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It’s Feel- Good Friday! Poppa-OO, MOW! MOW!

0aa110Good Feel-Good Friday mornin’ to yuze! I know at least three of you are feelin’ good…dada-dada-dada-dah…knew that you would dada-dada-dada-dah!, after last night’s sports events. More on that later.

Right now, it’s a beautiful October morning, as crisp as a fresh Jonagold apple, sunny, with a soft breeze. Forecast highs in ChiTownLand around 62, with a possible shower or two southeast, later in the day.


Saw conflicting weather “outlooks”…which seems to me to be the meteorological way of saying they’re making some educated guesses…for the upcoming winter. I saw a report on local news saying ChiTownLand should be about seven-degrees warmer, overall, this winter, with less precipitation. Then, I saw the opposite on the Weather Channel. In that local report, it’s also going to be warmer in Colorado, which doesn’t bode well for T’s in California as snow doesn’t fall as much when it’s warm, which they need for the rivers in SoCal to have more H2O. BUT, they say it’ll be “wetter” in Cal. Go figure. Whitney, Joe and Buck are all in line for colder than normal temps.

BUT, if there’s an El Nino, it all gets katywumpus. I’ll leave anything further to T-Dave, our resident meteorologist-kinda guy.

OK, let’s get started with a smile…

Yosemite Sam – I Hates Rabbits

…and from these…

                                                                    WABBIT STHEASTHON

Hey, Wat! What day is it? Well, it’s…

“National Pasta Day”. Remember, “pasta” entered the common lexicon about 25-years ago so Italian restaurants could sell us “Depression-food”, i.e., noodles, and charge us $25.00 for them.


“National Mulligan Day”. For non-golfers, a Mulligan is what you may call a “do-over”. As such, if you screw up t’day, take a Mulligan and relax.


“National Mammography Day”. I don’t make these up. There’s a site. All kidding aside, mammograms, though painful, are beneficial in that they help screen for breast cancer, which is important.

Of course, we also have and what they tell us happened on this date in…

1244,   The Sixth Crusade ended in ignominious defeat for the Christians at Gaza. Funny how religion and ideology seem to meet in anger there or nearby but never getresolved, eh?

1863,   In a move which eventually led to the Union’s defeat of the Rebels, Ulysses S. Grant was named Overall Union Commander in the West.

1913,   Zeppelin LII exploded over London. Anyone recall which songs were on that one? “Black Dog”?

1915,   Arthur Miller, author of “Death of a Salesman”, an American classic…and ex-husband of Marilyn Monroe…was born.

1918,   1940s and ’50s, “Oomph” girl, Rita Hayworth, was born. She was of Spanish descent, who danced, professionally, with her father after her mother could no longer. Hollywood-types decided to dye her hair red, thus taking her Spanish beauty and combining it with auburn tresses and, well, wow! What a beautiful woman. From all accounts, she had as beautiful  a personality as physically.

1989,   The World Series earthquake hit The Bay Area where the Oakland A’s were playing the San Francisco Giants.

As I had mentioned the other day, I’m not doing much political-scheiss as, well, Jeez, isn’t there enough, already, with all those idiotic TV and radio ads? I mean, even those candidates with whom I agree are beginning to sicken me. I will, though, bring up some items which are, let’s say, tangentially political. Like…

-Veep Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is reported as having been administratively-discharged from the Navy because cocaine was found in his system after a blood test.

Don’t want to make an oversimplification of addiction as it IS a disease. BUT, this guy is 44-years-old…he’s no kid. He’s a lawyer AND his old man is the Vice President of the United States! Talk about “What was he thinking?”

-In 2012 in ChiTown, a contractor was banned from receiving city contracts for fraudulently stating it was “Minority-owned” and run by two women, when it, in fact, was run by their husbands. In 2013, this contractor received a $3,100,000.00 contract from the Chicago Board of Education. You remember them. They’re the ones who don’t have enough money to pay their teachers.

The rub in this is, the ban was imposed in ’12 by Rahmbi…then under Rahmbi…they renewed it. Their save? Well, NOW they say they won’t reward them with any more contracts. Of course, this is after they’ve paid $3,100,000.00 of taxpayer dinero to a banned bidniss.

-There’s an item that DemGuberQuinn’s “Mama” doesn’t like the neg-ads being run by his opponent. That gets 3/4 of a page. Like this is a surprise? What would YOUR mom say if someone said not-so-nice-things about YOU…on TV even!

-Every cloud has a silver lining…at least for Baxter International, as its sales of its medical products in the wake of the ebola-scare-crisis-whatever, have gone up 17%.

-Not so silvery, Chrysler has announced a recall of over 900,000 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep SUVs.

-ChiTown got a biggie! Microsoft announced its, “…new Ignite technology conference to Chicago’s McCormick Place…”, next year. It is expected to attract 20,000 visitors. Credit where it’s due, Rahm.

-T-Dave may be more well-versed in this one. A “once-in-a-million-years event” will take place this weekend, with a “mountain-sized” comet passing  within 87,000 miles of Mars at a speed of 126,000-mph. NASA is “repurposing” its three orbiters and two rovers at Mars to “witness” this. Hopefully, there will be video.

                                                                     DUCK SEASON


-We, I, finally, got around to watching a DVR’d episode of “Blue Bloods”, last night. It was the one where the gay cop was outed. It wasn’t that, though it was done well. It was more that Tom Selleck seemed more like Thomas Magnum, which is why he became so popular among guys. We all know why he is among the gals. Anyway, it was good.

-Also, viewed some SNLs we’d not watched. Other than a few snorts at Bill Hader’s stuff when he guest-hosted, we hardly laughed. We had three shows DVR’d and really, only watched part of one; all of the Bill Hader and just deleted the other. For a show supposedly celebrating its 40th anniversary, they seem to have missed something.

40-years? Wow!


-We have three, bigtime stars, Bad Pitt, Bill Murray and Reese Witherspoon, all of whom have new films out today.

Pitt’s “Fury” got 3-stars from the S-T; 2-1/2 from the Trib and an “A”, from ‘GN’s Dean Richards. The synopsis is this is a bit of a “Saving Private Ryan”, albeit within the confines and surrounding terror of tank warfare. I had an uncle who was in Patton’s 3rd Army, who participated in The Battle of the Bulge, among other actions. My dad told me he’d had 3 tanks blown out from under him. I’ll see this as I want to and also out of recognition of what he did…or better…lived through. My only hope is, they don’t “cartoon it up” too much, with the action sequences.

Murray’s “St. Vincent”, pits him as a curmudgeonly, old, likeable drunk who – haltingly – agrees to “babysit”, single-mom, Melissa McCarthy’s nerdy kid, Oliver. Roeper says it’s not quite “Groundhog Day’ but gives it 3-1/2 stars. Sorry, no other reviews available to me on this nor the next…

“The Good Lie”, in which Reese Witherspoon plays a supporting role as  an employment agent in Kansas City, who has the responsibility of finding jobs for  three Sudanese brothers. It also gets 3-1/2-stars.

-DVR-ly Speaking…

Last night, we DVR’d “Ghostbusters”, which is on my list of fave-comedies…”I looked in the box, Ray!” “Dropping off or picking up?” “I’ve quit better jobs than this one!” “Dogs and cats…living together!” “The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man”. “What an a**hole!”. (As it was on AMC, THAT one won’t be in it.)


Yet another, “Uncle Buck”, a John Hughes classic, starring John Candy. Geez, did we lose one of our finest, funnymen when he died!

                                                             AND NOW…SPORT


-I tawt I taw dat Joe hates the Giants and for that, well, you’ll hafta deal with that, buddy. Sorry.

As we were watching DVR’d shows, which means FFg through commercials, I didn’t switch over during the game until late. When I did, the Cards were up, 4-3. When I tuned in, it was the top of the 9th, tied, 4-4. The Cards had two-on, one out and I turned it off. When I went back, it was the bottom of the 9th; still tied. Sandoval led off with a single and a pinch-runner came in. Hunter Pence up and I’m thinking good things, as this guy’s pretty good. Uh-huh. Pop-out to right. Then reliever, Michael Wacha walks Brandon Belt on 4-pitches; 1st and 2nd, one out. Up comes…and if this isn’t a 21st-Century name, I don’t know what is…Travis Ishikawa, up. Wacha STILL can’t find the strike zone with a nuked-GPS and goes 2-0 on Ishikawa and I’m sayin’, “Don’t help him.” Don’t swing” “Make him throw a strike”, when Macha delivers and Ishikawa swings and launches one into the right-centerfield seats! Game Over! Series Over! The Giants Win the Pennant!

As I’d said before, growing up a Cubs fan, and they sucked in the 50′s and early-’60s, as bad as they have lately, I would follow other teams. The Braves as they were in Milwaukee and the Giants, because of Willie Mays. So, because of that and because I am an NL fan, too, I have a team I actually can “root-root-root for…”.

Either way, in this man’s opinion, we have two teams which know how to play baseball. They are not afraid to steal a base, SacBunt or do those “non-Metric” recognized, proven ways to play winning baseball. AND, as major sports are – in essence – “copycat leagues”, maybe we’ll get back to “Get ‘em on”; “Get ‘em over”; “Get ‘em in”; defense and other non-geeky baseball.

Oh yea. Congrats, Bill! Must be nice to live in a town where you have TWO playoff squads and – now – one World Series participant!

-And then on Thursday Night Football…

We all saw Joe’s memo about “turning off” last night’s Jets/Pats game. Sorry.

Again, as I’ve said, I wasn’t doing my usual “flipping” from what I was watching to the games. So, when I tuned in and saw Whit/Emm’s Pats up by 8, with 4-1/2 minutes to go and the Pats seeming to be emulating the DollPhins; trying to make Geno Smith look like Aaron Rodgers, my 15-point-assignment in BFW Football was, ahem, “catching in my t’roat”. It took a blocked, 58-yard field goal attempt with mere seconds left to put this one in the Pats’ pocket.

By the way, I and 10-other BFW poolers gave the Pats the highest point-assignment of the week, 15. It came damned close to being a repeat of the Seattle debacle of a loss to Dallas last weekend.

If I were the Jets, I’d come clean with the fans and just say that the kid is that. A kid. Historically, it takes time for them to develop them and ask for patience. Yes, Joe, it’s been a while since they’ve won. But even Luck and Rodgers took a couple years. The Jags are 0-6 with the newest/latest/greatest outta college, Blake Bortles. Oh well.

-Also in Week 7 in the Collective…

DaBears host the DollPhins, notorious for their last second…OK, last, 3-seconds left…loss to the Pack last week. It will be interesting to see if DaBears are able to play as well against them as they did the FalCoons. Will say this and it’s not a whine nor a platitude about the Pack’s game. The Phins’ H/C was the Pack’s O/C in 2010. The Pack’s “checks”…audibles…were his. Rodgers said that in many instances, their D shifted when the Pack did…like they knew it. Whether true or not, these guys aren’t Atlanta. Should be a good game. Come ON, Phins!

Bill’s Niners are in Denver, which are 6.5-faves. Go, Niners. Couldn’t stand his whiney-assed act when the Colts drafted Elway and now that he’s running Denver, well, you figure it out.

The Falcons travel to Baltimore to meet the Ravens. “Quoth the Ravens ‘Nevermore’.” I don’t know how the Falcons scored 90-some points in two games and then got throttled in every phase of their game…at home…against the Bears, last week. Buck gets to see quite the de-feathering of Atlanta’s boids, methinks.

Panthers at MyPackehs. Man, this one’s tough. The Pack’s home but their “D”, while getting a better pass rush, is still susceptible to the zone-option plays. Read that, Cam Newton. Unfortunately for me, their game isn’t on TV, as DaBears are on FOX, not CBS, as they’re home and FOX gets those. Hence, looks like I may take a ride and watch it at a sports bar down the street.

-DaBulls. Down 2 with only seconds left and “The Poodle” on the bench, Jimmy Butler drained a 3-pointer at the buzzer to win their exhibition-game against Atlanta, last night.

Some local sports scribes are making an issue of this but why? Isn’t it good to have someone else prepared to be “the guy” who takes the last shot? I think so.

To use a “Sammyism”, I am cautiously ostimisty about this team. They need to sharpen things up some, but I like what I am seeing.

-A busy, sports weekend in ChiTown…

DaHawks host Nashville, Saturday night.

DaBears host Miami Sunday afternoon.

DaBulls host Charlotte, Sunday evening.

OK, that’s about that from me. Please, feel free to contribute as you had earlier this week. All thoughts/ comments/ compliments/brickbats are welcome.

So, in the meantime; in between time…remember that any day we awaken and are not looking up at daisy roots is a good one.

Have a great weekend!


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