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It’s Feel- Good Friday! Is Everybody Happy? Cubs and Mets Fans Are!

hqdefaultGood morrow! It’s a sun-splashed, chilly morn, here in ChiTown. We’re shivering on the outside but warm ‘n’ fuzzy on the inside as, well, our Cubs play the Mets for the National League Pennant, starting tomorrow, in N’Yawk. (More on that later.) It’s 43 and there’s a freeze-warning, overnight for the entire area, but mostly in the ‘Burbs. Nevertheless, the frost will be on the punkins. OK, lets’ see what’s what, eh? (Added the “eh”, as Toronto’s in the playoffs, eh.)







“National Liqueur Day”. Go ahead. Have a few shots of Peppermint Schnapps for its medicinal use as a natural carminative, i.e., “an aid to digestion”.



“National Dictionary Day”. Etymologists everywhere, REJOICE! YOU know the difference between “affect” and “effect”, with your only defect being a Sheldon Cooper-like compulsion to correct others when they show they do not.




“National Department Store Day”. Go ahead. Shop, while always remembering if you do not…”the terrorists win”.




“National Boss’ Day”. Well, those of you who have yet to have joined the Every Day Is Saturday Ass’n., make sure to wish your boss a happy day. Even though I’ve been an association member for over 3-/12 years, best wishes to my last boss. It was fun while it lasted. All the best, guy.



But Wat, what about history? Did anything happen on October 16th that we should remember? Sherman! To the “Way Back Machine”, and share with us what events history.orb says we should recall occurred in…


1555,    Protestant Bishops, Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley were burned at the stake for heresy, in England, where the Church of England was the established form of worship. It was God’s will.


1701,    Yale University was founded…not found, as if that were so, it would imply that it had been lost.


1758,    Noah Webster was born. Hint. Hint. See above.


1793,    1%er-Marie Antoinette, lost her head over a loaf of bread.


1797,    “Into the valley of death rode the 600″, led by Lord Cardigan, elegantly clad in his jacquard sweater, who was born on this date.


1846,    Ether was first used in public as an anaesthetic. Remember when we were kids and they gave us this? We all began to sing The Byrds’ “Eight Milkes High” and it hadn’t even been written yet! Wow! What a rush!


1901,   My favorite President, Teddy Roosevelt, incurred the wrath of some for inviting Booker T. Washington to the White House. You tell ‘em, Teddy.


1931,   Chuck Colson, former special counsel to Tricky Dick Nixon and convicted Watergate cover-up participant, was born. It is said that he had a framed quote on the wall behind his desk which read: “When you got ‘em by the balls; their hearts and minds will follow”.


1946,   Ten Nazi war criminals were hanged in Nuremberg, Germany. NO! Don’t “Keep moving”. Feel free to look as long…or short…as you wish.


1949,    TV-Ditz, Chrissie, aka, Suzanne Sommers, was born.


1969,   Joe’s Mets beat the Orioles to win the World Series. As an older (hopefully) wiser, Cubs fan. The Cubs didn’t lose it that year. The Mets won it. They were on fire August through September, defying all odds to win. That said, well, there’s this thing called Karma, Cubs fans. ;-)


1978,   Recently canonized, St. John Paul II, was chosen as Pope.





-DaDems held their first debate. Didn’t watch a minute as, well, it was MBH’s birthday…and…there were some other goings on at 1060 W. Addsion Street at that time. That said, a few thoughts…


From what I’ve seen, it was the “Bernie-Hill” show. And, as much as I leaned towards Jim Webb, maybe he should get to writing a follow-up to “Wichita Lineman”. He was…as expected…a non-factor.


Martin O’Malley is a guy I’d only heard of from days gone by, from seeing him on Chris Mathews “Hardball”, when I still watched cable-news.


Was I the only one wondering if Lincoln Chaffee confused the debate for an audition for “The Joker” in the next Batman movie?


Hillary didn’t say anything we haven’t heard before. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!


Bernie Sanders was, well, Bernie Sanders. I do like that he tries to hold her feet to the fire, though in a respectful manner.


Interestingly and thankfully, I understand there were no homophobic; xenophobic, any-phobic comments, nor Holocaust-comparisons.


OK that’s that from me. Feel free to add your thoughts.




-Former CPS-CEO and confessed-felon, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, is now being investigated by DaFeds in Detroyit for her purchasing-practices while she was there. Funny how no one in ChiTown had any…not any…not no how…inkling that this woman was nothing more than a highly-educated thief!


OK, sorry. Not Feel-Good.







-”The Blacklist”, NBC. This show has just about sunk to the level of most which begin to run out of credible plot-lines. Last night…and again…Red and Lizzie “saved the world’s food supply”…all while on the lam from the CIA, FBI, DHS, and any other alphabet soup law-enforcement agency you can shake a stick at…while not being caught. Oh yeah, while also shooting an undercover-cop…wait for it…then driving him to a hospital…and STILL getting away! I really like James Spader’s Ray Reddington but I’m getting to the point of ennui with the show. Oh well. MBH still likes it, so I guess I’ll continue to watch…maybe.


-”Blindspot”, NBC. OK, this one’s in what, it’s third or fourth week, AND, guess what? Jane and Agent Weller saved the world, too! This time, it was a biological attack which was thwarted. But wait. There’s more. The plot was based around two renegade scientists from the CDC, who just happened to be the Number 1 & 2 of New York’s division of the agency. But wait. There’s more. Somehow, one of the FBI-techie’s boyfriend sneaks a peek into the folder of highly classified photos of Jane’s tattoos she happened to take home with her and just left out for him to find; is intrigued by them and, ta DA, solves one. Guess which one? Uh-huh. The one which puts them on the trail of those CDC-conspirators, who think mankind is the scourge of the planet and in order to save the planet from them, all must be eliminated. After all, as one says, all those cures for all those diseases are unnatural, so…


While watching, I had to turn in my “Man Card”. I commented to MBH that “Jane” had to be the best woman at applying her own eye-make-up in the world, in that her eyes were perfectly accentuated and that no woman could do that on a daily-basis, as they just wouldn’t have the time to do them that well. She laughed.


-”Homeland”, Showtime.          SPOILER ALERT!          SPOILER ALERT!              SPOILER ALERT!       SPOILER ALERT!

Like last year, it seems they’re going to spend several episodes of overkill of exposition for this season, as well. Regarding last week’s final scene, I guessed at two names which would be on Peter’s “hit list”. I was wrong on the first; right on the second. That said, I doubt that will ever happen. But it does show that Saul’s a real a-hole…national-security be damned.


-”The Big Bang Theory”. It’s settling in with the new plot-line of Leonard and Penny being married and want to, well, live together, with Sheldon not caring for that. Amy’s still pissed with Sheldon, too. The subs of Raj and Emily/ Raj and Wolowitz; Wolowitz and Bernie and Stewart, ever the square-peg, moving along smartly.


-”Modern Family”, ABC. Watched last week’s and this and while it continues its Noel Cowrad-like snappy repartee, it just isn’t quite what it once was. I thought the scene with Luke and Mitchell in the car was excellent writing, with Luke making comments like: “Do you want to take that detour” and Mitchell misunderstanding during his ramble on Cam’s behavior. saying, “Well, OK, Let’s”. and goes on. Fine writing throughout the scene. but only marginally funny. The same for the scenes with Phil, Haley and Dylan. It seems the writers are trying so hard to be witty, a la “30 Rock”, they’re forgetting an occasional belly-laugh isn’t a bad thing. That said, the pigeon-scene induced one. Oh well.







-Hey! Hey! Holy Mackerel! Our Cubs are facing the Joe’s Mets in the best-of-seven series to go to the World Series! Neither team was expected to have done this well. Both played exceedingly well, all season, defeating teams they had no business defeating. Winning with young kids and old pros…the Mets, 90; the Cubs, 97!


The Mets with super-solid-pitching, which kept them in it, till they got their bats in order as well as acquiring Yo, Anus! and welcoming David Wright back from the DL.


The Cubs with Jake Arrieta pacing the starters and a Boom-shaka-laka offense, which was well represented in their NLDS against the RedTurds and solid D.


Not sure of the Mets injury-wise but the Cubs are without Addison Russell, due to a hammie he got on a triple he hit, Tuesday. He’ll be replaced by Javy Baez. I believe I speak for all Cubs fans when I say I surely hope his plate-discipline, which was nearly 180-degrees from last year…that’s a good thing…remains. That and his concentration in the field is better than it was the other day. His defense is supposed to be the best of all their infielders. Sure hope so. If there’s one thing even casual fans had to notice, it’s that in the playoffs, every ground ball is important; every pitch; situation. For example, in Tuesday’s clincher, if Montero had gotten on base, Hammel’s out for a pinch-hitter.But, Montero K’s, so Hammel comes up and gets a single; Baez follows with a 2-run dinger, 4-2 Cubs. That’s how baseball changes in the playoffs. It – almost – becomes NiffleBall as unlike the regular season where a loss can be met with a “Hey, we always have tomorrow”, not so. Hence, the more intense excitement.


-Nobody asked me, but, I prefer Jake going in Game 1 over Lester. I understand Maddon’s idea to give him an extra day’s rest. However, that could limit him to one-appearance until Game 5. Why not have two shots at him appearing – on his regular rest – in 4-games? Just an opinion and since Maddon’s proven just about all my misgivings, wrong. I’ll go along…grudgingly.


-I have been taking some hits on my prediction of their winning 87-games, at best. OK, fine. I am quite happy to have been wrong. However, 87-wins after 73, ain’t bad, guys! That’s 14-more; which is right at a 20% increase over last year! I don’t think there are many who’d give a derisive snort at that kind of improvement. That they won 97, which is 24 more or 33%, (MLB rounds up), is phenomenal!


-Yes, they are thumpin’ the ball and yes, T-Tom, it sure as hell looks like that thumper I told you I wanted back in June is The Schwarbernator! However, after Baez’ previously-mentioned homer and the situation leading up to it, the Cards came back in the 6th to score 2…only, 2…due to the cannon of an arm of Jorge Soler, who fielded a one-hop, line drive base hit and threw a strike some 300-feet to Montero, who tagged the ‘Turds’ catcher, Cruz, for the 3rd out!


As you may recall, I have liked Soler since I first saw him; have compared him favorably, at times, to forner Braves OF, Rico Carty. The kid showed unbelievable plate-discipline against the Trurds, drawing 5-walks. Then, when they had to throw him a strike, adios. Hope he continues this. If he does, :-).


-I have to say some nice things about Fidel Castro’s son, Starlin. For quite awhile this year…hell, most of it…he looked lost. Don’t know if it was him trying to adjust to yet another manager or what. He just looked bad. Then, Maddon decided – for whatever reason – that enough was enough. The mental-gaffes; the seemingly being lost at the plate, so he flip-flopped him with Russell, SS to 2nd, and viola, success from both, defensively and at the plate! Maybe not having to be the brains of the infield helped Castro. Don’t know. Do know this. He’s been solid, since.


I’m going to leave the Mets stuff to Joe. Also, don’t know if Rene’s a Dodgers or Angels kinda guy, so, if Dodgers, sorry, bro. Next year. From a Cubs fan, that’s serious. :-)


NIFFLEBALL…real quick as it’s warmin’ up and I have some outside stuff to get done.


-Grudge Match? The 4-0 Pats play the 3-2 Colts…the accusers of Tom Brady having soft-balls…in Indy, Sunday night. Whaddaya think?


-The 3-2 GnatBirnBaums visit the City of Brotherly Love, to play Rene’s 2-3 Iggles, who won last week. Big game as an Iggs win ties them for 1st in the division with the Gnats.


-DaBears, 2-3 visit 0-5 Detroyit. A Bears win gets them to .500 and semi-respectability. A Detroyit win makes them 1-5. Bears could/should win.


-Chargers, 2-3 @ 5-0, Packehs. Chargers have given up 3-points fewer than the Packers have scored. Late game on CBS, Sunday. Hope it’s a done-deal for the Pack, early, as the Cubs/Mets game starts at 7, CDT.


OK, that’s about it for me. As always, feel free to comment, one-on-one with me, or to the group, at large.


Remember, every day is a precious gift…treat them as such. Have a great weekend and…Go, Cubs! Go, Pack!




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