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I’ts Feel-Good Friday But… es friert Stein und Bein

First, to those whose preference it is to receive DaTwacks as a BCC,  sometimes I am in a rush and forget to type in your name(s). Appy-Polly-Logies!

As this will be our last get-together for the month of Feberwerry, a few comments on it. While we ChiTownLanders are nowhere’s near our friends out east, “…es friert Stein und Bein…”, around here, which is sposeta continue. Sunday, March is to be quite leonine with another 3 – to – 6-inches of snow and then next Tuesday, we’re sposeta get a real treat: snow; freezing-rain; rain and then, snow, again. Yes, I know, not real Feel-Good. Sorry.

                                                        WABBIT STHEASTHON

Gonna try and keep it “light ‘n’ airy” as best I can. Let’s start with a musical uplift…

Saturday night live will ferrel


OK, now let’s see what today is and was according to the “National Day Calendar” and, shall we? It’s…

“National Strawberry Day”. Kinda chilly for pickin’ strawberries, but hey!


“National Kahlua Day”. Now that’s a start. A cup o’ joe laced with some Kahlua, maybe?


“National Polar Bear Day”. Yeah! Uh-huh. Very appropriate, sez me.


425,    Theodocius founded a university in Constantinople. “Hit ‘em high! Hit ‘em low! Theodocius! Go! Go! Go!”

837,    The 15th perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet was recorded. I just felt like typing “perihelion passage”.

1801,   Washington, DC is placed under Congressional jurisdiction…and only 214 years later, “Toke it up, dudes!”

1827,   The first Mardi Gras celebration was held in Nawlins.

1901,   The National League Rules committee decided that all foul balls would be counted as strikes except after two-strikes.

1902,   One of the finest writers of our time, John Steinbeck, was born. Get a copy of “The Grapes of Wrath” and just read its first few paragraphs. Ladies and gents, that’s writing!

1908,   The SacFly was adopted, only to be rescinded in 1923 and reinstated in 1954. It is now only considered a SacFly if a runner scores.

1908,   Oklahoma became the 46th State in The Union…and a YUGE thank YOU from the rest of us for giving us the biggest ass-hat in Congress, Jim Inhofe. The clown who brought a snowball to the Senate floor as his refutation of Climate Change.

1924,   Adolf Hitler resurrected the NSDAP, aka, The German National Socialist Workers Party. No biggie. NO, biggie.

1933,   Fire is set in The Reichstag, the German Parliament building, by the NSDAPers, who blamed it on the Commies. Like I said, NO BIGGIE!

1963,   One of the best all-round baseball players of my youth, Mickey Mantle signed a $100,000.00 contract. The day after he died, I signed the organ donor consent on the back of my drivers license.

1973,   Dick, (Don’t Call Me Richie), Allen, signed a 3-year, $750,000.00 contract with the White Sox.

1977,   Keith Richards received a suspended sentence for possession of heroin in Canada.

2014,   Arizona Guber Jan Brewer vetoed a “religious freedom” bill which would have allowed businesses to turn away gay customers.

Before moving on, will attempt to slake Bruce Dickinson’s “fever for more cowbell”…

Eric Clapton – Stone Free


Brit anti-terror officials have said they have identified “Jihadi John”, the gutless phucque who enjoys decapitating, defenseless people in the name of Ollie. The survivors of one of his victims is alleged to have said this is nice but they won’t be happy until there’s a bullet between his eyes. Amen, brothers!

                                                                  DUCK SEASON

CORRECTION…The other day, I’d mentioned that “Insurgent” is opening. It is not…not yet. Sorry.

-Weather depending, we may go to see “Kingsman”, kind of a James Bond meets Marvel Comics meets Austin Powers. One thing I am sure I will like is that this film’s Dr. Evil is played b Samuel L. Jackson whose cause celebre is the annihilation of “texters”.


-The wind up of Mrs. Wolowitz on “The Big Bang Theory” was – not only – touching, it was funny… as was the rest of the show.

JUST HEARD…Leonard Nimoy died. I wonder if Sheldon and the guys will make mention of it.

-”The Odd Couple”. Week 2 was better than Week 1, which is a good thing. Oscar’s slovenliness is a given but Felix’s

fastidiousness is just beginning to send its shoots above ground. This one could be a keeper.

-”Person of Interest”. The leaving of the show by Sarah Shahi, (Shaw), seems to have thrown off the storyline. Ms. Shahi became pregnant and was put on bed rest by her doctors. She also then decided to take a 2-year leave from the show, which CBS and the show’s producers accepted, which is fine. However…and it’s funny, as I’d mentioned that it seemed they were auditioning attractive brunettes to take her place…one of this week’s characters made mention of exactly that..

-”NCIS”. This last show of the “Feberwerry Sweeps”, was pretty easy to discern. It does seem as if they are running out of stories.

                                                                   AND NOW…SPORT


-It is said that in his first team meeting with the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi is said to have stated they would, “…relentlessly pursue perfection; fully aware they would never achieve it but in doing so, would achieve excellence”.

Coach Lombardi, meet Hakim Emmanuel. No, he’s not some Combine-phenom. Nope. He’s a bowler. Not the kind you’d see in “The Big Lebowski” or “Kingpin”, no. This man bowled a perfect series. By that I mean, not one; nor two; but THREE successive Perfect Games…for a total of 900!

DaHAWKS…Some not-so Feel-Good stuff.

-There are rumors going around that all was not well in their locker room before Kaner’s injury. That there had been a fistfight among players and that one, key, guy who’s not been playing well at all is having problems outside the team.


-They’d better respond better than they did after losing The Poodle or this team’s getting re-done. Thibs is a great coach but he must get them to respond; to rise to the occasion and play well. That said, this guy doesn’t believe The Poodle has the MTXE, necessary to return. MJ did. When he found that he couldn’t play “over the rim” as he once had, he worked on his game and developed into an excellent outside-shot, who could still drive the basket…just not as often. The team just announced his surgery was successful and should be able to return the last week of the season. We’ll see.


-Teams are just working out, now. Though there is a story on Cubs super-ute, Arismendy Alcantara. It seems his versatility may work against his being a starter. Still, it is nice to have him. I like his speed.

There’s also an item on the man they left behind, Ricky Renteria, who was unceremoniously dumped, when Joe Maddon declared himself a “free agent”. Before anyone goes Sprewell on the Cubs, Ricky’s being paid the rest of his contract…the terms of which were undisclosed…for this year and next. He was a nice guy and seemed to have gotten through to the team, as the played + .500 ball the second half of the season. Still, they had a shot at getting “the best guy available” and they took it. The rest remains to be seen.

I’m leaving it to A.B.D.N. to talk up the Sox; Joe, DaMets; Rene, DaDoyers and Whitney, DaYanks.


MyPackehs cut A.J. Hawk. Some have asked me, “Why?” Well, he was hurt and even when not, wasn’t very effective. Had he been, they would not have had to have brought Clay Matthews, Jr., inside.

The Lions cut Reggie Bush.

Adrian Peterson’s suspension was overturned by a federal judge, but the Collective then put him on the Commssioner’s exempt list. Yeah. I know.

Well, it IS Feberwerry and with that, sports kinda sucks, so I’m gonna say TTFN; wish all y’all a great weekend and remember, any day we wake up not looking up at daisy roots, is a good one.


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