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It’s Feel Good Friday…But De Oit Ain’t Cooperatin’ Much

Howdy on this historic day…a day/date which will not reappear for another 19-years, 11-months and 21-days! Today, we begin a string of three days the dates of which, 12th, 13th and 14th,  are reflected in calendar shorthand as 12/13/14! The next time this happens in any form, it is doubtful many of us will be around on 1/2/’34.

It’s ‘sposetabe sunny around here but you could get odds it won’t be. Still, we’re better off than our rain-starved pals on the left-coast who are said to be receiving as much as 13-inches of rain in some areas. Helluva way to break a drought, huh? Here’s hoping Bill in the Bay Area and Rene in LalaLand are OK and in the final analysis, benefit from this long-needed moisture. While on the other hand, er, coast, the remnants of a “nor’easter’s left Whitney and Joe wet and drippy, too. Down Atlanta way, Buck has a nice cool, sunny weekend ahead. Locally, our weekend forecast says it’ll be mild. While some “long” for snow, this is one dude who doesn’t need it. Gimme an El Nino over ChiBeria, anytime.


                                                                  WABBIT STHEASTHON

As I noted in the subject line, there’s stuff in the news that isn’t very Feel-Good. I’ll try to offset that with F/G material as much as I can. But, some needs to be mentioned…at least my editor, me, thinks so.

Hey, Wat! What day is it? It’s…

“National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!” Are you wearing yours or did you have a problem deciding which – among many – to don as your gay apparel?


“National Ding-A-Ling Day”. Isn’t this celebrated every day in D.C.?


“National Gingerbread House Day”. There’s a certain girl I know who’ll be happy to know that.


“National Ambosia Day”. Great, Zeus, almighty! For the unitiated, ambrosia is the nectar of the Gods…the Olympian Gods.


“National Poinsettia Day”. Please! Please! Please, note the spelling. It is NOT p-o-i-n-s-i-e-t-t-a nor p-o-i-n-s-i-e-t-t-i-a. It is p-o-i-n-s-e-t-t-i-a. A truly beautiful December bloom. I recall making a business call on a customer many years ago…more than 30…while making my way to the elevator, saw a beautiful, pyramidal stand of poinsettias, about 10 or 12 feet high in the foyer. It was beautiful.


Ed. note. I’ve missed these lately. No excuse. Just missed. Have been a bit busy, lately. Now, let’s see what says happened on this date in…

1753,   Before sitting down to a dinner of roast Le Bouef, George Washington laid claim to all lands south of Lake Erie at Fort Le Bouef, on behalf of the Brits. Yeah…the Brits.

1901,   Guglielmo Marconi received the first transatlantic radio transmission in St. John’s Newfoundland; stuck a feather in his cap and called it, “Marconi”.

1915,   WWII hero…well, in movies…Frank Sinatra was born. He was such a heroic figure that despite his protestations to the contrary, he was declared 4-F due to a “perforated eardrum”. Most assuredly, the 82nd Airborne at Bastogne during The Battle of the Bulge took succor in this knowledge.

1927,   Normally wouldn’t mention this but the co-inventor of the integrated circuit, which makes this/these electronic messages possible, Robert Norton Noyce, was born.

1930,   Setting the stage as inspirations for Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso, the Spanish Civil War began.

1940,   One of the most prolific and popular singers of the late ’50s/earl ’60s, Connie Francis, was born.

1964,   Barak Hussein Obama, orchestrated – his alleged homeland – Kenya’s becoming a republic. In doing so, he became the youngest international political leader at the age of 3-years, 4-months and 8-days. It’s true! I saw it on the Internet! Michelle Bachmann said so. ;-)

2000,   Last but not least, the United States Supreme Court declared…some say “selected”…George W. Bush as President of the United States of Amurca, ushering in an era of such insightful economic policies that a mere 8-years later, he left the country bereft of the surplus he inherited and mired in a deficit so bad it was only outstripped by The Great Depression. Hear! Hear!


-”House avoids government shutdown”. Yes, they passed a budget but at the very end, without debate, stuck in a couple provisions to pretty much give the bankers who helped screw things up and  which led to the aforementioned collapse in ’08.

-I missed one and owe an apology. Overnight Tuesday/Wednesday, State Comptroller, Judy Baar Topinka died. She was a moderate GOPer, whom I liked, mostly. She was gutsy and didn’t care what anyone thought. She did what she believed was right, with us in mind. My only issue with her was in her “loyalty” to George Ryan, who was just released from Club Fed. Otherwise, top-shelf, all the way. As she was just re-elected, she’ll be hard to replace. Nopt getting into who picks…Quinnie or Raunie.

-The un-puckin’-believable file.

During a protest over the Michael Brown/ Eric Garner matters by African-Americans on ChiTown’s West Side, a cop in an unmarked Chicago Police cruiser was playing, “Sweet Home Alabama” over its loudspeaker! #1, playing music that loud in your car in Chi is illegal. #2, the cop responsible for this’ excuse was that he is a fan of Alabama’s football team. Really? Does he think anyone is that stupid? Even if he’s telling the truth, is this someone we want “serving and protecting” us? No matter where/how/why anyone feels about Brown/Garner, this is just stoopid.

Supposedly, the cop is being disciplined but CPD won’t say what that is.

Here’s a similar “what if”. Let’s say there’s a protest being staged by Jewish folks over whatever. Another unmarked squad drives up and in it is a cop who’s fan of Germany’s soccer team. So, over the loudspeaker, he plays “Deutshland Uber Alles”.

There’ll be another “un-pucker” later in Sports.

-Here’s another one.

Remember back in ’70 when Jimmy Cater OK’d the loan guarantees for Chrysler Corp., for which he was roundly criticized by his Republican opponents? He saw it as a big picture thing. It worked…for awhile.

I received an explanation of why this was good by an old customer of mine, who had a small manufacturing business in Franklin Park, of which, Chrysler was a customer.. He explained to me that if Chrysler “pulled the plug”, his business would survive but in order to do so, he’d have to fire 4 or 5 of his employees, which he didn’t want to do.

It was this which caused me to agree with what was done in ’09 or whatever with GM and Chrysler. Yeah, it happened with Chrysler again. Both survived, though thousands still lost their jobs. GM did its thing, quite successfully. Chrysler was bought by Fiat…an Italian firm…which now makes Britain its tax home and the Netherlands its legal HQ. Yes, they paid us back back but it’s more of a “F**k you very much, USA”, instead of “Thank you, very much for savin’ our bacon”…TWICE!  At least to this guy, it is.


The Justice Department says Indian tribes may grow and sell Mary Jane on their lands as long as they follow the same fed-regs and conditions which apply to states which have legalized it. Don’t Bogart that joint, my friend.

                                                                 DUCK SEASON


-”The Big Bang Theory”, CBS. Had a couple spit/snort-laughs but they’ve done better. Yes, it was their “Christmas” episode but haftasay, the “Thanksgiving” one was much better. Still our “go-to” comedy.

-”White Christmas” is on AMC tonight. WARNING! WARNING! The most famous Christmas song, ever, “White Christmas” did NOTdebut in this film. It did so in “Holiday Inn”, with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, George Clooney’s Aunt Rosemary and Vera Ellen. It still gets 4-stars.

-”The Newsroom”, HBO. It’s the series finale. This 3rd season of theirs parallels Johnny Carson’s old line about “the rule of three” in jokes. If one joke on any subject works, try a second. BUT, even if it works, the 3rd one generally falls  flat. That’s pretty much it. Oh well.

-”Homeland”, Showtime. This is their season’s penultimate-episode. Rupert Friend’s “Peter”…wait a minute. Maybe I could have constructed that sentence better. Nah…is asserting himself and things seem to be getting more and more interesting. Haftasay, this show’s writers seem to have their fingers on the pulse of international geo-politics especially involving Islamic extremists.


-It seems we have finally gotten caught up after being sick; prepping for the Holidays; friends and family visits, etc. Which means, we are planning on seeing some feature films…fersher-fersher, “Mockingjay”.

Also, the final installment of “The Hobbit”, a trilogy based on a book of 380-odd pages, opens next week Friday.

Not to forget, “Interstellar”.

                                                                 AND NOW…SPORT


-When I began typing this, I was unaware of the following…

Aaron Kromer must go for anonymous low-blow criticism of Jay Cutle

Aaron Kromer makes emotional apology to offense for remarks on Jay Cutler

My open disdain for the Bears, is well documented. However, in the 20-years since The McCaskey-era came into full-flower, as dunderheaded as they have been in their piloting of “The Good-Ship-Craps-A-Lot”, this takes the cake.

For those who have not read the links, here’s some background. Earlier this week, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network

ran a story that said some members of the Bears had , “buyer’s remorse” over Jay Cutler’s contract. (He is the highest paid player in the Collective this season. Period.) Now, anyone who’s been around ChiTown knows the McCaskeys are the “Three Monkeys”, hearing; seeing nor saying anything “evil” about their family legacy, the Bears…EVER! Their glass is always, half-full, so much so it’s mind-numbing in its consistency. Not even they would say something like that to anyone…no matter how true it may have been. So, it had to be someone. Ian Rapoport is one of the best reporters on the Collective. If he releases something, you can just about book it.

So, despite the possible truthiness of the comment, who was the traitor? Was it an equipment manager? Nope. One of the “chains” guys we see along the sidelines who overheard something and figured he’d get his 15-minutes? Nope. I could go on but I’ll cut to the chase. It was Bears O/C, Aaron Kromer! THEIR OFFENSIVE CO-ORDINATOR!

That’d  be like Joe Biden “leaking” that he thinks the country has “buyer’s remorse” over Barry. Whether true or not, it just is not said by a member of the Sanctum-Sanctorum.

There’s a news conference at 2, local, with MarkyMarc and his fun bunch, Kromer and Cutler. Can’t wait!

How’s THAT for un-f**kin’-believable?


-My Packers travel to Buffalo. I just heard FOX has changed announcers away from this game to cover the Bengals/Browns and the Browns’ dweeb of a QB. Really. Reall? Yes, really!

This is a big game…they all are from here on in. The Lions refuse to lose and are only a game back. The Pack – almost – needs to win out. Bills have a tough “D”. Hope FOX doesn’t decide to take this game off for that butt-drip from Ohio.

-Emm ‘n Whit’s Pats host the DollPhins. Should be a win for them.

-Bill’s 9ers seem to have lost any belief in Jim Harbaugh. Are they calling him “Hairbag”? Not a rip on Bill’s guys. Just seems strange that a guy who led them to a – literal – last second FG to beat Green Bay, in Green Bay, to move on in the playoffs, last year has fallen to this. They travel to the SchittBirds and as much as I hate THAT team, they are super-tough to beat there.

-Rene’s Iggles, 9-4, host the Cowboys, 9-4, Sunday night. A rematch of Thanksgiving Day. Hopefully a better game.

-Joe’s Yets! travel to Tennessee. Sorry, Joe, but it looks like the home team may win.


-It’s a rare occasion when both Cubs and Sox fans can be happy about what’s going on with their teams, at the same time, but that’s what we have right now.

The Winter Meetings are over and needs have been filled…not all, no…but some significant ones.

The Sox  got stud-staring pitcher, Smarj and also got closer, David Robertson…and traded Andre Rienzo for Dan Jennings, 1.34 ERA, while also picking up catcher Bob Brantly and also 1st-sacker, Adam LaRoche. Maybe Joe can give our Sox fans a scouting report on the “best-closer-available”, Robertson.

The Cubs weren’t sitting on their hands, neither. They signed F/A Lester, a stud; reacquired Jason Hammel, F/A outta Oakland and got an All-Star lefty-hitting catcher, known for his D as well as his O, Miguel Montero.

While watching MLB Network, it was speculated that they are looking for an established, middle of the order, thumper, to alleviate the pressure on the young kids. Boy, that’s music to Cubs fans ears! They actually realize these kids are going to need time to grow into full-fledged pros and to leave them in a “sink or swim” mode would be the depth of counter-intuitiveness. But who? Rene’s Doyers just traded Matt Kemp. I’ve heard…repeat, heard…Evan Longoria’s name mentioned. That’ll never happen. It’d make for perpetual wet dreams for Cubs fans.

What is most important about all of this is simple. Make certain that the excitement we ChiTown fans are having, now, is at the same level from April through October…or beyond.


-Won their 8th straight but lost Taser, who had to leave the game. I didn’t watch any of it but the final 2:35. Say what you will but my avoidance of them has netted some good results.


-Seem to be rounding into a “team” what with the additions of Mirotic, Dougie McBuckets and Pau. Wow, who wouldn’t want to be Jimmy? If all things remain the same, this kid’s in line for a YUGE day at the pay-window.

OK, that’s it for today. Hope you all have a great weekend and remember, any day we wake up not looking up at daisy roots, is a good one.


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