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It’s Feel- Good Friday! Well, Boy, Howdy!

‘Tis a grey day in ChicagoLand. Though, as Timbuk3 told us a few years back…


Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades Timbuk 3


“I’m heavenly blessed.

I’m worldly wise!

I’m a peepin’-tom turkey with X-ray-eyes!”

So, let’s put some lipstick on this pig of a last 8-days a week of January and approaching beginning to February.


Before I get started, no matter what or how I say, there are those of you who are dealing with problems…physical and

otherwise, which I will try to alleviate in some small fashion.





Hey, Wat! What day is it? It’s…


“National Pie Day”. Yep. Uh-huh. Apple, Cherry , Blueberry, Berry, Pecan, Lemon Creme, Banana Creme, Coconut Creme…you name it. What aboutchoo?




“National Handwriting Day”. This one’s interesting…or not. This “observance” was begun by the Writing Instrument Mfrs. Ass’n. in 1977. Guess they saw the handwriting on the wall with the oncoming digital-age.


There were some things of interest which occurred on January 23rd as noted b, in…


1899,   Humphrey Bogart was born…


Caine Mutiny – Capt. Queeg Loses It


Feel free to add yours.


1919,   One of the funniest guys I have ever seen, Ernie Kovacs, was born…


Ernie Kovacs – The Nairobi Trio “Solfeggio” – ABC Television Network Videotaped Version

1932,   FDR entered his first presidential race.


1950,   Jerusalem became the capitol of Israel. Now wh would THAT be newsworthy?


1951,   Pres. Truman created the Commission on Internal Security and Individual Rights, to monitor the goings on of the anti-Commie movement. “Have you no shame, sir?”


1973,   A mere 5-years after mentioning his “secret” way to end the Vietnam War, Tricky Dick Nixon announced a peace accord had been reached in Paris and our POWs would be home in 60 days. It took another 23-1/2 months till it ended and one is constrained to put Nixon’s “Peace With Honor” and the actual end of this sad time in our history together.





-Remember when the tube was a-twitter…can I say that now?…over Hill as a Prez candidate? Well, now it’s Mittsy and Jeb and Marco and Ted. Yesterday, Jeb and Mittsy met to, reportedly, discuss strategery and how they’d approach GOPer donors from their “establishment” side. My SnideySense has me wondein’ if Jeb wore a plaid sport coat, just to screw with Mittsy’s and watch inner-chameleon go crazy.



-A local con man has been sentenced to 5-years in federal prison for “Catfishing” a gay illegal immigrant from Salvador. It was a complex plot which involved the con-man’s mother, who posed as a Judge from Skokie, Il., which netted them $27.000.00 in cash.


Every once in a while, justice is served.



-Ella Noise is “…the biggest turnaround…”, he’s ever been associated with. It probably is. What we tax-payers oughtta be concerned with is one word…”turnaround…”. “Turnaround managers”, generally screw anyone but themselves. I dealt with them professionally and can say that experience leads me to say many here are going to be hurt and by the “many”, I refer to those receiving $1500.00 to $1800.00/month from public pensions…not the ass-clowns who game the system and  receive 10-times that.


Sorry. Not “Feel-Good”.



-Rahmbi nixed an extension of a tax break for Blackhawks’ owner, Rock Wirtz’s plans to build a retail/entertainment complex on land adjacent to the United Center, where the Hawks and Bulls play. Instead, there will be a much smaller development, as Wirtz won’t get any extra help. Rahmbie said he wouldn’t do that for them after he’d said “No” to the Cubs request.


Yes. This does sound awfully nice. Again, my SnideySense tells me that somewhere in the Cubs deal and this, there’s some kind of sweet-center in these which will take quite awhile to be found, but when the are, we’ll see they will have worked to the teams’ favor.



-Who sent yesterday’s post to the Sun-Times? They devote half their editorial page to this: “POKE IN PRESIDENT’S EYE IS BAD FOREIGN POLICY”. It deals with Boner’s invite of Bebe to speak to the House while International negotiations with Iran are ongoing.Hmmmm.


-The other half are devoted to ChiTown’s “Red Light” cameras. No, they aren’t in hooker-havens. They’re on traffic lights.

One of Rahmbie’s mayoral foes is demanding the City install “countdown signals” at all intersections with red-light cameras. I agree. I live right near one: Central Ave. and Irving Park Road, AKA State Rte 19, and can tell you, those countdown lights are a big help. How? Almost as soon as the light turns green to cross Irving Park, the “Don’t Walk” signal begins, as well as the countdown. Why? As a state highway, it’s six-lanes wide, with left-turn cutouts. Quite a jaunt. So, the “Don’t Walk” flasher begins with , I believe,  24-seconds to the “amber”., so pedestrians realize how long…or short…they have to cross the street safely. Without the “countdown” no one really knows how close to the signal is to changing as they approach the intersection.

The City says it’ll cost anwhere’s from $15K to $45K/corner. The 352 cameras have raised, ahem, “…more than $500,000,000.00…”, since 2002. They can afford it.



-”The Dancing Genitals Video”, from Sweden. If you like, you can view it on YouTube. It’s a “sex-ed” cartoon for kids…yes, kids. I’m a-tellin’ ya, no finkin’ WAY this ever gets anywhere near ‘Murcan kids unless they go to YouTube. BTW, LMFAO.






-”Elementary”, CBS. Don’t know how I did this, but pegged the bad guy in last night’s “bleed-over” to next week’s episode, which if memory serves, is the kick-off to the February sweeps period. Well, actually, I do know. He’s a good lookin’ dude, who just happens to hire Watson as his top investigator for one of the top insurance companies in the country. When she asks him for help, he gives it…despite his protestations to the contrary that he’d be breaking all sorts of federal statutes.


-Earlier, we gave “Mom” another try. It’s billed as a comedy but it’s not that funny. Well, to us, it isn’t. Gene Siskel once said that comedy is like pornography; it either provokes a response or it doesn’t. This one doesn’t. Sorry.



-STARZ has “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, tomorrow night.


-HBO is showing,:” The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”.


-TCM has “Trapeze”, Sunday, a beefcake/cheesecake fest from 1956 with Burt Lancaster and Ton Curtis as trapeze artists, ably assisted by Katy Jurado and Sophia Loren’s immediate predecessor from “The Boot”, Gina Lollobrigida.






-As you all know, I’m a football nut and Packers fan. As many…especially Packers fans…I could not wait for the final “post-mortem” on Wednesday of their gift to the Seahawks, Sunday. But on Tuesday, I saw an item on my FB page…I “follow” the Pack on FB…that they had postponed Wednesday’s press conferences due to what was first reported as a “personal matter” with one of the Packers. That was followed by a similar announcement but that it was a “serious” personal matter to a key Packer. It turned out that Coach Mike McCarthy’s brother had collapsed and died while playing racquetball on Tuesday. He was only 47.


Reality bites, doesn’t it? Isn’t it bad enough that the guy’s team gets embarrassed on national TV and while he’s figuring out what went wrong; the whys and hows to explain it, he gets a call that his brother died. Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?



-It begins at 4, CST, today. Arnold, Bill, Dave and Nick…”ABDN”…should be having a positive outlook for their team. I don’t know how they did it but they sure as hell did some kind of “redo”! Their SPs are solid…with Chris Sale as one of the Top 5 in MLB, backed by Smarj and the rest, they have a decent shot at winning any day.


They also added some sticks and mitts while having lost themselves their “wind-machine”, Adam Dunn.


If it weren’t for the “dorkaleptic” contingent of Sox fans in this town and “The Hawk”, I could find myself watching them.


I really like Robin Ventura.



-Nuthin’ new aside from the “Roofies” brouhaha.

There is a rumor that they are/may be looking to make one more…possibly, big…move. We’ll see.



-Maybe they should have those “team-meetings” more often. They journey to the Mavs, tonight.



-Whoa! What? Who?

Don’t look now, ChiTowners, but the DePaul Demons are 5-2 in the Big East!



-Honestly. does anyone really care? I know it’s cheating and there should be punishment if it’s determined there was some going on. But, does anyone really think the Socialist Football Collective/Commune is going to suspend anyone who means anything to the Pats in time for their marquis game, Super Bowl XLIX?  That they’d do anything that’d have any microscopically- deleterious effect on it?     Not hardly.



-The security of Tom Brady’s and Russell Wilson’s balls for SB XLIX, will be in the hands of ChiBears Equipment Manager, Tony Medlin. Their balls will be in good hands. ;-)



-Saw an item in the Op-Eds about ice fishing. Haftasay, I caught the biggest largemouth bass through the ice; nearly broke my ice-fishing rod! That said, I was one of those guys who went out with an auger and 5-gallon bucket. If it was a nice day, I could just turn my back to the wind and – hopefully – would be facing the sun. However, as we all know, it can be sunny and beautiful in the winter and in a trice, BOOM, it’s cloudy. Can only recall once when I left the ice not chilled to the bone, so I stopped doing it.

I get my “fishing-fix” vicariousl through TV shows, waiting impatiently for the ice to get “soft”, i.e., liquid, and I can get back out there. Until then, ice fishing is for hardier-types than me…or those with “ice-tents” with heat.


OK, time to close…TTFN with this one…


Hair raising hare. The scariest part.


Have a great weekend! Remember, no matter how bad you think you have it; someone has it worse and any day we can wake up not staring up at daisy roots, it’s a good one!



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