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It’s Feel- Good Friday… Sort Of

Cloudy-with-a-Chance-of-Meatballs-PS3-600x300Good morrow to you! It seems we are having balmier, though cloudier, weather, today. It was in the upper-30s at 9:30 or so, which is kinda nice for December 5th around here. It was “cloudy with a chance of meatballs” last night on our lakefront, on which  will expound later…the “Sort Of” in our Subject line.

We are eagerly preparing for a visit from my bros whom I haven’t seen for over a year. Am looking forward to it.

OK, let’s get started, shall we? As has been my wont, recently, any political commentary will be more of the passing variety than anything else. I’m just worn out by the bullschit. Really, I am. OK…here we go.

                                                           WABBIT STHEASTHON

Hey, Wat! What day is it? Glad ya asked. It’s…

“National Sacher Torte Day”…and if your sacher don’t have no torte, well, too bad for you.


“National AFL-CIO Day”…that’s about all the Labor movement has anymore. The FatCats seem to have prevailed and whatever gains were made have been ever-so-slowly-but-steadily eroded.


“National Bathtub Party Day”. Am leaving that to your imaginations. Really? You wouldn’t! Would you?


“National Faux Fur Day”. PETA members gotsta be happy, right?

Also, our friends at have these events to offer as to what’s occurred on this date in…

1484,   Pope Innocent VIII issued a bill which deplored the spread of witchcraft and heresy in Germany. No mention of any “tests” of witches, a la tying them to a rock; tossing them into a river and if they float, they’re witches; if they sink, they’re not.

1839,   The man who may have uttered, “Where the eff did all these Indians come from?”, George Armstrong Custer, was born.

1861,   Bills and petitions were introduced to Congress regarding the abolition of slavery.

1901,   The creator of “Steamboat Willy”, Walt Disney, was born.

1932,   The man who screamed: “Gonna tell Aunt Mary ’bout Uncle John. Claims he got da misery but he’s havin’ lotsa fun”, Little Richard, was born. Enjoy…

1933,   Happy Days Are Here Again! The 21st amendment passed and ended Prohibition. I’ll drink to that!

1945,   One of the events which gave rise to the hype of “The Bermuda Triangle”, the disappearance of four Grumman TBM Avengers, which vanished 100-miles off the Florida coast.

1969,   Everyone’s fave, “Easy Reader”…aka…Morgan Freeman was born.

2007,   A gunman killed 8 people, then himself, with a semi-automatic rifle in Omaha, Nebraska. One of the NRA’s “Good guys with a gun”? Just askin’.


-Good to see that CTU Prez, Karen Lewis is back at work after having received treatment for a cancerous tumor in her brain. Like or hate her, this is something no one should have to deal with.

-Here’s a headline you may appreciate: “BEST BUY Selling Chinese Stores”…So, do they come with chopsticks?

-Here’s another…”…launching a line of diapers”. Go ahead. Fill in the blanks.

-”UBER Company value: $40,000,000,000,.00″ Now the fact that Rahmbi’s bro is involved don’t have nuthin’ to do with that, right? Just like that investment Hill made. Right?

-This ain’t so funny. The flu vaccine that many of us got earlier this year is now being said to not be as effective as it should, as the virus has mutated. Sounds like it’s right outta “The Andromeda Strain”, huh? Anyway, one of DaWatettes has it. She’s miserable and has had it too long for any post-acquired meds. Bummer. My point is, be careful. Most of you are in the “seniors” stage, which is one of the most liable to get it. One Twacker  having it is enough.

                                                              DUCK SEASON

-I know I said no politics, today, but this one’s just too good to pass by…but it does a lean a bit more towards this section. Barry has nominated the producer of the daytime soap, “The Bold and the Beautiful” as our next Ambassador to Hungary. I’ll just leave that there for yuze to mull over. I mean, who better to be our representative to a country which abuts Ukraine…(you remember it, right?)…which abuts the Ruckin’ Fussians, right?

I got it. When the fit hits the shan, she’ll divert attention by bringing up some arcane plot twist from one of the show’s episodes. Yeah. That’ll do it.

-Has anyone watched the CBS Sunday-nighter, “Madame Secretary”? I see clips during the games and other CBS shows and it looks just way out there. Am I misreading it?

-Speaking of CBS Sunday Night offerings, it seems CSI is on its way out after 14 seasons. I mean, the show comes on after the aforementioned “Madame Secretary”; which follows “60-Minutes”; which doesn’t begin till after the final NFL offering of the NFL, which from week-to-week can vary by as much as 1 to 30-minutes…or more. Oh well.


-007 is back in 2015 in “SPECTRE”. For the uninitiated, the title is an acronym for:  “SPecial Executive for

Counterintelligence, Terrorism, and Extortion”. This was Ian Fleming’s worldwide group of criminals, which comprised 21 individuals some of whom were members – or former members – of The Gestapo; Tito’s Partisans, The Mafia; Cosican-Mafia, “The Union Corse, et al. It was run by Bond-nemeisis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who most likely is being portrayed by Christoph Walz.

As a kid and young adult, I read all the Bond novels. I loved Fleming’s style. I can tell you this, the more recent release of Casino Royale” is the closest to the book…of any film of any book. “A Quantum of Solace was OK but “Casino Royale” and “Skyfall” may be the best since the Connery films…”Dr. No”; “From Russia With Love”; “Goldfinger”; “Thunderball”, “You Only Live Twice”, “Diamonds Are Forever” and “Never Say Never Again”.  What’s more, as The Onion stated satirically, the “Silly Bond” era was “stolen” by “Austin Powers”, so they had to make the Daniel Craig films more serious. Completely agree. Oh yeah, Mr. White” from “Casino Royale” is from SPECTRE.

                                                                       AND NOW…SPORT

I know it’s FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY…but, really, what I have to say about last night’s lakefront-frolics by the crew of “The Good Ship Craps-A-Lot”, run b the McCrapskeys and Company, will be anything but Feelin’ Groovy. So, I’ll leave it to the end.


-Believe it or not, we have several things on them.

1. Don’t tell Ryno but Joe Maddon’s gotten his ol’ buddy…and former Cub…Dave Martinez, as his bench coach. Think Ryno’s “ex” may make a trip back? Jst askin’.

2. Ryan Dempster is also rejoining the club as some kind of management assistant. Something about this allowing him to retire as a Cub.

3. Old Joe Ricketts didn’t raise him no dummies. As I have lauded them, as they have taken on the re-do of Wrigley Field on their own dime…a half-billion dollars or better, worth…they did find a way to get a $75,000,000.00 tax break. BUT it ain’t from us 606-taxpayers. Uh-uh. There is a Fed Tax break under the U.S. National Park Service, which will bestow that break…through FedFunds, not City, State or County…once the rehab is done. They had to remove one of the outfield signs and make a couple others  a tad smaller.  It took some brains to remove the burden of their landmark-designation, which hung around the ballpark’s neck like an albatross and turn it into a string of pearls. Now, if they can just do that with the team.

4.Speaking of the team. Saw an item that Joe’s Mets may be interested in Starlin Castro. They have pitching, which the Cubs need. The Cubs have middle-infielders up their ying-yang. Winter Meetings start Monday. Recall, please, that I have repeatedly mentioned  I would not be surprised to see he and/or Baez with another club by the end of the 2015 season. That doesn’t mean I want them gone; just that I won’t be surprised.

5. Not getting all hot ‘n’ runny over Jon Lester possibly signing with them. There are too many other teams out there. If it happens, I’Il be happy; if not, what’m I gonna do?


-The “Circus Trip” is over. They did well. I will not say how well, inasmuch as when I do, I puts da kibosh on them.

-One has to wonder just how a professional athlete injures his foot at a concert and sidelines himself 3-weeks. So, Crawford, how’d ya do it?


-Wow for Pau! Does anyone miss the guy he replaced? I won’t even mention his name as he was an embarrassment to “big-man-basketball”. I think I’m going to refer to Pau as “Maximus”, a la Russell Crowe’s “Spaniard” from “Gladiator”. The guys’ almost a walking “double-double”. He crashes the boards and attacks the basket when he has the ball. Great move, guys.


-Sorry but nothing on them, today. They have been busy, though. It’ll be interesting to see what else they may do starting next week.

OK, now…the “Sort Of”…begins.


Sorry but that is what they are…boring.

This is nothing directed at any of you. You are my friends and you deserve so much better than what you are – and have been – getting, it isn’t funny.

I had felt that if the team had been embarrassed again, on national TV and then again a week from Monday by the Ain’ts, maybe…just maybe…the WrongWay PeachFuzzes, aka known as the McCrapskeys…soulless louts that they are…might get the picture that other than “84/’85 and ’86, what they have wrought since 1983 has been, at best, occasionally interesting but hardly successful.

It was working…at least through the 3rd quarter. Then for some reason or other, the Cowboys’ “D” decided to put it on cruise control and walk to the back of the RV while it began to careen down the highway. They finally recovered; the offense decided to play a little harder…I did agree with Dez Bryant’s ranting on the sideline that they should have played to put a dagger in the Bears but chose not to. The thing is, that hiccup which allowed DaBores to score 21 in the 4th may have done irreparable damage for this and next year. I though that while watching, which was confirmed by Bears scribe, John “Moon” Mullin, after the game when he said that if the McCrapskeys were looking for a reason NOT to make a change with MarkyMarc, this will be what they use. That their boys kept playing; they didn’t give up; yadda-yadda-yadda. D/C, Mel Tucker’s gone…maybe not, as they have the excuses of injured personnel. Never mind that in their last, 6-games, his “:D” has allowed 207-points, for an average of 34.5/game. But wait! There’s more! That includes their two-wins against the offensively-challenged Vikes and Bucs, who each only were able to score 13. In the other four against the Pats, 51; Pack, 55; Lions,34 and Cowboys,41; they allowed a total of 181…that works out to, ahem, 45.25-points/game!

But the problem will remain unless or until DaBears become a/the laughingstock of the League…which their Dad, Grand Dad; Great-Grand Dad founded…and they are forced to change their ways…or not.

The only other hope Bears fans…and non-Bears fans who live here and are forced to watch the McCrapskey Way of running their football team…lies in the passing of the team’s Matriarch, Virginia McCaskey, who is in her early-90s. There are some arcane rules in the Commune as far as ownership requirements go, as well as an estate-tax problem not unlike what happened with the Wrigleys some 30-odd years ago, which I had heard on the radio could range anywhere from $100,000,000.00 to $400,000,000.00, which they do not have, which could force them to sell.

Here’s a link which you may find interesting…

McCaskeys intend to hold onto Bears

Once the season ends, one thing which may be a bellwether of sorts should be the number of guys on their roster who will be free agents. Generally, unless it’s nothing but money-driven, most guys like to stay with their teams for any number(s) of reasons. It will be interesting to see how many want to stay.

As much as I do not care for Brandon Marshall as a person, I was not happy to see him injured so badly. I’ve heard guesses that it may have been a punctured-then-collapsed lung. You may have seen the Dallas defender motioning for help almost immediately.

I had so many other thoughts on “The-Good-Ship-Craps-A-Lot” and its Captains, The McCrapskeys, I’ve forgotten most of them.

I will wrap up with this. I didn’t used to have such a disdain for DaBores. When I was a kid, I wanted the Packers to win but if they didn’t/couldn’t, I wanted the Bears to win…except when Green Bay played them. It was not until “The McCrapskey Way” came to full-fruition in ’83. They took over a well-constructed team by a GM of legendary status, Jim Finks. In those early/mid ’80s years, with mostly Finks’ guys, the buffoonery of their ineptitude, though dissonantly aggravating, was mostly overshadowed by the team’s exploits. Once the bloom went off that rose, it never really returned. Why? Perhaps it’s that while the team’s “gardeners” tote the tools; wear the aprons and gloves, but wouldn’t know a hybrid tea rose from a garlic bulb. It is that, my friends, which is what turned me…completely…to “The Dark Green Side”. It is my most fervent hope that they get destroyed their next three games…even though a win over Detroit would help the Pack…my town, Chicago…you guys…deserve better…way, way better…than this. Then maybe…just maybe…those clowns will do something worthwhile to improve NFL Football in this town.

OK, that’s about it for me. The MarkyMarc press conference is about to begin. This should be interesting.


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