except the Commies, thereafter.


2008,   Stock exchanges around the world suffered the steepest declines in their histories on a day which became known as “Bloody Friday”. Damn that Obama! Wait a minute. Never mind.


…and tomorrow…


1415,  Henry V and his “Band of Brothers”…”We few, we happy few. We band of brothers…”, outnumbered 60,000 to 12,000 fought and won the Battle of Agincourt against the French during The Hundred Years War. However, we do not commemorate that great speech from Shakespeare’s “Henry the Fifth”. Nope. Uh-uh. No way.Not here.

As some may begin to recall that it is rumored that it was this battle; on this date; on that field in France that, ahem, “The Finger” was first used to show disdain for – or to – another. The French were great believers in “chivalry” and knightsmanship”…don’t know if that’s a word…that men stood across from each other; face-to-face and fought. Not unlike the Greeks, they considered archers to be cowards, in that their weapons allowed them to kill from hundreds of yards away from the battle, with far less risk of their own injury. And, archers were, mostly, commoners, which in feudal times wasn’t much. So much so that – allegedly – the French are said to have threatened to cut off any captured archers middle two-fingers. After they defeated the French – again, reportedly – the English archers are reputed to have held high their middle-fingers, in a mock-”salute” to the surviving, French noblemen.


So, in the future, if/when you feel the urge to “flip someone off” to help you feel less base about yourself, try saying this while “saluting”…

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.” :-)



-I know this is FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY and all but I read this in our local-neighborhood newspaper, yesterday. Yes, you read that right. All 16-pages of it. The author, Russ Stewart, is a lawyer who writes on local political; issues, i.e., Ward issues, etc., and occasionally bigger issues, like the Guber race. This is about as insightful of an article on the candidates; neither of whom are spoken of very favorably. Oh yeah, SPOLIER ALERT…the column does not have a “Happy Ending”.


Here’s the link if you are interested…

Political Analyst – Article October 22, 2014AROUND TOWN…DA COUNTRY…BIDNISS AND DA WOILD…

-Here’s a beauty. While the head of the City’s department in charge of “pest control” was appearing before the City Council, one of the Aldermen espied a YUGE cockroach crawling up the wall of the Council Chamber. If this were in a flick or on a TV show, it’d be disdainfully snorted outta town. But it happened.


-Preparations are being made for Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk across the Chicago River from the Equitable Insurance building to the Marina City towers. Other than being a real nice commercial for ChiTown, what’s the big deal? I mean, the guy’s done this over Niagara Falls and The Grand Canyon, right? Oh well, let’s feel-good.


-Not to seem to pessimisty on this FGF but am I the only one wondering if the fact that our “La Cucaracha” Commissioner, who is also in charge of “Fleet Management”, announced that DaCity’ll be purchasing more squad cars for our cops…just before the Mayoral race begins, in earnest, in November?


-As Joe let us all know last night, there’s been a confirmed case of Ebola reported in NYC.


-Anyone own airline stock? Better yet, wonder what all those extra fees you pay when flying mean? Well, American Airlines’ profits jumped by 87%; United reported record 3rd quarter-profits, as well as Southwest. One of the bigger factors was the drop in fuel prices.


-Buck’s old employer, Caterpillar, announced that cost-cutting on their part allowed for a 4% increase in profits. Just depends on what that “cost-cutting” entailed.


-Cable giant, COMCAST, which is in process of joining with Time-Warner, saw its 3rd-quarter net income increase by 50%. Nice to own their stock. :-)


-Is the political-correctness thing getting too far out of hand? A burrito chain in Colorado which calls itself, “Illegal Pete’s” is being referred to as insensitive in that the word, “illegal”, in context with illegal immigrants is, in their words, “dehumanizing”. OK I get that the “N-word” in Huckleberry Finn”, when taken out of context could be offensive to some. Yet, when “12 Years a Slave” won the Oscar, last year, few objected. Still, some succeeded in having “Finn” banned from bookshelves in certain areas. But that was in public libraries, (with which I still disagee.)..not private bidnisses. So, if those who are offended by the “dehumanizing” of the restaurant’s name, can take their business elsewhere and even, with a permit, protest. But really, those “sensitivity-meters” need to be turned down quite a bit. Sorry…not real FGF.


-It sis being reported that patients in Dallas are avoiding the Dallas hospital which had treated (?) patient-zero, Thomas Eric Duncan. Ya think?


-Here’s one to warm the cockles of American’s hearts. It seems that the Pentagon had assigned female guards to the highest-security areas of the detention center at Gitmo. AND, this is said to be bothering the Muslim prisoners they are charged with guarding. It seems that they find that being guarded by women is offensive on religious grounds. Poor babies.





-Could it be that one of the most-annoyingest TV “reality” shows, ever, “Here Comes Honey BooBoo” may be taken off the air? I have never watched it. Fortunately or unfortunately, it depends, as I have seen the promos as there’s no control over them and they were enough to keep me away. Anyway, it seems you can take the trailer out of the trailer-trash but you can’t take out the trash. Get this. “Mama June”, Honey’s mother, got herself engaged to a convicted child molester. Not just some weirdo-perv. Uh-uh. This guy was sent to prison for 10-yearsfor  trying to force an 8-year-old to perform oral sex on him. So, it’s not like no one knew what this guy did.


But wait! There’s more!


The 8-year-old is a relative of Mama June’s.


TLC, the shows network has said: “We are very concerned about this new information and are reassessing the future of the series”. We can only hope.



-”12 Years a Slave”. Finally watched it last night. Had been putting it off as, well, let’s face it, it sure doesn’t seem like something one would watch to prepare for “Feel-Good-Friday”. It wasn’t as much of a downer as I had thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong. It was downright cruelly-brutal. Michael Fassbender was such a prick, I wanted to flog his ass to within an inch of HIS life! Don’t recall if he’d been nominated for an Oscar. If not, he shoulda been.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, “Solomon”, the 12-year-slave, did an excellent job evoking empathy, pathos and a willingness to survive at all costs, which he did. No spoiler alert on this, as he wrote the novel on which the film is based. That he did this so well, semi-salved over the climax and anti-climax of the story, when he is “rescued” and when he returns home. The brutality of the situation on the Epps’ (Fassbender) plantation and even when he returned home, were, at best, even. By that I mean, non-celebratory.


I agreed with the 3-stars it got. I know it won the Best Picture Oscar and I don’t argue that. There were just a few things…more technical and plot-related…with which I had issues.


Oh yeah. If you can’t deal with the “N-word”, which was common parlance in the 19th century, don’t watch this. I do not say this out of a sense of insensitivity. No. Rather, that we must understand that what and how we feel in the 21st century may not have been the same 100-years  – or more – ago…as in “Huckleberry Finn”.



“Birdman”. In what some are calling an autobiography of its star, Michael Keaton, which gets 4-stars. I think we may see this one…at least, I, may.


I’ll skip, Keanu Reaves’ newbie, “John Wick”, which is called his best film since “The Matrix”. Well, if that’s the case, that ain’t sayin’ much. I’ll wait for HBO.






-I neglected to note that  White Sox 1st-baseman, Jose Abreu was named AL Rookie-of-the-Year! Many congrats to a truly gifted hitter. He was also selected as an AL ”Sporting News” All-Star. Hopefully, he can bring more folks to their ballpark.


-On the North Side, their 1st-baseman, Anthony Rizzo, was also named as an NL ”Sporting News” All-Star. As usual, the Cubs are far more interesting now than during the season.


But Wait! There’s MORE!


Yesterday, I read a report by David Kaplan, designated Cub-rooter/radio/TV sports-personality, that the Cubs are very close to reaching an agreement with some…not all… of the “rooftop-owners” on purchasing their properties, which line the opposite sides of Waveland and Sheffield Avenues, which line the outfield confines, across the street from the ballpark. What this means is they may then own them and be able to use them as part of their ballpark. AND, if they succeed in purchasing all of them, that entire area may change…for the better.


But Wait! There’s even morer!


For the first time in many a year…decade, even…we may be looking at opening a season, next year, with no talk about the leeches across the street from the ballpark. Oh, they’ll remain but the owners will now also be the owners of the product on the field…read that, trademarked-product.


Then, maybe, just maybe, we can start looking forward to some decent baseball being played there.




-It’s tied, 1-1 and heading to San Fran. I hope the Giants win but, well, I have a football team to follow, which takes most of my sports-concentration.



-Yesterday, I painted a rather bleak assessment of DaBears, which does exist. But, all is not lost and here’s why. After Sunday’s game…which they still need to win…and their Bye, the second-half of their season starts in Green Bay. I am certain, many Bears fans recall Week 9 from last year, when Shea McClellin tackled A-Aron for a loss and broke his collarbone; which kept him out of 7-games.


Well, besides being at the Pack in Week 10, they have the ViQueens in Week 11; at the  Lions in Week 13; then Lions at home and at the Queens in Weeks 16 and 17. Interspersed among those are Luvee’s Bucs; the Cowboys and the Saints, all at home. The key is, five division games. So, if they are up to it, they can make some progress towards – not only – a better record but also the playoffs. Yes, I know. They need to be up to the challenge but isn’t that why they play the games?


The first step is winning in New England, Sunday,  and then again in Green Bay in two-weeks.


Oh yeah, rookie-phenom CB, Kyle Fuller has a broken hand. You don’t think Belly Chuck won’t throw his way?  Am I the only one waiting to see just what Jets fans meant by “Reavis Island” and how Darrelle lines up against BM?


I’d like to wish you good luck, so I will…next pre-season. :-)


-MyPackehs seem to be getting their scheiss together but they really need their “D” to keep improving. Especially, Sunday night when they travel to Nawlins. You can bet the Saints want to show their home crowd their 2-4 record is an aberration and who better to show them with but the Pack? Fingers are crossed.


-Local TV games…times CDT…


Detroyit @ Atlanta, in London, 8:30 AM, FOX.


Bears @ Pats, Noon, FOX.


SeaClucks @ Panties, Noon, CBS.


Colts @ Stillers, 3PM, CBS.


Packehs @ Saints, 7:30PM, NBC.


-Other games of interest for T’s…


Bills at Yets! Will Percy Harvin finally get his head outta his arse and just play like he can?


Iggles @ Cards. Should be a good one.


Niners have their Bye.



-It seems I haven’t lost my penchant for puttin’ the kibosh on teams. I sing the praises of Auntie Ranta after a shutout and he loses to a hat-trick by the Preds James Neal, 3-1. Don’t look for much on these guys in these spaces. Yes. I know. It has no bearing but whenever I do, this happens.


OK, I’m about done. Have a buncha stuff to do on this beautiful day, so will bid y’all adieu until Monday.


Have a great weekend and remember, any day we awaken and aren’t looking up at daisy roots, is a good one.



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