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It’s Feel Good Friday… And… It’ll Be Spring In Just a Few Hours!

tumblr_m17tohmqiq1qkxrtro1_500What a beautiful morning it is! When MBH says she went outside without a coat and it’s beautiful, well, hey!


Am going to really try to make this a “Feelin’ Groovy” kinda post, as once we hit 5:46PM, Spring will have sprung, officially! OK, let’s see, shall we?



Hafta apologize for the “National Day”, as I don’t have any control over it. It’s


“National Ravioli Day”. Yep, get that can of Chef Bo-Ar-Dee out and celebrate!




“National Native HIV/Aids Awareness Day. Let’s just remember that and those whom we may know and move on to     other things. and have these nuggets of historical events which occurred on March 20th in…


1345,   As the plague raged across Europe, it was thought the cause of it was the conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Of course! What else could it have been?


1413,   Henry V succeeded his dad, Henry IV in the family bidniss.


1602,   The Dutch East India company was formed.


1616,   Sir Walter Raleigh was released from The Tower of London, which effectively ended prank calls asking if someone had him “in the can, to let him out”. I thought that was pretty good.


1627,   France and Spain signed an accord for fighting Protestantism. Apparently not everyone thought that Protestantism was that a great of an idea,after all.


1792,   The French Parliament approved the use of the guillotine. Nuthin’ to go losin’ yer head over. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


1816,   The Supremes affirmed their right to review state courts’ decisions. Finkin’ big-guvm’nt bozos!


1841,   What was considered to have been the first “detective story”, Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, was published. Of course, this was a dead-end genre, right?


1852,   Harriett Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was published. Talk about having an effect on society!


1897,   “March Madness”…Yale beat Penn, 32-10 in the first intercollegiate basketball game. So, who had the winning bracket?


1922,   The US Navy’s first aircraft carrier, The Langley, was commissioned. Pffft. They’ll never be more than escort ships.


1928,   Cardigan sweater-wearing, Fred (Mr.) Rogers, was born.


1933,   The first Nazi concentration camp at Dachau was completed.


1965,   LBJ ordered 4000 troops to Selma, Al to protect protest marchers. What’d happen if Barry did that now?


1969,   Tricky Dick used Bush math when he said fighting in Vietnam would cease in 1970. He was off by 3…or some may say, 5…years.


1973,   Only 11 weeks after his untimely and tragic death, Roberto Clemente was elected into baseball’s Hall of Fame.

After Mays, may have been the best player I saw.


1989,   MLB announced Pete Rose was under investigation for betting on baseball games.


Time for a break. Don’t think he plagiarized this one…


Pharrell Williams – Happy (Official Music Video)





“Insurgent”. Gets 3-1/2 stars. Planning on seeing it next week, sometime. Will let you know.



-”Winter is coming”. By that, I refer to HBO’s  “Game of Thrones”, which returns April 12th. Wowzers! The final round of The Masters finishes and a few hours later, we’re back at King’s Landing! Watched a preview last night and it looks like Dany’s “pets” have all grown up. Uh-oh for the Lannisters?


-Watched William Friedkin’s “The French Connection” last night. I still get a kick out of Popeye’s asking anyone he stops if they, “…picked their feet in Poughkeepsie”. Friedkin admitted that “Bullit” had the best car chase, ever. So, in order not to even try to replicate that, he had Popeye in a Pontiac Tempest chase the bad guy on the streets, but the bad guy’s on an elevated train overhead.Have seen it several times…it was till exciting…especially the woman with the baby carriage scene.


The ’71 film was about as blunt as blunt could be about race-relations; ethnic backgrounds, general cursing, etc. Some may be taken aback by its rawness. That’s the way it was. Deal with it.



-ChiTownLand-Boomers alert…’XRT’s “Saturday Morning Flashback” is highlighting ’68 or ’69, tomorrow from 8 till Noon.





-Two weeks from Sunday and it’s for real, folks! Hopefully, all…and I mean, all…our teams do well. For the first time in many years, the Cubs actually should be interesting, which is a YUGE step from the BOHICA seasons of their recent past.


-Part of the excitement is 3rd-baseman, Kris Bryant. Many of we oldsters hope it’s excitement and not eventual excrement. We’ve had the heirs apparent to Ron Santo for – like – ever. The kid can hit but is questionable with the glove. Actually, a solid DH but the Cubs are in the NL, so….


One thing which is being ignored by many who should know better is this. This whole “bring him up/don’t bring him up” argument is over – barely – 3-weeks’ “service time”. What’s being ignored is this. What if he comes up and has a start like Willie Mays or Ryno? WILLIE MAYS OR RYNO? Are you finkin’ crazy, Wat? Those guys are in the HOF! Mays is the best EVER! Uh-huh but they each came up and went, ahem, 0 for their first 23 at-bats. That’s equivalent to 4 or 5-1/2 games. So, over a handful more games than that, what if he starts out that bad…or, perish the thought, worse…and they have to send him down? They lose a year without  acrimony over arbitration/free agency just because some people can’t wait a few weeks? That’d just be just crazy. Or, let’s take a gander at last year when Baez came up; rocked the world with a couple tape-measure blasts and then hit, what, .169 and got himself named as CEO at the Wrigleville-area K-Mart?


I’m hoping they wait till May as we’ll be out of town at the end of April.


-The other is their manager, Joe Maddon. I really like this guy. He seems to be in tune with today’s MLB players, which is something DustBin and DrunkUncleLou, seemed incapable of being.


-There’s an item in t’day’s S-T about none other than Mark Pryor. Another reason not to go Lady Gaga over these youngsters. Here was a guy who…supposedly…had the best mechanics of any pitcher around. He was the yin to Kerry Wood’s yang…aka, the right-handed Chris Sale. BUT…yeah. I had the pleasure of seeing Pryor pitch the 1st game of the clinching double-header sweep of the Pirates in ’03! He had such a laconic delivery and then POW that fastball was on top of the batters. I took a sign to the ballpark which read: “Temperature in Hell: 33-degrees and falling…”. It got me on TV. Big deal. DustBin overworked his kid-pitchers and the rest, as they say, is history.


This isn’t really “Feel-Good”, well maybe it is. The city was on fire that year. It was the most fun we’d had in 30-years.

That it crashed and burned is something we have to deal with. But that doesn’t mean we’ve given up. At least it doesn’t seem like that, this year. The optimism that the team’s better, tempered b the fact that it’s gonna take time to get back to being a contender. But at least it doesn’t seem as if I’ll be checkin’ out daisy roots before they do. :-)


-I’m leaving any Feel-Goods on your teams to you guys.



-Are Joe’s Yets! trying to be “Packers East”?


-Is Wes Welker that bad of an idea? Under the right circumstances, maybe not. What circumstances would that be? Well, they need to address their losses on the D-side, somewhat. Once they do, adding one of the best possession receivers to Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb would be sumpin’ to think about for other D/Cs. Eddie Lacy’d be droolin’ at that prospect.


-Defintely NOT Feel-Good, but Whisky! Tango! Foxtrot’s goin’ on with the Niners?



-Taj Gibson’s due to return anytime soon. He’s “questionable” for tonight. But he’ll be back soon.


-Not going to say anything about the Hawks as whenever I do, I put the Kibosh on ‘em.


OK, it’s a beautiful day and I prefer being out and about over sitting at this keyboard, so with m usual admonition about being “above ground” being a good thing, TTFN and have a great weekend!



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