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It’s Feel Good Friday… At Least It Is For Bears Fans

Howdy. If you get this late, it will be that I did not finish and post prior to the Bears news press conference at 11:00 AM, this morning. As it’s Feel-Good Friday, will have a heavy dose of Sports as, well, there really isn’t much to Feel-Good about in the news. There are a couple things worth mentioning; just not necessarily Feel-Good.  OK, let’s get started.



As we are searching for Feel-Goods, let’s get inspired, shall we?


Q. T. Hush


-After the two idjits shot and killed 12 members of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine as the had “insulted” Allah, it’s being reported the have been surrounded and taken hostages. Here’s the thing. They alleged said they are willing to be “martyrs for Allah”. If so, why take hostages. Be macho-Islam-men; stand up and be shot by about 100-Frencg gendarmes. NS/JS.


EXTRA…just heard, they’s dead. That’s a Feel-Good. Well, for me it is.


SCHOOLED? Not sayin’ Just sayin’.

-There’s a hissy going on between EllaNoise’s Dems and our new GOPerGuber over the selection or election of the replacement for Judy Baar Topinka as Comptroller, who passed away shortly after she was re-elected. DaGOPers are sayin’ DaDEMs are making a, “…naked power grab…”, while DaDEMs have said this is a “…victor for democracy”, after DaDEMs held a special session and passed a new law stating the appointee can sit for two-years until the ’16-election, at which time there should be an election for the position.


Some may recall an opinion being mentioned in these spaces about how our former-CEO, now Guber would be “schooled” by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House, each of whom are DEMs, withy Veto-proff assemblies.. Will it help our state? Don’t know. NS/JS.



-Saw an item yesterday about how kids nowadays are being coddled with schools being closed just because it’s cold.


MBH ‘n’ me recollected that we always went to school. It did not matter how cold it was…and we walked to and from school…uphill both ways ;-). The first time I recall schools having been closed was after the ’67 blizzard…and that shut down the whole metro-area. That was the first…and last…time I recall that, and the side-streets being plowed and salted, until the blizzard of ’79, which was the undoing of Mayir Bilandic and opened the door for Jane Byrne’s mayoralty.


Of course, kids STILL walked to school back then. It wasn’t until a few years afterwards when busing began in ChiTown and under a consent agreement with DaFeds, white parents were also allowed to bus their kids out of their neighborhood schools into “better” schools, if their school was “overcrowded” and a better school had open seats. But that’s another story for another day.


In the ’60s, when we went to high school, if it was not within walking distance, we took the bus. Schools sold “bus passes” and tokens, with reduced fares for school-aged kids. Unbeknownst to us kids, we were being prepared for waiting for a bus/train, whatever, to take us to work as adults. And,  if we didn’t work right next to where our bus/L stopped, we walked however many blocks it was to get there. We were also being prepared for the fact that if we wanted to keep our jobs, we needed to show up, cold or no cold. Or, as Mike Royko once said, “If work was supposed to be fun, they wouldn’t have to pay you to do it”.


Is it cold outside, today? You betcherass it is. I was out for an hour clearing snow and am still a tad chilled.






“National Apricot Day”, for those who can’t decide whether they want a peach or a plum.




“National Static Electricity Day”. If yer a-wearin’ corduroy pants, or it’s just a tad dry inside, y’all know that, doncha?




1861,   Righteous Mississippians decided to secede from the Union.


1890,   The man who first used the word, “robot”, Karel Capek was born. It was used in his play, “R.U.R.”, which stood for “Rossum’s Universal Robots”.


1909,   Ernest Shackelton’s expedition fell 97-miles short of reaching the South Pole. When asked why he did this he responded that it WAS summer at the South Pole, y’know.


1912,   Col. Theodore Roosevelt said if asked, he’d run for President.


1913,   The one – and only – president to ever resign his office…in disgrace, by the way…Tricky Dick Nixon, was born.


1941,   Javier Baez’ maybe-grandmom, Joan, was born.


1944,   The last in the line of Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, Mr. Page was born. He didn’t do much after that, though his next band, Led Zeppelin” was kinda OK.


1947,   General Phillippe Leclerc broke off peace talks with Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh. Not much happened after that, right?


1952,   Jackie Robinson became the highest paid player in the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers. At that time, that was sumpin.


1967,   The rock star whose fame exceeded beyond his music when his tour bus emptied its toilet-tank on a bridge over (then) troubled waters…the Chicago River…under which a tour boat, which a friend of DaWats’ was the Captain, was passing, Dave Matthews, was born.






-TCM is showing “Murder By Death” at 7 CST, tonight. It’s Peter Falk night and this one’s a hoot-and-a-half. It also stars Peter Sellers as “Sydney Wang” a Charlie Chan-type, whom along with his #1 son arrive at the estate of “Lionel Twain”. He knocks on the door; then asks his son, “Did you see that?” Son answers, “No”. Wang says, “Me neither”. It gets 3-stars. It’s worth the time.


-AMC is showing Daniel Craig’s first effort as 007, “Casino Royale”, which is as close to the Fleming novels as any.

The only drawback is AMC has put it into a 3-hour time-slot.


-TBS has its usual run of “The Big Bang” reruns from 7 to 9, again, CST.





-Just heard this after I’d written the following. New Bears’ GM, RanPace was asked directly, “Are you in charge of football operations or do you have to ask for permission?” His response was that he is in charge and does not have to ask permission. Hopefully, this is so, as the following will explain my reservations. As I said, wrote that before having heard this.



-He seems to be a nice kid. Kinda youngish in his personality. Is saying almost all the right things.


First question: “Ryan, do you have full control of the football operations?”

“Yes…but I report to Ted Phillips.” Uh-oh?


Second question: “Will you conduct the interviews of the head coaching candidates?”

“Yes, along with George, Ted and Ernie Accorsi”. Uh-oh, again?


Another question: “Do you have a list of coaches from which you will fill out the staff?”

“Yes, I do, which I will review with Ted and George”. Uh-oh, again?


The key to me is that it does not appear that he does, in fact, have complete authority and that his youthfulness…he really sounds young when he speaks… that he may be being used more to implement and augment “The McCaskey Way” than change it.


How many of you Bears fans want Ted and George sitting on the interviews and giving their imprimatur – or not – on

your team’s head coach?


-I was one of those Packers fans who had wanted Mark Murphy, Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy strung up by their thumbs after they let Favre go. My main reason was they had no track record of winning…or anything for that matter. This is what is troubling to me with this. There IS  a track record, which spans almost 30-years, of “The McCaskey Way”. I sure hope for you guys that I’m reading too much into this, which I don’t think I am. Yes, it does remain to be seen. It surely does. Again, for you guys, I hope the “George and Ted’s Big Adventure” does not permeate this young man’s decisions. Not saying, just saying, it seems that they may have hired someone whose gratitude is more important to them than his gravitas.


Have just heard some of the radio talking heads mention these same concerns.


Good luck, guys.




-Ravens/Pats. NBC 3:35. Pats by 7. Whitney and Emanuel’s guys had the best record in the Collective. That said, the Crows seem to play them well. Forecast: 31/Feels like 24.

At one point, this was about the only game where an upset was not unexpected. The Pats are the #1 seed, period. They didn’t earn that by not rising to the occasion. Besides, can’t pull for any HairBag. Period. Especially one who says Joe Flacco’s the best QB in the NFL. Other than Fig Newton, look at the 6 other QBs playing this weekend. Really, HairBag? Really?


-Panties /SchittBirds. FOX 7:15. Turds by 10.5. Forecast 48/Feels like 40. Can’t stand either team. Too bad they both can’t lose. Oh well.


-Cowbow-oys/MyPackehs.FOX, Noon. Packehs by 6. Forecast 22/Feels like 4. Line has dropped since the “extent” of A-Aron’s calf injury was announced. That said, it could be sumpin; mabe not so much. Coaches are known to over – or under – play situations to plant doubt in their opponents’ heads. Kinda like Bre’r Rabbit’s, “PLEASE DOAN’ THOW ME IN DAT BRIAR PATCH”!…or not. Not quite “Ice Bowl II” but close. Expect FOX to play that up and why not? Ice Bowl I WAS a Classic Game. Think of all the HOFers from both teams, not to mention Landry and Lombardi, who played in it!


I’m taking my guys, unsurprisingly as that may seem. What I am looking for is for their “D” to play like the devil on every snap to take the pressure off A-Aron, so he can hand the ball to Lacy and for them to win. If they lose, I’ll be pissed. Oh yeah, have a f/u visit with Doc Feel-Good Monday morning, so any posts will be later.


-Colts/Broncos. 3:40, CBS. Broncs by 7. Forecast: 45/Feels like 23. A changing of the guard in top AFC QBs? Swan song for Peyton? Who knows?


DaHAWKS…won last night. Nice game.


DaBULLS…Am I the only one wondering where the hell “The Poodle” and others came up with that stupid “floater” shot? And, am I the only one who wishes he’d lose it? What? Do the think the backboard’s some kind of stadium ornament? They’re at Washington tonight.


DaSOX…filling out their roster with former Cub, Emilio Bonafacio.


DaCUBS…are being sued by some “rooftop owners” who didn’t accept the Cubs offer to buy them out, saying that the Cubs rearranged the outfield signs they are erecting to block their views to the advantage of the rooftops which the Cubs are purchasing. Oh, NO! How could they do THAT! How could they?


Not so Feel-Good to me, they also re-inked an agreement with WGN-TV to carry 70 of their games. Wish they’d have gone elsewhere, just on general principle. Oh well.


Pitchers and catchers report in 5-1/2 weeks or so. More on that after the playoffs.


Will close with this as an unbelievable Feel-Good. The Sporting News picked the Chicago Cubs to win the 2015 World Series. No joke. Here’s the link…


Why we picked the Cubs to win the 2015 World Series

Have a great weekend. Stay warm and remember, any day we wake up not looking up at daisy roots, is a good one.




P.S. Go, Pack!

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